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SBC Community Forum at 7PM on 10/28

From Susan Maritan for the School Building Committee –

SBC tonight at 7PM on proposed costs & tax implications

From the School Building Committee –

If you’d like to learn more about the proposed school’s costs or the tax implications please join the community conversation on WEDNESDAY, September 22nd at 7PM in the high school auditorium or tune in remotely via Facebook Live or Zoom.

To join online, please use this link:

Enter Password: 282689 

Trinity Financial interview now on-line

Trinity Financial was interviewed by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee last night with respect to Trinity’s proposal to develop the former Medfield State Hospital site. My sense was that Trinity is willing to be exceedingly flexible, and to listen to and consider proposals for changes to what the town wants, if the town wants to further tailor the result to precisely what the town desires. So far Trinity proposes 334 rental units in the existing buildings, 25% affordable, meaning that all 344 should get added to the town’s SHI list of affordable housing units.

Trinity clearly thought that the site could allow for more development than the 334 units, should the town residents want to achieve more tax revenue so as to lower existing real estate taxes (any greater density would target getting more real estate taxes without adding more municipal costs, and hence would lower existing taxes).


Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Trinity interview
To: Kristine Trierweiler <>

Last night’s interview with Trinity has been posted onto YouTube:

Nicholas J. MilanoAssistant Town Administrator

Community Conversation about the Elementary School Project at Wheelock Campus, tomorrow, 8/25 at 7PM

From the School Building Committee –


Please join the SBC on Wednesday, August 25th at 7PM for a Community Conversation. It will be held in-person at the Dale Street School cafeteria and virtually on FB Live and Zoom. The Zoom link is:  

Town received two proposals for MSH site

The town received two responses to its RFP’s to redevelop the former Medfield State Hospital site. The links to the proposals are below.

Trinity Financial proposes 334 rental units that would be in all the existing rehabilitated building (less the maintenance building and dining hall, which Trinity would demolish). Trinity would pay the town $2m.

Pulte submitted three options:

  1. $7.6 m. for the Arboretum alone for 73 for sale units
  2. $21.2 m. if the town allows 602 units
  3. $44.1 m. if the town allow 702 units

Option A Price Proposal /Total Consideration : $7,696,000 The first development option will only utilize the Arboretum Parcel and will consist of 73 non-age restricted forsale residential townhomes. There will be 54 market-rate residences and 19 affordable-rate residences. The affordable-rate residences will make up 25% of the total amount of residences which is in conformance with the affordability requirements in the Medfield State Hospital District. The proposed purchase price for Option A is $ 7,696,000. The proposed purchase price may increase or decrease based on the number of market-rate residences approved by the Town of Medfield on the Arboretum Parcel.

Option B Price Proposal/Total Consideration: $29,158,000 The second development option will utilize the entire disposition property (West Slope, Core Campus, and Arboretum Parcel). This development option will consist of 602 non-age restricted for sale residences in a mix of garden-style residences and townhome residences. There will be 451 market-rate units and 151 affordable-rate units. There will be 450 garden-style residences and 152 townhome residences. The affordable-rate residences will make up 25% of the total amount of residences which is in conformance with the affordability requirements in the Medfield State Hospital District. The proposed purchase price for Option B is $ 29,158,000. The proposed purchase price may increase or decrease based on the number of market-rate residences approved by the Town of Medfield on the disposition site.

Option C Price Proposal/Total Consideration: $44,108,000 The third development option utilizes the entire disposition parcel, which includes the West Slope Parcel, Core Campus Parcel, and Arboretum Parcel. Development on the property will be a mixed-use residential community consisting of 402 for-sale non-age restricted garden-style residences and townhome residences, 100 agerestricted for-sale garden-style residences, and 200 apartment rental residences, for a grand total of 702 residences.


This is what the existing Pulte built development at the former Walpole Woodworking site looks like with the same sort of buildings:

This is from the Town of Medfield website –

Medfield State Hospital Redevelopment Opportunity

The Town of Medfield released a Request for Proposals for the Medfield State Hospital on Monday, April 5, 2021. Proposals were due on Monday, August 2, 2021 at 11 am. The Request for Proposals was developed by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee prior to submission to the Medfield Board of Selectmen. Proposals will be evaluated by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee. 

On Monday, August 2, 2021, the Town received two proposals, which can be accessed here:

The Town released a press release announcing it received two proposals which can be found here.

The Request for Proposals and the posted addenda that were released by the Town can be accessed at this link:

Please contact Assistant Town Administrator Nicholas Milano with any questions at or 781-856-5287.

Additional information about the Medfield State Hospital can be found here:

SBC’s July Community Conversation -7PM Thursday – in person & by Zoom

From Susan Maritan –

All Invited to Community Conversation Regarding Proposed New Elementary School

Medfield residents who are interested in learning more about the proposed new elementary school for grades 4 and 5 are encouraged to attend or tune in remotely to the July Community Conversation with the School Building Committee (SBC). The presentation will be held on Thursday, July 29th at 7PM at Wheelock School or can be viewed online via Facebook Live or Zoom.

“The SBC is looking forward to connecting with the community and sharing progress to date on this important project,” said Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke, SBC member. “The key topics for this month’s discussion are the educational benefits of both the new school building and the Wheelock campus location. We will also be presenting the most recent architectural renderings of the site. This is especially exciting as the drawings bring the vision of the proposed school to life for all to see.” 

“Today’s modern learning environment has evolved with regards to space planning and technology. The classroom is no longer constrained by physical boundaries and is more dynamic than our traditional view of teachers presenting a lesson in front of their students. We want to highlight some of the key features that the new school will offer not only inside the building but also how the abundance of outdoor space will create educational opportunities that were not available to our grade four and five students in the past,” continued O’Shea Brooke. “We hope residents will come and see for themselves the benefits the new school could provide to our young learners and dedicated educators.”

The SBC will also be taking questions from residents and addressing other topics such as cost planning including the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) reimbursement currently estimated at approximately $18 million, and the next steps in planning as the SBC prepares to present the final project to the community for a town wide vote this Fall.

The Community Conversation will be held at Wheelock School or can be watched remotely on Facebook Live and Zoom. Please visit the Facebook page – Elementary School Project Wheelock Campus – to watch there, or join the conversation via Zoom.
Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

Please click this URL to join.

Passcode: 245605

Questions for the SBC may be submitted to:, and for more information on the Medfield Elementary School Project, please visit: Those interested in receiving future school project updates may enter their email addresses at the bottom of the home page.

SBC meeting this evening at 7PM

From Susan Maritan for the School Building Committee –

Dear Medfield Community,

My name is Leo Brehm. I am a Medfield resident and also a member of the School Building Committee and the School Committee. I’d like to encourage the Medfield community to tune into this week’s School Building Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7pm.

This particular meeting will be an informative one as the committee will respond to the citizens’ petition and review estimated costs, the budget and design updates. 

I would like to take this opportunity to address a frequently asked question (that is on everyone’s mind) regarding the reuse plan for the existing Dale Street facility. Planning for the reuse of the building is under consideration by the Medfield Permanent Planning and Building Committee as part of the master planning process the town has been conducting throughout this past year. They will continue to look closely at the feasibility of the Parks and Recreation Department using the space, if it becomes available.

I, and the entire SBC, look forward to sharing more about the proposed new school over the coming weeks and months. We will be holding more Community Conversations during the summer to share updates on our work and to continue engaging with the community. To keep up-to-date, sign up for our weekly Wednesday updates here and follow us on FB and Instagram and please visit our website and sign up on the homepage to receive our updates.

If you have questions for the SBC, please email us at

To join the Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm SBC Zoom meeting, use this link: Enter Password: 101575

Sincerely yours,

Leo Brehm

SBC public forum 4PM, Sunday, 6/13/21

From Susan Maritan –

Community Invited to Learn About New School

The School Building Committee (SBC) is inviting all residents to attend a public forum for the proposed new elementary school on the Wheelock campus. The forum is scheduled for Sunday, June 13 at 4:00 at Dale Street School. Community members may participate in-person at Dale or may choose to watch the forum live on Medfield TV. Either way, the SBC is encouraging the community to come or tune in and learn more.

One of the main topics addressed at the forum will be the site selection of the Wheelock campus and will include a discussion of both the advantages and disadvantages of the campus model. Other items to be addressed are costs, resources spent to date, timelines and the impact of a recent citizen’s petition to keep the project at Dale Street. There will be ample time to answer residents’ questions and for community discussion.

“The SBC remains excited about the prospect of bringing a much needed new school, for grades 4 to 5, to Medfield to start the school year in 2024,” said Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke, School Building Committee member. “This is an important time for the project, and we need community engagement now more than ever to keep the project on track. We have a lot of new information to share, and we want to hear from all residents. I can’t stress enough how important participation is on June 13th.”

For more information from the SBC please visit:, and while on the site, on the bottom of the home page, please subscribe to receive school project updates. 


At the annual town meeting (ATM) yesterday evening, the citizen petition, Article 29, asking for an advisory “sense of the town meeting” opinion with respect to the Dale Street School site selection passed 229-213, basically slightly favoring the Dale at Dale solution over the Wheelock site.

The only other article that generated any controversy was the other citizen petition, Article 30, which asked for the creation of a study committee to look into how future School Building Committees would be appointed, which was handily defeated.

Below is the view of the 450 town residents from the platform at the front of the ATM across the front of the bleachers – note Select Board photographer’s shadow to understand how residents had to look right into the setting sun. There were two great video screens at the front to either side of the front platform, just like at a concert, that were rented to assist viewing the speakers – they were the best addition to the ATM. We experienced typical New England weather, storm clouds with rain drops to start, then sunny and too hot, and at the end 63 degrees that felt like freezing after an hour of sitting still in it. Fortunately, at the very end at around 9PM, after four hours, the Moderator asked if anyone was still undecided on the last Article about siting the new school (only a very few hands appeared), and then he called the question. About a dozen people waiting at microphones then lost their opportunity to speak.

Annual town meeting yesterday attendees as seen from the front platform

SBC’s Community Conversation tonight at 7PM

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –


Community Conversation and Q&A Session on the Proposed Elementary School Project

Hosted by members of the School Building Committee

Thursday, May 13 at 7pm via Zoom:

To join online, use this link:

a. Enter Password: 644770

Medfield is participating in the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) process for a new elementary school to replace the existing Dale Street School. The new school will serve grades 4 & 5. The location for the future new school will be adjacent to the existing Wheelock School, creating an elementary school campus serving grades 2 through 5. 

Join members of the School Building Committee (SBC) as they recap the details of the proposed new elementary school project, the MSBA process and why the Wheelock site was unanimously selected by the School Building Committee, the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee.

Please click here for the website and Project Summary and Key Facts Sheet.

Questions: email and follow us on Facebook.