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Hunt cancelled

Norfolk Hunt Club cancelled its Thanksgiving day hunt.  I did find others who had come from Uxbridge and North Attleboro, who were tailgating at the locked entrance to the race course area.

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BoS on 12/2/15

Tuesday December 2, 2014 @ 7:00 PM


FY2016 Budget reviews:

7:00 PM   Town Clerk

7:10 PM    Council on Aging

7:20 PM   Inspection Department

Police Chief to discuss personnel hiring
Other business that may arise

Superintendent’s blog

The Superintendent of Schools, Jeffrey Marsden, has started a monthly blog, which is now into its second month, and which I highly recommend.  This month Jeff explains the issues behind the changes in the music program at the Dale Street School, which gave me the information I needed to appreciate the issues of the situation and to better understand the solution that has been crafted. I also liked the solution of appointing a citizen and schools committee to study whether the current solution is the right one.

I do not usually get to see the School Committee meetings on Medfield.TV, so I greatly appreciate having Jeff write about what is going on and pushing that information out to me to read on my own schedule, when I am able.  This is exactly how the town should be delivering information to its residents on how their town is being run.

The town government should exist to get its residents the services that they want and are willing to pay to have, but in the process of doing that, those running the town government must figure out exactly which services those are and in which amounts the residents both want the services and are willing to pay for them.  The first step towards accomplishing that goal is by making sure the residents have full information on which to make their decisions, and Jeff’s blog is a great step towards making information available to we residents.

To me this blog is a huge step in getting me the type of information that I, as both a resident and a parent, want about the schools, delivered in a format that works well for me, and so I applaud Jeff for starting the blog.  Thanks Jeff!  You have made me one happy reader


Zullo Gallery opening this evening

Tax rate was approved

Email from Mike –

The tax rate for fy15 was approved today by the Dept. of Revenue. It is $16.04, which is a decrease of $0.08 from the  $16.12 fy 14 rate. However, the property values on average increased by 5%, so the levy increase is about 4% and if you take out new growth about 3%. The Propositions 2 1/2 levy limit looks greater than it is because we included $155,000 in the levy, which is 1/2 of the first annual installment for the hospital purchase. Since it is an override debt exclusion it increases the allowable levy limit, but the funds to cover the %155,000 we raised by increasing the local receipts, so it raises the levy limit by that amount for just fy 15. Confusing ain’t it. Have a good weekend. Mike


Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2014 9:01 AM


Subject: Tax Rate Approval Notification

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Division of Local Services

Amy Pitter, Commissioner

Robert G. Nunes, Deputy Commissioner & Director of Municipal Affairs

Medfield Assessors                Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dear Assessors:

The Fiscal Year 2015 tax rate has been certified by the Bureau of Accounts for Medfield.

The four pages of the tax rate recapitulation form and the levy limit worksheet (not

applicable to districts) are available on the Division of Local Services website:

Tax Rate Recapitulation Form

Levy Limit Worksheet

Page one of the tax rate recapitulation form includes the Director of Accounts’ electronic

signature and the date of approval. This letter is your notification of approval pursuant to

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, section 23. Please forward copies of this notification

to other officials as you deem appropriate.

We wish to thank you for your cooperation and assistance in the tax rate setting process.


Gerard D. Perry

Director of Accounts

Spaghetti with Santa tickets on sale

From the Medfield Music Association –

Tickets are now on sale for the Medfield Music Association’s Spaghetti with Santa fundraiser at the high school on Dec. 10. This is the 41st year for the event making it one of the oldest fundraisers in Medfield providing a beloved holiday tradition for hundreds of families. Two seatings are available: 5:15 and 6:30 p.m.; tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at Park Street Books. Spaghetti with Santa has sold out for the past two years, so families are encouraged to buy their tickets early to avoid disappointment.


You can now find the MMA on Facebook:

BoS on 11/25

Tuesday November 25, 2014 @ 7:00 PM

7:00PM   Medfield High School State Championship Boys Lacrosse Team Presentation of citations and
Town Pins

7:30 PM Historical Commission and Historic District Commission
Sign Memorandum of Agreement pertaining to the state hospital
Vote to appoint Brandie Erb, Lucille Fisher, Jean Mineo and Gene Rodgers to State Hospital Resource Committee