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Town Committees Seeking Volunteers

From the town website –

Boards and Committees currently seeking new members include:

  • Affordable Housing Trust (vacancy beginning July 31, 2022)
  • Board of Council on Aging (remainder of a term expiring in 2024)
  • Committee to Study Memorials 
  • Community Gardens Committee
  • Conservation Commission (associate positions available)
  • Dog Control Bylaw Committee
  • Kingsbury Pond Committee
  • Medfield Community Choice Aggregation Committee
  • Medfield Energy Committee
  • Medfield Historic District Commission
  • Medfield Wildlife Committee
  • Memorial Day Committee (posted September 3, 2021)
  • Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (formerly Safety Committee)
  • School Building Committee (application process closes October 18, 2022 at noon)
  • OPEB Trust Fund Committee (posted Sept 28, 2022)
  • Permanent Planning and Building Committee (posted Sept 28, 2022)

If interested in a board or committee that is not listed, or not sure which one might be the best fit, please contact Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler to discuss further and learn more. Kristine Trierweiler can be reached at

Snow closures tomorrow

Text from Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler this afternoon (and not having kids in the schools, I asked if the schools were going to be closed tomorrow as well!) –

Just met with Chiefs, Moe and Jeff. We are going to close all the town offices tomorrow. Moe is concerned about the timing and the rate of snowfall.

School Athletics and library will be open Saturday.

Drop Box moved

Email from Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler about an improvement at the Town House. Making town services better all the time. Thanks to Georgia Colivas, Moe Goulet, and Bobby Kennedy, Jr.!

With the increase of people using the drop box at the town hall, Georgia worked with Bobby and Moe to move the box so that people can now drive up to use the box. This is not only more convenient, handicapped accessible and overall a much safer option.

We are now working on an additional “walk up” box for the front of town hall where we see more walking traffic.

Great teamwork! 

Melissa Coughlin, RN & BOH member on Medfield services related to COVID-19

Read Melissa Coughlin’s full Medfield Patch article here

Melissa is both a nurse at a downtown hospital and a member of the Town of Medfield’s Board of Health. The Board of Health has been providing our town historically unprecedented, diligent services this past year because of COVID-19.

Election Ballots Accepted Here

Ballots Accepted Here

This email this afternoon from Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler –

“We have received numerous inquiries today about dropping off absentee ballots and/or ballot applications at the Town Hall. Anyone who would like to drop it off with us directly may do so using the Green Drop- Box in the rear of Town Hall. The box underwent a makeover recently and is ready for a busy fall! “

Town House office hours

Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler and other town employees are moving their office functions outside, to encourage resident interaction and use of the town services.  This afternoon Kris (left) and Kathy VandenBoom, Director of Human Resources, were holding court in front of the Town House front entrance.

20200812_Kristine Trierweiler office hours

During my visit, I waited in line behind Matt McCormack and his son, and then this user dropped off his vote by mail request in the USPS mail box on the table, went inside to sign the Town Clerk’s warrant for the upcoming primary election, to sign the weekly town spending warrants, and to pick up the Medfield Foundation’s mail.

Kris posts on Twitter when the outside office is available – it has recently been several times a week.  Look for them out front.

Town tables, and my first ice coffee of the summer


Let me know if I missed any tables – I thought we bought more than these.

Medfield Small Business Survey

Medfield - entering sign

The Town of Medfield is committed to helping local businesses through this unprecedented challenge but we need your input on how we can be of assistance. It has been remarkable seeing how adaptive local business has been. Please use THIS GOOGLE FORM so we can identify and support the needs of our business community.

Additionally, please update our Medfield Open For Business Google Doc with details of your offerings as well. We have enabled comments/suggestions feature on this document. We are encouraging both business owners/managers and customers to alert us of a change by adding a comment or suggestion to this document.
Sign up for COVID-19 alerts from the Town of Medfield HERE
Economic Development Updates are HERE
Housing related updates are HERE
All the best,
Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA  02052
(508) 906-3027  

Transfer Station closed on Easter

Transfer Station sign - Copy

Public Works

Posted on: April 6, 2020

Medfield Transfer Station will be CLOSED SUNDAY April 12, 2020



Thanks to the DPW workers

for adding Sunday openings of the Transfer Station to their work week.  One can only assume that the extra work time must make for a long week and be tiring for them.

An appreciation of our town employees

town seal

An appreciation for a job well done

I have been thinking this morning about the Town of Medfield employees who provide we residents with the services that allow our lives to continue with as much semblance of normalcy as possible at all times, but most especially in these truly unsettling circumstances we are currently experiencing. Our water goes on, public safety continues to serve us, the Transfer Station even added Sunday openings, and all the town government systems continue to function, if behind a digital curtain, all so that we residents can continue our lives.

The town employees are providing essential services, so while they likely share the same unease that envelopes us all, they continue to work their jobs.  I wanted to publicly share with the Town of Medfield employees my sincere appreciation for their efforts  and to thank them.

I am extremely appreciative of what all the town employees are doing now, working under difficult circumstances – I want to let them all know just how much this one resident, one who tries hard to observe closely the functioning of the town government so as to understand it as well as possible, truly appreciates what our team of town employees are accomplishing for we residents.