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Bikes to BNB

Today we dropped off at the Bikes Not Bombs bike drive at the Legion the 17 bikes we collected from the swap last summer and over wintered in case any kids from Medfield families in need, as identified by Medfield Youth Outreach worker Dawn Alcott, wanted them as Christmas presents (there were no takers).

Our bike collection adventure began last summer when we retrieved a really nice Specialized bike from the Swap and asked Dawn if she knew anyone who might like it, and the girl identified by Dawn was reportedly so unbelievably delighted to get that bike, that we all thought there might be others who would follow.  Instead, now, those 17 bikes will get shipped by BNB to Central America or the Caribbean, where there are even more families in need, so a great result.  BTW, it looked to me that BNB collected upwards of 75 bikes.

Former Warrant Committee member, David Fischer, was helping BNB to reduce the size of the bikes by loosening and twisting the handle bars and reversing the pedals, along with at least one other Medfield student, judging by the young man’s Warriors T-shirt.

The swap – Wow

We visited the Swap area at the Transfer Station this afternoon (my first time this season), and I was hugely impressed by the new large green tent, and the greater organization.

Volunteer Nancy Irwin told me that they can use more people to come to help assist them, and would especially welcome students looking to do community service.  Nancy also opined that they could use more shelving to display items, if anyone has any shelves they are willing to donate.

Donate art this weekend to benefit Zullo

From Chris McCue Potts-


 If you have artwork laying around or stored away that you never got around to hanging, and you’d like to put it to good use, consider donating the art to the Zullo Gallery on Main Street in Medfield to help support the gallery and its programs. Donated art will be sold at the Zullo’s 6th Annual Arts Festival and Party (under the big tent) at 7 p.m., Saturday, June 13 on the Common adjacent to the Medfield Gazebo. Festival tickets are on sale now at the library and Zullo, and online at


Donated artwork can be of any medium, should be of good quality (e.g., not faded, torn, etc.), and should be framed and ready to be hung. Pieces can be dropped off at the Zullo Gallery anytime between Noon and 5 p.m. this weekend — May 30 and 31 – or next weekend – June 6 and 7. Separate arrangements can also be made by e-mailing gallery director Bill Pope, Anyone who donates art will receive two “thank you” tickets for free drinks at future gallery events.


The festival on June 13 runs from 7 to 11 p.m., and tickets are $75 each. Event admission includes an array of food and drink donated from local establishments, plus access to the art sale. The night will also feature a return engagement of upbeat, danceable surf music by The Fathoms.


Last year’s Zullo festival was a big success with over 100 people in attendance, and many more who said they regretted not going after hearing how much fun it was.  Don’t miss out – especially since a big tent in downtown Medfield is a rare occasion, so come on out and enjoy it!

BoS minutes

Meeting Minutes May 19, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room                            draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town
Administrator Trierweiler; town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:15PM, lateness due to technical difficulties
with cable TV.

Treasurer Georgia Colivas reported that the Town received six competitive bids for the $18M in
general obligation bonds to finance the construction of the public safety building,a 20 year issue
and $610,000 in purpose bonds for 10 years to finance the solar array project at the Wastewater
Treatment Plant.

The bids were sold at a premium and it was advised that the Town reduce its principal for the
safety building from $18M to $16.375M because we will still get $18M for construction yet pay back
only $16.375M in principal. This results in a savings of about $2.SM for the 20 year issue, which
is excellent for the Town.

Regarding the bonds for the solar panels, Special Town Meeting authorized $710,000,however, this
amount was reduced by a $90,000 grant, thereby reducing the borrowing to $610,000.
The bid was awarded to Janney Montgomery Scott LLC from Philadelphia with an interest rate of
3.003%, which is below the anticipated rate of 4% used by the building committee.

Considering that we only received six bids instead of the usual 10-12 and the uncertainty of the
bond market, we did very well.

Ms. Colivas requested the Selectmen vote to finalize the bidding process as follows:

VOTE: that the sale of $16,985,000 general obligation municipal purpose bonds of the Town of
Medfield dated May 28, 2015, be awarded to Janney Montgomery Scott LLC at the price of
$18,796,013.06 is hereby approved and confirmed. The bonds shall be payable on May 15th over the
next 10 and 20 years; and

•  FURTHER VOTE: That in connection with the marketing and the sale of the bonds, the preparation
and distribution of a Notice of Sale and the Preliminary Official
Statement dated September 24, 2014, was approved ty the Town Treasurer and is hereby ratified,
confirmed, approved and adopted; and FURTHER VOTE that the bonds shall be subject to redemption, at
the option of the Town as set forth in the Official Statement; and FURTHER VOTE that the Treasurer
and the of Board of

•  Selectmen be, and hereby are, authorized to execute and deliver continuing disclosure documents
for the benefit of the bondholders; and FURTHER VOTE that
each member of the Board of Selectmen, the Town Clerk and the Town Treasurer be and hereby are,
authorized to take any and all such actions, and execute and deliver such certificates to carry
into effect the provisions of these votes.
•  All in favor for a unanimous vote.

The next part of this bond process said Ms. Colivas is that I am requesting that Selectmen as the
power of authority for the Town of Medfield sign a certification of the vote awarding the bonds to
Janney Montgomery; certification that the bonds were issued pursuant to statutes and votes of the
Town; a certificate for continuing disclosure which means that the Town must provide an annual
report and audited financial statement to all federal and state agencies including bond holders;
and certification that the actual bonds amount to $16,985,000.

Please note that all of tonight’s materials has been reviewed by Locke Lord LLP our legal counsel
with respect to borrowing and First Southwest the Town’s financial advisors regarding bond issues.
The Board is very appreciative of the hard work and many hours that Ms. Colivas has given to this
bond process resulting in savings to the taxpayers.

Fritz Fleischmann, a Medfield resident and member of the First Parish Church requests the
Selectmen’s support for a local initiative to make the public aware ofthe state’s anti-idling law.
Although this has been in effect for about 10 years several of the members ofthe church’s Green
Sanctuary Committee, who are committed to sustainable living,have noticed that many people do not
observe this law; it could be they are unaware of the fact that vehicles should
not idle over five minutes.  They are not looking for the police to issue tickets to enforce the
law but rather the reverse, perhaps a thank you notice for not idling.

Mr. Fleischmann remarked that another thought to help raise awareness is to post signs in several
places around the Town reading “State law No Idling”  Mr. Peterson responded that Ken may have
funds in his budget to purchase a few. Mr. DeSorgher suggested they put together a list of areas to
place the signs. Church member Eve Potts was recognized and she explained that on her walk near the
middle school she observed idling buses and called Connelly Bus Co. to let them know that was not
permitted. Thereafter, on her walks the bus
company adhered to her request. The Selectmen agree that drawing resident’s attention to the law
would be most helpful.

Vote: On a motion made and seconded the Selectmen voted unanimously to offer their support to
educate and encourage the residents of Medfield to observe the Massachusetts Anti-idling law.

May 19, 2015
Page three

Energy I Facilities Manager Andrew Seaman gave a report on the solar array project and commenting
that the Town will save about $70,000 over the life of the 20 year bond. Discussion continued with
focus on perhaps the next array project possibly sited at the landfill. However,
Andrew discovered that the town could not gain approval because it is only partially capped and no
DEP closure. At the high school; above the parking lot would be a concern as it would diminish the
visibility to see from the school into the lot. The best place to place the panels is on the roof
of the new Town Garage. Andrew will return next meeting to discuss a net metering contract.

Present: Robert Borrelli, Attorney James Murphy, Co-Chair Historic Commission David Temple David
was recognized and he said that the outcome of the Commission’s meeting last week is that we
consider the house to be historically significant and be preferably preserved. Mr.
Borelli does not own the house so he is not inconvenienced by a demolition delay. When he has proof
that he owns the house then he can come back to the Commission for discussion about his ideas to
demo the house. The owner is not being cooperative even with Mr. Borelli who has not yet entered
the house so he cannot speak on its condition. We do know there was flooding in the basement, it is
heated by kerosene and there is no electricity. The Commission advised that Mr. Borelli keep after
the owner of the house to gain entry.  Mr. Temple asked that the Selectmen in this appeal process
not overturn the Historical Commission’s decision.

Mr. Borelli’s attorney James Murphy submitted a letter to the Selectmen dated May 19 wherein he
made several points, i.e.:  the closing date is anticipated to be on May 21;Mr. Borelli has been
unable to enter the property to assess the condition of the house; he has put a dumpster on the
property for the owner to empty the house; to date there has been no finding of why  this structure
is important as it is not historically significant.   Mr. Murphy also commented on the fact that
Mr. Borelli has worked closely with the Historical Commission on other properties in Town that had
distinctive historic value.  He recently received an award from the Historical Commission for his
restoration and adaptive reuse of the Fairbanks/Chenery/Hale house on
South Street. Presently he is working on 41 Pleasant Street where he has jacked up the building
from its compromised foundation and poured a new foundation where the historic structure
will be placed.  Mr. Murphy urged the Board to grant the appeal.

Attorney Cerel remarked that the owner James Tubridy has signed purchase and sale agreement and a
demolition permit. Mr. Tubridy has agreed to Borrelli cleaning the property. This appeal is being
heard because there is the matter of the Selectmen determining if 3 Metacomet Street is a
historically significant structure and should be preserved. By the Historic Commission. Also the
present owner has not paid property taxes to the Town for a number of

May 19, 2015
Page four

years amounting to well over $50,000. Mr. Cerel commented that it is now up to this Board to make a

Selectman Peterson referred to the Town’s historic preservation bylaw commenting that this building
is not historically significant or should be preferably preserved. It is not the only cape style
house on the street.

Selectman Fisher agrees with Selectman Peterson and advises to overrule the Historic Commission.

Selectman DeSorgher said that as the appointing authority, I voted to appoint the Historical
Commission and I will not second guess their efforts.

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman it was voted 2-1 to overrule the
Medfield Historical Commission’s ruling that the property is historically significant and should be
preferably preserved

It was announced that Government Relations Manager Frank Foss has retired from Comcast and we wish
him well. Comcast announced that Catherin Maloney will assume responsibility for Medfield until a
permanent replacement is announced. Special Cable Counsel William Solomon has been negotiating the
Comcast license renewal on Medfield’s behalf. The license term is for 10 years, May 1,2015 to April
30, 2025.  Ms. Maloney was present for the meeting, however, she did not take part in the license
renewal discussion.

President of Medfield Cable Access David Maxson spoke on the new contract saying that the license
benefits the Town; revenues pass through Town to our cable corporation. This will keep the cable
station’s four employees and we will continue to promote local programming as we have over 300
programs each year. He continued saying that Bill Solomon did a great job with negotiations
resulting in a good contract.  I strongly urge the Selectmen to award the renewal license as
presented to Comcast. Mr. Maxson noted that the cable studio is in the process of moving from the
high school to North Meadows Road, hoping to be in the end of June.

Mr. Sullivan and Town Counsel Cerel have reviewed the contract as a matter of form noting also a
direct benefit to the Town is fiber optic supplied to Town buildings.  They are in favor of the new

VOTE: Selectman Fisher read the following Motion; I hereby move that the Medfield Board of
Selectmen, as cable television license Issuing Authority, vote as follows:
To grant the subject cable television Renewal License, with an effective date of May

May 19, 2015
Page five

1,2015 to Comcast of Massachusetts/New Hampshire, LLC (Comcast). All terms
and conditions contained in this renewal License have been agreed to by Comcast. Comcast, by and
through its authorized representative, will execute this renewal License (Agreement) as set out on
the Signature Page of the renewal License.

To approve the “Medfield Institutional Network: Agreement by and between Comcast and the town of
Medfield, and to authorize the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen to execute said Agreement on
behalf of the Board of Selectmen.

To recognize and acknowledge the following side-letter from Comcast: Senior discount/Education
Connections Program; and
Cable Service to Public buildings

VOTE was unanimous

On a motion made and seconded the Selectmen voted unanimously to approve meeting minutes of January
6 and 20; February 3, 17 and 24; March 3 and 17; April 7; May 5, 2015

Mr. Peterson would like to continue discussion on waiving the Transfer Station sticker fee for
seniors. Mr. Sullivan and Treasurer Colivas noted that many residents have obtained their new
stickers; to go back to sort it out and issue refunds will be very time consuming. The stickers are
$50.00 for two years, amounting to about $2.00 per month.

Mr. Peterson queried about Tree Warden Ed Hinkley performing an inventory of town trees and where
we need additional planted.  Mr. Sullivan replied that Mr. Hinkley will be attending the June 2
Selectmen’s meeting for discussion.

Selectmen agree that their proposed annual calendar is in good form.

Town Administrator Sullivan reviewed a printout of outstanding debt from 194 to present, saying
that the town’s highest outstanding principal was in 2003, 67,052,736.00. As we have taken on
several new projects, the taxpayers will be hit hard next year. After that we are in better shape
with a savings of about $8M; next year (2016) the library renovation and town hall renovation will
be paid off. Principal and Interest as of June 30, 2015 is $77,178,088 and as of June 30, 1026 it
will go down to $69,537,273.

May 19, 2015
Page six

Mr. Sullivan reported to the Selectmen that the federal government has a new mandate in 2016 with
regard to health care coverage.  The Town is to provide the IRS with every employee’s name who has
health coverage. The good news is that MllA will provide the necessary forms
for Town Hall to submit to the IRS.

Mr. Sullivan gave the background information regarding the transfer request from town administrator
salary line to principal assessor budget line; the new Assessor started on February 24 and Stan
Bergeron’s last day was March 16 an overlap for Stan to provide Yvonne with important training.
This resulted in a deficit for the Assessor’s budget as for that time period two assessors were
paid. The requested amount 2,857.49.

Additionally the Highway Department requires Appropriation Transfers for equipment payroll in the
amount of $3,000 and for Highway salaries in the amount of $20,000 to pay for a three
hour call out for additional personnel after snow related storms.

• VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign Appropriation Transfer
for the Assessors in the amount of 2,857.49 and two Appropriation Transfers for Highway Department
in the amounts of $3,000 and
$20,000, seconded by Selectman Peterson.  The vote was unanimous.

The Selectmen are requested to sign letters to Pastor Jonathan Chechile and Reverend Marc Eames for
their recent community service project. A great job was done by all participants doing a spring
cleanup at several locations around Town, including Hinkley Pond, under the name of “God Loves
Medfield Community Service Project”.


VOTED unanimously to grant the Varsity Football Team permission to hold a fundraising carwash
behind Town Hall on Saturday June 20 1-3 PM

VOTED unanimously to grant MEMO permission to post signs advertising ticket availability for the
annual Discover Medfield History Day on June 13, 2015 and place the sign at the corner of North and
Green Streets on June 13 as a reminder of the event

VOTED unanimously to grant the Montrose School permission to post signs at designated locations to
advertise their Summer Program

May 19, 2015
Page seven

VOTED unanimously to grant permission for signs to be posted promoting the annual Saint Edward’s
Golf Tournament

Mr. Fisher talked about the good turnout on May 7 at the Zullo Gallery to honor Jean Mineo as she
was selected to receive the 2015 Cultural Council Leadership Award from the Massachusetts Cultural
Council.  It also turned out to be a good night for the kickoff of First Thursdays.  Always a
pleasant evening at the Zullo Gallery.  My Mom and cousin enjoyed the interview with Ann Thompson
for cable TV.  A good amount of interesting information about the Fisher family of Medfield that
goes back a few generations.
The Lowell Mason House Committee held a fundraiser at Chiara restaurant in Westwood this past
Sunday.  It was well done, a successful event with a good number of people attending.

Mr. Peterson remarked that the state hospital master planning for the site is moving forward at a
good speed. He commented that the artist’s reception for the Thistle Project was a great event last
Saturday. The goal of the project is to bring attention to the wonderful landscape of the property
and encourage people to take part in planning the hospital site.
Selectmen mentioned that when he was chair of the board he had talked about a financial summit with
the Warrant Committee, Board of Water and Sewerage, Selectmen to come together perhaps on a
Saturday to discuss the budget process. Selectmen DeSorgher and Fisher agree that it best to
coordinate the meeting for perhaps early September when the summer season is over. Mr. Fisher
remarked that the Town, Michael, Kristine, Joy do a great job putting together this process every

Mr. DeSorgher received a letter from a North Street resident regarding accidents at Green and North
Street that he feels is due to the speed limit and requests it be lowered. Selectmen would like to
hear from Chief Meaney. He advised that a meeting be setup with Royal Pizza owner Stavros Tragellis
to see if he would be interested in setting up some seating in the alcove adjacent to his business
that was recently painted with an attractive scene. Outdoor seating would be good for his business
and would benefit the downtown as well. He gave kudos to
Jean Mineo who recently received the Leadership Cultural Council Circle award.
Mr. DeSorgher commented that the traffic lights in the center of Town are working pretty well, good
improvement moving the traffic along.

Motion to adjourn at 9:15 and the vote was unanimous!

Meeting Minutes May 26, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room                         draft

PRESENT:  Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town
Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced the following. This meeting
is being recorded it is not going out live by cable TV due to technical difficulties. We want to
take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving around the world.

Chairman DeSorgher mentioned that the Selectmen, Town Administrator, Permanent Building Committee,
Superintendent Marsden, School Committee members, Warrant Committee members and guests took part in
the ground breaking ceremony for the new public safety building that began at 6 PM this evening.
The construction of the new building should take about 18 months.

Mr. Seaman said that he is here this evening to explain the Interconnection Service Agreement
between the Town and Eversource (Nstar). The Town is required to enter into this agreement due to
the new solar array at the treatment plant that will be connected to the electrical grid. It is
projected that all electricity generated by this new array will be used at the facility however; in
the rare case that electricity will be sent back to the grid the Town will want to capture the net
metering credits we are entitled to.  I am here this evening to request that the
Selectmen vote to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign the agreement. Town Counsel Cerel said that he
has vetted and approved the agreement.

VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to authorize Chairman
DeSorgher sign the Interconnection Service Agreement (ISA) between the Town of Medfield and
Eversource. Vote was unanimous

Mr. Seaman continued explaining the second agreement, Net Metering Credit Sales Agreement. Net
metering is a process where electricity generated by a renewable energy facility that is not used
on-site is sent back to the electrical grid. A solar farm in Walpole is due to come online in early
2016 that will generate 6.2 million kWh of solar electricity. This electricity will be sent to
Eversource and in return they will issue one net metering credit per kWh generated to the owner of
the facility. This credit carries cash value but needs to be liquidated in order for the owner of
the facility to make money. By entering into this agreement the Town will be credited with
1,000,000 credits to their electric bill and in exchange the town will pay the seller the cost of
750,000 credits, resulting in an immediate 25% savings on our electric bill. Right now one
net metering credit is worth 25.2 cents.  This results in a bill credit of $252,000 while we pay
$189,000 giving us a savings of $63,000 in the first year alone.  He pointed out that the credits
will be used toward savings for Town Hall Library, the garage and public safety building.

May 26, 2015
Page two

The contract is structured so that the price we pay for the credits are tied to the Eversource net
meter rate tariff. This ensures that regardless of the credit price, the Town will realize the 25%
savings every year. Mr. DeSorgher queried if other towns are doing something like this.
Seaman said yes, however, the location must be right load zone, i.e. southeast or northeast.
Medfield is fortunate to be able to gather these credits. As with the ISA town Counsel has vetted
and approved this agreement. The Selectmen are requested to vote to authorize Chairman DesSorgher
to sign the agreement and it was so voted.

As Lot 3 Ice House Road is the topic, Selectman Peterson as an abutter, he recused from the
Chairman Pat Casey reported that an RFP has been issued for Lot 3. This is a long-term ground lease
for 11acres and advertised as any development is consistent with the existing buildings,
i.e. Kingsbury Club, COA center and current zoning. He went on to say that the site walk is planned
for June 16, bids are due August 28. We feel that perhaps the date of June 16 will give us some
idea of what we may expect to receive in the way of proposed development.

In attendance are members of MEMO, Brandi Erb, Lucille Fisher, Aditi Thatte; from the Cultural
Council Jean Mineo for discussion about downtown parking Straw Hat Park and other issues

Pat Casey went on to talk about the downtown business survey that his committee is conducting.
There are about 60 businesses to interview and members of the committee have talked with several at
this point.  The focus of conversations so far is parking,traffic and signage.  Member Ann Thompson
was recognized and she said that within her interviews the business owners told her that they were
very pleased with the snow removal this winter  in the downtown by the highway department.
Interestingly she was asked if there is any way the Town could limit the number of new pizza
establishments or real estate offices opening.

Frequent comments have been from the Park Street business about signage as their main concern is no
easy visibility to their area.  Perhaps we could develop a plan for larger signs and still maintain
a cohesive approach.  In particular the corner of Park and Main Streets with public and private
property does not give us much room for signage.  A downtown summit is planned for the fall and
this concern as well as crossing Main Street between Park Street Books and the Butterfly business
will be one of the main topics.

Jean Mineo went on to discuss the development of the park between Starbucks and Zebra’s. The
Selectmen gave praise to Jean for all her efforts for the development of the pocket park.

May 26, 2015
Page three

Ms. Mineo reiterated the steps so far for the park; the Selectmen approved the proposed design in
February and April Town meeting voted to appropriate $32,000 that will help with regrading, replace
the broken and cracked sidewalk and new drainage. Hopefully this part will be completed by fall.
She said we were hoping to get $75,000; the advantage being construction would be done in one phase
as spreading it out may be more expensive. Mr.
Sullivan advised that a meeting with DPW be organized as with their may help it may cut down on

Ms. Mineo reported to the Selectmen that with the assistance of Medfield Foundation a mailing has
been prepared to alert residents as to how they may help with fundraising for the park.
Specific items listed are for the fountain, signage boards, chess/checker table. Any gift would be
most welcomed as if we raise $50,000 the park could be completed by fall. She also mentioned that
it is planned to put in a brick walk and and the notice has space for those who desire an
inscription on the paver. At this point Town Counsel Cerel remarked names only on the brick, no
messages of any kind.  Ms. Mineo requested the Selectmen’s permission for this town-wide mailing.

VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to allow the Cultural Council
conduct a town-wide mailing to raise additional funds for the Straw Hat Park. Vote was unanimous

Jean Mineo explained to the Board that when the Cultural District voted to adopt a larger vision of
cultural activities, we chose to put together a more comprehensive  platform to include the
cultural council, cultural district and name it Cultural Alliance of Medfield.  With this new
program many town organizations and cultural events will benefit greatly.  She remarked that the
council has applied for a 501C3 designation.  Selectman Peterson and the Board agree it will be
very beneficial to the Town.

Brandi Erb introduced Lucille Fisher and Aditi Thatte commenting that Aditi was very recently Voted
president of MEMO.  Congratulations Aditi.  She went to say that MEMO would agree that signage and
parking in the downtown are two key issues for further discussion.
Mr. DeSorgher mentioned that cable TV has a plan to put in a nice park in memory of Ed Doherty at
Meetinghouse Pond. MEMO is fine with that. Discussion ensued about planting trees along Frairy
Street however tree planting should not be in the way of Medfield Day booths. Mr. Sullivan
commented that Tree Warden Ed Hinkley will be at our meeting June 2 for discussion about trees.

May 26, 2015
Page four
Developer Dave Mccready renovating the Ord Building next door has a plan to add about 15 spaces
behind the building. Mr. Sullivan said that he suggested to him that a separation from the town
parking lot and this new area should be put in, perhaps a low stone wall.  There has been some
discussion about building a two story parking garage on the town lot however, that could be very

At this point Selectman brought up the subject that the Selectmen have not given the EDC a formal
charge for them to follow.  Mr. DeSorgher said that I recall that each of us had written down some
ideas for this charge that I don’t have with me this evening. Suggests we hold off considering a
charge until after the summer and discuss at the downtown summit.

Mr. Sullivan informed the Selectmen that he has found that in order to remove the tracks at Farm
Street and at Harding Street we would need to apply for a formal license and the fee would be
$3,600 for each.  Mr. DeSorgher thought that this is ludicrous as it is has been an abandoned line
for many years.  He suggests that our Representatives and Senator be involved with this issue to do
away with these fees.

Ms. Trierweiler said that she has a letter for Chairman DeSorgher to sign addressed to DCAMM
Commissioner carol Gladstone that outlines the Town’s desire for the access road new parking lot
and canoe launch.

VOTE:  Motion made and seconded to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign letter addressed to
Commissioner Gladstone.  Vote was unanimous

The Selectmen were made aware of a recently built beaver dam that threatens the foundation of
Hartford Street. Even though we are in a semi-drought in the event of heavy rains the flooding that
is there already could worsen and we would lose part of that street. Also part of the property is
on Trustees of Reservation land and they need to be involved. Mr. Sullivan will schedule a meeting
to discuss the procedure to resolve this issue.

Girl Scout Emily Piersiak has installed a new bridge at the Meetinghouse Pond spillway. This was
her Gold Award project and she did a really good job. It is suggested that Building Inspector John
Naff inspect the bridge.

The Selectmen signed the May 26, 2015 Vendor warrant.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

BoS on 6/2

Tuesday June 2, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

7:10 PM  Superintendent Kenneth Feeney, Cemetery Commissioners
Update regarding Colurnbariurn at the cemetery and cemetery regulations

7:25 PM  Edward Hinkley, Tree Warden
Discuss tree inventory, additional planting of tress particularly along Frairy Street across From the Dwight-Derby House

7:40 PM  Rachel Brown, Solid Waste Committee member and member of Medfield Green Advise Selectmen of composting units that are available for sale

Vote to approve meeting minutes of May 19 and May 26 Beaver update

Vote to sign Chapter 90 Final Report in the amount of $59,369 for Winter Recovery Program

Vote to sign Agreement with UTS of MASS, Inc., Stoneham for testing and inspection services for the  Public Safety Building

Other business that may come before the Board of Selectmen

Water ban declared




The Town of Medfield entered into a Water Ban effective May 28, 2015.

The water ban requirements are the following: NO outdoor watering between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and evening watering is allowed on an odd/even basis only.   Any questions, please contact the Medfield Water Dept. at 508-906-3004 or Ken Feeney, DPW Superintendent, at 508-906-3002.

Styrofoam Saturday

From Medfield Green –

This Saturday is Week 5 of Medfield Green Month

9-1 at the Transfer Station

It’s the final week of MGM in May! 

Are you a darker shade of green because you’ve been recycling all month?

We will be collecting Styrofoam to be recycled.  Foam items DO NOT have to display the recycling symbol 6 in the triangle with the PS underneath it, but do need to be cleaned and rinsed.  Refoamit will accept packing blocks, produce and meat trays, take out containers (please rinse), hot cups such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Honey Dew and Cumberland Farms (without paper or cardboard infused), foam egg cartons, trays, white insulation sheets, #4 PE Polyethylene foam, #5 PP Polypro foam, bubble wrap and packing peanuts (bagged separately from your foam).  They WILL NOT accept:  plastic utensils, foam cups infused with cardboard or paper such as McDonald’s, Newman and Burger King (ice tea cup), biodegradable meat trays for example GenPak without the recycling symbol, cardboard egg cartons, soft foam pads, food containers with plastic film attached (some ground turkey comes in these containers), blue or pink insulation sheets.


** We could use some help on Saturday with collecting/sorting – please respond to this email if you have an hour or so to spare!


The next Styrofoam collection will be October 31, 2015 at the Transfer Station! 


Bikes Not Bombs will be at the American Legion 9-12 collecting bicycles – not rusted  (consider a $10 donation/bike to cover cost of bike to be sent overseas) – for more info visit


Remember to get your new stickers at the DPW –

the current stickers expire at the end of June $50/2 yrs


Hope to see you at the Transfer Station

the place to be in May!

Next Medfield Green Month will be in October!


MSH public meeting 6/11

This from the committee doing the planning for the future of the former MSH site –

Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee Update

June 11, 2015 Community Meeting

The time for public participation in the Medfield State Hospital planning process has arrived!

The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSHMPC) invites you to attend our first community meeting on Thursday, June 11 at 6:00 PM at the high school cafeteria at 88R South Street.  This session provides you the opportunity to become involved in the planning of Medfield’s future.

MSHMPC and our master planning consultant, VHB, want to hear your voice about what you would like to see at the property. We also want to educate residents about the decisions and tradeoffs that go into making a viable master plan.

From your input, VHB will create four scenarios for further discussion at a later date with a goal of achieving the master plan for the property by late autumn.

Public safety building ground breaking

Yesterday afternoon around 6pm was the ground breaking for the new public safety building, at the site of the former stations. There were several photo ops,but this one was the best, with police officers and firefighters manning the shovels.

Afterwards we toured the temporary police station. Interestingly, both police and fire reported liking their temporary quarters much better than their old strations. They were good to wait so long for the town to get around to building the new facility.

Ray Neary delivers Memorial Day address

Excellent and personally heart felt speech.