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MSH Survey #3

The third survey from the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee is open through this Thursday at midnight.  This survey focuses our attention and seeks our input on four possible areas of reuse.

There were only 244 responses when i answered the survey this afternoon.

This is Bill Massaro’s emailed description of survey #3:


Survey #3 on what you would like to see done with the Hospital property is now open through midnight on Thursday Sep 3..  Here’s the link:

Where Survey# 2 asked for your opinion on the top  “Dream” reuse alternatives from Survey #1–Recreation, Sports, Park, Open Space, Senior/Young Adult/Starter Family Homes—this new survey asks residents to rate opinion statements on some of Survey#1’s  less common “Dream” suggestion alternatives:

  • Hospitality-Related:   Inn/Hotel, Restaurant,  Large/Small Retail (18%)
  • Arts & Culture:   Performing Arts, Galleries/Exhibition Spaces, Culinary Arts (16%)
  • Institutional:   College, Medical/Technical Research (6%)
  • Agricultural:   Community Supported Agriculture, Community Gardens, Farming (6%)

In addition to asking your opinion on these alternative uses, the Committee is hoping that Survey 3 will get you thinking about other potential opportunities and they would welcome receiving any contact information for institutions or businesses, in any category, that you would like to see there.

Please take this follow-up survey before midnight on Sep 3 and forward the link to your friends and neighbors…

Also, please mark your calendar for the second Public Information Meeting which will be held at the High School on Wed evening Sep 16.

Green & Hartford Street issues

While jogging this morning I bumped into DPW Foreman Bobby Kennedy, Jr. at the MSH (DPW was boarding up doorway entrances with cement blocks) and I asked about the status of their work on Green Street.  He said he is waiting on asphalt from Aggregate Industries, and that Aggregate Industries has promised him the asphalt he needs by mid-September.  He said he does not want to rip up the old asphalt that needs replacement until he knows he has the new asphalt available to put down, so residents will have a dirt road for as short a period as possible.

He also opined that the road is so old that it may need proper gravel installed, explaining that lots of the old roads in town were cart paths on which asphalt was spread.  He mentioned finding a horse shoe during the work on Green Street.

I asked specifically about Hartford Street as well, and Bobby opined that too was probably not well prepared, given its age.  I asked about the effects of the higher water table resulting from the beaver activity on The Trustees of the Reservation (TTOR) Fork Factory Brook property, and Bobby opined that a higher water table could adversely impact Hartford Street where it is unlikely that there is sufficient gravel under the pavement on Hartford Street.  I will share that information and make that point to the TTOR when their representative, Mike Francis, comes to speak with the selectmen about the beaver situation this month.

Town vehicles

Facilities Manager, Andrew Seman, put together this list of all 113 town owned vehicles –

Medfield Fleet 8-14-15.xls

Page 1 of 3

Item, Dept, Year, Make/Model, Vin#, Plate, GVW, Cost New, Type, Class, ACV RC, Med Pay, Comp Ded, Coll Ded, Effective Date

1 BUILDING 2003 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2FAFP71W23X137549 M89828 $23,000.00 L 73980 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015 Disposed

2 CIV DEF 2001 FORD EXPEDITON 1FMPU16L51LB39501 M55209 $36,489.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

3 CIV DEF 2008 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2FAFP71V98X167047 M55204 $30,000.00 L 73980 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

4 COUNCIL ON AGING 2008 FORD ECONOLINE VAN 1FT2S34L18DA63850 M80639 $42,000.00 L 05230 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

5 COUNCIL ON AGING 2010 STARCRAFT VAN 1FDEE3FPXADA09842 M82959 $61,068.00 L 05230 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

6 COUNCIL ON AGING 2013 FORD E350 CUTAWAY VAN 1FDWE3FLXDDA72753 M89515 $44,500.00 M 05230 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

7 DPW 1983 MACK TRUCK 1M2P131C7DA010140 M53240 62,000 $55,000.00 E 40499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

8 DPW 1997 JOHN DEERE BULLDOZER WITH CRAWLER SN550GL837245 $74,440.00 H 79340 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

9 DPW 1999 JOHN DEERE 5410 TRACTOR LV5410S143960 M61880 6,570 $53,410.00 L 79650 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

10 DPW 2000 MORBARK BRUSH CHIPPER 4S8SZ1617YW023183 M65562 7,644 $25,500.00 L 79340 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

11 DPW 2000 FORD F250 1FTNF21L1XEED0591 M56854 8,800 $30,000.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

12 DPW 2001 MACK TRUCK 1M1P324Y01M059996 M77504 66,000 $83,974.00 E 40499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

13 DPW 2011 FORD F550 DUMP 1FDUF5HT6BEB20656 M85557 18,000 $54,227.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

14 DPW 2011 CATERPILLAR SKID STEER LOADER CAT0246CAJAY05677 M63745 $41,000.00 M 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

15 DPW 2011 CATERPILLAR LOADER CAT0938HVMJC01552 M77505 $165,000.00 H 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

16 DPW 2012 FORD EXPLORER 1FMHK8D87CGA05702 M55228 4,613 $28,000.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015 19 MPG

17 DPW 2014 FORD F550 DUMP TRUCK 1FDUF5HT2EEA05444 M89171 $62,445.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

18 DPW/HWY 1998 RAND UTILITY AIR COMPRESSOR 294016UII221 M56853 $14,000.00 L 79340 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

19 DPW/HWY 1999 GIANT VAC $4,000.00 L 79340 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

20 DPW/HWY 2000 TOWN UTILITY 4KNUT1620YL164258 M58148 $6,500.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

21 DPW/HWY 2007 JOHN DEERE COMPACT EXCAVATOR FF035DX237405 $46,137.00 M 79340 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

22 DPW/WATER 2006 FORD DUMP TRUCK 1FDWF37P76EA39463 M71183 13,200 $46,000.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

23 FIRE 1979 THEURER TRAILER N65351 M78212 28,000 $150,000.00 M 67499 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

24 FIRE 1983 MACK PUMPER 1M2H125C0EM001157 MF1957 27,500 $115,000.00 H 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

25 FIRE 1986 FORD F350 2FDKF3813GCA84741 MF1958 11,000 $80,000.00 M 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

26 FIRE 1991 HOMEMADE TRAILER 1,000 $0.00 L 69499 – N NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

27 FIRE 1992 PIERCE DASH PUMPER 4P1CT02D0NA000481 MF1960 45,180 $193,180.00 E 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

28 FIRE 1993 TRITON LITE 8 TRAILER W1391222709004652 MF1959 1,430 $750.00 L 69499 – N NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

29 FIRE 1996 PIERCE LANCE 4P1CT02S4TA000494 MF1956 65,000 $424,574.00 E 79090 RC Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

30 FIRE 1999 LOAD RITE TRAILER 5A4NDRJ1XX2050184 M60624 880 $450.00 L 69499 – N NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

31 FIRE 1999 FORD F250 UTILITY 1FDWF36L0XED59420 MF8511 10,000 $13,000.00 M 79090 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

32 FIRE 2001 LOAD-RITE BOAT TRAILER 5A4XJRJ1012000693 MF6671 980 $599.00 L 69499 – N NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

33 FIRE 2003 FEATHERLITE 1610 TRAILER 4FGL012123C061579 M68002 2,900 $4,800.00 L 68499 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

34 FIRE 2004 HAULMARK TRAILER 16HPB16244G056485 M71128 10,000 $66,241.00 L 68499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

35 FIRE 2004 LOAD RITE UTILITY TRAILER 5A4PVGH2742001951 M71566 2,000 $1,075.00 L 69499 – N NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

36 FIRE 2005 MAGNUM PRO LIGHT TOWER 5AJLS16185B001714 MF5812 2,000 $3,800.00 L 68499 ACV N 1000 NO COV 07/01/2015

37 FIRE 2007 PIERCE ENFORCER PUMPER 4P1CE01T67A007019 MF1961 45,000 $375,000.00 E 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

38 FIRE 2008 CARRY ON TRAILER 4YMCL16208V198772 MF9518 70,000 $5,400.00 L 68499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

39 FIRE 2008 FORD F450 AMBULANCE 1FDXF47R28EE51191 MF225A 16,000 $162,376.00 M 79130 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

40 FIRE 2010 FORD EXPEDITION 1FMJU1G58AEB66198 MF309A 7,500 $29,055.00 L 79080 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

41 FIRE 2012 FORD F550 TANK FIRE TRUCK 1FDUF5HT9CEB01133 MFA358 19,500 $165,069.00 M 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

42 FIRE 2014 FORD F350 PICKUP 1FT8W3B67EEA26805 MF6636 10,600 $38,000.00 M 79090 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

43 HIGHWAY 1974 MACK U685 TRACTOR $0.00 M 79650 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

Page 2 of 5

44 HIGHWAY 1975 MACK R400 SANDER R401P2287 M72503 35,000 $23,538.00 H 31499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

45 HIGHWAY 1979 CUSTOM FLATBED TRAILER 525179 M55211 8,400 $2,500.00 L 68499 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

46 HIGHWAY 1985 MACK TRACTOR/TRUCK 1M2P138Y3FA013234 M55207 58,060 $67,400.00 E 40499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

47 HIGHWAY 1985 GRAVELY SIDEWALK PLOW 184700 1,500 $2,500.00 L 79650 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

48 HIGHWAY 1987 BOMBARDIER SIDEWALK PLOW 011870091 M38499 5,300 $0.00 L 79650 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

49 HIGHWAY 1988 MACK CONVENTION DUMP TRUCK 1M2P129C4JW012134 M30805 35,000 $17,400.00 H 31499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

50 HIGHWAY 1988 DORSEY 29-DST DUMP TRUCK 1DTD28A20JP024308 M69780 62,000 $22,000.00 E 40499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

51 HIGHWAY 1990 MACK DUMP TRUCK 1M2P230C9LW008258 M63770 $47,991.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

52 HIGHWAY 1993 BOMBARDIER SIDEWALK PLOW LD3368U559859W M19773 5,300 $48,000.00 L 79650 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

53 HIGHWAY 1994 MACK DUMP TRUCK 1M2P263C2RM015389 M51187 42,200 $80,000.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

54 HIGHWAY 1996 FORD F350 2FDKF38G5TCA56258 M34156 11,000 $28,315.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

55 HIGHWAY 1997 FORD F350 1FDKF38G1VEA89948 M55443 9,200 $30,047.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

56 HIGHWAY 1997 GALION HEAVY EQUIP. CC06218 $10,000.00 M 79340 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

57 HIGHWAY 1998 MACK TRUCK RD688SX 1M2P268C6WM037481 M58111 73,760 $92,210.00 E 40499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

58 HIGHWAY 2000 CATERPILLAR 228 SKID STEER LOADER 6XR02054 M53642 27,000 $122,485.00 H 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

59 HIGHWAY 2001 FORD F350 PICKUP TRUCK 1FDWF37F61EA61129 M67046 12,500 $45,580.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

60 HIGHWAY 2002 FORD F250 1FTNX21L22EA36462 M67011 8,800 $31,496.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

61 HIGHWAY 2004 HOLDER TRACTOR C9.78 52410349 M72509 6,000 $90,201.00 L 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

62 HIGHWAY 2005 JOHN DEERE BACKHOE 710G T0710GX949693 M72524 30,700 $143,728.00 H 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

63 HIGHWAY 2005 MACK CV713 1M2AG11C75M026458 M69782 72,000 $115,000.00 E 40499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

64 HIGHWAY 2006 ELGIN PELICAN SWEEPER S9413S M73907 15,500 $104,500.00 M 79340 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

65 HIGHWAY 2006 KUBOTA UTILITY TRAILER KRTV900A51048657 M73910 $11,055.00 L 68499 ACV N 1000 1000 07/01/2015

66 HIGHWAY 2006 CAT SKID-STEER LOADER CAT0226BTMJH07095 M73912 $24,500.00 L 01499 ACV N 1000 1000 07/01/2015

67 HIGHWAY 2008 FORD F550 1FDAF57R48EB72773 M80339 17,950 $49,500.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

68 HIGHWAY 2008 FORD F550 1FDAF57R68EB72774 M80338 17,950 $49,500.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

69 HIGHWAY 2008 FORD F250 PICKUP 1FTSX21578EE53587 M77758 9,200 $32,048.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

70 HIGHWAY 2010 KUBOTA MOWER TRACTOR ZD331RP60R10222 M84531 $12,900.00 M 79650 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

71 HIGHWAY 2010 KUBOTA TRACTOR L5740HST370670 M84530 $23,770.00 L 79650 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

72 HIGHWAY 2012 MACK DUMP TRUCK 1M2AX01C1CM001627 M53229 $139,000.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

73 HIGHWAY 2013 CARRY ON TRAILER 4YMCL162XDV040515 M89856 7,000 $5,995.00 L 68499 ACV N 1000 1000 07/01/2015

74 PARK/REC 2001 TOYOTA TUNDRA 5TBJN32151S187174 M67042 5,500 $16,500.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

75 PARK/REC 2006 FORD F350 1FBSS31L76DB15102 M75811 9,000 $21,346.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

76 PARK/REC 2011 CAM TRAILER 5JPBU2420BP026733 M81966 8,050 $4,995.00 L 68499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

77 PARK/REC 2012 CARRY ON TRAILER 4YMUL101XCV041098 M88894 2,990 $2,250.00 L 68499 ACV N 1000 1000 07/01/2015

78 PARKS 2003 FORD F350 1FTSX31L23ED84059 M89828 9,700 $24,000.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

79 POLICE 1983 INTERNATIONAL TRUCK 084010177 M55206 $100.00 M 21499 – Y NO COV NO COV 07/01/2015

80 POLICE 1999 MPH UTILITY SPEED TRAILER MPH5239902JLPC002 MP144E $9,000.00 L 69499 ACV N 500 500 07/01/2015

81 POLICE 2003 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1FAHP71W73X178297 693ASB $22,413.00 L 79110 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

82 POLICE 2006 FORD EXPEDITION 1FMP016576LA59965 668LFY $33,689.00 L 79120 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

83 POLICE 2008 FORD RANGER 1FTYR15E98PA17417 M55348 4,620 $18,000.00 L 79120 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

84 POLICE 2008 FORD EXPEDITION 1FMFU16588LA86610 MP11M 7,400 $33,000.00 L 79120 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

85 POLICE 2009 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2FAHP71V69X115109 MP13M $30,000.00 L 79110 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

86 POLICE 2011 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2FABP7BV4BX102319 MP10M $33,000.00 L 79110 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

87 POLICE 2011 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2FABP7BV2BX172286 MP14M 4,011 $25,000.00 L 79110 RC Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

88 POLICE 2012 FORD FUSION 3FAHP0HA5CR206727 9TY580 $26,000.00 L 79110 RC Y 500 500 07/01/2015

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89 POLICE 2013 FORD TAURUS 1FAHP2M80DG119342 MP12M $31,000.00 L 79110 RC Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

90 POLICE 2014 FORD EXPLORER 1FM5K8AR7EGC26669 MP15M $31,600.00 L 79120 RC Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

91 SCHOOL 1989 FORD PICKUP F250 1FTHF26HXKKA46405 M23885 8,600 $20,564.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

92 SCHOOL 1995 TRIPLE CROWN PORTABLE TRAILER 27501206030950313 M53246 $9,000.00 L 68499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

93 SCHOOL 2000 FORD EXPEDITION 1FMPU16L3YLC35766 M85596 7,200 $34,578.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

94 SCHOOL 2000 FORD F250 PICKUP 1FTNF21L2YEE06708 M63728 $22,000.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

95 SCHOOL 2002 FORD THINK WAGON 1FABP215620105063 M69127 $7,890.00 L 73980 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

96 SCHOOL 2002 FORD THINK WAGON 1FABP205420103801 M69126 $6,895.00 L 73980 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

97 SCHOOL 2003 FORD E-350 1FDWE35S73HB14778 297ES3 8600 $10,000.00 L 05650 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

98 SCHOOL 2006 FORD F350 1FTWF31596EA85307 M71195 10,500 $25,658.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

99 SCHOOL 2006 OACE CARGO TRAILER 40LAB16236P129745 M75541 7,000 $5,914.00 L 68499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

100 SCHOOL 2008 FORD F150 1FTRF14W78KB44171 M79397 6,950 $19,212.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

101 SCHOOL 2012 FORD F250 PICKUP 1FTBF2B65CEA26055 M60598 10,000 $32,450.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

102 SEWER 2008 FORD F550 TRUCK 1FDAF57R88EE53586 M77951 $49,500.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

103 SEWER 2013 FORD PICKUP 1FTEX1EM5DFC95943 M90439 7350 $30,300.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015 17.5 mpg

104 Transfer Station 2005 STECO STEEL EJECTOR SEMI TRAILER 5EWES412151254051 M60648 80,000 $44,975.00 E 67499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

105 Transfer Station 2010 CAT WHEEL LOADER CAT0938HLMJC00811 M82971 $169,342.00 H 79650 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

106 WATER 1994 FORD 137 CHASSIS CAB 2FDKF38M1RCA63545 M52182 8,600 $16,500.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

107 WATER 1995 FORD F350 PICKUP 2FTHF36H9SCA43294 M53244 9,000 $20,300.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

108 WATER 1999 FORD F350 PICK UP 1FDWF37S8XEE02486 M56861 11,200 $37,353.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

109 WATER 2001 FORD F250 1FTNF21L11ED49682 M68037 8,800 $27,400.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

110 WATER 2005 MAGNUM MWT0500 5AJWS16125B000085 M71929 5,780 $5,495.00 L 79340 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

111 WATER 2006 FORD E250 1FTNE24L16DB04411 M75814 8,600 $19,276.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

112 WATER 2008 FORD F550 TRUCK 1FDAF57R68EE53585 M77756 $49,500.00 H 31499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

113 WATER 2011 FORD F350 PICKUP 1FTRF3B63BEB25847 M84296 11,000 $38,251.00 L 01499 ACV Y 1000 1000 07/01/2015

114 WATER 2011 FORD F550 UTILITY 1FDUF5HT4BEB20655 M87749 18,000 $63,112.00 M 21499 ACV Y DEC 4C DEC 4C 07/01/2015

My goals for BoS


Each year now, as the selectmen have sought to bring greater discipline to our task of overseeing the governance of the town, we commit to writing down our goals for the upcoming year, both to focus ourselves, but also to give direction to the town administration.  Selectmen will be discussing our goals at the meeting next Tuesday.

Listed below are my goals for us.  Let me know if I am missing anything you think should be included.

Board of Selectmen Goals for 2015-2106
Osler L. Peterson
August 18, 2015

1.    Communication
a.    Implement a system to push town government information out to residents
b.    Improve the town’s web site
c.    Create a system to receive and integrate resident input on town issues
d.    Put town budget and checkbook on-line
e.    Annual calendar for selectmen and budget cycle

2.    Planning
a.    Develop a  town master plan
b.    Work with the Town Administration to look at the future make-up of the management staff of the town
c.    Get five-year plans from department heads and committees
d.    Implement an affordable housing plan
e.    Adopt Green Community Act
f.    Solar PV: install sites, issue RFP’s to buy solar power, and develop PPA’s
g.    Work with the Solid Waste Committee to increase recycling rates

3.    Medfield State Hospital
a.    Provide direction and leadership on the clean-up and redevelopment
b.    Enact by-laws concerning future development of the former MSH

4.    Finances
a.    Create a business office for the town
b.    Implement a three-year budget forecasts
c.    Implement property tax relief for senior citizens
d.    Seek savings and increased revenue.
e.    Complete union contract negotiations before contracts expire
f.    Analyze overtime expenditures.
g.    Implement a 20 year capital improvement plan

5.    Downtown
a.    Develop a robust, business and pedestrian-friendly downtown
b.    Meet with and review all boards overseeing downtown development – analyze and combine as necessary similar committees.
c.    Explore implementing Design Review
d.    Work with Chief of Police on traffic and parking issues
i.    Traffic and lights along RT 109 and RT 27
ii.    Sidewalk expansion
iii.    Upham Road
iv.    Potential future parking sites

Facebook & LinkedIN

I just noticed that my links from my blog postings on WordPress to both Facebook and LinkedIn were not working, so if you read my posts via either of those two means, you might want to check at the blog site itself at for things you have missed while I was being oblivious.  I do not know how long I was oblivious (but I do know what Deb would say if asked).

BoS minutes for 8/18


Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read the announcements.
Mr. DeSorgher said that he wants to make the audience aware that we have updated water ban restrictions. Effective immediately watering is permitted only one day per week; even numbered houses may water on Monday; Thursday is odd numbered houses. There is absolutely no watering between 9 AM and 5 PM. He hopes that the community will cooperate and adhere to the restrictions to help the Town during these serious drought conditions.

Selectman DeSorgher queried how the word is getting out to the public about the updated water ban restrictions to which Mr. Feeney responded that notices were handed out at the Transfer Station, the notice will appear in the newspaper and it is on the Town’s website.
On tonight’s agenda there are two requests for permission to have fundraising car wash behind Town Hall. Mr. Feeney remarked that these requests are considered to be for “charity events” according to state regulations and exempt. Following a brief discussion, it was VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Student Council to hold a Car wash behind Town Hall on Sunday August 22 9AM to noon
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield High School Football team to hold A car wash behind Town Hall on Sunday August 30 Noon to 3:00 PM
Mr. Feeney referenced a letter from consultant HNTB regarding their research on available grants to conduct a feasibility study for single level parking structure. The Town is giving consideration to this type of project to help with the downtown parking issue. Mr. DeSorgher commented that we should contact our representatives for their assistance.  Selectman Peterson remarked that we should consider buying a parcel or two in the downtown area to create parking. A brief discussion followed and concluded without a plan to move forward at this time.
It was noted that residents should not look to see the construction, if at all, of a parking structure in the near future; it will not happen for one to two years.
The Board is requested to vote to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign a contract for the Causeway Street Water Main Replacement Project; contractor is CJP and Sons Construction in the amount of $103,500.00. Mr. Feeney explained that the damaged pipe needs to be August 18, 2015

Page two
replaced. Difficult job as the pipe goes under the Causeway Street bridge. Funds were encumbered from the Water Enterprise Fund and additional monies from the DPW budget.
VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion to authorize Chairman DeSorgher execute contract for the Causeway Street Water Main Replacement Project, seconded by Selectman
Peterson. Vote was unanimous
The Selectmen asked Superintendent Feeney for an update on sidewalk projects to which he replied that right now the Green Street project is our focus, however, it is planned to construct the Metacomet Street sidewalk this year. The Board thanked Mr. Feeney for attending the meeting this evening.

Member Elissa Franco resigned her position from the Planning Board due to her moving out of Town. Planning Board members Keith Diggans, Wright Dickinson, George Lester and Stephen Browne are present this evening to vote jointly with the Selectmen to fill the vacancy. The Planning Board nominates Associate member Paul McKechnie as their candidate. According to General Laws Chapter 41, Section 11 election is by roll call vote.
By unanimous roll call vote the Board of Selectmen and the members of the Planning Board elected Paul McKechnie as a full member of the Planning Board
The Selectmen offered congratulations to Paul McKechnie.

Mr. Peterson submitted a draft of goals for 2015-2016 for consideration. Selectmen fisher and DeSorgher will also draft their ideas for goals and discuss at September 1st meeting.

VOTED unanimously to approve the August 4, 2015 meeting minutes with amendment

VOTED unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Form in the amount of
$152,394.00 pertaining to DPW’s purchase of a Milton caterpillar model 930M and as
recommended by superintendent Feeney

August 18, 2015
Page three
The Selectmen received a resignation notice from Medfield Historic District Commission member Barbara Jacobs who has moved out of Town. She has been a member of the commission for almost 20 years.

VOTED unanimously to appoint John Mee as additional alternate Building Inspector and as recommended by Building Commissioner John Naff
VOTED unanimously to appoint Ted Pidock to the Bay Colony Rail trail Study Committee and as recommended by Selectman Richard DeSorgher

Keith Mozer, 29 Hospital Road grants to the Town a trail easement that will connect at Canal Street and the hospital property. Mr. Mozer proposes a four lot single family subdivision, known as Country Estates, in that area. The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign the document which will be recorded at the registry. VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to execute Grant of Pedestrian Trail Easement given by Keith Mozer to the Town. Vote was unanimous

The Town has been in contact with the MBTA regarding the removal of the railroad tracks at Farm Street and at Harding Street. In their current state the tracks and the slope of the roads have made for hazardous driving. The Harding Street project will involve removing the rails and paving. Farm Street is a more complicated project because the road will need to be reconstructed. Mr. Sullivan has done research on the removal and discovered the Town will need to file for a license with the MBTA in order for the work to be done. He requests the Selectmen vote to authorize him to execute and file the necessary documents. The Selectmen as pleased that steps are being taken to make some headway with this project.
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to authorize
Town Administrator Michael Sullivan execute necessary documents relating to applying for a license with MBTA for removal of Farm Street and Harding Street railroad tracks

Chairman John Thompson gave a summary of their activities for the past several months. They have hired some crews to board up windows, install fencing, new gates, changing locks, grass cutting and removal of brush around the buildings. DPW has helped tremendously. He continued saying that the security issues are manageable and are not as very serious as we first August 18, 2015

Page four
thought. The same security company that the state hired remains on the property during night time shifts which gives some relief to our own police department. Police Chief Meaney remarked that the company who worked on boarding up the buildings did a great job and we plan to secure the chapel clock to deter any serious damage. He feels that having the large number of people walking their dogs around the campus is very helpful; they are vigilant in reporting anything they feel should be investigated. Police cruisers do patrol the campus. Chief Meaney continued saying that our DPW guys have been right there when we need them, extremely helpful.

VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Public Library permission to use the Gazebo Park to hold the annual Teen summer’s end reading event on Tuesday

August 25, 2015
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Mr. Fisher remarked that MEMO’s summer concert series has come to the end. It was a good season, one of the best with great attendance each week.
Mr. Peterson attended the State Hospital Master Planning Committee meeting and is pleased to see them very organized and moving forward exploring ideas for the property. He went on to explain that he is involved working on a grant application specifically for communications.  The amount of the grant is $35,000.00.
Mr. DeSorgher queried about Lot 3 RFP; where do we stand with interested proponents. He asked about the status of the gas company repairs to our sidewalks/ roads where they have worked. Ms. Trierweiler responded that Superintendent Feeney has been in contact with them to return and repair those areas. Columbia Gas has assured that they will be returning.

Mr. Sullivan reported that the Green Street construction project is moving forward and by the end of this week all of the underground work will be completed. The area should be in good shape for the opening of school.

At 8:35 PM Mr. Fisher moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Peterson. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

BoS agenda – 9/1

cropped-medfield-town-house1.jpgAGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

7:00 PM  Cultural Alliance, Jean Mineo  (tentative)
Discussion regarding Straw Hat Park and other downtown initiatives

OPEB Trust Agreement; vote to appoint Trustees

Discuss:  Water ban

Green Street project

FY15 Goals

Review Selectmen calendar; discuss topics for next meeting

Vote to approve August 18, 2015 meeting minutes

Other business that may arise

Cultural & arts at MSH

There has been a lot of information developed about possible inclusion of arts and/or cultural aspects at the MSH site.  Early on there was a highly polished, thoughtful, and well developed Cultural Visioning Presentation made to the MSH-MPC (see copy here).  There is also the nearby example of the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, which seems to be doing extremely interesting things in a town with similar demographics.

Earlier this month I asked one of the foremost proponents of integrating cultural and arts at the MSH site, Jean Mineo, about the issues, and she shared with me the following email:

Hi Pete,

Thanks for asking!

Louise Stevens, the consultant who met with us in December suggested the following to support our efforts considering where we were at the time:

  • Work with the Medfield and surrounding arts and cultural organizations and individual creative sector entrepreneurs to determine the ways in which the facility(ies) can meet needs and growth plans/opportunities:
  • Review of other prospective users from the creative sector within New England, done through on-line surveying distributed broadly to the cultural sector through available list serves, to determine if organizations and entrepreneurs from outside the Medfield area might potentially move to the campus.
  • Review of the facility in the context of space needs to determine viability and fit.
  • Comparison analysis of similar facilities (adaptive reuse of church buildings) and campuses (historic campuses) for the purpose of developing budgetary models as well as models of annual visitation/use, revenue sources, programming, and impacts on tourism and local economy.
  • Market analysis and competitive analysis to determine the geographic service area and niche for the proposed cultural center.
  • Gap analysis within a market area (size to be determined) to evaluate what could best fit into the facilities/grounds.
  • Partnership analysis to determine other potential synergistic user groups/uses.
  • Programming, financial, operating, staffing and governance modeling.
  • (Potentially) essential cost estimates for capital planning purposes.

This estimate at the time was $24,000 but she already did part of this when she met with us for the full day, and we’ve done some of this on our own. In addition, we’d now collaborate with VHB who could be helpful in the cost estimates. I’ve had follow up conversations with Louise about our progress. That’s where my estimate of $10-20k comes from. I think we’d be closer to the $10k if we are able to coordinate with VHB. If this happens after they are done with their analysis part, the price may get closer to the $15-20 range.

Gil and I read her work / plan she completed with the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and were both very impressed. The plan is the reason why they were able to raise $450k from the MA Cultural Facilities Fund. I’d say that’s a sound investment. The issue with funders (I’ve spoken to three about funding this) is that they have no commitment that culture will be included at this time.

If the preferred plan indicates SOME area / portion of MSH for culture, we (or the town) could apply for a grant from MA Cultural Facilities Fund (2014 deadline was Nov. 21), grants are announced the following March. Timing is definitely an issue when working with funding agencies. I’m not entirely comfortable with that strategy however, without some back up like the proposed market analysis. Louise also has a track record of finding partners on these projects – a valuable skill for us. However, I am open to using another consultant.

I know it’s not chump change – but it also seems like a small investment if we sincerely want something different from the MSH project and for our town.

I appreciate your helping to think about this and I’m happy to talk to anyone or present to anyone –





MSH survey #3

The MSH-MPC has issued its third survey per the weekly email below.  It is really encouraging that a substantial portion of the town has weighed in via the first two surveys (1,073 and 1,084 responses respectively), and from memory only 43% of the second set of respondents had participated in the first survey, so that about 1,500 residents have weighed in to date.

I read many of the comments shared in those surveys, and my concerns were raised over the disparate extent of the ideas expressed, and how the town would now move from the wide funnel of ideas that have been shared to the much narrower plans for any reuse, while getting true public agreement and consensus about what we, as a town, want to happen at the former MSH site.

My thinking about the site has moved from a focus on the possible real estate development to my main focus now being on how the town makes whatever we do there the most interesting for the current residents of Medfield.  I am not so much interested in the development itself for its own sake now, as I am in creating something that the rest of us in town will see as being interesting enough that the site will become a destination for us to seek out and to use.  However, i do think of some real estate developments being interesting, so I do hope we get a dense village like result (no subdivisions) that provides that sort of interest.  And I now think of the real estate development as being the economic engine that will allow us to do the things that will make the site interesting for the rest of the residents in town.

With regard to the “interesting” metric this week I have been looking at the possible cultural and arts opportunities for Medfield, with the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and its feasibility study (arts and culture can be economic engines and creators for municipalities) as examples of what is possible.  Integrating arts, culture, recreation, or education throughout the site might well be ways that would make the site interesting to the rest of Medfield residents.  To get better data on this for the MSH site, we would need to spend about $10,000 for a consultant study.  Hopkinton parlayed its study into a $450,000 fund raising for its facility.

Lee Chapel

Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee Update

Survey #3 is ready! This will be the last survey of the summer – prior to our public meeting on September 16th. The primary goal of the surveys is to broaden the number of people who are providing the committee with their insights and preferences regarding the use of the state hospital and adjacent town properties.



Photo from July 22nd walking tour of the campus courtesy of Teresa James


What is Your Vision?

Specifically the purpose of these surveys is to:

  • Ensure that a broad range of ideas are considered
  • Provide opportunity for public input from individuals unable to attend public meetings
  • Provide opportunity to gather input from residents in neighboring towns.
  • Understand community preferences for various uses in shaping alternatives for consideration in a public meeting on September 16th

The surveys are intended to be short and easy to complete. Survey #3 intends to query the public around statements from additional use categories heard from Survey #1. The question format was intentionally kept the same where respondents choose from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree with a variety of statements. Those who complete the survey will be able to see how their answers compare to the other respondents……so it should be interesting.

Share the link with your friends, family and neighbors. The second survey will remain open through September 3, 2015.

We thank everyone who participates for taking a few minutes of your time to make your voice heard.

SURVEY #3 LINK:  Click HERE to take the survey.

Walking Tour Available! John Thompson has generously agreed to host another walking tour of the MSH property on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 4:00pm and should last until approximately 5:30pm. Meet at the main entrance by the security trailers. Parking is available across the street from the property on the top of the sledding hill (Hospital Road).


To sign up for our weekly email blasts, get more information,or schedule a MSHMPC representative to speak with your Club or Organization please contact Sarah Raposa, Medfield Town Planner at

Planning Board vacancy

Medfield Planning Board Vacancy

The Town of Medfield Planning Board is seeking to fill a vacant Associate Member position.  Anyone who may be interested should submit a letter of interest to Evelyn Clarke at in the Board of Selectmen’s office by October 1, 2015.  For questions regarding the Planning Board or this specific position please contact Sarah Raposa, Town Planner at

The Planning Board is an elected town board of five members, each with a five year term. The purpose of the Planning Board is to guide the development of the Town in the best interests of all its residents. The Board has very specific responsibilities and authorities as granted by Massachusetts General Laws and the Medfield Zoning By-Laws.

The Planning Board is responsible for the review and approval of all subdivisions (the division of a tract of land into two or more lots) through a comprehensive process involving review by relevant regulatory agencies, public hearings, covenants with developers, performance bonding, and ongoing compliance monitoring.

Under “Site Plan Approval”, in the Zoning By-Laws, the Board also has the responsibility to assure that prior to any new construction or significant changes to an existing structure, other than single family dwellings, such factors as community needs, abutters’ concerns, visual amenities, safety issues, and environmental and historic features on the site and in adjacent areas are considered.

Any requests for Zoning By-Law changes or amendments are also reviewed by the Board. Public hearings are held to allow input from any abutters or other interested citizens. The Board is required to provide a recommendation on any Zoning By-Law amendment at Town Meeting, where a two-thirds vote is required to approve the change.

The Planning Board serves as a resource to assist interested individuals with the process of proposing plans or projects under the Zoning By-Laws. Communications are maintained on an ongoing basis with related Town agencies including the Zoning Board of Appeals and other planning groups within the Town such as the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee.

Letters should describe your interest in the Planning Board as well as any professional experience or other qualifications that will complement the Board. Additionally, please contemplate the following in your letter of interest:

  • Do you have ideas about the direction the Board should be headed? If so, have you thought about integration of those ideas (meaning how the idea coalesces into existing regulations or whether new regulations would need to be created)?
  • Land use boards such as the Planning Board or ZBA do not always have the kind of discretion to approve or deny a specific project that residents often think they have. It is important to recognize and avoid any conflict of interest; not to pursue special privileges, and maintain confidentiality. Are you prepared for being thought of as a villain by some and a hero by others?
  • Planning Boards wear two hats, proactive and reactive, and the schedule is robust. The proactive hat is devoted to long-range planning and is often difficult to quantify as the effects aren’t recognized for several years, if at all. The reactive hat focuses on subdivisions and site plan review and the effects are more immediately seen and felt in the community. How would you rationalize your reactive hat with your proactive hat? Do you see an overlap?