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Young men in the news

Couple of recent nice articles about young men from Medfield, Matthew Aucoin on his music in the Wall Street Journal, and Gehrig Schilling on his baseball in the Globe West Weekly (searches just now at produced no returns for that one) –

Invasive vine – follow up

Active citizen, Chris McCue Potts had recently focused the town on the problem of an invasive vine, and as a result of her efforts progress is being made.  Below are emails from the Superintendent and Director of the MPR, respectively.

Now just to solve the woolly adelgids confirmed by Mike Lueders (thank you Mike!) in the hemlocks by the tennis courts.


Tree Warden Hinkley will take care of bridge on Curve St.

From: “Medfield ParksandRecreation”

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 9:23 AM

Subject: Vine Update

Hello All,

The MPR maintenance crew is out today ripping out and bagging as many vines as they can find and then spraying the roots with roundup.  The spread of the vine is all over town.  I noticed it just off they playground on Green Street, at the Pfaff Center and I am sure it has invaded private properties.  Either Ken and/or I will get the Bridge on Curve Street.

James Snyder, Director of Parks and Recreation

Art Boxes mushrooming

This from Jean Mineo on behalf of the Cultural Alliance of Medfield concerning its installation of Art Boxes downtown –


I’m very excited to let you know that our designer, Franklin Marval will continue the installation of three art boxes this Monday, Aug. 4. These will be similar to the one installed in front of Bank of America on Rte. 109.
He will work on the boxes on Rte. 27 – at South Street (featuring Hannah Adams), at CVS (featuring George Inness), and at Dale Street (featuring Lowell Mason). He plans to begin at 8 am at the South Street box and each one should take about 2 hours (weather permitting
We then anticipate one more day in the next week or so to install along Rte. 109 at South Street (across from Brothers Marketplace) and at the light at Shaws. I will update you when we have the schedule for that.
Thank you,


Selectman Office Hours tomorrow 9-10 AM

Tomorrow morning I will hold my regular monthly selectman office hours at The Center (on the first Friday of every month) from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.

Residents are welcome to stop by to talk in person about any town matters.  Residents can also have coffee and see the Council on Aging in action (a vibrant organization with lots going on).

I can be reached via 508-359-9190 or my blog about Medfield matters, where any schedule changes will be posted.

Brothers Marketplace

Reporting from the front, at the newly opened Brothers Marketplace, I can say that half the town turned out to see our newest retail business today.  It invoked memories for me of a crowded Midnight Madness, just with different items on sale.  Thus begins a new era and new traditions.

The build out of the place is certainly nicely done.  And everything literally shines. The food offerings pleased this viewer.

I am looking forward to sitting at the big wooden table that looks like it belongs in a country kitchen, and snacking on a coffee and the pastries.

Where in Medfield?

I was one told that this item is actually owned by several towns which share is use.  A great use of regionalization.  David Stephenson has suggested that street sweepers should also be jointly owned this way, which makes eminent sense to me.
This is a rock remover.  Any idea where it is?

MSH legislation scheduled for signing 8/2

Email from Bill Massaro about the Medfield State Hospital land urchase bill being lined up on teh Governor’s desk for signing on 8/2/14.  Who knew that bills get assigned signing dates a week in advance.


Here  is the link to legislation on the Governor’s desk:


According to the latest (7/28) posting, the MSH Purchase is scheduled for action on August 2.

On the Governor’s Desk

Update on legislation on the Governor’s desk for review and action.

All Legislation on the Governor’s Desk

6.  H. 4216, “An Act Authorizing the Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to Convey Certain Parcels of Land in the Town of Medfield”

                       Sponsors: Rep. Garlick and Sen. Timility

                        Action Due: 08/02/2014