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Solar Movie – 3/27 & 4/2

From Helen Dewey –

Movie Night
2 free screenings of Catching the Sun
March 27th
Medfield High School
April 2nd
Medfield Library
468 Main Street
Solar energy is an important part of Medfield’s Climate Action Plan.
Learn how the transition to solar power is taking shape in many diverse communities.
“A must-see film. An eye-opening look at workers and entrepreneurs on the forefront of the
clean energy movement that will transform, and enliven the way you see the future. What
is clear is the wonderful opportunity the transition to clean energy represents.”
Mark Ruffalo
Co-sponsored by the Medfield Energy
Committee and Medfield School Committee

MEA – Climate Week

From MEA –

February 15, 2023

Hello Medfield Friends, 

Medfield Environment Action (MEA) is organizing Medfield’s first ever ‘Climate Week’ from Saturday, April 29 through Sunday, May 7. Many neighboring towns have held similar ‘Climate Weeks’ with great results, and community stakeholders are coming together to plan this in our town! There are several other events happening alongside Medfield Climate Week, including Bellforge’s Fairy Walk, Daffodil Days, and Medfield Town Meeting.

‘Medfield Climate Week’ will consist of multiple independent events throughout the week, all showcasing climate awareness with local actions and initiatives.  Any community groups, business owners, individual residents, town departments, churches, clubs, schools, or classrooms may become ‘Event Captains’ hosting their own public event. MEA will support you by coordinating and publishing the week’s schedule and will help to advertise your events to a local audience, in Medfield and surrounding towns. Plans are already in the works for a clothing swap, electric car show and several solar panel open houses. 

MEA is actively seeking ‘Event Captains’ to lead the following:  bike to school day and heat pump info sharing. Possible ‘Event’ ideas for you/your group could be: eco lawn equipment demonstration, composting demonstration, native and/or low water use garden tour, meatless meal specials at restaurants, climate book readings, climate themed art (painting, recycled materials sculptures, cartoons) nature walks/scavenger hunts, outdoor clean-up events, show off your chickens, compost pile or beehives or anything else you might like to offer. 

Thanks for considering. The goal is to have fun, spread awareness, educate, and network with neighbors. Let us know if you want to become an event captain, or if you would like to help other event captains who are hosting. As an ‘Event Captain’ you choose the event to be offered, and set the times and dates for your event, when it is convenient for you. Times can be an hour or two on several afternoons, a one-time half day event on a weekend, or a morning get together over coffee. Whatever works for you. Climate awareness and action is the one required unifying theme. Be creative!

Please fill out this form by March 12th with your proposed event idea and contact information. No need to have all final details available. We would love to get your ideas as soon as possible and we can work with you to build it out. We look forward to hearing from you and reach out to us at if you have any questions.


Medfield’s Climate Week Team

Kirsten D’Abate                                 Helen Dewey

Jeanette Ruyle                                  Julia Gecha

Melissa Cantarow

See this free really good, inspiring movie tomorrow -1PM

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Reminder– “2040” showing is tomorrow afternoon,
Sunday at 1pm

The second of two viewings of the movie “2040”

Free.  Sponsored by Medfield Environment Action.  Bring a friend!

Jan. 31 Tuesday 7pm at United Church of Christ 496 Main Street
Feb. 5 Sunday 1pm at the Medfield Public Library

Register to get reminder and updates

This documentary is inspiring.  It is entertaining to watch and offers new hope for the climate crisis conversation!  If you have been suffering from climate-related anxiety or despair, this movie is for you. 
Please help to spread the word to neighbors and friends.

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MEA “Movie Night” 1/31 & 2/5

From Helen Dewey –

Happy New Year! Could you please post the attached flyer on your blog? MEA is hosting 2 free screenings of the documentary 2040. It offers new hope for the climate crisis conversation!  Here’s a summary. 

Motivated by his 4-year-old daughter and concern for the planet she will inherit, Damon
Gameau, Australian award-winning director (That Sugar Film, 2015) and actor, embarks on a
global journey to meet innovators and changemakers to discover what the future of the
planet could look like by the year 2040 if we embraced the best solutions already available
to us, and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Register at

Thanks so much!

Helen Dewey

Medfield Environment Action

Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund’s 2021 grantees’ report

Legacy Fund Grantees Report

Grantees of the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund’s latest 2021 round of grants reported to the Medfield Foundation board and the Legacy Fund founders at a meeting this past Monday evening at the Public Safety Building.

  • Peak House Heritage Society showed a remarkably informative video produced by Medfield TV of the PHHS’s archeological dig that the PHHS’s grant funded in the basement of the Peak House. Rob Gregg reported that the most mysterious findings were three 1912 license plates, mysterious because the last residents in the Peak House left in 1910. The rest of the archeological findings are in the process of being analyzed and cataloged.
  • Friends of the Medfield High School Theatre Society reported on the new cyclorama purchased with its grant which was installed at the back of the stage in the MHS auditorium, allowing for better performances. “The replacement of the MHS auditorium cyclorama allows students to engineer complex lighting scenarios; offers those performing a more complex atmosphere in which to tell their stories; and enhances the visual quality of shows for Community members who attend performances.”
  • Medfield Outreach used its grant to commission a survey of town needs, data designed to focus Outreach’s strategic plan. Outreach Director Kathy MacDonald reported on the survey and its results. “In the winter of 2022, Medfield Outreach began work to complete a community needs survey and create a five-year strategic plan for the department. What you see on these tabs is the result of that almost six month long undertaking.”
  • Sustainable Medfield used its grant to further publicize and share its mission promoting sustainability with town residents – “1. Provide residents a one-stop resource of Medfield-specific ACTIONS to improve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. and 2. Connect community groups to network and collaborate on sustainability.”

About the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund
The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund Is a professionally-managed endowment created to support community-driven projects. Volunteer-run and designed to complement the initiatives of Medfield organizations, the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund raises funds from the community and makes grants to established non-profit organizations through a competitive process. For more information or to contribute to the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund, please visit

TOMCAP published today

The Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP) was published today after a year and a half of work by the Medfield Energy Committee TOMCAP working group.

Posted on: September 23, 2022

Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP)

TOMCAP Opens in new window

In 2021, the residents of Medfield voted to support a Net Zero 2050 climate goal and charged the Town with writing a climate action plan.

The Energy Committee is proud to presenting the draft of the Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP) for public comments.

The strategies and actions identified in the TOMCAP mirror the sustainability goals set in plans that Medfield has developed in the last few years such as the Townwide Masterplan, the Municipal Vulnerability Plan and the Rapid Recovery Plan.

Please use this form to comment on the TOMCAP 2022 draft. Thank you!

Medfield Decarbonizers 7/20 at 7:30 pm

From Fred Davis –

Hi MEC members and friends —

Now is the time for more and more Medfielders to be decarbonizing, so I hope you will attend and please invite three neighbors:

Medfield Decarbonizers

Webinar via Zoom
Wed, July 20th at 7:30 pm

A (new) panel of non-expert Medfield residents will be sharing about their decisions and experiences going EV, PV, HP.
Their non-expert perspectives provide our best resource for influencing others.
Your engagement will be helpful!

This is the time for more and more Medfielders to be decarbonizing.

Attached is the flyer, and seriously, please explicitly invite at least three of your neighbors.

Helen Dewey is doing a great job pulling this together, please support!


— Fred


TOMCAP workshop – 7PM, 5/19/22

From Helen Dewey –

7:00 – 8:30 PM
Inaugural public presentation of the draft Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP) ____ We want to hear from YOU! Ask questions and give feedback on the draft plan ____ All are welcome! To request babysitting, please email by Monday 5/16 ____ Hosted By MAPC and the Town of Medfield.
Register here:
Dale Street School
45 Adams St., Medfield, MA

MEC questionnaire re TOMCAP

From the Medfield Energy Committee re the Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP). Get the questionnaire at

Medfield Plans to Decarbonize
to Meet Our Net Zero by 2050 Goal
The Medfield Energy Committee is asking all residents to complete
a questionnaire so your thoughts, concerns and ideas can be
included in the development of the Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan TOMCAP.
n After reading the fact sheet below you can access the
questionnaire at
n It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.
n If you want to participate in the development of the
TOMCAP please email us at
Please pass this on to friends and neighbors!
This event is not sponsoreed or endosed by the Medfield Public Schools.
Medfield Emissions InventoryResidentialBuildings 39.1%PassengerVehicles 41.6%C&I Buildings and Manufacturing Industries 12.3% Municipal Buildings 3.0%Commercial Vehicles 1.6%Other 0.5%Wastewater Treatmentand Discharge1.2%Municipal Vehicles 0.5%Waste 0.2%(2017 Baseline)Town of MedfieldCLIMATE CLIMATE ACTIOACTIO N PLANN PLAN
Medfield is Planning for Decarbonizing
Medfield voted to support a Net Zero 2050 Goal and to develop a Climate Action Plan to reach that goal (Town Meeting, May 2021).
This public outreach effort by the Medfield Energy Committee (MEC) aims to inform and engage residents in developing the Town of Medfield Climate Action Plan (TOMCAP).
What is Net Zero carbon emissions?
The Medfield Net Zero 2050 goal is in line with Federal and Massachusetts goals and strategies. "Net Zero" means that we reduce most greenhouse gas emissions and offset the rest. Most reductions will be achieved through personal actions that are voluntary and make economic sense.
What strategies are available to reduce our emissions significantly?
Medfielders can remove the most carbon by driving an electric vehicle, installing a heat pump to heat and cool your home, reducing energy needs (insulation, high efficiency lighting and appliances) and supporting
electricity made from renewable sources.
When do I act?
The best time to make low carbon choices is at natural transition points, such as when you need replace your car, upgrade your heating/cooling system, or renovate your home.
Why “electrify everything”?
Massachusetts has already moved away from coal-generated electricity. Our local grid is substantially less fossil-fuel intensive than previously and is mandated to continue to improve. The consensus path, at all levels, to continue to reduce carbon footprint is to “Electrify Everything”.
Why buy an electric vehicle (EV)?
In Medfield, the largest source of GHG gases is from our cars (42%). To significantly reduce our carbon footprint, most new cars will need to be electric. Starting in 2035, only EVs can be sold in Massachusetts.
EVs are already quiet, clean, highly efficient, over all less expensive, require less maintenance, offer huge
public health benefits and new options are becoming available.
What about our homes?
In Medfield, running our homes produces close to 40% of our carbon emissions. We can reduce our
energy needs, use heat pumps for heating and cooling needs and shifting to renewables.
1. Get a free MassSave energy audit and use their incentives and rebates to insulate your home and get the highest efficient lighting and appliances.
2. Electrify your HVAC. Heat pumps are currently the most efficient technology for heating and cooling homes. MassSave offers substantial incentives for installing heat pumps.
3. Install solar panels directly or support solar installations through a community solar program. This can be profitable while supporting the transition to local renewable electricity.
Want to get started? Find information & resources on the Action Portal at
If you want to engage with the TOMCAP process, email us at
Where do Medfield’s carbon
emissions come from?
The MEC carried out a
Greenhouse Gas Inventory
of Medfield, pictured on
the right. The vast majority
of carbon emissions come
from our cars and our
homes (81%).
Please take our
informational questionnaire
Use to access the Questionnaire
This fact sheet will be a handy
companion to the questionnaire.
Thank you!
Medfield Emissions InventoryResidentialBuildings 39.1%PassengerVehicles 41.6%C&I Buildings and Manufacturing Industries 12.3% Municipal Buildings 3.0%Commercial Vehicles 1.6%Other 0.5%Wastewater Treatmentand Discharge1.2%Municipal Vehicles 0.5%Waste 0.2%(2017 Baseline)Town of MedfieldCLIMATE CLIMATE ACTIOACTIO N PLANN PLAN

Sustainable Medfield

We are glad to see you have joined Sustainable Medfield and created a profile on our ACTION portal.

Here are some quick ideas as you get familiar with the ACTION portal.

We hope that you find the site easy to navigate and helpful to you and your family as you learn and take action for our environment.

–       Explore the ACTIONS and note which ACTIONS you have already completed and those you’d like to do.

–       Read testimonials from your neighbors (write some too!)

–       Join a team/Create a team(s) for any groups you belong to including informal groups like your neighborhood, soccer team or book club. You can belong to multiple teams.

–       Suggest ideas for new ACTIONS

As you probably know, Sustainable Medfield does two things.  You already know that Sustainable Medfield has a one-stop resource with Medfield-specific ACTIONS that residents can take to improve our environment. This resource is populated with ACTIONS developed by local groups and community members.

You may not know that the second thing Sustainable Medfield does is connect groups in town to network and collaborate on sustainability.   This group gathers at quarterly meetings for local group leaders/liaisons. This interactive forum allows for information exchange, knowledge building and the identification of synergies and possibilities.  Check out this graphic that portrays how Sustainable Medfield networks in our community.

You can see when the next meeting of the Sustainable Medfield Group Liaisons is here.  All are welcome (you don’t have to be a Group Liaison).  It’s a great way to learn what the community is working on.

You will soon be invited to join the email list of Medfield Environment Action (MEA).   MEA has an informative monthly newsletter.  We encourage you to accept the invitation and receive information directly from this group.  By joining that email list, you will learn about other initiatives in our community.  

You can read about Medfield Environment Action here.

We are so happy you are part of Sustainable Medfield.

·      Like and follow us on Facebook.  Click here to get to the Facebook page.

·      Tell your friends and neighbors about SM and encourage them to sign up.

·      Say yes to the MEA newsletter.

We believe SM will play an important role in enhancing Medfield’s environment. To achieve this, we need additional volunteers to help us.  Consider joining the SM leadership team to do such things as promote SM in the community, generate new ACTIONS and maintain our website.  We would love your help in any of these activities and would be happy to have a conversation about them. 

We can’t wait to see what ACTIONS you take and to watch your impact grow!  Share your feedback and suggestions for the ACTION portal at

Jackie Alford, Catherine White and Megan Sullivan

Co-chairs of Sustainable Medfield

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