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Rockland Trust again sponsors MFi’s VOTY

$ockland Trust Charitable Foundation

The Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation continues its sponsorship of the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year recognition process and event, that the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation first began last year.  Kathy Brennan, of the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year committee, announced that Jeanne Travers of the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation indicated that it wanted to both continue to be involved with the Medfield Foundation’s volunteer of the year events, and to increase its sponsorship.  Last year the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation became the first sponsor to underwrite the costs of the MFi’s volunteer of the year event and reception.  Ms Brennan noted that it is the support from Rockland Trust that allows the MFi to  properly recognize all the volunteers.

Cheryl O’Donnell, Branch Manager of the Medfield office of Rockland Trust, attended the reception last March and added her “personal thanks to all the volunteers” for the many things they had done to make Medfield a better place.

This year the extraordinary Medfield volunteers will be feted and celebrated at a reception at 4:00 PM on March 10, 2013 at The Center.

The Medfield Foundation started in 2008 recognizing extraordinary Medfield volunteers as its volunteer of the year.  The first year there was just the one category of volunteer of the year.  However, in the second year, so many Medfield High School students were suggested for recognition, that the Medfield Foundation added a second category for the youth volunteers of the year.  Last year the lifetime achievement award was added to recognize those whose volunteer work covered many years, and now this year there continue to be three categories of volunteers who can be nominated.  Nominations are made by means of a form at the Medfield Foundation’s website.

Sat. yoga & Sun. Angel Run

The Medfield Foundation Angel Run – 2 PM Sunday, December 2

Angel Run

Dec. 2 at 2PM

Wheelock School

  • race day registration
  • family fun
  • costumes
  • bells
  • caroling
  • signs
  • music
  • decorations
  • friends
  • food
  • community
  • charity
  • good times

Pre- Angel Run

Warm Up Saturdayat HYP Studio

Loosen up those legs at a Pre-Angel Run warm up at the newly opened HYP Studio in Medfield. HYP has generously offered to provide special Angel Run classes this Saturday, December 1st, as a warm up to the Angel Run happening on Sunday, December 2nd at 2pm at the Wheelock School.

HYP Studio will donate the proceeds from 4 unique Saturday classes to the Medfield Foundation Angel Run mission, to help Medfield families in need.

The classes that are being offered this Saturday are:

  • 2:00 pm- Angel Run Asana Yoga with Braxton
  • 2:00 & 4:00 pm- Real Ryder Rydes spin class
  • 4:00pm- Power Flow yoga

Come get in the flow or spin those legs out before Sunday’s race at HYP Studio located at 120 North Meadows Road, Medfield (next to Slugger’s Academy).

The Medfield Foundation Angel Run accepts registrations on race day, Sunday, December 2nd starting at 1:00pm at the Ralph Wheelock School. The race begins promptly at 2pm.

We hope you join us in this festive fun-raiser!

The 2013 “Medfield Foundation Angel Run”- the Angel Run’s 7th year, the MFi’s 1st year

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CPA website

Chris McCue Potts just noted to me an excellent website that describes the benefits and successes of the  Massachusetts Community Preservation Act –

The wonderful things we in Medfield could do with some extra monies.

Massachusetts Cultural District Initiative Site Visit – 12/12/12

Massachusetts Cultural District Initiative Site Visit  

TOWN OF Medfield

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Massachusetts Cultural Council Attendees:

Anita Walker, Executive Director

Meri Jenkins, Program Manager, MA Cultural District Initiative

Kylie Sullivan, Program Coordinator, MA Cultural District Initiative

Maren Brown, Site Advisor, MA Cultural District Initiative


9:30 – 10:30 am           Round table with municipal officials

Chenery Room, 2nd Floor, Town House, 459 Main Street, Medfield



  • Mike Sullivan, Town Manager
  • Ann Thompson, Chair, Board of Selectmen
  • Osler Peterson, Selectman
  • Brandie Morris, Downtown Study Committee


10:30am – 11:30pm     Tour of District


Participants: Deborah Kelsey, Library Director and Richard De Sorgher, Town Historian will join MCC for part of the tour.


Tour route:

  1. Medfield Town House/Town Hall/Chenery Hall
  2. James Ord Block
  3. David Fairbanks House
  4. Joshua Fisher House
  5. Cheney-Curtis House
  6. Clark Tavern
  7. Peak House
  8. Daniel Sanders House
  9. George Inness Studio
  10. First Baptist Church
  11. DeVasto/GAR Hall
  12. Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts
  13. Medfield Town Common and Gazebo
  14. Medfield Historical Society/Memorial Public Library Annex
  15. Memorial Public Library
  16. Baxter Park
  17. Plimpton-Hamant-Bartlett House
  18. Vine Like Cemetery
  19. Metcalf Homestead
  20. Plimpton-Woodard House
  21. Monks Block/Elijah Thayer Block
  22. Frost Block
  23. First Parish Parsonage
  24. First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
  25. Meeting House Pond/Baker’s Pond
  26. Dwight-Derby House
  27. Montrose School
  28. Site of the first school
  29. Unnamed park
  30. Memorial Public Library


11:30 – 12:30 pm         Round table with partners, participants, stakeholders


Dailey Room, Memorial Public Library:


  1. Deborah Kelsey, Memorial Public Library
  2. Bill Pope, Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts
  3. Brandie Morris, Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization
  4. David Temple, Medfield Historical Society
  5. Richard De Sorgher, Town Historian, Downtown Study Committee
  6. Cheryl O’Malley, Dwight-Derby House
  7. Bob Luttman, First Parish Church, Medfield Cable
  8. Rob Gregg, Vine Like Preservation Trust
  9. John Guthrie, Lowell Mason Foundation
  10. Patricia Weller, Woodland Theatre Company

BoS minutes from 11/20/12

Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2012
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen Thompson, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Town Counsel Cerel; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10 PM due to the late arrival of Selectman Peterson. This meeting is being recorded.

Chairman Thompson congratulated the High School Girls Soccer Team for winning the D2 State Championship. Well done!

Walid M. Makouk and Mohamad Halwani request the Town grant them a license to operate a taxi service in Medfield. Presently they have four vehicles and hope to add more. They have a garage facility in Dedham. According to Mr. Makouk Medfield is a good potential area for us to grow as they hear from a number of Medfield residents who would like to have them offer their
services to get to doctor’s appointments, banks, grocery shopping, etc. If granted a license they would add Medfield’s name on their cabs.
Counsel Cerel said that the Selectmen have the authority to grant permission to travel over the Town’s roads, however, not operate from any facility. Granting the license is discretionary as it is for the public convenience. When questioned about the drivers they employ Mr. Makouk responded that he is willing to submit a list of names for the Town to check.
Town Counsel advised that before the Selectmen continue with the discussion, the subject be held for the next meeting and ask the Police Chief for his input. The Board agreed.
Elizabeth Lanzilla, a junior at the high school said that she is here to request permission to hold a vigil in front of Town Hall on December 1st for Malala Yousafza, the young girl seriously
wounded by the Taliban. Ms. Lanzilla said that this vigil will honor her and her courage to speak out about the importance of women’s rights to education.
Town Counsel advised the Board that if you grant permission for the vigil to be held in front of Town Hall, you may be setting a precedent for other groups that may request permission to
assemble that have very different messages. It could be a difficult situation to get into.
Mr. Sullivan suggested that perhaps the Town Gazebo is a more appropriate location than the Town Hall. The Selectmen agreed. Ms. Lanzilla said that would be fine with her group and that
they are planning for a 5-6 PM time. She also requests permission to put up signs to bring awareness to the public about the vigil. The Selectmen advised to see Mrs. Clarke about the approved locations for sign age. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the High School Amnesty International Club to hold a vigil at the Town Gazebo on Saturday December 1, 2012, 5:00 – 6:00 PM and as discussed

Developer Edward Musto proposed a conservation restriction on land he owns at 32 Erik Road, lot 3A and consists of 2.73 acres. This restriction will assure that the land will be maintained in perpetuity as a scenic, natural and undeveloped area. Town Counsel said that he has reviewed the documents and Medfield Conservation Commission has accepted the restriction. He advises the Board to vote to accept the grant and execute the document and it was so voted.

VOTED unanimously to accept the November 6, 2012 meeting minutes as submitted

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Norfolk Hunt Club to conduct the annual Drag Hunt on Town land Thursday November 22, 2012
VOTED unanimously to grant Basil Restaurant a liquor license time extension, to 1:00 AM, for Wednesday November 21, 2012, Thanksgiving Eve

Mr. Sullivan mentioned that the trapping season for beavers began November 1. The beavers have caused problems off Brook Street, Harding Street and in neighborhoods along South Street. The trapper charges $500.00 for a setup fee and $100.00 per beaver trapped. The Selectmen agreed that it has been very problematic for residents in those areas mentioned and feel the hiring of a trapper will help to alleviate problems cause by the beavers building dams.
A cap of $1,500 should be in place for the trapper’s expense. Mr. Sullivan said that the expenses will be paid from the Selectmen’s budget. This is a situation that will be around for a long time. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to set a cap of $1,500 for the beaver trapping program

Ms. Trierweiler reported that the public informational session held on November 8 went very well. The Mediation Ccommittee met today from 9 to 4 and due to the holiday season plan to  resume their sessions in the first or second week in January.

Mrs. Thompson announced that she prefers not to run for re-election in March, however, it depends if a qualified candidate comes forward. She has been a selectman for 30 years and is
proud of all her many committee and community involvements. She has a particular fondness for the 37 years that she has dedicated to the Friends of Medfield  State Hospital. All those years ago when she arrived in Medfield she began her “community career” as a reporter for the local newspaper and it led to her joining so many committees and organizations, which she has thoroughly enjoyed. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve.
Selectman Thompson attended the Veterans’ Day event at Blake Middle School, Roger Hardy’s memorial service at Baxter Park and the Lions Club meeting listening to a presentation about diabetes and how smoking is one of the factors leading to diabetes.

Mr. Fisher agreed that the Veterans Day event was amazing and very well planned. He enjoyed attending the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Sam Marble and said that the Holiday Tree Lighting will be held on Friday December 7. Mr. Fisher will lend a hand to MEMO to put up the lights at Baxter Park. Henry Marcel is the light czar.

Mr. Peterson remarked that the program at Blake Middle School was impressive. Veterans’ Service Officer Ron Griffin was instrumental in organizing the event and it was a great thing to
see Mrs. Kristoff honored. Michelle Doucette did a great job with the luminary display. He went on to report that the Medfield Foundation is in the throes of putting together the Angel Run.
This will be a fund raising event for Medfield families in need. The Domesheks’ continue to be involved just not the organizers. The Foundation is accepting nominations for the Volunteer of the Year award. It is given to someone who has been doing exceptional work this past year.

Mr. Sullivan mentioned that today Gatehouse, developers of the proposed 40B project on West Street delivered a copy of their tax credit application. It appears to be about 1000 pages.

On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Clarke

On being a selectman

At the town house until 9:30 PM last night, as I wanted to get to three meetings at the same time  –  Medfield Energy Committee, Water & Sewer Commission, and the Medfield State Hospital Advisory Committee.  I ended up splitting my time between the Medfield Energy Committee and the W&S.   It has seemed a really long week ever Tuesday which started with the Building Committee’s 6:30 AM meeting and that day that I worked in my office until 8 PM, so I could pick Kristen up after swimming at Brandeis.

The W&S meeting –

  • started by getting a report from the new Waste Water Treatment Plant head operator.  He seems to be hands on and to have accomplished a lot in a short time.
  • discussed whether they needed to staff up to the four employees DEP says we should have at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, or stick with the three we have.
  • discussed the role of the board – just fiduciary, or operational
  • got an update on the North Street water main replacement – it is almost done, and town will not allow contractor to start on Green Street until spring
  • Medfield State Hospital water tower is off line, and board discussed risks that creates if water is need for a major fire.  Town will follow up with the state about the town getting land to build a new water tower (estimated cost of $2.7 m. ).
  • reviewed its budgets and expected rates – rates will have to increase for next several years to cover known costs.

The Medfield Energy Committee discussed –

  • PV installation at the paved area behind the Waste Water Treatment Plant site
  • presenting two programs with Medfield Green this winter
  • DOER grant
  • RFP for Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) on municipal sites

Two impressive boards with impressive members working on our behalf.

BoS agenda for 12/4


7: 15 PM Tax Classification Hearing, Board of Assessors

7 :25 PM Board of Assessors, FY14 Budget

Vote to authorize Chairman Thompson to execute the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Building Official Certification Committee New Employee Report Form for Building Commissioner John G. Naff

Discuss budget targets for water

Vote to grant 2013 alcohol licenses to Medfield establishments

Discuss amending Zoning Bylaw to regulate location of medical marijuana dispensing clinics


Clark Tavern

Boston Globe on-line article on saving the circa 1740 Clark Tavern.  The article is dated tomorrow, so it may be in the paper tomorrow – I did not see it in today’s paper.

We have a zoning bylaw that allows the Zoning Board of Appeals to permit any use of historic structures that its deems worthy, and maybe that will allow someone to come forward with an economically feasible  re-use.  I would love to see it become a B & B, similar to the Wayside Inn.

If the town were interested in purchasing such a property, it would be a perfect fit to use Community Preservation Act monies.  Under the CPA historic preservation is one of the three mandated areas for which monies can be spent.  The other two are open spaces and affordable housing.  Under the CPA towns agree to tax themselves an extra 1 – 3% a year, and the state then gives them matching monies, so that your property tax monies go further and do more.  About half the towns in the state have opted in to the CPA.  Medfield’s annual town meeting (ATM) voted down participation in the CPA several years ago, but it is probably one of those things that we should re-examine.

Get emails from the town

The town’s website now has lists one can sign onto to get information and notices of meetings.  I made the page’s caption below a link to the town sign up page.  I looked at the archives, and so far there do not appear to have been any emails sent.

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Medical marijuana

The Board of Selectmen got (1) a letter from the Walpole selectmen asking us to support their request to the legislature to delay implementation of the medical marijuana statute, and (2) resident Joe Cavanaugh’s suggestion for a zoning change to control where the marijuana “clinics”  can be located in town, along with copies of bylaws enacted in two other towns.

The Walpole delay is to be able to plan for implementation, and to enact regulations and make plans on how to deal with the whole new enterprise.  The zoning changes would be to set out where the stores can be located.

I think Massachusetts missed a huge opportunity to get tax monies from marijuana, as the ballot initiative positions our marijuana “clinics” as non-profits, from which the state will get no revenue at all, but the state will still incur a lot in costs to regulate and police this new business.

And I continue to be concerned for what is apparently the detrimental effects of the marijuana use on our kids, which use will certainly go up once there are the stores around.