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Solarize Medfield needs volunteers


Marie Zack Nolan is the Solar Coach for the SolarizeMedfield program, and I asked her if she wanted publicity for their need for volunteers, and she said –

Yes, that would be great if you would post about the need for volunteers for the Solarize Medfield program – to help out at various Medfield tabling events including Medfield Day. Attached is a flyer that you can attach when asking people.



Also, at some point, if you want to address how the Solarize Medfield program is different than the company – SolarCity – who is going to do door to door canvasing, you can post this information on your blog:

The town recently approved a solicitation permit for SolarCity, but just a reminder that New England Clean Energy is the only installer for the Solarize Medfield program. Other installers may very well call you and try to sell you a system. They are not always clear about the fact that they are not the official installer. But Clean Energy is the only one approved by the town for the Solarize program, and the only one offering the special discounted pricing approved by the Energy Committee. Also, only systems from Clean Energy count toward the tiers that come with additional discounts. Note that New England Clean Energy will not call you unless you have requested that they do, by contacting them directly or filling out the form on the Solarize Medfield website.





MHS turf field in use tomorrow

Superintendent Jeff Marsden’s email this afternoon reported on the Medfield High School turf field status – namely, it opens for use tomorrow, closes 9/14 for up to 2 weeks to get finished, then opens for good, with ribbon cutting 10/7.

Turf Project Update

Hi All,

MHS field


I hope all is well.


I wanted to give you a quick update on the turf/track project. The turf portion of the project is nearly finished and our kids will begin using the field tomorrow, Tuesday August 30th. There is a few “punch list” items left to complete, but the field “passed” the necessary assessments for safe use. We will use the field for a couple of weeks and then it will be closed for 10-14 days on September 12th for the respraying of the track and “D” zones. In addition, the viewing area sill needs to be completed and the new scoreboard (donated by Needham Bank) will be installed at the end of September.


We have tentatively planned for a formal “ribbon cutting” ceremony on the evening of October 7th. We felt that it made sense to have the entire project finished before we have a ceremony.

Move info to follow.


I can make myself available to anyone that would like a tour of the field prior to the 7th. Just let me know.


Thanks again for your support of this exciting project.





Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D


Medfield Public Schools


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Mosquito spraying ceasing


This from Mike, in turn from Nancy Bennotti of the Board of Health this morning –

Good Morning,

Please be advised that due to the low mosquito counts in the traps along with the on-going drought; the final spray application will be on Thursday (night), September 1, 2016.  Trapping for virus will continue through September into October.


If you have any questions, please contact the office.  Thank you.



Elizabeth Donnell

Norfolk County Mosquito Control District

61 Endicott Street, Suite 66

Norwood, MA  02062




New sign

Meeting House Pond sign.JPG

Per David Temple email last night – “Made by Frank Iafolla for Medfield Historical Commission.”

Thanks Frank, it is beautiful.  Frank also made the McCarthy Park sign.

Nice things happening at both ends of Meeting House Pond, with the Ed Doherty Memorial seating area and the Girl Scout built bridge at the outflow  – now we need to restore the middle area along Frairy Street, and clean the pond.

Dog poop solution

I bet this could cut down on dog poop around town – Medfield State Hospital and behind Wheelock.

John Thompson, chair of the Medfield State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee got an $8,000 per year quote from a firm that will pick up the dog poop at both sites.

Colleen Sullivan posted a WCVB story (click here) about an apartment complex that allows dogs on the property as long as owners provide a DNA swab.  Then offending poops can be checked against the DNA database.