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More safe harbor

The town received notice form Department of Housing and Community Development that DHCD acknowledges that the Town of Medfield is in a safe harbor with respect to G. L. c. 40B for the next year.  That mailing appears below.  20180618-DHCD-ltr from-HPP Cert Medfield 2018

Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Charles D. Baker, Governor + Karyn E. Polito, Lt. Governor + Janelle L. Chan, Undersecretary June 19, 2018 Mr. Michael T. Marcucci, Chairman Medfield Board of Selectman Town House/ 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052 Housing Production Plan - Certification Approved Dear Mr. Marcucci: The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) certifies that the Town of Medfield is in compliance with its Housing Production Plan. This certification is effective for a one year period beginning on May 24, 2018 to May 23, 2019. This Certification of Municipal Compliance is based on the following findings: 1. Medfield has provided evidence that the required number of units described in its request is eligible to be counted towards certification. 2. The 24 Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) eligible units in these projects (71 North Street SHI ID# 10221 8 Units) and (Hillside Village SHI ID # 10222 16 units) meet the number (21) necessary to satisfy a one year certification threshold. 3. The housing development is consistent with the production goals outlined in Medfield Housing Production Plan. Please note that all units must retain eligibility for the SHI for the entire certification period. If units are no longer eligible for inclusion on the SHI, they will be removed and will no longer be eligible for certification. This action may affect the term of your certification. I have included an updated list of SHI eligible units. Medfield's current SHI stands at 7.77 %. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Phillip DeMartino, Technical Assistance Coordinator, at ( 617) 573-13 57 or Associate Director, DHCD cc Senator Paul Feeney Representative Shawn Dooley Representative Denise C. Garlick Sarah Raposa, Town Planner, Medfield Michael J. Sullivan, Town Administrator, Medfield John J. McNicholas, Acting Chair, Zoning Board of Appeal 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02114 617.573.1100 DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CH408 SUBSIDIZED HOUSING INVENTORY Medfield Built w/ DHCD Total SHI Affordability Comp. Subsidizing ID# Project Name Address Type Units Expires Permit? Agency 1890 Tilden Village 30 Pound Street Rental 60 Perp Yes DHCD 1891 Allendale Dale Street Ownership 17 Perp YES DHCD DHCD 1892 The Village at Medfield Turtle Brook Way Ownership 6 Perp YES DHCD DHCD 1893 Wilkins Glen Wilkins Glen Road Rental 103 2042 YES MassHousing DHCD 4360 DDS Group Homes Confidential Rental 5 N/A No DDS 9953 The Pare at Medfield One Gateway Drive Rental 92 Perp YES DHCD 10062 Country Estates 21, 25, & 29 Hospital Rd Ownership 13 Perp YES MassHousing 10063 Cushman House aka Cushing 67 North Street ·Rental 8 Perp YES DHCD House 10221 71 North Street 71 North Street Rental 8 Perp YES DHCD 10222 Hillside Village 80 North Meaows Road Rental 16 Perp YES DHCD Medfield Totals 328 Census 2010 Year Round Housing Units Percent Subsidized 6/18/2018 4,220 7.77°/o Medfield Page 1 of 1 This data is derived from information provided to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) by individual communities and is subject to change as new information is obtained and use restrictions expire.20180618-DHCD-ltr from-HPP Cert Medfield 2018_Page_2

ZBA says no to LCB


The Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Medfield voted to deny a special permit to the proposed LCB assisted living facility on Main Street, whose application has been pending for two and a half years.  The entire decision is available here 20180621-ZBA.LCBdecision), and the essential excerpts appear below.


Office of the Board of Appeals on Zoning


APPLICANT: LCB Senior Living
DECISION DATE: June 21, 2018

  • While the Applicant has provided sufficient evidence to warrant a number of positive findings, the Board has concluded that it cannot make one of the key findings. Section 14.1 O.E(3) requires that we determine that the proposed use is architecturally and aesthetically consistent with other structures in the neighborhood.
  • Section 14.10.E(l) requires that we determine that the proposed use will not result in a public hazard due to substantially increased vehicular traffic or parking in the neighborhood. While the proposed project would provide 51 parking spaces, we are concerned that that level of parking may not be adequate. . . Section 14.10.E(l) requires that we determine that the proposed use will not result in a public hazard due to substantially increased vehicular traffic or parking in the neighborhood. While the proposed project would provide 51 parking spaces, we are concerned that that level of parking may not be adequate.
  • Section 14.1 O.E(2) requires that we determine that the proposed use will have no adverse effect upon property values in the neighborhood. . . we do not believe that we can make the required finding that the proposed use will have no adverse effect on property values in the neighborhood.


Mike Sullivan retiring in January

Mike sullivan

Michael Sullivan announced at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday that he will be retiring in January, 2019.  Mike will have served as the Town Administrator for 44 years, and he has been the longest serving town administrator in the state for almost the last ten years.  Prior to Mike being hired, the Medfield employed an executive secretary, so Mike is also the town’s one and only town administrator to date.

This selectman has asked Mike to write down all he knows about the town (and maybe its residents), as he has a huge institutional memory of what happened and why, all in his head.

Mike was educated at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and he has a tremendous understanding of and facility with the town finances and budgets.  I have come to think that he can almost run the  budget process off the cuff, especially where he has done it so many times and has seen so many things in those four decades of being in charge of our town.

Water ban – update from Mo Goulet

water ban-2

Maurice Goulet, Director of Public Works, clarified the water ban issues:


In this particular case, DEP had notified us that they were implementing an Advisory Drought status. According to our Water Management Act Permit, the Town is required to implement water restrictions. In the Advisory status the Town has an Odd/Even water restriction with no watering between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Odd/Even restriction simply means, odd numbered houses can water on odd numbered calendar days and the same for even numbered houses on even calendar days. As far as the one day a week sign that was posted, it was done in error. It will be just an alternating odd/even restriction for the time being. If the Drought Status becomes more severe, we will have to become more stringent in our restrictions.


Thanks, hope this clears things up a little

Affordable Medfield house available

A 3 bedroom affordable home at 9 Thomas Clewes Road is now available for $290,800. Applications for the housing lottery are due on June 29, 2018. For more information and a copy of the application:

Water Ban

water ban-2

The following is from the town website, explaining the water ban the town imposed this week.  The town is obligated to do such water bans, based on instructions from the state DEP.  The state bases its water ban orders on the flow levels it monitors in the Charles River.

There are different levels of water bans.  This one prohibits watering 9-5, and permits watering only on the odd/even days that match your odd/even street address.




The Town of Medfield has received notice from the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection to increase the level of outdoor watering restrictions due to decreasing streamflow from the Charles River. Therefore, the Town of Medfield is declaring a mandatory odd/even outdoor watering program. Also, no outside watering should take place between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have further questions, please contact the Medfield Water Dept. at 508-906-3004.

Transfers made at Tuesday BoS meeting


The Board of Selectmen was asked to and did make the following transfers Tuesday, as part of the fiscal year end details that need to get addressed:

Transfers Requested Under The Provisions Of
Section 77of the Acts of 2006
amends M.G.L. Chapter 44 section 33B
Fiscal Year 2018
01-123-1 01-134-1 Town Administrator’s salaries to Town Accntnt salaries                    3,447.31
01-433-2 01-433-1 DPW Solid Waste Equip Repr+Svc to Solid Waste Salaries                  15,000.00
01-123-1 01-195 Town Administrator’s salaries to Town Report warrant prntng                    2,941.41
01-912-2 01-914-2 Worker’s Comp Ins to Health Ins                  34,297.00
01-945-2 01-914-2 Property+Liability to Health Ins                    5,508.00
01-945-2 01-914-2 Indemnification Ins to Health Ins                    7,757.00
01-210-4-2 01-210-1-2 Traffic Markings to Public Safety Building Op Expenses                  12,000.00
01-210-4-2 01-210-2-1 Traffic Markings to Police Salaries                  43,000.00
01-292-2 01-210-1-2 Animal Control Op Exp to Public Safety Building Op Expense                    3,000.00
01-292-2 01-292-1 Animal Control Operating to Animal Control Salaries                    1,576.00
01-220-6-1 01-220-7-1 Fire+Resc Admin salaries to Fire+Rescue Op salaries                  30,900.00
01-220-7-2 01-220-7-1 Fire+Resc Op-Contract Svc to Fire+Rescue Op salaries                    2,500.00
01-220-7-2 01-220-7-1 Fire+Resc Op-Gasoline Exp to Fire+Rescue Op salaries                    5,000.00
01-220-6-2 01-220-7-1 Fire+Resc Admin Dues+Membershps to Fire+Rescue Op salaries                       500.00
01-220-6-2 01-220-7-1 Fire+Resc Admin Training to Fire+Rescue Op salaries                    1,800.00