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Lyme disease

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 3:02pm Mar 31

Time to start Tick Control on your pets!

If you stopped your pet’s tick preventive over the winter, get it started again NOW. Outdoor dogs and cats will likely be the first family members to find a tick. There are three basic types of products; be sure to use the product that best matches your goals. Ask your vet which suits your pet best.

1 Products that kill ticks pretty much on contact before they attach and start feeding (quick tick knockdown).
2 Products that kill after ticks have attached and started to feed (ticks bite to die).
3 Products that may kill fleas and other parasites but don’t really kill ticks effectively (read the label).

Election results

  • A total of 1,808 residents voted.
  • Thank you to all who took the time to vote, and to all 1,467 who expressed enough confidence in what I have done in the past to give me your vote!
  • Congratulations to both Marianne Sullivan and Jerry Potts for excellent, spirited campaigns.


School Committee

905 Marianne Sullivan

871 Jerry Potts

31 blanks and 1 write in


Public safety Building

1,063 yes

650 no



1531 Scott McDermott


Town Clerk

1,507 Carol Mayer



1,467 Osler Peterson



1,467 Tom Sweeney


Library Trustee (2 elected)

1,404 Maura McNicholas

1,324 Steve Pelosi


Planning Board

1,451 George Lester


Park Commissioner

1,432 Robert Tatro


Trust Fund

17 Georgia Colivas

Meals tax $ comes in

The town just got meals tax monies from the state.  Mike shared this email from earlier today from Georgia.  At this rate town will get about $120,000 a year. –

just got a wire in for $30,672.49 for local meals tax revenue for Dec 2014-Feb 2015


Georgia K. Colivas, CMMT


Town of Medfield

Election day!

Medfield town election today – poles open until 8PM.

When I voted before 9 AM I was number 50 to vote in precinct 1, so with four precincts, that means about 200 votes out of about 8,000 voters.


I ask for your vote!

Re-Pete card

Snow $

Snow plowing spending as of today:

Original appropriation    $276,913 .00

YTD expended                      $623,729.82

Deficit                                     -$346,816.82

Make art this Sat. at 2PM

The Thistle project is community made art that will be installed this spring at the former Medfield State Hospital site.  A thistle is the pink prickly thing on the table in the photo, which are easily made with simple instructions.  The thistles will be wrapped around trees at the MSH site.

Jean Mineo invited you to her event
Thistle Making Workshop
Saturday, March 28 at 2:00pm
Medfield Public Library in Medfield, Massachusetts
Free and open to the public, drop in for as long as you like. All materials provided. “Thistles” is an art installation made from plastic cable ties, wrapped around trees. You are invited to learn how

MCPE auction

The Medfield Coalition for Public Education’s online auction is on, with very personal items sure to please and interest Medfield kids, but act fast as the auction is over next Thursday –

MCPE’s Online Auction of Treasured Experiences opens TODAY, Thursday, March 26th, and runs through April 2nd!

Back by popular demand, MCPE is offering its most popular treasured experiences from auctions and raffles past.  Kids and parents alike love these one-of-a-kind items, and our teachers and administrators love to give back!  Please bid high on the items and allow MCPE to continue funding future grants that benefit Medfield schools! To bid on our great auction items, please visit our website

MFi volunteer awards

The Medfield Foundation’s eight annual spring reception to honor extraordinary Medfield volunteers was held at The Center on Sunday afternoon.  The eight remarkable individuals below were suggested this year by their fellow resident.

2015 VOTY NomineesPhoto courtesy of Colleen Sullivan

Rear:  Emily Zona, Chris McCue Potts, Susan Maritan, Binit Shah, Rose O’Reilly.  Front:  Jeanne Sullivan, Mike Standley, Caroline Standley.


MSBA grant for Wheelock boiler

Letter this afternoon from the Massachusetts School Building Authority approving a grant to the town for the boiler replacement at the Wheelock School in the amount of $179,137 to $187,565 –

Massachusetts School Building Authority
Deborah B. Goldberg John K. McCarthy
Chairman, State Treasurer Executive Director

March 25, 2015

Mr. Michael J. Sullivan, Town Administrator
Town of Medfield
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re: Town of Medfield, Ralph Wheelock School

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

I am pleased to report that the Board of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (the
“MSBA”) voted to approve the Proposed Accelerated Repair Project (the “Proposed
Project”) for the Town of Medfield (the “Town”) for a boiler replacement project at the
Ralph Wheelock School.
The Board approved an estimated maximum Total Facilities Grant of $179,137, which
does not include any funds for potentially eligible owner’s or construction contingency
expenditures. In the event that the MSBA determines that any owner’s and/or
construction contingency expenditures are eligible for reimbursement, the maximum
Total Facilities Grant for the Proposed Project may increase to $187,565. The final grant
amount will be determined by the MSBA based on a review and audit of all project costs
incurred by the Town, in accordance with the MSBA’s regulations, policies, and
guidelines and the Project Funding Agreement. The final grant amount may be an
amount less than $179,137.
Pursuant to the terms of the MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program, the Town has 90 days
to acquire and certify local approval for an appropriation and all other necessary local
votes or approvals showing acceptance of the cost, site, type, scope and timeline for the
Proposed Project. Upon receipt of the certified votes demonstrating local approval, the
MSBA and the Town will execute a Project Funding Agreement which will set forth the
terms and conditions pursuant to which the Town will receive its grant from the MSBA.
Once the Project Funding Agreement has been executed by both parties, the Town will be
eligible to submit requests for reimbursement for Proposed Project costs to the MSBA.
We will be contacting you soon to discuss these next steps in more detail, but in the
meantime, I wanted to share with you the Board’s approval of the Proposed Project for
the Town of Medfield for a boiler replacement project at the Ralph Wheelock School,
40 Broad Street, Suite 500 •Boston, MA 02109 •Tel: 617-720-4466 •Fax: 617-720-5260 •
March 25, 2015
Town of Medfield PF A Board Action Letter
and the Board’s authorization to execute a Project Funding Agreement for this Proposed

Cc: Legislative Delegation
Osler L. Peterson, Chair, Medfield Board of Selectmen
Christopher Morrison, Chair, Medfield School Committee
Dr. Jeffrey J. Marsden, Superintendent, Medfield Public Schools
Michael LaFrancesca, Director of Finance and Operations, Medfield Public
Alexandra Vresilovic, Owner’s Project Manager, Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Mike Trzcinski, Designer, Hesnor Engineering Associates, PLLC
File: 10.2 Letters