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BoS 4/3

The Board of Selectmen agenda and back up materials for the meeting at 7PM next Tuesday, April 3 are available here – 20180403-agenda

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE POSTED: •1 U•f ~1 ... �H'> I \~ 2  l~~ t~tl 30 A POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTE~13 r'""'c . ~~ ? Informational :A~ - :r. . ' )> Copy of Norfolk County Mosquito Control District fy19 estimated Cherry Sheet Assessme~ ~ ZBA public hearing notice - Wednesday April 11, 2018 to consider opening time change from 6 AM to 5 AM for Dunkin' Donuts, 563 Main Street from From Medfield Conservation Commission copy of legal noticePages from 20180403-agenda_Page_2

Nancy Irwin – 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards nominee


Nancy Irwin – MFi 2018 Volunteer Awards nominee

Nancy Irwin was suggested for recognition in the MFi 2018 Volunteer Awards by Maggie Joseph.  The following is Maggie’s eloquent description of how Nancy crafted what we all know and love as the Swap:

Every town has something to be proud of and Medfield is no exception. Since 1986, when the Transfer Station opened, it has provided a convenient place for garbage disposal. However, it has now morphed into something distinctive: a spot where the community can dispose of its trash and also dispose of unwanted items as well as pick up all kinds of stuff: furniture, kitchen ware, books, and much, much more. And with time, its name has morphed too, from the ugly word “THE DUMP,” to the functional word, THE TRANSFER STATION, part of which bears the friendly name, The SWAP. Popular with the Medfield community, the SWAP is a place to discard or to acquire stuff and to meet other “swappers” – and that is due in large part to Nancy Irwin who has transformed it from a disorderly and sometimes chaotic area into an organized, environmentally friendly and methodically arranged place to “shop.”

In 2008, Nancy Irwin started volunteering in the SWAP. In fair weather or foul, she has remained committed to her mission of recycling articles or saving what the community might find useful. She has been appointed Coordinator by the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee, and has the support of volunteers (like MaryPat who joined her in 2013) all of whom have contributed to the success of the SWAP.

Previously, people would wander around all day searching for items that were randomly placed. As Coordinator, Nancy now manages shoppers with an efficient use of time and place by making sure that they are allowed only thirty minutes a day to “shop,” so that everyone has a chance for the fair disposal or pick-up of goods. She also makes sure that articles are arranged by type of use, instead of being thrown together in a mish-mash of categories.

In addition, her petitions to the town for shelter from the elements were finally met with success. Two small tents to store items were donated by MaryPat, and Nancy also procured four to six umbrellas to protect people and the items themselves from the weather. Memo has donated two canopies, and the Town has purchased two permanent tents and one canopy. Eventually, Nancy petitioned the Town to pave the area, as it was unsafe.

Finally, through the environmentally-conscious spirit that has impelled Nancy to remain steadfast in her mission to recycle or re-use, the SWAP also saves the town a lot of money. It costs between $49 and $54 per ton to recycle items from the Transfer Station, but the amount decreases during the six months that the SWAP is open, a true benefit to the town. And once it is closed, Nancy and other volunteers are still busy, taking down and storing tables, shelves, bins, dollies, supplies, and canopies, plus recruiting volunteers for the next season.
Nancy volunteers in St Edward the Confessor parish as well. She helps with meals for the needy, making sixty meals a year for Haley House in Boston. She knits mittens for the homeless through the “One Family Knitters” at St. Edward’s. Nancy also coordinates the church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry and is the Usher Coordinator at St. Edward’s.


Renee Romanowski – 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards nominee

Renee Romanowski

Renee Romanowski

MFi Volunteer Awards nominee

Renee Romanowski was nominated for recognition in the 2018 MFi Volunteer Awards by her husband, Joe Romanowski.  This was Joe’s enumeration of all the many things Renee has done for Medfield:

Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: Angel Run
Medfield Foundation Inc (MFI) 4+ years – Angel Run Treasurer – Participant runner

Other organizations where she/he volunteers: Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MPCE) 5+ years – Board Member – Chairperson & Event Coordinator – Treasurer Medfield Script Program – Treasurer (managed almost $1mm each year)Medfield Food Cupboard – Current volunteer Medfield Pub-Crawl – Current Co-Chairperson The Medfield Pub-crawl that has raises money and awareness for CURE-SMA to support a local family’s quest to find a cure. This fun and rapidly growing event has raised well over $25K over the last 4 years.Medfield Neighbor Brigade – Frequent participant. Other Misc Events – Room parent – Volunteer Extreme Home Makeover for The Johnson Family – Volunteer Tanerini Farms for school events – Countless school activities for 3 children”

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? 20+

Although I am nominating Renee Romanowski for her recent work as the Angle Run Treasurer for the past 4 years for the Medfield Foundation’s Angel run, her volunteer work has been ongoing without the desire of recognition. As a matter of fact, I am making this nominating without her consent as I know she would not want the limelight. Holding a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Renee made the tough decision to leave her growing career over 20 years ago to raise a family in Medfield and has carefully balanced parenthood and a new career of volunteerism. She is a silent and constant force when it comes to helping her community schools, local families and especially the children. We have lived in Medfield for over 27 years and have seen many changes in it’s landscapes and culture. It is because of the hard work of selfless volunteers like Renee that make this town a desirable location for future families who flock to our town to raise their families. It is always hard to quantify volunteer impact however based on the desirably of our Medfield School system and rising home values, I believe there has been a great impact by Renee and her volunteer colleagues.Here are just a few of the projects that Renee has worked on:Medfield Foundation Inc (MFI) 4+ years – Treasurer – Participant runner Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MPCE) 5+ years – Board Member – Chairperson & Event Coordinator – Treasurer Medfield Script Program – Treasurer (managed almost $1mm each year)Medfield Food Cupboard – Current volunteer Medfield Pub-Crawl – Current Co-Chairperson The Medfield Pub-crawl that has raises money and awareness for CURE-SMA to support a local family’s quest to find a cure. This fun and rapidly growing event has raised well over $25K over the last 4 years.Medfield Neighbor Brigade – Frequent participant Other Misc Events – Room parent – Volunteer Extreme Home Makeover for The Johnson Family – Volunteer Tangerini Farms for school events – Countless school activities for 3 children”

DHCD approves LIP by Goddard School

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) sent the town a letter, received today (a copy of the letter appears below), approving Matt Borrelli’s Local Initiative Program (LIP) the Board of Selectmen approved at 80 North Meadows Road, called Hillside Village.  It is to be located built into the steep slope to the left of the Godard School, on the same lot as the school and sharing the existing entrances and exits.

The sixteen units of Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) produced by this LIP, when combined with the eight units of SHI from Bob Borrelli’s LIP at 71 North Street, next to his already open LIP at 67 North Street, will give the town another year of safe harbor from unfriendly 40B projects.

The Affordable Housing Trust Committee continues to do an effective job of lining up enough Subsidized Housing Inventory units each year to keep us in a safe harbor.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Charles D. Baker, Governor + Karyn E. Polito, Lt. Governor + Jennifer D. Maddox, Acting Undersecretary March 22, 2018 Osler L. Peterson, Chair Board of Selectman Town of Medfield 459 Main Street Medfield, Massachusetts 02052 Mr. Matt Borrelli Needham Investment Company, LLC 1175 Great Plain Avenue Needham, Massachusetts 02492 RE: Hillside Village, Medfield, Massachusetts FU!CEIVED MAH 2 "7 zr 18 MEDFIELD SELECTMEN Determination of Project Eligibility under the Local Initiative Program (LIP) Dear Messrs. Peterson and Borrelli: I am pleased to inform you that your application for project eligibility under the Local Initiative Program (LIP) for the proposed Hillside Village project has been approved. This approval is based on your application that sets forth a plan for the development of sixteen (16) rental units. The proposed rents for the LIP units are generally consistent with the standards for affordable housing to be included in a community's Chapter 40B affordable housing stock. As part of the review process, Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) staff has performed an on-site inspection of the proposed project sites. DHCD has made the following findings: 1. The proposed project appears generally eligible under the requirements of the Local Initiative Program, subject to final program review and approval; 2. The site of the proposed project is generally appropriate for residential development; · 3. The conceptual plan is generally appropriate for the site on which the project is located; · 4. The proposed project appears financially feasible in the coriteXt of the Medfield housing market; · 5. The initial proforma for the project appears financially feasibleand consistent with cost examination and limitations on profits and distributi.ons on the basis of estimated development costs; I 00 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02 I I 4 617.573.1100 Page2 Hillside Village - Medfield, MA 6. The project sponsor and the development team meet the general eligibility standards of the Local Initiative Program; 7. The project sponsor has an executed Purchase and Sale agreement for the site. The proposed project must comply with all state and local codes not specifically exempted by a comprehensive permit. Please provide us with a copy of the comprehensive permit as soon as it is issued. The DHCD legal office will review the comprehensive permit and other project documentation. Additional information may be requested as is deemed necessary. Following the issuance of the comprehensive permit, the specifics of this project must be formalized in a regulatory agreement signed by the municipality, the project developer, and DHCD prior to starting construction. As stated in the application, the Hillside Village project will consist of sixteen (16) units, four (4) of which will be affordable; all will be eligible for inclusion in the Town's subsidized housing inventory. The affordable units will be marketed and rented to eligible households whose annual income may not exceed 80% of area median income, adjusted for household size, as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban 'Development. The conditions that must be met prior to final DHCD approval include: 1. A final affirmative fair marketing and lottery plan with related forms shall be submitted that reflects LIP requirements including consistency with the Comprehensive Permit Guidelines, ·Section Ill, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans; 2. Any changes to the application it has just reviewed and approved, including but not limited to alternations in unit mix, rents, development team, unit design, site plan and financial proforma reflecting land value, must be approved by DHCD; 3. The project must be organized and operated so as not to violate the state antidiscrimination statute (M.G.L. c151 B) or the Federal Fair Housing statute (42 U.S.C. s.3601 et seq.). No restriction on occupancy may be imposed on the affordable unit (other than those created by state or local health and safety laws regulating the number of occupants in dwelling units); and 4. The Town shall submit to DHCD the finalized details of the comprehensive permit Page3 Hillside Village - Medfield, MA As the Hillside Village project nears completion of construction, DHCD staff may visit the site to ensure that the development meets program guidelines. When the units have received Certificates of Occupancy, the developer must submit to both DHCD and the Medfield Board of Selectmen a project cost examination for the comprehensive permit project. This letter shall expire two years from this date or on March 22, 2020 unless a comprehensive permit has been issued. We congratulate the Town of Medfield and Needham Investment Company, LLC on your efforts to work together to increase the Town's supply of affordable housing. If you have any questions as you proceed with the project, please call Alana Murphy at 617-573-1301. Catherine Racer Associate Director cc: Sarah Raposa, Director of Planning Michael Sullivan, Town Administrator Stephen Nolan, Zoning Board of Appeals Office of the Chief Counsel, DHCD Enc. RESPONSIBILITY FOR COST CERTIFICATION: By your signature below, Needham Investment Company, LLC, acknowledges and accepts this approval letter, including the obligation under law to provide the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Town of Medfield with a project cost examination. Signature: ___________ _ Name (print): _______ ____;. _ _ Date: ____________ _ Upon receipt, please make copy of this letter and return a signed copy to Division of Housing Development, Department of Housing and Community Development, 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114 ATTN: Local Initiative Program Hillside Village, Medfield, Massachusetts LOCAL INITIATIVE PROGRAM - COMPREHENSIVE PERMIT Sponsor: Needham Investment Company, LLC 1175 Great Plan Avenue Needham, MA 02492 Project Address: 80 North Meadows Road Medfield, MA 02052 This project will provide ownership opportunities according to the following breakdown: Type of Unit #of #of #of Gross Utility Maximum Units Bdrms Baths SF Allowance Rent 5 1 1 950 $1,925 Market Units 6 2 2 1,056 N/A $2,350 1 3 2 1,100 $2,650 L.l.P. Units 1 1 1 895 $136 $1,655 2 2 2 1,048 $169· $1,861 1 3 2 1,100 $216 $2,065 Total Units 1620180326-DHCD-ltr from re 80 North Meadows Road-LIP_Page_220180326-DHCD-ltr from re 80 North Meadows Road-LIP_Page_3

20180326-DHCD-ltr from re 80 North Meadows Road-LIP_Page_4

Janie Boylan – MFi Volunteer Award Nominee

Janie Boylan

Janie Boylan –

MFi Volunteer Award Nominee

Janie Boylan was nominated for recognition in the Medfield Foundation volunteer awards by Meghan Glenn.  This was Meghan’s wonderful description of all that Janie has accomplished:

Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: MCPE

Other organizations where she/he volunteers: Girl Scouts, Medfield K-8 PTO (Winter Carnival), All Night Graduation Party

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? 7 years

Janie has never met a challenge that she was not willing to take on. While starting as a classroom volunteer, room parent, and chairperson of a PTO committee, Janie now serves as an active member of the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, Girl Scout and Daisy Scout Leader, and member of the All Night Graduation Party decorating Committee. (She is also the resident artist who sells lovely water colored cards and custom paintings of homes through out Medfield.) Besides being the MCPE graphic artist, Janie has completely revamped the web design for the Coalition, helped in setting up and running the online auctions, Spelling Bee, Trivia Nights, and will chair the 2018 Fall Ball. She will serve as the co-President next year. Janie also co-chaired the Winter Carnival Committee from 2013-2016. In addition to creating and maintaining a webpage for the carnival, Janie oversaw the organization and handling of the over 300 volunteers needed to run an event like the carnival. Likewise, she was pivotal in organizing all games and procuring toy donations from various businesses to use as prizes. In fact, from January to March for years her living room was taken over by boxes upon boxes of toys and prizes waiting to be won. Her tireless energy, commitment to work, limitless creativity and positive attitude is inspiring. As a leader to the Girl Scouts, Janie has created a town wide website as well as provided positive role modeling to groups of young Medfield girls for 6 years now. Currently, Janie has taken an active role in helping her 5th grade troop achieve a “Bronze Award” for their work in educating the town about pollinating bees. She has been instrumental in organizing such events as “Boo Bowling” and the annual Daddy daughter dance. Janie also lends her artistic abilities to the All Night Graduation Party committee and has helped create the fantastic decorations that grace the halls of the high school for our graduating seniors. In addition to all of her endeavors, Janie is also mother to three children in the Medfield School system and a wonderful and generous friend. She is very humble about all her contributions to our town and this is why I feel she should be recognized for her hard work!


The public is invited to the reception that will honor all the nominated volunteers at 3PM on Sunday April 8 at The Center.


The Medfield Foundation volunteer awards are made possible through the generous sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, as well as a contribution for Rockland Trust.

Election results

My sincere thanks to the 1172 residents who cast a vote for me yesterday!  The following are the results posted by Town Clerk, Carol Mayer.

Leo Brehm defeated Maryanne Sullivan in the school committee race 818 to 622.  It appears that Eric Lussier was elected a trust fund commissioner with 14 out of the 44 write in votes.

Town Elec Mar 26, 2018_Page_1Town Elec Mar 26, 2018_Page_2Town Elec Mar 26, 2018_Page_3Town Elec Mar 26, 2018_Page_4

Election today

Election banner

Town Election Today

Voting is at The Center.  Polls open until 8PM.

Medfield officially a Green Community


Medfield is now officially a Green Community

This email from the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) this afternoon, forwarded from Mike Sullivan, announces that the Town of Medfield is now an official green community under the state’s Green Communities Act, and we can start spending our $148K DOER grant monies.  The Facilities Director, Jerry McCarthy and the Medfield Energy Committee plan to use those monies on upgrading the outdoor lighting around town buildings and retro-commissioning of the HVAC controls at the Blake Middle School, as those were easy and fast projects, with good rates of return, to get accomplished.  Since, only once we spend all that initial $148K of grant money, we can then apply for further DOER grants, to do more improvements.


From: Pfister, Jane (ENE)
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 3:20 PM
Subject: MEDFIELD—Green Community Designation Grant — Effective Date
To: “Jerry McCarty
Cc: Mike Sullivan , “Brown, Kelly (ENE)”
Hi Jerry –


DOER signed the contract so the town has an effective date (March 23, 2018) and can begin work and obligate funds. The town can proceed with approved measures.


Attached is the page one with DOER signature, but when I have the contract back from our fiscal dept. with a contract ID # I will send a scan of the full contract.


Progress reports are expected quarterly, see attached for overview of what to include if applicable. Even a brief email is OK to keep me informed.




Jane Pfister, Grant Coordinator

Green Communities Division

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

100 Cambridge Street, Suite 1020, Boston, MA 02114



BoS & WC 3/27

3/27/2018 is both a Board of Selectmen meeting at 7PM and the annual Warrant Hearing conducted by the Warrant Committee at 7:30PM.  The Board of Selectmen meeting may continue after the Warrant Hearing.

These are the Board of Selectmen agenda and informational materials:

20180328-agenda & back up materials

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE POSTED: ZO 18 MAR 2 3 P l: 0 2 POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTIO:t>{Jl3jAj~ ~l¥'1It~ED. TOWH f:LERl' Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room 2nd floor Tuesday March 27, 2018 @7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Announcement Disclosure of Video Recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world 7:00 PM Discuss Remote participation for voting 7:15 PM Discuss Charter Change regarding Town Clerk 7:30 PM Annual Warrant Hearing Discussion Item Medfield State Hospital Pending Financial procedures and capital policy Continue discussion Lot 3 Continue assignment of 2018 Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles Town Administrator Update Selectmen Report Informational Copies of Board of Appeals on Zoning Notices From Medfield Conservation Commission, copies of legal notices

Celebrate “Hazardous Waste Day” this Saturday

From Megan Sullivan –

Transfer Station sign - Copy

Hello friends-

Just wanted to let you know that this Saturday is Household Hazardous Waste Day in Medfield.  It is from 9 – 1 and held at the Town Garage/DPW Building.

Here is a link to items for the HHW day.

Did you know that you can access Household Hazardous Waste disposal year-round?  We are part of a consortium and have access to facilities in other towns all year long.   If you need to access them, you do need a form from o ur DPW so contact them at 508-906-3003.


Megan B. Sullivan