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MHS victim of “swatting”

Email this morning from the Superintendent and Police Chief to school families –

Dear Medfield Families,

The Medfield Police Department received a phone call this morning that referred to a possible violent act at Medfield High School. The Medfield Police responded immediately, assessed the situation, and determined it was a hoax. All of our students and staff are safe. Many area communities received the same “swatting call” this morning. The purpose of these phone calls is to disrupt the school day with threats of violence while tying up local law enforcement. The Medfield Police did not recommend a “lockdown” at Medfield High School based on the information from multiple area police departments that received this same swatting call earlier than Medfield. 

The Medfield Police and Medfield Public Schools are always in constant communication and have a collaborative approach to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff.  We remain committed to working together to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment for all students.


Jeff Marsden                               Michelle Guerette

Superintendent of Schools          Medfield Police Chief

Solar Movie – 3/27 & 4/2

From Helen Dewey –

Movie Night
2 free screenings of Catching the Sun
March 27th
Medfield High School
April 2nd
Medfield Library
468 Main Street
Solar energy is an important part of Medfield’s Climate Action Plan.
Learn how the transition to solar power is taking shape in many diverse communities.
“A must-see film. An eye-opening look at workers and entrepreneurs on the forefront of the
clean energy movement that will transform, and enliven the way you see the future. What
is clear is the wonderful opportunity the transition to clean energy represents.”
Mark Ruffalo
Co-sponsored by the Medfield Energy
Committee and Medfield School Committee

New School Building Committee meets tonight

From me –

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –

Could you pretty please post the following for tonight’s New SBC meeting:

Meet the newly formed School Building Committee as they meet for the first time tonight, Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7pm, 2nd floor of Town Hall:

Agenda and Zoom Link

Link to the SBC web page

Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund’s 2021 grantees’ report

Legacy Fund Grantees Report

Grantees of the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund’s latest 2021 round of grants reported to the Medfield Foundation board and the Legacy Fund founders at a meeting this past Monday evening at the Public Safety Building.

  • Peak House Heritage Society showed a remarkably informative video produced by Medfield TV of the PHHS’s archeological dig that the PHHS’s grant funded in the basement of the Peak House. Rob Gregg reported that the most mysterious findings were three 1912 license plates, mysterious because the last residents in the Peak House left in 1910. The rest of the archeological findings are in the process of being analyzed and cataloged.
  • Friends of the Medfield High School Theatre Society reported on the new cyclorama purchased with its grant which was installed at the back of the stage in the MHS auditorium, allowing for better performances. “The replacement of the MHS auditorium cyclorama allows students to engineer complex lighting scenarios; offers those performing a more complex atmosphere in which to tell their stories; and enhances the visual quality of shows for Community members who attend performances.”
  • Medfield Outreach used its grant to commission a survey of town needs, data designed to focus Outreach’s strategic plan. Outreach Director Kathy MacDonald reported on the survey and its results. “In the winter of 2022, Medfield Outreach began work to complete a community needs survey and create a five-year strategic plan for the department. What you see on these tabs is the result of that almost six month long undertaking.”
  • Sustainable Medfield used its grant to further publicize and share its mission promoting sustainability with town residents – “1. Provide residents a one-stop resource of Medfield-specific ACTIONS to improve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. and 2. Connect community groups to network and collaborate on sustainability.”

About the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund
The Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund Is a professionally-managed endowment created to support community-driven projects. Volunteer-run and designed to complement the initiatives of Medfield organizations, the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund raises funds from the community and makes grants to established non-profit organizations through a competitive process. For more information or to contribute to the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund, please visit

School Building Committee – apply by 11/1

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –

The Town of Medfield seeks town residents to apply to serve on the new School Building Committee (SBC). Members will be charged with the development and execution of a construction project of a new elementary school or renovation/addition of the Dale Street School or other current elementary building, as identified by the SBC. 

The SBC will be supported in its efforts by external project managers and consultants. Serving on the SBC will require a significant commitment of time and talent through the completion of the project, but the lasting impact on the future children and citizens of Medfield will last for generations to come.  

The Medfield School Committee, the Board of Selectmen and the Town Moderator are looking for committed volunteers with a working knowledge in ANY of the following areas:  

  • Contemporary elementary education practice
  • Project management
  • Commercial or educational construction
  • Architecture
  • Municipal or educational administration and finance
  • Public engagement, and
  • Members-at-large who will present the views and concerns of multiple perspectives within the community.

All information regarding the SBC, including the common application for potential members, may be found here on the Town of Medfield website. 

Applications, along with a letter of interest and resume should be submitted by Tuesday November 1, 2022 to Brittney Franklin, Assistant to the Town Administrator.

AG Approved the SBC Bylaw

Email from the Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler this afternoon –

Atty Gen Approved the SBC Bylaw –

(508) 792-7600
(508) 795-1991 fax
October 13, 2022
Marion Bonoldi, Town Clerk
Town of Medfield
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052
Re: Medfield Annual Town Meeting of May 2, 2022 -- Case # 10545
Warrant Articles # 16 and 17 (Zoning)
Warrant Articles # 14 and 20 (General)
Dear Ms. Bonoldi:
Article 14 - We approve Article 14 from the May 2, 2022 Medfield Annual Town
Article 16 - We will issue our decision on Article 16 on or before our deadline of
November 16, 2022 (extended deadline by agreement with Town Counsel as authorized by G.L.
c. 40, § 32).1
Note: Pursuant to G.L. c. 40, § 32, neither general nor zoning by-laws take effect unless the Town
has first satisfied the posting/publishing requirements of that statute. Once this statutory
duty is fulfilled, (1) general by-laws and amendments take effect on the date these posting
and publishing requirements are satisfied unless a later effective date is prescribed in the
by-law, and (2) zoning by-laws and amendments are deemed to have taken effect from the
date they were approved by the Town Meeting, unless a later effective date is prescribed in
the by-law.
Very truly yours,
Nicole B. Caprioli
By: Nicole B. Caprioli
Assistant Attorney General
Municipal Law Unit
10 Mechanic Street, Suite 301
Worcester, MA 01608
cc: Town Counsel Mark Cerel
In a decision issued October 1, 2022, we approved Articles 17 and 20.Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler

SBC website now live, including volunteering

Email below today from Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler re the School Building Committee website with the application to serve on the School Building Committee –

The School Building Committee:

Please note that the Attorney General has requested an additional 45 day review period for the School Committee Bylaw. We now anticipate the final review from the Atty Gen on November 16th. 

Medfield Town Moderator is Reaching Out: Can We Talk?

From Town Moderator, Scott McDermott –

Medfield Town Moderator is Reaching Out: Can We Talk?  Scott McDermott using a series of Open Forums and Open Letters to connect with the community. He has important appointments to make and would like to have ‘a conversation with the town.’

I have 6 or 7 appointments to make (4 SBC and perhaps 3 to WC), so it is an important time for me to have a conversation with the town.  

Attached is the pdf. version of my first Open Letter. Here is a link to the Letter on the town website:

The first Open Forum is tomorrow night and here is a link to town website page that has the Zoom info at the bottom:

I appreciate any promotion on this effort.  And, beyond the focus on the upcoming appointments (which are important), I also want to listen, learn, and discuss two other topics: (i) Town Meetings of the Future; and (ii) Power of Volunteerism in Community.


Scott McDermott


Hello Medfield:
I hope you’ve had a great summer, around town or wherever your travels may have taken you. I enjoy the annual rhythm of Medfield, and how the beat slows down a little during the heart of the summer. And now, as we get deeper into August, the familiar tempo begins to return.
It is an important time for our community. For me as Moderator, it is filled with a unique opportunity, but also a big challenge. To be successful, I need to create a conversation with all of you in Medfield. I need a dialogue that will prepare, guide, and enable me, as Moderator, to make six or seven highly significant appointments.
First, I have two or three appointments to make to our Warrant Committee. Making these appointments, annually at this time of year, is not new to me as Moderator. I’m proud of the heritage of the committee’s excellent service to the community. They do a great job. The Warrant Committee is the key advisory committee to our legislature -- the Town Meeting. They have stepped-up in a big way for our community in recent years as we have addressed a wave of important issues. Bringing talented, committed, and collaborative neighbors to Warrant Committee is an annual privilege of the Moderator.
And, per our vote on a bylaw amendment at our Annual Town Meeting, I have four appointments to the new School Building Committee. I am honored to have the opportunity to appoint three citizens at-large and one member of the Warrant Committee. It is time for Medfield to move forward renewing our commitment to elementary education. In Medfield, we are about being a great community with great schools. We need to come together. We need to go forward as a smart, collaborative, civil, and open town. This fall’s appointments to the new School Building Committee will be instrumental to ‘coming together’ and ‘moving forward.’
Now you can see why I need a conversation with the town! I need to hear from more neighbors. I need to understand differing perspectives. I need to meet a whole lot of new friends. And, although the conversations need to be focused on the Warrant Committee and the School Building Committee appointments, we also have a need to ignite separate conversations about both the spirit of volunteerism and open town meeting in the 21st century.
So, how will I be connecting with you? First, I will begin the conversation by hosting Open Forums. The first three forums are scheduled for:
Wednesday August 24, 7:00pm Medfield Town House live and on Zoom
Wednesday August 31 7:00pm Public Safety Building live and on Zoom
Wednesday September 14, 7:00pm Medfield Town House live and on Zoom
Details can be found on the Town’s website. I will also be corresponding through a series of open letters like this one. And I always encourage you to reach out to me at:
I’m excited to engage and hear your thoughts. Let’s come together. More to come – stay tuned!
Scott F. McDermott
Town Moderator
August 22, 2022

Message from the School Committee Special Town Meeting Tonight and School Committee Vote in Support

From the School Committee –

Message from the School Committee Special Town Meeting Tonight and School Committee Vote in Support

Dear Parents, Guardians and other members of our community,

As many of you are aware, there will be a Special Town Meeting scheduled for tonight Tuesday, June 21 at 6 p.m. in the Medfield High School Gymnasium.

The primary issue at hand is a to vote to allow the Board of Selectmen to enter into a Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) with Trinity Financial for a specific parcel of the former Medfield State Hospital land, generally known as the “Core Campus (Article 1).

On June 8, 2022, the School Committee met in open session with representatives of Trinity Financial and the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee (MSHDC). We engaged in a comprehensive conversation about the predicted impact of the proposed development on the District. Over the past week, Trinity, the MSHDC, and Town and District Administration have worked to address the Committee’s concerns both informally and within the terms of the proposed Land Disposition Agreement (LDA).

On June 16, 2022, the School Committee again met in open session and discussed Trinity Financial’s response to the Committee’s concerns. In particular, the Committee noted:

  • that the sale and consequent redevelopment resolves an open 20 million dollar liability in hazardous material mitigation costs should we continue to own this portion of the property, which would have a significant impact upon the town’s ability to fund a new elementary school project,
  • Trinity’s responsiveness to the Committee’s concerns regarding space and potential future staff needs.

The Town Moderator, Scott McDermott, has asked that we also distribute this open letter to the community, which includes important details about the anticipated order of the proceedings  

The Medfield School Committee

Jessica Reilly, Chair

Leo Brehm, Vice Chair

Timothy Knight, Recording Secretary

Michelle Kirkby, Financial Secretary

Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke, Member at Large

Listening Session for New School, Thursday 7PM

From Jessica Reilley –

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The School Committee, together with the Board of Selectmen, will hold a listening and feedback session entitled:

“Priorities and Progress: Moving Forward to a New Elementary School Project”

Thursday, April 7th

 7:00 p.m.

Public Safety Building Training Room & via Zoom

The BOS and the School Committee would like to hear the community’s future-focused thoughts about how to create a facility that meets the educational needs of our town and achieves a level of consensus that reasonably ensures passage at a future Town Meeting and ballot vote.

Feedback will be taken both in person as well as through Zoom. There will be an open comments document available on both the Town and School websites for additional thoughts after the feedback session.  The meeting agenda for the joint session may be found here.

Tonight April 6, the Medfield Hospital Development Committee will hold a feedback session on the potential sale & development plans of the site to Trinity Financial. The Dale Street project and the disposition of the Former Medfield State Hospital land are long-standing issues within the town. If you would like to attend that session in person or via zoom, more information may be found on their Town of Medfield website.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of our students and our town,

The Medfield School Committee

Jessica Reilly, Chair

Leo Brehm, Vice Chair

Timothy Knight, Recording Secretary

Michelle Kirkby, Member at Large

Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke, Member at Large