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School Committee office hours


School Committee Office Hours starting this Friday, Oct. 4 at 10am at Memorial School.

Office hours are an opportunity to sit down with a school committee member and discuss any topic pertaining to the schools or to simply get an overview of some issues facing the district and current projects.  All are welcome!

We’d love to know if people are interested in office hours, if anyone is coming and if they have any specific topics in mind. Therefore we’d appreciate if folks would please fill out this SC Office Hour RSVP.


Date and Time Location
Fri. Oct. 4, 2019 @ 10am Memorial School (conference room)
Fri. Nov. 1, 2019 @ 10am Wheelock School
Thurs. Dec. 12, 2019 @ 7pm Medfield Public Library
Fri. Jan. 10, 2020 @ 10am Dale Street School
Thurs. Feb. 6 @ 7pm Medfield High School Library
Fri. Mar. 6, 2020 @ 10am Blake Middle School (LMC)
Fri. Apr. 3, 2020 @ 10am Medfield Public Library
Fri. May 1, 2020 @ 10am Blake Middle School (LMC)
Wed. June 3, 2020 @ 7pm TBD


SC has competing office hours tomorrow 9-10


School Committee Office Hours Friday 9-10 at Dale Street

School Committee has office hours tomorrow, Friday, June 7 from 9-10 am at Dale Street School. Last of the 2018-2019 school year!


Not only does the School Committee schedule its office hours at the same time as my office hours, but then Anna Mae asks me to tell you about theirs!  Special points for those who get to both.

School Committee office hours tonight, 7-8pm at Blake Middle School library

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke today –


School Committee has office hours this evening from 7-8 pm at Blake Middle School in the library.


Reading this morning

reading at Mrs. Newton's class at Wheelock-20190410

This morning I was invited to be the mystery reader in Mrs. Newton’s class at Wheelock School.  The kids chose the deerstalker hat (think Sherlock Holmes) for the first time, over the train engineer, the jester, or the Christmas tree hats!

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones[-itos].

School Committee availability

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –


  • School Committee will have office hours, Thursday, March 7 from 7-8pm at the high school library.
  • Some of us will also be at the Winter Carnival
  • we have our SC meeting this coming Monday, March 11 at 7:30pm,  also in the high school library.

lots of opportunities to connect in person!

Many, many thanks,

Anna Mae

Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke

Medfield School Committee Chairperson

Maeve Devlin is the 2019 MFi Youth Volunteer of the Year

Maeve Devlin photo

MFi Salutes Maeve Devlin – Youth Volunteer of the Year!

Medfield Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce this year’s Youth Volunteer of the Year – Maeve Devlin.  Through the nomination provided by her Teacher, Gail Duffy, it is clear that Maeve exemplifies the qualities MFi looks for:  a dedicated volunteer who is driven to provide a meaningful impact in the town of Medfield.

Ms. Duffy describes Maeve this way: “One of the most striking aspects of Maeve Devlin is the fact that she really doesn’t see the enormity of what she’s done.”  In her work with the Best Buddies program at Medfield High, Maeve has “fostered a transformative experience” for all students, both those with cognitive delays, as well as those without.  In her 2 years working with this program, Maeve has led by “example, enthusiasm, warmth and tenacity.”  She has succeeding in transforming this into a club where “all students look forward to meeting as friends.”

Maeve has been a force for good in her school, leading other classmates, both those in her class, as well as upper classmen, to become part of her revolution.  By her Sophomore year, Maeve was on the Leadership Board of the Best Buddies, and began organizing some fantastic initiatives such as a pre-Trick-or-Treating party for all of the participants.  Maeve has also organized her friends to participate in the Friendship Walk, catapulting her Chapter into the top 15 of fundraisers.

In her spare time, when not giving her heart to this program, Maeve is the Captain of the Girls Varsity Basketball team, serves as her class’ Vice President, works as a waitress, and does it all with an optimistic smile.

Although Maeve’s accomplishments are amazing in of themselves, what is truly spectacular is that she has developed true, authentic and long-lasting friendship with the participants in the Best Buddies program.

Maeve had tough competition this year, and we would like to take a moment to thank the other Youth Volunteer of the Year nominees.  Hannah Rogan, Morgan Caro and Sam Joline we sincerely thank you for your dedication and volunteer spirit focused on improving our town!


Please join us on March 31, from 3pm to 5pm at The Center at Medfield to honor all of this year’s very special Volunteers! 


The Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brother’s Marketplace.


MHS newspaper article on affordable housing

I was recently interviewed by James Kirk for the Medfield High School newspaper article he and Theo Girard wrote on affordable housing, which can be found via this link –

kingsbury chronicle 40b article