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MEC 8/24

Your Medfield Energy Committee has tons of irons in our local fires – Zoom in next Monday at 7 PM to hear and see what is happening

  • Medfield Environment Action – new group
  • Community Aggregation – for next town meeting
  • Climate Goals – for next town meeting
  • Solar Projects – e.g. Kingsbury Club solar is large enough to be a power plant
  • New Dale St. School – building to net zero can save the town money
  • Green Community Act – (Municipal) Operations – how state grants are being used to make our town better

The agenda and Zoom link are below:

Posted in accordance with the provisions of MGL Chapter 39 Section 23A, as amended
Due to the COVID-19 emergency, this meeting will take place remotely. Members of the public
who wish to view or listen to the meeting may do so by joining via the web, or a conference call.
1. To join online, use this link:
b. Enter Password: 221674
2. To join through a conference call, dial 929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782
or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833
a. Enter the Webinar ID: 984 8865 7066
b. Enter the password: 221674
Medfield Energy Committee
Board or Committee
Remote Meeting held on Zoom Monday, August 24, 2020 7:00 pm
1. Report from the Chair – Fred
2. Approval of minutes from past meeting: 7/20 – Penni
3. Committee Roster update – Cynthia
4. Medfield Environment Action – Megan
Community Forums: CCA, Climate Goals
5. Community Aggregation – Megan / Bob / Paul / Jeremy
a. Warrant Article – wording
b. Jul 22 Public Forum, other publicity
6. Climate Goals – Jim
a. Warrant Article – wording
b. GHG Inventory tool – Hilli
c. Aug 17 Public Forum, other publicity
7. Solar Projects – Penni
a. PPA vs ownership; SDA
b. Kingsbury Club: zoning
c. DPW roof: grant application – Hilli
d. Old landfill
e. Other sites
8. New Dale St. School – Alec
a. Arrowstreet: Acton-Boxborough
b. Eversource funding available (Cullinane; Thornton Tomasetti?)
c. BoS support of NetZero goal
d. Sandeen analysis tool – Megan
9. MassEnergize – joint MEA-MEC meeting
10. MSH Subcommittee: MSH Development Committee activity
11. Municipal and Community Partnership with Eversource – Tricia
12. Liaison with other orgs: MCAN, CRGC, MAPC, IECC
13. Medfield Long-Range planning process – Cynthia
14. Green Community (Municipal) Operations – Amy
a. 2020 Green Communities Funding-- $139,316 applied 5/1; answered q’s 6/19
b. Exterior and Interior lighting controls at High School, Middle School
c. High School: Trane / ESPO / interval data / scoping study – Alec
d. MAPC Regional Energy Planning Assistance Funding – Paul
$2500: Help prep, complete annual report
$1500: Competitive grant prep
e. Consumption during shut-down?
f. LED Streetlights: invoices adjusted
g. Energy Management function: Susan McPhee to be invited to BoS
And, any additional business that came in after the deadline that must be discussed prior to
the next meeting.

Grade Configuration Public Forum – 5:30 on 8/13

Medfield School Committee announcement from Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –

Dale Street School Project: Grade Configuration Public Forum

The Medfield School Committee invites the community to its virtual Public Forum regarding the Dale Street School Project grade configuration options on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 5:30pm. The District is considering two potential grade configurations for the future Dale Street Elementary School: grades 4-5 configuration which is currently in place or grades 3-5 configuration. The purpose of the forum is to give a project update, to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of both grade configurations and is an opportunity to hear public input and answer questions from the community. The Public Forum held on August 13, 2020 precedes the School Committee vote on this important decision on August 27, 2020. Visit for the School Committee agenda and zoom link, which will be posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Any questions or comments should be directed to


Sign-up to get news bulletins for Dale St. Project

From Tracey Rogers –

Sign-up to receive updates and news about the planning for a new Dale Street School.  Click here and the sign-up box is on the top left of page.  For specific questions on the project, email

Will Bento in TV 25 story on police academy at FSU

Medfield resident William Bento is featured in the story below.  Will is enrolled in the police academy at the Fitchburg State University, and is on a list to become an officer in the Medfield Police Department.  Look carefully and you can see the MPD patch on his shoulder in this news story.

The Medfield Bento’s are a police family, as Will’s sister, Michelle Manganello, is an officer in the MPD, serving as the town’s School Resource Officer, and Will father, David Bento, is a Lieutenant on the Sherborn Police Department.

will Bento

Local police recruits learning new lessons in era of reform

Local police recruits learning new lessons in era of reform


FITCHBURG, Mass. — Just as police departments across the state are experiencing reform right now, so are the police academies, where future officers are learning what it takes.

Boston 25 News has been closely following recruits for months, and spent the day at the Fitchburg State Police Academy, to see how educators there are dealing with the civil unrest head-on.

The recruits recently got candid lessons from current officers on protecting and serving the community, including Harvard, Massachusetts Police Chief Edward Denmark.

“There have been times where I’ve used force in my past and a lot of that was anger,” Chief Denmark told the recruits. “I got so wrapped up in what my task was in that moment, as opposed to what my purpose was in the bigger picture.”


The recruits are also dissecting mistakes officers around the country have made in hopes of avoiding similar situations. For example, recruits had to write a two-page essay on what the four officers did wrong in the George Floyd incident.

“When we spend 15 weeks here, you do what you’re told here when you’re told to do it and nothing more. I think it can be challenging to get out on the street and confront a veteran officer, but those are the skills that we are learning here to be able to step up and make those tough decisions,” Medfield Police recruit William Bento told Boston 25 News reporter Wale Aliyu.


Fitchburg State University Police Academy has a model of training and educating the recruits simultaneously, which they say is the first in the country.

“Research has shown that educated officers have less ‘use of force’ incidents, they have less deadly force incidents, they are better problem solvers,” academy director Lisa Lane McCarty said. “To their credit, this is not a great time to be going through a police academy. And they have these faces on that say ‘they will be the change,’” she added.



In the five-year program, the 21 recruits will get a criminal justice bachelors, a master’s degree, a police certification, and first-hand lessons on the ethics and nuances of policing.


“They need to understand the limitations of some of the things that we have tried or even some of the things people are suggesting now,” Chief Denmark said. “How is a certification going to change the way someone feels in their heart and their mind? It’s not going to. It may help to make sure we have the right education. But at two in the morning when a fight starts in the middle of the street that doesn’t matter.”


Four of the recruits already have jobs waiting for them. Benjamin Torrence will be joining the short-staffed Haverhill Police Department, and says as an officer of Color, he feels the pressure to bridge the gap.


“I do feel the pressure, but I know I’m not alone,” Torrence said. “I’m excited, my fellow recruits are excited, to get out on the street to make a difference.”

With calls to defund, and dismantle entire departments, these recruits know their goal is to provide change, one interaction at a time.


“We want to be able to change peoples’ perspective if they have a negative outlook on this job,” Bento said.


“This is all fear-driven,” said Chief Denmark. “This is cops fearing people which causes them to have heightened fear and feel they need to use force. And communities of color don’t trust the cops based on the history of this country. This goes far beyond policing so they’re afraid.”

Guest Column: Why pursuing a net zero school building for Medfield makes sense


Guest Column: Why pursuing a net zero school building for Medfield makes sense

At its meeting on June 2, the Medfield Board of Selectmen listened to an intriguing presentation from Mark Sandeen, a member of the Select Board in Lexington. In February, Lexington had opened its new Hastings Elementary School as a net-positive building: an all-electric building that uses no fossil fuels and that generates more energy than it consumes in its operation. Mr. Sandeen had been invited by Fred Davis, chair of the Medfield Energy Committee, to be part of a presentation by the MEC to the Board of Selectmen. The MEC asked the board to charge the MEC and Arrowstreet, the Dale Street Planning Committee architectural firm, to figure out together whether a new school building for Medfield could be constructed as a fossil fuel-free building, at a total lifecycle cost that equals (or is less than) that of a more conventional building.

In his introductory remarks, Fred Davis pointed out that this is already proven technology, implemented in a number of schools in Massachusetts.

As Mark Sandeen explained, the Hastings School is an 110,000-square-foot elementary school building that is going to house 645 students on a regular basis, the second (and larger) of two net-zero school buildings now operating in Lexington. Several features enable the building to produce more than enough energy to meet its own needs: a tight envelope reduces those needs by 50%; in addition to solar panels on the roof, solar canopies were erected on the parking lots around the building. An electric heat pump will move heat from the ground during the winter months, and it will cool the building during the summer by pumping heat out of the building back into the ground. The annual energy needs of the building were calculated at 970,000 kilowatt hours of electricity; the solar installations on the rooftop and the canopies are projected to produce 1.1 million kilowatt hours per year. An extensive battery system was installed to lower peak demand in the building.

An additional benefit of this design is that the Hastings School is the healthiest school building ever erected in Lexington; increased and improved air circulation creates an environment that is most conducive to student learning.

The Lexington facility will, on an annual basis, produce more energy than it consumes. The net-zero-energy features, along with incentives from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, provide substantial net dollar benefits to the town from Day One. Under a worst-case scenario (if revenue is lower than expected and expense higher than expected), Sandeen projects a net income to the town (annual dollar benefits exceeding annual bond payment) in the range of $30,000. Under moderate conditions, the projection of net benefit goes up to around $100,000/year.

Mr. Sandeen’s talk is available as part of the video taken of the Selectmen’s meeting on June 2, which has been posted on YouTube by Medfield TV (the MEC presentation begins at 57.53).

As Medfield’s project is just entering the design phase, this is the perfect time to think about making the Dale Street School an all-electric Net Zero building. At the end of the presentation, the Selectmen were definitely interested in the concept and charged the MEC and Arrowstreet with creating scenarios informed by Mr. Sandeen’s presentation.

The MEC is working on a number of fronts to reduce carbon emissions in Medfield. If you would like more information or to help with these efforts, contact Fred Davis, MEC chair.

Fritz Fleischmann is a resident of Spring Street.

MEC – make new Dale Street School net zero

ADOPTED 5/21/20

We highly recommend that the Dale Street Committee move forward to
make this project net zero carbon emissions.

Constructing a new building for zero fossil fuels must be done now, or
systems will have to be reconfigured at very high expense in the not too
distant future. Medfield is planning Dale Street for the town’s future so we
must incorporate a net zero goal at this time.

Governor Baker has committed to a close-to-net zero carbon emissions in
2050 for all of Massachusetts. The time is now to make this commitment in
Medfield and to design for the future.

By this document MEC is showing that other communities have made a
commitment to Net Zero buildings, and that many new schools are
explicitly modeling for this objective.

As options are reviewed with costs, financing, incentives, and energy
expenses projected, we are optimistic that, as has been demonstrated in
other towns, Medfield can construct a net zero building at a very
reasonable net cost, or even net profit. This is an exciting time for
innovation in this field and making this happen will require many in the
community to learn about new technology. Doing this for this large and
important school construction project will allow Medfield to take a major
first step in moving toward a net zero footprint.

Please let us know where and when we can further discuss this topic and
when this commitment can be included in the planning for Dale Street and
how it will be evaluated.

The MEC stands ready to help research and support this component of the

Dale Street School survey

From town web site –

Posted on: May 20, 2020

Dale Street School Project Seeks Community Input

Take Dale Street School Project Survey Opens in new window

The Dale Street School Project Building Committee is asking all Medfield residents for their input regarding the Dale Street School Building Project.  Renovating or replacing the existing 80 year old Dale Street School has been a strategic objective for the School District and Town for several years.

As a follow-up to the May 19 Community Forum, the School Building Committee is asking the community to provide additional feedback on the project by completing the Dale Street School Project Community Survey.  The survey is available to complete through May 27.  The School Building Committee is hoping for a strong response to the survey and is looking forward to your input.  The results of the survey will be shared with the community.  Please reach out to with any further questions.

Please take the following quick survey.  Thank you for your time!

Dale St. Thoughtexchange Survey

From Superintendent Jeff Marsden –


Dear Parents,

This is an exciting time in our district. We have been selected by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to potentially build a new Dale Street School. The MSBA has given us two grade configuration options for new construction- a building with grades 4 and 5 or a building with grades 3, 4, and 5. As you can imagine, many decisions will need to be made and we want input from the people most affected by potential changes. In addition, your feedback will be valuable to both the School Committee and School Building Committee throughout this entire process.


To collect the feedback, we are using a new tool called Thoughtexchange. Within this tool, you will be asked to answer two demographic questions and one open-ended question with as many responses as you like. Then you will be asked to rate your thoughts and the thoughts of others by assigning stars to each thought (from 1-5) depending on how strongly you agree or support that idea. You can rate as many thoughts as you’d like. Once you’ve completed this step, you can review all submissions sorted by the average star rating.


It is important to note that all feedback you provide via this platform is confidential. This includes any shared thoughts, as well as specific ratings. We encourage you to revisit the site regularly as more and more thoughts are submitted.


Please submit your thoughts and complete your ratings by no later than Wednesday, January 29, 2020.


Link to the Survey

Thanks for your support,

Jeff Marsden



Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D


Medfield Public Schools


Follow me on Twitter @JeffreyJMarsden and @DaleStProject

#medfieldps  #medfieldpln

Tonight – Dale Street School Workshop

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –

Please Join the Town of Medfield, Medfield Public Schools and the Dale Street School Building Committee for a Community Educational Visioning Workshop Monday, December 9, 2019 6:00PM – 8:00PM Dale Street School Cafeteria, 45 Adams Street, Medfield, MA Come help us begin the Educational Programming Phase for the new Dale Street Elementary School. With the help of our Educational Planner, David Stephen of New Vista Design and Educational Planner, Emily Grandstaff-Rice of Arrowstreet, we as a community will collaborate, explore and shape Medfield’s educational vision for the new school. In turn, we will begin to define how to best manifest this vision into the architecture of the school. DALE STREET SCHOOL PROJECT Agenda:  MSBA Process and educational Visioning Overview  Priority Goals for the New or Renovation/ Addition School  21st Century Teaching and Learning  Design Patterns  Guiding Principles  Discussion of Options  Recording of the Dale Street School‘s Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Goals as Connected to the School’s Design Goals

Angel Run Early-Bird Registration Ends November 8th

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Greetings Angel Run Friends,

Join us for the 14th running (or walking) of the Angel Run on Sunday, December 8 at 12:30pm.

Early registration ends on Friday, November 8th so register now for $25.00 per person and receive your commemorative shirt.  You can still register online after November 8th, however the price goes up to $30.00 per person and you will not receive a shirt.


The Angel Run course is a USATF certified 5K. The Angel Run uses chip timing to ensure accurate results for all participants. The race begins and ends at Medfield High School.  There will be a special separate starting corral for competitive runners. You decide if you should belong to that group, be sure to note this on your registration.

We hope to see you there (with bells on)!Cheers,

The MFi Angel Run Team