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Officials list @ Selectmen to appoint soon. Volunteer to serve Medfield via or 508-359-8505×641

Board of Selectmen will make annual appointments soon – please indicate your interest in committees

The Board of Selectmen will soon make its annual appointments to the committees that we appoint. I have uploaded the 2009-2010 list of Elected and Appointed Officials for your review ( I suggested to Mike Sullivan that the list lacks the Building Committee, the Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Committee.

If you would like to be considered for any committee positions, please let me know, or better yet let Evelyn Clarke know (eclarke@Medfield,net or 508-359-8505×641).

Medfield finances – town revenues and trust funds

I met with town administrator Mike Sullivan, assistant town administrator Kristine Trierwieler, and town accountant Joy Ricciuto yesterday for a couple of hours to specifically review the town’s FY08 audit and also town finances in general.   During our meeting I received a couple of interesting documents, which I have uploaded at   The first itemizes FY09 town revenues of $4,470,702.96 by source (other than property taxes or state aid monies) ( and the second itemizes by the separate funds the town held trust funds totaling $8,442,739.15 as of 12/31/2007 (   Both documents are available for viewing at, or via the posted links.

Bay Colony Rail Trail could extend to Medway

DCAM explains why it postponed environmental clean up of Medfield State Hospital – full statement at

DCAM postpones its Medield State Hospital clean up

DCAM’s official statement with respect to why its Medfield State Hospital remediation plans changed were received by the Board of Selectmen yesterday afternoon. It stated “The project at the construction debris/ash dump site along the river was originally an interim measure undertaken voluntarily by DCAM to improve site conditions, and to minimize erosion from the debris site into the river. In light of public comments made through the MEPA process, DCAM has determined, in consultation with MEPA, that it would be best to resubmit an expanded ENF that reflects the work tied to permanent resolution of environmental issues at the construction debris/ash dump site. DCAM also felt that it would make sense to wait for site data being generated in the coming weeks (including, but not limited to the MCP Phase II site assessment underway by DCAM), which would help to clarify for the community the myriad activities planned at the site.”

DCAM withdrew its application for the ENF work at the Medfield State Hospital. Kris Trierweiler spoke with DCAM’s Mary Beth Clancy for clarification today. The stated reason for the withdrawal is to revise the application based on comments received, and it will purportedly be re-filed at a later date.

Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court today held that Massachusetts may not collect sales and use taxes on tires sold to Massachusetts residents in NH, because there was only a presumption but no proof that the tires would be used in Massachusetts. Seems to me the same argument could be made to avoid paying the tax on cars bought in NH.

Medfield High School rated #2 school in US (DS #1) by on-line RE data seller. Blake also listed.

Massachusetts Appeals Court held today that when both the parties and their attorneys commit fraud on the court, that (1) frivolous action damages under G. L. c. 231, § 6F do not apply in District Court cases, and (2) that Rule 11 (Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure) sanctions cannot be imposed upon the parties themselves, just their attorneys. Tilman v. Brink, No. 08-P-498, August 18, 2009.