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Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards tomorrow


All are invited to honor and celebrate the eleven extraordinary volunteers suggested by their fellow residents for the 2019 Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards.  The reception in honor of those volunteers occurs tomorrow at 3PM at The Center, 1 Ice House Road.

Come to hear the volunteers and those that nominated them discuss the remarkable things that they are doing for Town of Medfield and why they do it – it is guaranteed to be magical.

2019 MEDFIELD FOUNDATION VOLUNTEER AWARDSMaeve Devlin, YOUTH VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Best Buddies, Medfield High School, and others Hannah RoganMiss Amazing, New Life Student CouncilSpeaker, UCC Youth Group Leader, and others Morgan Caro Golden Opportunities for Independence, New Home Life, Medfield Dance Academy, Miss Amazing, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society Sam JolineNew Life, Millis Book Drive, Lions Club Tree Delivery, MHS,MAP Pat Casey, VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, Economic Development Committee Richard Judge Kingsbury Pond Grist Mill Committee, Bay Colony Rail Trail Michele Feinsilver Hoye Medfield Garden Club, Peak House Heritage Center, Medfield Memorial Library, The Center Liz Sandeman Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP), Medfield Lions, Medfield TV, NE Donor Servcices, PTO-Box Tops Collect, Hannah Adams Michelle Barrette Medfield Public Schools, St. Edward’s Parish, and many others Stephen Nolan & Marie Zack Nolan, LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Marie Zack Nolan Geographic Information System 1995-2012; Conservation Commission2004-2008; , Medfield Energy Committee (chair & member) 2008-2018;Open Space Committee 1998-2005; Warrant Committee 1997-2003; Councilon Arts (chair, treasurer, member) 1989-1996; Medfield Arts Lottery Council1986-1997; Medfield Cultural Council 1997-2000 Stephen Nolan Medfield Affordable Housing Committee 1990-2018; Zoning Board ofAppeals (chair & member) 1993-2018; Town Bylaw Review Committee2011-2017; Planning Board (chair & member) 1989-1991; Historic DistrictCommission (chair & member) 1990-1993; State Hospital AdvisoryCommittee 2013; State Hospital Negotiating Committee 2013-2017; StateHospital Master Planning Committee (chair & member) 2014-2018 Sponsored by Brothers Marketplace & Roche Bros.



BoS 4/2

The back up materials are available here – 20190402-agenda 7 materials


MEETING I POSTED: _ TOWN CLERK TOWN OF MEDFIELD 1 ~ v L. I J Lb SS NOTICE c. ,.; 1~ , , 1: MED FIELD. MA Lu IS HAii 2 l1 P 2: I 8 POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTION 23A AS AMENDED. 1'•, F'r. v' "t.... . OF THE 'T() 11.JN Cl. ERK Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 211 d floor Tuesday April 2, 2019 @ 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Announcements Affordable Housing Lotteries; to take place at Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room 2"d floor Information sessions: April 24 at 6:00 PM for 71 North Street April 25 at 6:30 PM for Chapel Hill Landing Lottery: May 22 at 6:00 PM 71 North Street June 5 at 6:30 PM Chapel Hill Landing Citizen Comment Appointments 7:05 PM Swearing In and Badge Pinning Ceremony, John Wilhelmi, Interim Police Chief Police Officers Paul Treggiari and Michael Stanley 7:15 PM Rob Gregg, President Peak House Heritage Center, Inc. Discuss request of $3,000 for new roof on Peak House 7:30 PM Maurice Goulet, DPW Director Discuss coordinating a roadside community trash/litter pickup during Earth Day weekend, April 27-28 Action Items Board of Selectmen receive invitation from Troop 89 at attend Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Brian M. Shubert, Nicholas Joseph Iannone Ill and lsacc Drew Popper on Saturday May 18, 2019 at the United Church of Christ Medfield Cultural Council Chair, Ron Gustavson requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Lucinda Davis as a member Vote to approve refinance application for 4 John Crowder Road Review and vote on Town Meeting Articles Vote to sign Annual Town Meeting Warrant Ongoing FY2020 Budget Review and Discussion Town Finance/Budget discussion Discussion of Proposed Budget Cuts Vote to approve preliminary Town Budgets Discussion of Budget Policy Meeting Minutes Acceptance or correction of March 26, 2019 minutes Town Administrator Update Review Board of Selectmen Action List Selectmen Report Informational t·;t.Cc.iV EU. " "l"' ti-:· MEOf IELD. MASS Iv•' fl • lGl9 MAR 2q P 2: I 8 nFF ICE OF THE -r. ( •lt) C' F·RK - ' ~"1 f ~ _, -- . ' From Conservation Commission; copy of Determination of Applicability for 15 Quail Run20190402-agenda_Page_2

The Works

The Medfield Transfer Station is pleased to announce that sticker renewals will be offered on-line on the Town’s website. ( Town residents will have the opportunity to purchase, by credit card, their new stickers for 2019-2021 access to the Transfer Station and its services. This on-line program will be available beginning May 1, 2019 and the cost will be $100 for the two year period. (Please allow 5-7 business days for your stickers to be delivered by mail) Walkins at the DPW Office on the basement level at Town Hall, 459 Main Street will still be accommodated. M E D F I E L D D E P A R T M E N T O F P U B L I C W O R K S ** The DPW presents “THE WORKS”, a quarterly newsletter to inform the residents of Medfield on the happenings of their Public Works Department including updates on projects, current events, and upcoming developments ** Transfer Station 1 Misc. DPW Events 1 Highway Projects 2 Employee Spotlight 2 DPW Fun Facts 2 Inside this issue: The Works M E D F I E L D D P W ’ S Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R Volume 1, Issue 3 April 2019 On-Line Sticker Program TRANSFER STATION: Town-wide hydrant flushing will begin Sunday, March 31, 2019 and continue for a two week period. The work will be done at night to minimize any inconveniences. Some discoloration of water may occur during this process. This is caused by the water rushing through the pipes, disturbing sediments that have settled. We advise running the cold water tap for a few minutes until the water is clear. Visit the town’s website to access the flushing schedule to see what approximate day we would be in your neighborhood. Hydrant Flushing Household Hazardous Waste Day Household Hazardous Waste Day (HHWD) was held on Saturday March 23, 2019. Over 240 residents participated in disposing of hazardous items from their homes, garages, basements and sheds. This is an annual event that the towns of Medfield and Dover conduct to encourage the residents of the communities to dispose of chemicals, cleaners, oil-base paints, motor oil, gasoline, turpentine, fertilizers, etc.. At the event, brochures were handed out by our staff to give helpful information of the Medfield Plastic Bag Reduction Initiative organized by the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee. MISC. DPW EVENTS: VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3 During plowing operations over the long winter months, sometimes there are unfortunate damages that are not visible until the Spring weather arrives. As the snow melts, it reveals reparations that need to be done. These damages would consist of curbing, grass strips, sidewalk sections, debris and potholes that have developed. Our Highway Division explores the town’s roadways and shoulders and schedules these repairs to move forward with preparations for the upcoming construction season. Meet John Miner, Equipment Operator of the Medfield DPW Highway Division. John is a 25 year resident of the Town and has been a great addition to our Highway staff over the past 4 yrs. (2 yrs. part-time, 2 yrs. full-time). John is asked to do a variety of tasks from plowing sidewalks during the winter, operating the mini-loader during paving, or even just emptying the trash around the center of town. He does everything he is asked to do, and he does so with a smile and a friendly demeanor. We are very proud to have dedicated and enthusiastic employees such as John, who are also great community representatives. Page 2 Employee Spotlight Winter/Spring Cleanup Pavement Management Methods of Repair and Maintenance DPW Fun Facts DID YOU KNOW?  In our latest roadway status summary, the Town of Medfield consists of 77.59 miles of accepted roadways, 5.03 miles of Private roads, .64 miles of State, and 2.64 miles of unaccepted roadways. Total: 85.9 miles.  According to the most recent information from the Water Division of the DPW, there are 86.09 miles of water main and 754 fire hydrants in the town. For more information or have questions, please contact our main office at (508) 906-3003 or visit our town website @ HIGHWAY PROJECTS: Crack Seal: Routine maintenance to keep excess water from penetrating asphalt and to prevent further cracking, base failures and the overall deterioration of the roadway. (ex. various roadways town-wide) Chip Seal: Preventative maintenance hot spray application of 20% asphalt-rubber followed by a layer of cover heated and treated cover aggregate. The application provides a flexible, waterproof wearing surface that seals the existing pavement. (ex. Lowell Mason Road) Bonded Wearing Course: Preventative maintenance of high performance thin hot mix overlay that consists of a single-step placement of spray applied polymer providing a new paved wearing surface. (ex. Route 109 - Causeway Street to Millis Town Line) Mill and Overlay: Rehabilitation process of grinding off the the top layer of existing pavement and replacing the this layer with a new hot mix asphalt riding surface. (ex. North Street - Pine Street to Dover Town Line) Full Depth Reclamation: Rehabilitation process that involves grinding and pulverizing the existing pavement and mixing the material to create a uniform base material. A rough binder asphalt layer is added as well as a smooth top riding course of asphalt. This process allows the profile of the road to be regraded before the newly paved surfaces are installed. (ex. Green Street)20190328-The Works April 2019_Page_2

Art in Bloom at Library

The Medfield Garden Club has its annual Art in Bloom exhibit at the Medfield Memorial Library, which pairs flower arrangements inspired by art produced by Medfield High School students.  It is worth the trip.  Many dramatic arrangements that I did not photograph. Below are the few I did –

Arts in Bloom-2019arts in bloom-2019-2arts in bloom-2019-3

About 400 vote

I voted just before 8pm, and as either the penultimate or last voter, and being number 97 in my precinct, I think it is likely that about 400 voted today.

Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards 3PM, 3/31 at The Center

Come join MFi in celebrating volunteerism in our community!

The Medfield Foundation is proud to celebrate the amazing citizens of Medfield who give of their time, talent and energy toward making our town so incredible.  Please join us on March 31, from 3pm to 5pm at The Center at Medfield to honor all of this year’s very special Volunteers!  Let’s come together to applaud the character of volunteerism, the backbone of our community.  There will be light refreshments, riveting speeches, and good old-fashioned community building.  We hope to see all our fellow civic do-gooders join in honoring this year’s nominees, and giving thanks to those who are dedicated to making Medfield a truly remarkable place to live!

2019 MEDFIELD FOUNDATION VOLUNTEER AWARDS VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR NOMINEESNOMINATORSPROJECTS/WORK Richard JudgeSharon JudgeKingsbury Pond Grist Mill Committee, Bay ColonyRail Trail Pat CaseyJack Wolfe, Martha Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Festa, Joanna HilvertCommittee, Economic Development Committee Michele FeinsilverJane CarterMedfield Garden Club, Peak House Heritage Hoye Center, Medfield Memorial Library, The Center Elizabeth SandemanDawn Alcott,Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP), Errin ChapinMedfield Lions, Medfield TV, NE Donor Servcices,Medfield PTO-Box Tops Collect, Hannah Adams Michelle BarretteNicki GustafsonMedfield Public Schools, St. Edward’s Parish, andothers YOUTH VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Hannah RoganJack Morrill Miss Amazing, New Life Student Council Speaker,UCC Youth Group Leader, and others Maeve DevlinGail DuffyBest Buddies, Medfield High School, and others Morgan Caro Meg DrewGolden Opportunities for Independence, New HomeLife, Medfield Dance Academy, Miss Amazing,National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society Sam JolineErik OrmbergNew Life, Millis Book Drive, Lions Club TreeDelivery, MHS, MAP LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Stephen Nolan &Martha Moon, Town of Medfield Marie Nolan Cynthia Greene, Sarah Raposa Marie Zack Nolan Geographic Information System 1995-2012; Conservation Commission2004-2008; , Medfield Energy Committee (chair & member) 2008-2018;Open Space Committee 1998-2005; Warrant Committee 1997-2003;Council on Arts (chair, treasurer, member) 1989-1996; Medfield ArtsLottery Council 1986-1997; Medfield Cultural Council 1997-2000 Stephen Nolan Medfield Affordable Housing Committee 1990-2018; Zoning Board ofAppeals (chair & member) 1993-2018; Town Bylaw Review Committee2011-2017; Planning Board (chair & member) 1989-1991; HistoricDistrict Commission (chair & member) 1990-1993; State HospitalAdvisory Committee 2013; State Hospital Negotiating Committee2013-2017; State Hospital Master Planning Committee (chair & member)2014-20182019 MFI Volunteer Awards - Nominees-3_Page_2


The Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brother’s Marketplace.


Photo by Colleen Sullivan

2018 Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards recipients


Vote today – to 8PM

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