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SBC meeting this evening at 7PM

From Susan Maritan for the School Building Committee –

Dear Medfield Community,

My name is Leo Brehm. I am a Medfield resident and also a member of the School Building Committee and the School Committee. I’d like to encourage the Medfield community to tune into this week’s School Building Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7pm.

This particular meeting will be an informative one as the committee will respond to the citizens’ petition and review estimated costs, the budget and design updates. 

I would like to take this opportunity to address a frequently asked question (that is on everyone’s mind) regarding the reuse plan for the existing Dale Street facility. Planning for the reuse of the building is under consideration by the Medfield Permanent Planning and Building Committee as part of the master planning process the town has been conducting throughout this past year. They will continue to look closely at the feasibility of the Parks and Recreation Department using the space, if it becomes available.

I, and the entire SBC, look forward to sharing more about the proposed new school over the coming weeks and months. We will be holding more Community Conversations during the summer to share updates on our work and to continue engaging with the community. To keep up-to-date, sign up for our weekly Wednesday updates here and follow us on FB and Instagram and please visit our website and sign up on the homepage to receive our updates.

If you have questions for the SBC, please email us at

To join the Wednesday, June 23 at 7pm SBC Zoom meeting, use this link: Enter Password: 101575

Sincerely yours,

Leo Brehm

Eagle Scout Court of Honor X2

Last Saturday, in the morning, Troop 10 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for David Jones in the Pavilion at Rocky Woods.

David Jones

In the afternoon, Troop 89 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Quinn Spitzer, Davin Zehme , Christopher Douglas Page, and Adrian Sheehy at the Medway Community Church.

Scoutmaster Jim Hatch with Davin Zehme, Quinn Spitzer, Christopher Douglas Page, and Adrian Sheehy.

Gov. signs extension of some COVID measures

From Division of Local Services (DLS) –

An Act Relative to Extending Certain COVID-19 Measures Adopted During the State of Emergency

On June 16th, the Governor signed into law Ch. 20 of the Acts of 2021, extending certain pandemic-related policy measures including authorizations for remote public meetings, to-go alcohol sales, eviction protections and more. Click here to view the law.

For additional related information and resources, please see the DLS COVID-19 Resources and Guidance for Municipal Officials page.

COVID extension bill to Governor

From the Massachusetts Municipal Association this morning –

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Breaking News from the MMA


Legislature sends pandemic policy extension bill to governor

Late last night, the Legislature sent a compromise bill to the governor to extend certain special allowances that were tied to the COVID-19 state of emergency, which had expired nearly 24 hours earlier.

The Senate passed its version of the bill last Thursday, and the House approved its version yesterday afternoon. A six-member conference committee worked out differences between the two bills into the evening.

In the end, the committee decided to leave some items on the table for further discussion in order to fast-track the more time-sensitive provisions, like extending the allowance for public bodies to hold remote meetings, which ended at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday.

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The Beacon, June 2021

From the Massachusetts Municipal Association –

Massachusetts Municipal Association
Hello Members! 

Here’s the June 2021 issue of The Beacon – packed with the latest news about the American Rescue Plan, the state budget, bills to extend certain pandemic special allowances, the Coronavirus Relief Fund, host community agreements for marijuana businesses, Chapter 90, a mandated sick leave law, succession planning, town meetings and elections, and details about MMA member group virtual meetings and general membership webinars. 

Link to the June 2021 issue of The Beacon (no login required) 

By publishing The Beacon as a PDF, we can ensure that we get you the very latest information that you need ASAP. (If you did not receive this email directly, please share your email address with us – along with name, title and city/town – at 

Best regards, 

John Ouellette
Manager of Publications and Digital Communications 

Jennifer Kavanaugh
Associate Editor 

Meredith Gabrilska

Select Board 6/15/2021

Posted in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 30A, §§18-25
This meeting will be held in a hybrid format. The Board of Selectmen will attend in person and
members of the public may attend in person. In addition, members of the public who wish to
participate via Zoom may do so by joining by one of the following options:
1. To join online, use this link:
a. https://medfieldnet.
b. Enter Password: 060672
2. To join through a conference call, dial 929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782
or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833
a. Enter the Webinar ID: 815 7734 2022
b. Enter the password: 060672
The packet with meeting materials for this meeting will be uploaded at this link:
Board of Selectmen
Board or Committee
Chenery Hall, Medfield Town Hall
Remote participation also allowed through Zoom
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Agenda (Subject to Change)
Call to Order
Disclosure of video recording
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving around the globe in defense of
our country
Discussion and Potential Votes
1. COVID-19 status update
2. Discuss the Town of Medfield’s Financial Policies
3. Town Administrator Goals for FY2022 (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022)
First Posted:
4. Federal Funds update and discussion: CARES, FEMA, and American Rescue Plan Act
a. Authorize the Town Administrator to request payment of Medfield’s first
allocation of the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (American Rescue Plan
b. Discuss Norfolk County’s receipt of American Rescue Plan Act funding for
municipalities in Norfolk County
c. Discuss expenditures of the Town of Medfield’s allocation of the American
Rescue Plan Act and potential vote of approval on American Rescue Plan Act
i. FY22 ARPA Expenditures:
1. Capital Plan $388,000
2. Amount to Balance Operating Budget $209,393
3. Public Health Nurse $37,500
4. One Time COVID Stipends $110,000
Action Items
5. Approve sale of a Bond Anticipation Note in the amount of $205,000 for the Mt. Nebo
Water Tower maintenance / painting project and vote to sign the BAN documents
6. Approve contract amendment with BETA Group Inc. to extend the contract term from
June 30, 2021 to August 15, 2021 for design services for the Dale Street and North
Meadows Road Intersection
7. Approve endorsement of the Approval Not Required (ANR) Application for Hinkley
South incorporating the additional land authorized for disposition at the 2021 Annual
Town Meeting and authorize Chairman Marcucci to sign the application
8. Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Medfield Permanent Firefighters
Association, Local 4478, IAFF, AFL-CIO for July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022
9. Update regarding the Town of Medfield’s Americans with Disability Act Self Evaluation
/ Transition Plan and next steps
10. Building Commissioner Gary Pelletier requests that the Board of Selectmen Appoint
Mike Giampietro as part time Alternate Inspector of Wires
Consent Agenda
11. Authorize Chair to sign the Emergency Declaration Rescission
12. Medfield Lions request one day beer/wine permit for their End of Year meeting at First
Parish Church on June 16
13. Request for Block Party/Road Closure in the Hillcrest Road Cul-de-sac on June 26 from
4 pm to 9 pm
14. Gazebo Players request use of Medfield State Hospital on July 24 and July 25 for
Shakespeare in Shorts as well as permission to place sandwich board at North
Street/Route 109 for two weeks
Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2020
July 28, 2020
September 1, 2020
January 5, 2021
January 19, 2021
Feb 2, 2021
March 9, 2021
Town Administrator Updates
Next Meeting Dates
June 13, 2021 Community Forum at Dale Street
June 29, 2021
August 3, 2021
August 17, 2021
August 31, 2021
Selectmen Reports
Letter from resident Mark Ehrenzeller re: crosswalk painting
Planning Board Abutters Notice for 2 Ice House Road

Get the meeting materials here

All Invited to Public Forum Regarding Proposed New Elementary School

From Susan Maritan –


The School Building Committee (SBC) is inviting all Medfield residents to attend a public forum for the proposed new elementary school on the Wheelock campus. The forum is scheduled for Sunday, June 13, at 4:00 at Dale Street School. 
Community members may participate in-person in the Dale cafeteria or may choose to watch the forum remotely. For those interested in live streaming the video remotely there are three ways to do that: 
(1) Facebook Live link – go to the event post:
(2) Medfield TV YouTube Channel:

(3) Zoom link:
Enter Password: 542279

To join through a conference call, dial:
929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782 or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833

Enter the Webinar ID: Enter the Password: 542279 

Questions for the School Building Committee may be emailed to:
For more information on the Medfield Elementary School Project, visit: Those interested in receiving future school project updates may enter their email addresses at the bottom of the home page.

Zoom meetings in danger

Email today from the Massachusetts Municipal Association –

Abrupt End of State of Emergency on June 15 Will Create Huge Challenges for Cities and Towns


Please Call Your Reps & Senators Today and Ask Them to Fast-Track an Extension of Remote Meetings and Hearings


The State of Emergency Ends at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, June 15. Without Enactment of an Extension BEFORE June 15, the Ability to Hold Public Meetings and Hearings Remotely Will Stop


June 10, 2021

Dear Osler Peterson,

Time is running short! While the Legislature is in the process of developing a broad package of provisions to extend important authority and flexibility put in place during the pandemic, it may take a while for the branches to reach agreement on all the details. The Senate is meeting today to debate S. 2467, which includes a number of very good provisions, yet that will leave lawmakers just a few days to reach final agreement on a complex package.

The abrupt end of the state of emergency at 12:01 a.m. on June 15 will create a number of major transition challenges for government and businesses. Clearly the most immediate and urgent issue that must be addressed is enactment of an extension of the ability to conduct public meetings and hearings remotely. Please call your Senators and Representatives and ask them to fast-track passage of the extension for remote meetings of public bodies before June 15. The other extensions are important, yet do not face the June 15 deadline.

Please share these key points with your legislators:

  • On March 12, 2020, the Governor used his state-of-emergency powers to issue an executive order suspending certain provisions of Section 20 of MGL Chapter 30A, allowing cities and towns to conduct meetings remotely. This was necessary because the existing state statute is woefully inadequate, does not allow remote participation in meetings unless a physical quorum is present, and reduces the ability of officials who are participating virtually to fully engage. Nearly overnight, cities and towns adopted new technology and software platforms and created a new and remarkably successful remote meeting experience for municipal leaders and the public.
  • Communities do not want to snap back to the overly confining pre-pandemic rules, and most are not in a position to do so quickly. Remote meetings have engaged more residents than ever before and have significantly increased transparency and insight into government operations and decision-making. Many localities have closed public buildings, repurposed meeting rooms to provide safer distancing for municipal staff or have longer-term ventilation concerns that have yet to be addressed. Further, with many residents yet to be vaccinated, and immunocompromised officials and members of the public unable to achieve full protection from the coronavirus, it is imperative that we continue the remote meeting option for local government for public health purposes.
  • With scores of councils, boards and commissions in place in each of our 351 cities and towns, there are nearly 10,000 municipal entities that rely on remote meetings and virtual platforms to conduct everyday business in much greater public view than ever before. If June 15 comes without an extension of the ability to continue remote meetings, there will be countless canceled meetings, delayed public hearings and widespread disruption.
  • MMA is supporting the temporary extensions in S. 2467 and other bills and is urging lawmakers to make these changes permanent, including the option for public bodies to conduct remote or virtual meetings, allowance for remote Town Meetings that is also extended to Open Town Meeting communities, election provisions such as the option to vote by mail and to move municipal election and caucus dates during emergencies, and expedited permitting for outdoor table service and take-out alcoholic beverages.
  • This is the time to act! Massachusetts can embrace the innovations and lessons learned during the past 15 months, and use them to improve government operations, transparency, and public engagement to ensure a swifter recovery for our communities.

If you or your legislators have questions, please do not hesitate to contact MMA Senior Legislative Analyst Brittney Franklin at or MMA Legislative Director John Robertson at


Don’t Let a Playground Injury Ruin Outdoor Fun

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Osler “Pete” Peterson
617-969-1500 – Newton
June 2021
Attorney Photo

How to Avoid COVID-19 on Playgrounds

Thanks to national vaccinations, COVID-19 numbers are declining for adults. But vaccines are not currently available to children under 12, meaning they are still vulnerable to the virus. The question then: Is it safe to take your kids to the park? Doctors say “yes,” as long as you follow basic precautions such as:

* Wear masks and practice social distancing.
* Bring your own toys and food, and don’t let your kids share these with others.
* Wash or sanitize your kids’ hands before and after play.
* Find a different playground if the park is especially crowded or come back later.
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boy on playground

Don’t Let a Playground Injury Ruin Outdoor Fun This Summer

Ah, playgrounds and summer – the perfect combo for millions of children on school break and bursting to get outside. Not surprisingly, playground injuries spike in June, some serious and most preventable. Don’t let a playground injury ruin outdoor fun for the kids in your life this summer with these tips on equipment, clothing and safe behavior.


5 to 9

Children ages 5 to 9 have the highest rate of emergency room visits among the more than 200,000 kids injured each year on playgrounds.


Join the Danger Rangers Before Playtime

The first step to protecting children from playground injury is to talk to them about safety. Here’s a video to watch together before hitting the monkey bars. 



This website will help caregivers find playgrounds that are safe and accessible for kids with disabilities or help DIYers build their own!
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Arbor Day celebration yesterday

Select Board Chair Michael Marcucci reads the Arbor Day proclamation yesterday afternoon, while the Brownie Troop that arranged for the two cherry trees to be planted in front of the post office look on and then mulched the trees. The DPW’s Robert Kennedy, Jr. assisted the Brownies with the mulch.

Photos by Pamela Bates

Pam McCarthy and Kate Holmes, the Leaders of Brownie Troop 82076 stated:

“The girls felt special, and so happy to get together (in person, hooray!) as a group to do something meaningful for the town. Those beautiful cherry trees will be there for years to come, and I’m sure each time they drive by, they will fondly remember that those are ‘their trees.’  And we, as their parents, will take pride in thinking the same! What a wonderful way to wrap up the school year for them!”