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Report on TWMPC’s 10/20 public forum

Below is the first of forty-three pages summarizing the results of the Townwide Master Planning  Committee’s public forum held 10/20/19, at which over 120 residents shared a community dinner and jointly outlined our town’s issues.

Read the whole report here 20191107-DP-0-Medfield-Public-Forum-#1-SUMMARY

Take the 5 minute visioning survey

From Town Planner, Sarah Raposa, for the Townwide Master Planning  Committee  –

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5-Minute Visioning Survey (follow-up to forum for folks who couldn’t attend):


Open Space & recreation Plan Update Survey:



Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner


TWMPC Public Forum Sunday night

The Townwide Master Planning  Committee held its first public forum last night to hear from residents as to what residents feel are our town’s issues.  Over 100 citizens gathered for a community dinner and brainstorming session at the Blake Middle School cafeteria to discuss:

  • our favorite things about Medfield,
  • our least favorite things,
  • what is missing,
  • the issues we see, and
  • what can be done to improve the town.

I included the sheets that Casey compiled of what our table discussed, how we voted, and at the end our tally.  The dots are the five votes each person at the table got to use with respect to each of the three topics on which we voted.


Townwide Master Planning Committee

Public Forum

October 20, 2019

Our Table


  1. Favorite things – (& # of votes received)
    1. Open spaces 8
    2. Schools 7
    3. Safety 7
    4. Small town 6
    5. Library 6
    6. Rural ambiance 5
    7. SWAP 5
    8. Government participation 4
    9. Engaged citizens 4
    10. Sports (fields) 4
    11. Volunteer opportunities 1

  1. Least favorite
    1. High taxes 12
    2. Lack of empty nester houses 10
    3. Non-existent tax base 9
    4. Traffic 6
    5. Delay & procrastination 5
    6. Lack of sidewalks 5
    7. No indoor sports facility 5
    8. Town meeting 4
    9. Lack of diversity 3
    10. Poor snow removal 3
    11. Stress of kids in schools 1

  1. Missing
    1. Public transportation
    2. Sidewalks
    3. Trader Joe’s
    4. Commercial tax base
    5. Entertainment
    6. Empty nester housing
    7. Senior housing
    8. Indoor sports facility
    9. Well maintained open spaces
    10. Town buildings do not recycle

  1. Important Issues
    1. Opportunities
      1. Medfield State Hospital
      2. Expand commercial base
    2. Challenges
      1. Aging senior population
      2. Growing school age population
      3. Desires versus budgets
      4. Tax base
      5. Senior flight
      6. Senior appreciation
      7. Traffic and parking

  1. Improvements needed (# of vote first)
    1. 15 – Start Medfield State Hospital development
    2. 11 – Balance needs of different demographics (elderly versus school age)
    3. 8 – Reduce traffic congestion
    4. 7 – expand senior center
    5. 7 – rail trail
    6. 4 – more outdoor activities


Community dinner & conversation about our future – 5PM Sunday

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That last post was intended to be scheduled for Sunday AM, not released right away.  The Townwide Master Planning  Committee community dinner and planning event is this Sunday at 5PM at the Blake Middle School.


Medfield’s Townwide Master Plan Honor Our Past – Build Our Future Join us in a once in a generation opportunity…. To help shape the future of Our Town. YOU ARE INVITED… to the 1st Town-wide Master Planning Public Forum Join your friends and neighbors in crafting a vision and goals for Medfield’s future. Your input will be the basis upon which an Action Plan will be developed to guide future decision-making. WHEN: Sunday, October 20, 2019 @ 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM WHERE: Blake Middle School Dinner: available free of charge to all who attend. Free Raffle: All attendees are automatically entered. A Master Plan is an important opportunity to think about: How can we make Medfield an even better place to live, work and play? Join your neighbors in shaping the future of our Town! What is A Master Plan? • A basis for decisionmaking for future development • A process leading to a plan of action based on a town’s shared values and goals • A set of priorities for addressing the full range of issues facing a town Medfield’s Townwide Master Plan Honor Our Past – Build Our Future How can a master plan help increase a municipality’s financial efficiency? • Identify priorities • Identify potential funding opportunities • Master Plan makes municipality eligible for grants • Identify low-hanging fruit • Recommend public/private partnerships where relevant • Master plan process can lead to partnerships and resource sharing • Identifies opportunities for regionalization of services and/or facilities Why Plan? • Take stock, review objectives, direction and priorities • Examine resource allocation: existing and optimal • Last complete plan - 1997 • Be proactive and affect future decision making • Support eligibility for grant programs and public funds What to preserve? What to change? Concerns? Improvements? Ensure that Medfield’s desirable features are preserved and challenges are addressed. “But I like things the way they are… “ Doing nothing doesn’t mean nothing will change. For more information please see:



Eat & plan- tonight at 5PM

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Plan & dine Sunday 5PM

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