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Tribute to Mike Sullivan

Medfield TV’s Olivia Deval, a senior at Medfield High School and soon to be Babson student, crafted a nice video tribute to Michael Sullivan, that was played at the start of the annual town meeting (ATM) last night, resulting in a standing ovation of appreciation for Mike.  Our first town meeting without Mike for the last 44 years.


Annual town meeting (ATM)

Through a technology failure last night, my photo did not get posted last night, so here is that post again with the photo.


The ATM moved along quickly. Not much controversy. All articles passed.

The greatest controversy seemed to be residents wanting the selectmen to spend $15,000 instead of the $1,000 that was recommended on such town improvements as the Board of Selectmen saw fit. $1,000 won out, and the budget was balanced without an over ride.  I estimated that one passing by about 60%-40%.

Water donated by CVS and distributed by the Medfield Foundation.

Along with spare controversies at the ATM, there was also sparse attendance.

Town Meeting



The ATM moved along quickly. Not much controversy. All articles passed.

The greatest controversy seemed to be residents wanting the selectmen to spend $15,000 instead of the $1,000 that was recommended. $1,000 won out, and the budget was balanced without an over ride.

Water donated by CVS and distributed by the Medfield Foundation.

Stop River

The Stop River this morning – Medfield acting as the sponge that keeps Boston from flooding.

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scouts Alex Hissong, Chris Johnson, and Collin Judge at today’s Court of Honor at the UCC this afternoon.

Town Meeting Monday – 7PM

From the Moderator, Scott McDermott – NB starts at 7PM, not 7:30

2019 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING INVITATION Friends and neighbors: When spring comes to Medfield, it becomes my pleasure to invite you to attend our Annual Town Meeting next Monday evening, April 29, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Amos Clark Kingsbury High School gymnasium. Please note that 7:00pm is our new starting time. I encourage all voters to come to Town Meeting. Together we are the legislative branch. Our collective determinations next Monday continue to set the course of Medfield’s future. Our votes become local laws and regulations; the budgets approved will determine the town’s operating and capital expenditures. I’m pleased to report, compared to the last three years, the coming Town Meeting will consider a significantly smaller agenda of warrant articles. It should be a very straight- forward evening conducting the town’s business. . Thank you for your consideration of this invitation. I hope to see many of you. May we all have a great spring and summer here in our special spot on the east bank of the Charles River. All the best, Scott Scott F. McDermott Town Moderator TOWN OF MEDFIELD Scott F. McDermott Town Moderator I encourage you to review the Report on the Warrant recently mailed to every resident of Medfield. The Report contains the text of all of the articles coming before the Town Meeting. Importantly, the Report (pages 5 to 17) also contains a highly informative snapshot of Medfield’s finances. We have a special place to call our home. We value education, community, open space, safe streets and homes, the well-being of the young and the well-being of the old, quality municipal services, and the advancement of local commerce. It takes hard work and open communication to do the work of self-government. Our Annual Town Meeting, even with all of its imperfections, is the night we gather to speak with one another and deliberate as a law-making body. Please join us at Town Meeting on Monday evening. Scott New Start Time20190425-SM-Town Meeting Invitation_Page_2

BoS 4/23

See the agenda below and the backup materials here –


PLACE OF MEETING TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE I POSTED: Board or Committee DAY, DATE, AND TIME TOWN CLERK ... 8 Town Hall, Warrant Committee Room, 1st floor Tuesday April23, 2019@ 6:30PM Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room. 2nd floor Tuesday April23, 2019@ 7:00PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 6:30PM Declare meeting open 6:30PM Vote to go into Executive Session: Exemption #2: To conduct strategy session in preparation for negotiations with nonunion personnel: discussion of Police Chief contract for Michelle Guerette 7:00PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Citizen Comment Appointments 7:00PM Ron Gustavson to request permission to hold the annuai"Lions Toll Booth" Saturday May 11, 9AM to noon 7:05 PM Jay Duncan, Townwide Master Planning Committee Review and approve red-lined charter; review and approve draft RFP for distribution 7:15 PM Town Planner Sarah Raposa Discussion of zoning articles including Upper Spring Street Overlay District 7:30 PM Maurice Goulet, DPW Director Discuss proposed policy for Transfer Station Stickers Action Items Vote to sign Mayrock LIP Application and LIP MOU DPW Director Maurice Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to sign: FEMA Contract regarding March 13, 2018 Winter Snowstorm Contract with Stumpy's Tree Service, term April 23, 2019 through December 31, 2020 (Town Counsel reviewed) Megan Sullivan, Chair Transfer Station and Recycling Committee requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Cheryl Dunlea as a member of the Committee Resident Michelle Gaudet requests permission to hold a fund raising car wash behind Town Hall this summer, date TBD, to benefit Save Children with Autism Uganda Town Accountant requests the Selectmen vote to approve Fraud Risk Assessment Policy Kingsbury Pond Committee requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Rick Ebbs and Angela Filice to the Committee Selectmen are requested to proclaim Friday April 26, 2019 as Arbor Day in Medfield and to sign the Proclamation Town Administrator requests the Selectmen sign the Solar installation contract Town Administrator requests the Selectmen vote to sign Abacus contract for Parks and Recreation feasibility study Town Administrator requests the Selectmen vote to approve and sign insurance proposal for state hospital property Selectmen are requested to approve and sign Police Chief Employment Agreement for Michelle Guerette Selectmen are requested to vote to sign Eagle Scout citations for Alexander Jason Hissong, Christopher Liam Johnson, Collin Robert Judge. Eagle Court of Honor will be held on Saturday April 27 at the United Church of Christ at 1:00PM Review and vote on Town Meeting Articles rc 0 -ci-1 ---r ..,. ~-- - - rr1 .. }'20190423-agenda_Page_220190423-agenda_Page_3

Medfield Clean-Up Days 4/27 & 4/28

From the Medfield DPW –


Posted on: April 18, 2019

Medfield Clean Up Days

Medfield Clean Up Day Flyer 2019

Volunteers Needed! Take pride in your community and help clean up litter in your neighborhoods, parks, schools, and public buildings. Bring a Team! Ask your friends and co-workers! This is a great community service opportunity!  A few days prior to the event you can visit the Town Hall at 459 Main Street for your Medfield Clean Up Day Recycled Trash Bags as well as litter locations where we need your help!

For more information and a list of locations please call the DPW Office at 508 906-3003.

Medfield man indicted

Department of Justice Press Release 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Massachusetts and Louisiana Men Charged in Business Email Compromise Scheme

BOSTON – A Medfield man and Louisiana man were charged today in federal court in Boston in connection with an international business email compromise scheme that defrauded companies of almost $900,000.

Paul M. Iwuanyanwu, 39, of Medfield, and Larry Brown Jr., 37, of Lafayette, La., were indicted for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Iwuanyanwu was also charged with one count of money laundering.

Iwuanyanwu and Brown allegedly worked with others to breach the email systems of companies and install unauthorized computer programs that diverted company emails to accounts controlled by Iwuanyanwu and Brown’s co-conspirators. As a result, all emails sent by or to the companies were first routed through the email accounts where co-conspirators could view the messages. Co-conspirators also had the ability to send and respond to emails as if they were representatives of the companies.

It is alleged that Iwuanyanwu, Brown, and others, used this unauthorized access to companies’ email accounts to cause the companies to redirect almost $900,000 in payments intended for legitimate business operations to bank accounts controlled by Iwuanyanwu and Brown.

The charge of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud provides for a sentence of no greater than 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000, or twice the gross gain or loss. The charge of money laundering charge provides for a sentence of no greater than 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $250,000, or twice the value of the criminally derived property. Sentences are imposed by a federal district court judge based upon the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

You Should Know

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Foodborne Illnesses Can Have Lifelong Consequences

Millions of people are sickened by foodborne illnesses each year, and about 128,000 Americans are hospitalized. Symptoms usually last from one to seven days, and include intestinal pain, vomiting, fever and even backaches. Most often, patients have a few uncomfortable days and then jump back into life after the acute pain has ended. But did you know that foodborne illnesses can cause lifetime repercussions? Kidney failure, chronic arthritis and brain damage are just some of the consequences that can develop after succumbing to a foodborne illness.

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Why Are Foodborne Illness Outbreaks on the Rise?

Lettuce Tomatoes

Last year was one for the record books at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They investigated more foodborne illness outbreaks than during any year in the past decade. Norovirus is on the rise, along with other illnesses like salmonella and E. coli. Around 3,000 Americans die from diseases transmitted through food each year.

So what does this mean for the U.S. consumer who wants to just eat a darn salad without any trips to the bathroom – or the hospital? This month, you should know what foods to watch out for, how to prevent foodborne illness in your own home and why an increase in reported outbreaks might actually be good news.



According to the CDC, about 3,000 Americans die from a foodborne illness every year.


The CDC in Action

This video shows how the CDC investigates and solves foodborne illness outbreaks using three types of data.



Here are 11 foods that caused illness last year, including a couple of surprising culprits. Pistachios?!

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