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More on river issue

More emails about the river problem –

From: “William Kingsbury”

Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 8:04 AM
Subject: RE: Report of fish kill on Charles River

I spoke to Dino from DEP last night @ 10 and he said they had taken samples from Norfolk and were sending them to the Lab & hoped to have results in the morning of what it might be………he asked if I would go back at first light to see it the problem still existed……..

Went back this morning at 5:15 and it was still noticeable from the bridge on RT27 and I did observe a few dead fish….I called DEP and spoke to Mike Leblanc and reported my observation, he stated they hoped to get the lab reports back but they will be regrouping this morning @ 8 to discuss their next plan of action…….I checked our other bridge locations and the problem was still there but not as noticeable (my opinion)

Before I left yesterday the DEP personnel that were looking at the fish felt they had been dead for 3-4 days


From: Mike Sullivan

Subject: Report of fish kill on Charles River
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 21:44:05 -0400

I just got back from Norfolk. Chiefs Kingsbury and Meaney were there also, along with Norfolk, Norfolk prison, state and federal environmental specialists. They expect to spend most of their time in Norfolk and wil contact Chief Kingsbury if they plan to come back to Medfield. Before going to Norfolk, I went down to the Stop River at the Causeway. There was a sheen on that river and an odor, which could have been sewerage or could have been decaying vegetation. A few dead fish were observed in the vicinity of the Sherborn town line. As a precaution the water dept shut down well # 6 this evening and will evaluate the situation in the morning if and when more information is available. They may also add chlorine to the water from well # 6 if they decide to turn it back on. At this point, their is no evidence that whatever is causing the problem on the river has affected the water supply. We draw from about 85′ below ground We will be monitoring the situation and testing the water. We also draw water from the Neponset Watershed and so we do have a backup supply. Since I started writing this Chief Meaney and Kris have arrived and he is responding to a request for information from Theresa Knapp and Kris is talking to Willis and he will notify the other board members.  At this point what is happening is speculation and we will have to wait for testing results from state and federal officials, but it appears that the problem is probably occurring upstream from Medfield (given the testing sites chosen). Precautions have been taken to protect our water supply. If we hear anything more we will let you know right away. Mike

BoS agenda for 7/2

Tuesday July 2,2013 @ 7:00 PM


7:00 PM Historical Commission, Dan Bibel Co-chairman
Discuss preservation and re-use of significant historic properties

7: 15 PM Kingsbury Pond / Grist Mill Committee
Updates regarding committee’s activities

Vote to award Salt Shed contract
Vote to grant a common victualler permit to Medfield Donuts II, Inc., 563 Main Street, Michael Cavallo owner

Representative appointment to Tri-County Regional High School
Economic Development Committee
Goals for upcoming year
Update regarding fence at post office

DEP in area – River problem may originate in Norfolk

Email from Kristine Trierwieler –

6/27/2013 4:58PM
River Issue
Trierweiler, Kristine
DEP is at the station now and they are headed out into the field. It appears
to be originating in Norfolk.

Kristine Trierweiler, AICP
Assistant Town Administrator
Town of Medfield
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052
(P) (508) 906-3011
(F) (508) 359-6182

Fish Kill on Charles River

Email from Mike Sullivan –

6/27/2013 4:16PM
Fish Kill on Charles River

We’ve just been notified of a fish kill on the Charles River. There are a large number of dead fish and a blue oily sheen on the Charles River. The worst area appears to be around Route 109. Medfield (Fire Dept) and Sherborn are putting out booms to try to contain it as much as possible Dep is on the way to investigate. given the extent and the location it would not appear that it has anything to do with the State Hospital clean-up.
Kris spoke to DCAM and there is nothing going on at the hospital involving the clean-up. We were notified by our police dept and by DEP and we are notifying Leslee Willits (conservation), Bob MacDonald (treatment plant).
If we hear anything more on this we will keep you advised. We are here until 7:30 tonight anyway so we’ll be around. Mike

8th grade graduation

Great, great, great kids.
Hot, hot, hot event.

State budget appears resolved

The Statehouse News is reporting that (NB new tax on software)  –


STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JUNE 25, 2013….House and Senate leaders struck a deal on Tuesday night to raise taxes by $500 million to fund short and long-term investments in the state’s aging highway and transit system, directing enough new revenue to the MBTA to forestall immediate fare increases and providing what lawmakers consider to be enough new funding to facilitate future expansion projects.

The House and Senate could vote on the bill as early as Wednesday when both branches will be in session.

The conference committee proposal, which is not be subject to amendment from lawmakers, would raise the gas tax by 3 cents a gallon and tie future increases to inflation. The per-pack tax on cigarettes would increase by $1, and lawmakers hope to collect $161 million by applying the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax to computer system design services, and $83 million from changes to the utility classification and sales sourcing for tax reporting.

The bill would require the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to come up with plans to toll additional roads, including border tolls, and appropriate $100,000 for an advisory council to help MassDOT develop a statewide asset management system.

Legislative leaders believe the plan will provide enough additional financial support to shore up the MBTA and MassDOT operations in the near-term, while also allowing for projects like the Green Line extension to Medford and South Coast rail to move forward.

Though the tax on software services was included in both the House and Senate bills and not subject to the most recent negotiations, Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation President Michael Widmer blasted its inclusion in the bill, suggesting lawmakers have failed to grasp it full impact.

“State leaders could hardly have chosen a more perfect tax to undercut the future of the Massachusetts economy. This is the most sweeping computer and software services tax in the nation. It strikes at the heart of the state’s innovation economy and will stifle job creation for years to come,” Widmer told the News Service.

He estimated software design businesses will pay as much as $500 million in new taxes under the deal, far more than the $160 million lawmakers are expecting.

House Ways and Means Chair Brian Dempsey and Senate Ways and Means Chair Stephen Brewer were not available to comment on the accord, but the contours of the plan mirror those presented by House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray in April, according to a summary obtained by the News Service.

The six-member conference committee – tasked with negotiating a compromise between the previously passed House and Senate versions of the bill – also accepted Senate-backed provisions that would direct up to $805 million in additional state spending to transportation needs by 2018. The concession from the House could help mitigate a threat from Gov. Deval Patrick to veto the bill if it insufficiently funded transportation.

To reach the higher new spending level on transportation, the House agreed to Senate-approved measures to sweep the underground storage tank removal fund of surplus revenues collected through a 2.5 cent per gallon surcharge on gas, and to require utilities to pay the state the fair market value for the use of rights-of-way on highways where they own infrastructure, such as poles.

The bill was filed in time Tuesday night to allow consideration of the bill on Wednesday without suspending legislative rules aimed at fostering transparency and time for lawmakers to review bills before voting on them. Dempsey, Brewer, Sen. Thomas McGee and Rep. William Straus all signed off on the agreement, while the Republican conferees Sen. Robert Hedlund and Rep. Steven Howitt did not sign the bill.

Gov. Patrick called the House bill a “pretend fix” to the state’s infrastructure problems when it passed in April and threatened to veto the measure if it got to his desk. He softened to the Senate’s version, however, and said last week on the radio he expects to be able to sign a law that approached $800 million in new transportation spending.

Patrick is in California visiting his daughter and new grandson, and his office did not have an immediate comment on the compromise.
The House and Senate tax bills (H 3415/S 1770) were sent to conference committee on April 22 after the House tax bill passed 97-55. The Senate bill was approved 30-5.

The conference committee bill would also close the budget gap at the T in fiscal 2014, avoiding the need for a second year of fare increases and service cuts, and envisions moving all MassDOT employees off the capital budget over three years.

Regional transit authorities would be forward funded starting in 2014 under the proposal. MassDOT and the MBTA would be required to generate their own new revenue sources and savings over the life of the five-year plan to meet spending expectations.

The Patrick administration, which proposed as much as a $1 billion in new transportation revenue and spending in its budget, has questioned whether multiple major transportation funding goals can be accomplished with less new revenue, and has even held up $150 million in local road funding as it waits to review the compromise bill.


Serving the working press since 1910


Town Clerk,  Carol Mayer, told me that the Medfield League of Women Voters donated to the town three election banners, one of which hung across Main Street by the railroad tracks this past week.  The other two banners are for the annual town meeting (ATM) and the town elections.

State voter turn out = 27%

Medfield turn out – 37%


Massachusetts special election for US senator today.  Medfield polls at The Center are open until 8 PM.

BTW, Medfield always seems to open its polls at 6 AM, and hour earlier than others.

Bob Maguire recognition

The dinner to recognize and thank Bob Maguire for his twenty-two years of exemplary service to the Town of Medfield schools was a rollicking good time last night as a myriad of speakers both recounted and roasted Bob for his caring and his successes.  Richard Shapiro started things off with the incredibly humorous history of Bob’s tenure, focusing especially on Bob’s long anguish over whether Richard Shapiro or Richard DeSorgher was the bigger pain in the ass for him.

Commonwealth Connect launched

Massachusetts has partnered with to create a version called Commonwealth Connect, especially for Massachusetts towns.  Medfield needs to get into this program.  See the details by clicking here.