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BoS minutes for 3-19-13

Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2013
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Thompson, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

7:00 PM PUBLIC HEARING, Earth Removal Permit application
Applicant Michael Lueders dba West Mill Street, LLC Mr. Leuders presented a set of plans and explained to the Selectmen that his intent is to convert the property located at 30 West Mill Street from a concrete plant to garage and office space from which to operate his lawn and tree care business that is currently located at 27 Brook Street. At the West Street location John Santucci will use part of the property for materials processing. It is necessary to remove piles of loam, gravel and sand to open the space for the construction of the business. At the end of the discussion a motion was made by Selectmen Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson and it was

VOTED unanimously to grant an earth removal permit to West Mill Street LLC, Michael Lueders owner subject to Earth Removal Regulations

The Council requests the Selectmen vote to execute a letter confirming that the Council is an appOinted committee in Medfield. The Council would like to raise funds to expand programs in town and this letter would be given to the donors. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to execute a letter acknowledging that the Cultural Council is an appointed Town committee authorized to fundraise and receive tax deductible donations .

The Warrant Committee requests the Selectmen open the warrant to place an article to transfer funds from free cash to the reserve fund account. On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was

VOTED unanimously to open the 2013 Warrant to add article to transfer funds from Free Cash to the Reserve Fund Account

On a motion made and seconded it was VOTED unanimously to close the 2013 Warrant

Resident Richard DeSorgher submitted a letter of resignation from the Downtown Study Committee, Committee to Study Memorials and the Medfield Historical Commission. He has been a member ofthe Historical Commission for 30 years and served 26 years on the Committee to Study Memorials. Mr. DeSorgher is a candidate for selectmen, election to be held March 25, 2013.

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was Voted unanimously to accept Richard DeSorgher’s resignation with the deepest regrets

VOTED unanimously to accept the March 5, 2013 meeting minutes with revisions

Ms. Trierweiler said that she is postponing the discussion of Arbor Day until the next meeting

Committee member Susan Bernstein explained that as it is difficult for some committee members to meet earlier in the evening before the Library closing time of 6 PM, the committee requests the use of a meeting room in Town Hall the 2nd Monday of the month moving forward.  Town Counsel advised the Board that you may be setting a precedent for other groups that request permisSion to meet in Town Hall. Mr. Sullivan agreed; it could be interpreted as an implied endorsement. Ms. Bernstein responded that as the Democratic Committee is on an election ballot it sets them apart from other organizations. At the end of a short discussion Mr. Fisher made a motion, seconded by Mr. Peterson and it was

VOTED to allow the Medfield Democratic Committee to use a meeting room in Town Hall on the second Monday of April, May, September, October and November 2013

7:30 PM Public Hearing, Warrant Committee’s Annual Warrant Hearing

Selectmen resume their meeting at 8:25 PM


VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day wine & malt beverage permit for March 23 event “Reception to Honor Ann Thompson” to be held at the CENTER 1-5PM

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Music Association to post signs promoting Annual Jazz Night on April 26 at the high school auditorium

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to Norfolk Mosquito Control to land at the Route 27 landfill site for annual larvicide applications

VOTED unanimously to grant Council on Aging a one-day wine & malt beverage permit for two events; March 27, 2013 Supper Club and April 17 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Baptist Church permission to use the Town Gazebo for a Gospel Concert on Saturday June 8, 2013, time to be determined

Ms. Trierweiler reported that the Hospital Mediation Committee requests a meeting with the Selectmen in executive session at the close of the Board’s April 16 meeting. The Selectmen agreed.

Mr. Fisher reported that he enjoyed the Blue & Gold Banquet, the Magician put on a terrific show. The Medfield Foundation’s Volunteers ofthe Year event garnered a large audience and it was really very nice.

Selectman Peterson participated in “Reads across America” and had a great time with the students. He reported that the Permanent Building Committee has been very active meeting to discuss the proposed town garage; the Lyme Disease Study Committee met last night. He mentioned that Medfield Cares about Prevention (MCAP) grant application is due to be submitted this week. Dawn Alcott has worked very hard putting together the material seeking the $625,000 funding. Mr. Peterson said that the Medfield Foundation is very pleased about the Town embracing the volunteer award program. The work that each of the nominees perform is extraordinary. He went on to say that next year he will try not to have the program run so long.

Selectman Thompson said that there is a time to come and a time to go. This is my time to go.
I truly appreciate the Town giving me the opportunity to serve as Selectmen for 30 years.
Thanks to everybody for allowing me to take part in so many capacities. Thanks to all you guys
who put up with me. To my family and friends who put up with me doing it.
I appreciate the honor of receiving the Lifetime achievement award and mostly to be
nominated by a great group of people; Don Hayes, Aditi Thatte, Deborah Kelsey and Mike
Come May my first great grandchild is due. I’ll let you know when the baby arrives. My sincere
sympathy goes out to the family of Ralph DiGiacomo.
Mrs. Thompson went on to recall the highs and lows of being a selectman: she made good
friends with the 11 selectmen who sat beside her through the years; worked on the library
building to have more meeting space; taught CPR, was an EMT for 17 years and knows that she
March 19, 2013
Page four
saved at least three or four lives; a low point was when there was a surprise write-in campaign
for Mark Wilson. The numbers were so close we had to have a recount. When Bob Larkin and
Ken Childs were on the Board the meetings started at 5 PM. A high point came at the recent
Foundation’s award ceremony having Don Hayes ask “What does Ann Thompson, Lindsay
Lohan, O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson and Zsa Zsa Gabor have in common … we all did community
Paul Hinkley and I disagreed on issues but at one meeting we agreed and he said that the world
is about to come to an end; Bob Larkin had never served with a woman on a board so he called
me “The Madam” until he found out what it meant. Bob was excited about a new pair of shoes
he was wearing while marching in one of the Town’s parade that is until he stepped in a mess
from one ofthe horses.
Fred Rogers, if I made a vote he didn’t like my phone would ring the next morning and he would
chew me out. He always had a “Ann Thompson for Selectman” bumper sticker on his
wheelchair. I have the highest admiration for him.
Thanks to Medfield for allowing me to serve all these years.
The Board of Selectmen thanked Ann for her 30 years of service and presented her with a
bouquet of 30 roses one for each year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

BoS agenda for 4/2

AGENDA (Subiect to change)

7:00 PM Town Clerk Carol Mayer
Swear-in newly elected Town Officials

Board of Selectmen Reorganize

7:10 PM Ron Griffin, Veterans; Service Officer
Discuss 2013 warrant article regarding Veterans Work Off Program

7:20 PM Nancy Tella, Medfield Garden Club President
Discuss proposed Garden Club projects

7:30 PM Parks and Recreation
Discuss FY2014 budget

Vote to sign April 30, 2013 Warrant for Special Town Election and Warrant for Special State Primary

Invitation to attend Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Matthew R.  Woodard on Saturday April 27, 2013 at the United Church of Christ

Review 2013 Warrant Articles


Historical Society

The Medfield Historical Society’s e-newsletter has become a true pleasure to receive and read.  Kudos to JoEllen Collins, whom I think is its editor.  Use the above link to connect to the April one.

On being a selectman

Busy week with lots of time demands –

  • Saturday – excellent 3 hour session put together by Bob McDonald, Chief Operator of the Waste Water Treatment Plant on installing alternative energy around town, including a solar PV array at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Superintendent finalists – lunch Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with the three finalists.  I was glad that one selectman was able to attend, and that I now have great confidence in the person who will be leading our schools.
  • Energy Committee Tuesday evening to discuss the Saturday Waste Water Treatment Plant program, and future inititives.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) explanation at Medfield High School Wednesday evening.
  • Downtown Study Committee last night to hear about the cost to bury utility lines in the downtown.  Comcast representative estimated the costs at $100,000 – 125,000/1,000′ for Comcast, slightly more for Verizon, and a lot more, $1m./1,000′, for NSTAR.
  • Medfield State Hospital Development Committee last night too, to mainly discuss demolition costs of the buildings, town control of site by purchasing it, and how to respond to DCAM’s letter offering to sell the Medfield State Hospital site to the town on vague terms.  A follow up discussion with DCAM is required to clarify the DCAM terms.   Bill Massaro’s rough estimates to demolish all the building at the Medfield State Hospital were $2.3 m. if done without complying with prevailing wage laws, but $7.3 m. if prevailing wages had to be paid (I.e. – if it were done by the town).

China trip

From Chris McCue Potts –

China bound: a trip like no other

Photos (3)

If you’re a parent going away for April vacation, packing up the entire family might seem like a big headache. Imagine if you were going half-way across the world with 22 musicians and their instruments?

The Medfield High School Jazz Band is getting ready for its big trip to China, and Music Director Doug Olsen takes one look at his to-do list and simply says, “It’s overwhelming. We’ve never taken a music trip of this magnitude.”

Besides the usual luggage and carry-on bags, the China packing list includes 23 Passports and Visas, binders of sheet music for performances in Bengbu, Beijing and Shanghai, plus an array of instruments of all shapes, sizes (and sounds), including trumpets, trombones, saxophones, cymbals, vibes and a guitar, as well as music stands. To Olsen’s relief, a piano, drums, and additional instruments will be provided in China for the band.

Ten years ago, the Roosevelt High School Jazz Band out of Seattle, made a similar trip to China and had to ship its largest instruments overseas, including piano and upright bass, only to find them quarantined for four days. Olsen has been talking to other band directors who have made the journey to China to gain a better idea how to prepare for the trip and what to expect.

“With all of our stuff, I have a feeling we’ll make quite a scene when we collect our baggage in China,” said Olsen, who’s been spending a lot of his time Skyping with his counterparts on the other side of the world, fielding calls from parents with a long list of questions, and with Superintendent Bob Maguire and EF Tours to figure out logistics, including buses between cities, dining options, and sightseeing ideas for the limited free time the band will have.

But even before leaving its beloved USA, the Jazz Band has had the chance to immerse itself in Asian-inspired jazz music in practice sessions and performances with modern jazz composer/conductor Alan Chan, and renowned Chinese composer and erhu musician Yang Ying, who has created a piece for the Jazz Band to perform at the high-profile Chinese Language Conference in Boston on Sunday, April 7, as well as on tour in China. (You can learn about Ying and the commissioned Medfield piece on her Website.)  Chan will also be meeting up with the Jazz Band in Shanghai to conduct a performance there.

Despite the enormous task of preparing for the Jazz Band’s inaugural overseas music trip, there’s one thing Olsen doesn’t have to worry about: paying the bills. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign by the Medfield Music Association, Jazz Band families and band members, $25,000 was raised for financial aid, instrument and performance expenses, and other music-tour costs. Jazz Band families are paying their own share of the trip expenses too.

Once spending money is in hand, the bus is fully loaded with luggage and instruments, and chaperones are on board directing the show, the Medfield High School Jazz Band will be set for the trip of a lifetime.

And while parents may be forced to wave their sons and daughters goodbye from the Medfield High School parking lot in the early morning hours of April 12, they’ll be able to follow the trip through Doug Olsen’s Twitter feeds (MusicMedfield). The Medfield community is invited to follow along too.

On April 26, just five days after the band returns from China, Jazz Night attendees will not only have the chance to hear great music, but they’ll also hear first-hand about the China trip from the new International Medfield High School Jazz Band! For event information, click here.

Want to see what’s on the Jazz Band packing list? Take a look:

21 music stands

22 binders of sheet music

6 saxophones

4 trombones

5 trumpets

2 clarinets

2 flutes

6 cymbals

1 cowbell

2 claves

1 conga drum

1 vibraphone set with special case

10 drum sticks

1 guitar

1 electric bass

1 repair kit

1 tuner

45 “China Tour” t-shirts (check out the design)

23 passports & VISAs

23 sets of luggage

23 carry-on bags

23 packages of assorted gifts for host families and school partners, including Hershey Chocolate, a huge hit!

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Hazardous waste day 4/6

From the DPW –



@ The Highway Garage

55 No.Meadow Road




9AM – 1PM


Oils, oil paint, (not latex) pesticides, herbicides, banned chemicals, photographic chemicals, brake fluid, antifreeze, un-usable gasoline



MTS Sticker Required


Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP)’s grant application to the Federal government seeking $625,000 funding over five years has been submitted for the second straight year.  Dawn Alcott, Director of Medfield Youth Outreach, and Dr. Susan Andersen-Navalta of McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, a Medfield resident, took the lead to prepare the grant application again this year.

MCAP is a coalition formed to eliminate substance abuse amongst young people in Medfield.  MCAP has been holding monthly meetings for almost two years.

Needham and Natick have both already received the grants.  Medfield resident Carol Read is the grant funded staff person in the Needham program, and have been hugely helpful to MCAP by sharing how the Needham effort has progressed and what they have done that has been successful.

2nd superintendent interview

Today I again lunched with one of the three finalist candidates for the superintendent position.  Today it was Glen Brand, currently the assistant superintendent in Sharon.  Yesterday it was John Fallon, currently the assistant superintendent in Milton.  The third and final lunch time interview is Thursday.

Former red house next to the Beehive

Second house next to the Beehive was also demolished this past week.  There are for sale signs in front of both, so the owner must be looking to sell lots.  It is a big parcel, much wet, but I seem to recall being told that uses are limited to use of the existing house footprint.