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Selectman Office Hours on July 11

Since The Center is closed on July 4, I will instead hold my regular monthly office hours at The Center on July 11 from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.  Residents are welcome to stop by to talk in person about any town matters.  Residents can also have coffee and see the Council on Aging in action (a vibrant organization with lots going on).  Peterson can be reached via 508-359-9190 or his blog about Medfield matters, where any schedule changes will be posted.

New town service?

Island at Harding and Hospital this morning.  Are the college kids back for the summer yet?
[ end]

Odyssey House field

Post-demolition view of the site of the former Odyssey House at the MSH today.  DCAMM went back and forth over whether it would do the demolition or not, and eventually agreed to do so as part of the mediation of the environmental clean up. 

I was impressed that DCAMM required the contractor to bring in loam, which means it will soon be a field.

Swap Saturday

The swap area is highly organized this year, and pictured are stalwart volunteers, from the left, Mike Clancy, Leslie Colella, Mary Pat McSharry, and Nancy Irwin.

Nancy reports that volunteer assistance is needed, especially from 9-10 and 2-3:30.  There is also the need for some young person who might be willing to deliver large items and help the recipients move the large items into homes.  Could be a summer job opportunity, like a Medfield Uber type delivery service.

I found two really nice "Pete" hats at the swap (really Pittsburgh Pirates, I think), but put them down to help with something and never saw them again.

BoS agenda for 7/1

Light summer schedule for selectmen –

Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 2•a floor Tuesday July I, 2014@7:00 PM

7:00 PM David Lawson, Norfolk County Mosquito Control
Request location to place bee hives

Vote to authorize Chairman Peterson sign Appropriation Transfer for Inspection Department in the amount of$700.00

Vote to authorize Chairman Peterson and Town Administrator Sullivan to sign contracts and authorize expenditures for Energy Manager Grant

Other business that may arise

Requested Under The Provsions Of Chapter 77 of the Acts of2006
amends M.G.L. Chapter 44 section 33B
(Requests allowed at fiscal year end, May, June, and the first 15 days of July)

Board of Selectmen & Warrant Committee
Town of Medfield

Request is hereby made for the following transfer in accordance with Chapter 77 of the Acts of
2006 amending Chapter 44, Section 33B of the Massachusetts General Laws to avoid appropriation
Transfer from:  01-241-1-510100  Inspectors Salary Expense
Transfer to:  01-241-2-570010  Car Allowance I Mileagev

Requested amount of transfer:  $700.00

No more than 3% of this dept’s annual budget or $5,000, whichever is greater.

Reason for request: Unexpected repairs required for department vehicle
Tires:$ 505.00
Front end suspension: $ 498. 75
Requestmg Dept Head Signature Availability of funds:

Approved — Disapproved ——I
Number Present and Voting

Approved 5′ Disapproved 0

Number Present and Voting s:

456A Main Street
Medfield, Massachusetts 02052
To The Medfield Selectmen,
William F. Pope
Executive Director

June 27, 2014

The Zullo Gallery is requesting a one day beer & wine permit, from 5 -11 :30 pm, for three Thursdays in July and five in
August beginning July 17, 2014 . This has worked out very well in the past and gives us an opportunity to share with the
town our beautiful rooftop deck during the summer. We will be open for the Thursday evening MEMO music concerts at the

In addition we would like to request a beer/wine permit for the FIRST THURSDAYS in September, October, November and
December as we have had great success with the idea of extending our hours to be open on “First Thursday” of each month
to publicize our programs and bring more people the downtown area.

Thank you for your consideration, and tor your past support.

William F. Pope
Executive Director
Zullo Gallery Center For The Arts
All Thursdays, 5-11 :30pm:
July 17,24,31
August 1,8, 15,22,29
September 4
October 1
November 6
December 4

tel 508.359.3711 http://www.zulloaallerv.ora fax 508.359.9433 e-mail art@zullooallerv.ora

Deborah Kelsey leaving

From Gloucester Patch –

    • Gloucester hires new library director

    • emailprint
  • Deborah Kelsey. COURTESY PHOTO


    Deborah Kelsey. COURTESY PHOTO

  • Posted Jun. 26, 2014 @ 4:28 pm
    Updated Jun 26, 2014 at 5:43 PM


    The Board of Directors of the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library  announced that Deborah W. Kelsey will become its new Library Director in August. She will fill the vacancy left by former Director Carol Gray, who retired in April after 16 years, and Acting Director Freyja Sanger, who will return to her position as assistant director.

    Kelsey, a native of Essex, is currently the library director at the Memorial Public Library in Medfield, Massachusetts, a position she has held since 2008.

    She was the unanimous and enthusiastic selection of the Director Search Committee, which included members of the Library and Lyceum Boards, the City of Gloucester personnel director, regional library professionals and community leaders.

    According to Scott Memhard, president of the Sawyer Free Library Board of Directors, “In Medfield, Deborah provided leadership and vision for a busy public library, building strong community engagement, high circulation, public programming for all ages, innovative technology solutions, and creative staff mentoring and development. We look forward to welcoming and embracing Deborah here in Gloucester, and to her bold leadership implementing our Strategic Plan.”

    That plan, developed last year by the Library board and staff with community input, aims to make the Sawyer Free Library a more welcoming place to meet Gloucester’s rapidly evolving needs, as well as a center of innovation and community activity.

    Barbara Braver, a member of the Sawyer Free Library board who served on the Search Committee, noted: “Although the Committee had a very talented pool of applicants from which to chose, it was obvious to us all from the outset that Deborah’s significant gifts made her the standout candidate.”

    Mary Jane McGlennon, a past Board President who also helped with the search, concurred: “This is an exciting moment for the Library and for Gloucester.”

    In her career, Kelsey has also served in various professional capacities at libraries in Natick, Framingham, Wayland, and Needham. She is the immediate past president of the New England Library Association, and a Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Certified Professional Librarian. She holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons College, and a BA from University of Connecticut, Storrs.

    Kelsey told the Search Committee that “smelling the salt in the air as I was driving into Gloucester, felt like coming home…” She said she looks forward to coming to Gloucester as the capstone of her professional career, further developing the Sawyer Free Library as a space where “the community gathers for inspiration, learning, meeting, and performance”.

    Memhard said that among Kelsey’s immediate objectives will be working with the library’s board, staff and volunteers to review the library’s collections for relevance; revamping the building’s public and staff spaces; overseeing installation of a mod

Rep. Garlick on MSH legislation

This email from Represenative Garlick with the account on the passage in the House of the Medfield State Hospital purchase legislation and her amendment to re-insert the emergency preamble.

From: “Garlick, Denise – Rep (HOU)”
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 4:49 PM

Dear Mike and through you to the Board of Selectmen,

The House of Representatives engrossed the MSH bill today (see below) with an emergency preamble and it now moves to the Senate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Yours in service,

Denise C. Garlick

State Representative

13th Norfolk District
Needham, Dover and Medfield

Telephone: 617-722-2070




From: State House News Service []
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 2:55 PM



To track a bill’s legislative history or view its text, go here and enter bill number:

For more in-depth information about how a bill becomes a law, go here:

The News Service features gavel-to-gavel summaries of all sessions and audio of formal sessions on our web page:

The Legislature offers a handy glossary of parliamentary terms:

CONVENES: The House convened at 11:07 a.m. with Rep. Paul Donato (D-Medford) presiding.

PLEDGE: Members and guests rose to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

RESOLUTIONS: The House adopted a few congratulatory resolutions.

ORDERS OF THE DAY: There was no objection to proceeding with the orders of the day.

NORTHBRIDGE BRIDGE: The House engrossed S 1759 to designate a certain bridge in the town of Northbridge as the Corporal Thomas S. Perron, USMC Memorial Bridge.

HARWICK – SEWER EXTENSION: The House engrossed S 2081 relative to the financing and construction of a sanitary sewer extension in the town of Hardwick.

HOLYOKE – LAND CONVEYANCE: The House engrossed H 4113 authorizing the conveyance of certain land in the city of Holyoke.

MEDFIELD – LAND CONVEYANCE: The House adopted a Rep. Garlick amendment to H 4216, authorizing the commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain parcels of land in the town of Medfield. The House then engrossed the bill.

The chair called a brief recess. Time was 11:10 a.m.

RECESS: At 11:20 a.m., the House recessed until 1:30 p.m.

At 1:41 p.m. a photographer led a group of children and a few adults into the House chamber, where Rep. Lawn greeted them. Rep. Lawn stood on the rostrum and the guests gathered around it for a photo.

At 2:02 p.m., Rep. Donato gaveled the House to order.

INTERIM BUDGET: The House enacted H 4217 making appropriations for the fiscal year 2014. The total appropriation is $4.6 billion and the bill is designed to fund state government for 30 days.

Rep. Garlick joined Rep. Donato on the rostrum. Time was 2:19 p.m.

At 2:23 p.m., people wearing blue Massachusetts Nurses Association jackets entered the House chamber. One woman took photos of Reps. Garlick, Donato and D’Emilia on the rostrum.

Rep. Garlick took the gavel.

SAFE NURSE STAFFING: The House enacted H 4228 relative to patient limits in all hospital intensive care units.

Guests and staff clapped.

Rep. Garlick said, I would like to recognize the proponents are in the chambers. To the nurses and the hospitals, we extend our gratitude for this thoughtful work and this historic landmark legislation. (Applause)

ADJOURNS – FORMAL SESSION MONDAY: The House adjourned at 2:27 p.m. under an order calling for the next session to be held Monday at 11 a.m., a full formal session.

DISCLAIMER: Bill texts and histories are available at All votes are voice votes, unless otherwise noted. Bills ordered to third reading have been given initial approval. To engross a bill is to pass it and send it to the other branch. The last of three votes taken on bills that reach the governor’s desk is the vote on enactment. So, it’s third reading (initial approval), engrossment (passage) and enactment. The News Service coverage of legislative debate is an accurate summary of remarks, not a verbatim transcript.


Serving the working press since 1910

New energy manager position

Below is the standard ad the state’s DOER suggests towns use to fill the energy manager position that DOER is funding in Medfield via a $75,000 grant to the town for two years.  The town gets $50,000 the first year and $25,000 the second year. Mike Sullivan envisions the energy manager position morphing into a facilities manager position for the town and continuing on.

I went by the Town House last night to sign the paperwork to accept the DOER two year grant.  Kudos to Mike Sullivan for applying for and getting the grant.

BTW, Mike has been cleaning up his desk (a historic event), and I actually saw the top surface of his desk for the first time since becoming a selectman.  He said his organizing has made people suspect that he is leaving, which is not true.



Job Summary:


The successful candidate is to lead local efforts to identify, organize, fund, implement and monitor energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at municipal building facilities and public schools.

The Energy Manager will be responsible for the development, coordination, and evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable energy policies, projects, and outreach for the (City/Town). The Energy Manager will oversee development/implementation of the (City/Town’s) energy plan, manage energy efficiency and renewable energy grant funded projects, serve as liaison to the (City/Town’s) energy committee, and seek grant and other funding opportunities for reducing energy use.


Specific Responsibilities:


  • Manage energy efficiency efforts for the (City/Town)
  • Oversee all reporting associated with the Green Communities designation as applicable
  • Initiate and lead K-12 and community-wide energy education efforts within (City/Town)
  • Remain technically proficient and abreast of current technology and trends in renewable energy and energy efficiency best practices.
  • Use data from a variety of sources to make sound decisions in planning for clean energy goals





  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Experience or training in engineering, architecture, environmental studies, public policy, planning, or project management.
  • Useful certifications may include, but are not limited to: Certified Energy Manager (CEM) from Association of Energy Engineers, Building Operator Certification (BOC) from Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, and LEED certification from the US Green Building Council.

Emailed report card

Kudos to Medfield High School for emailing the report cards.  Great way for them to get us the information.

MSH bill’s emergency preamble in again

Bill Massaro’s email reports that Representative Garlick amended the MSH purchase bill to have the emergency (effecive upon signing) preamble re-inserted –


After seeing your blog item on House passage, I checked the Legislature web site.  For our H.4216 it reports that Denise Garlick had amended it to include an Emergency preamble. Not sure how this fits with John Nunnari’s report, but after it passed House , it may be on it’s way to engrossment  and then for Senate vote/passage.  So it would seem that the emergency preamble may be back in …

Westborough’s H4157 is still shown as having gone to Senate Ways and Means on 6/23  with no further status reported…