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BoS 10/16 materials

I got too busy and never got back to posting the back up materials for the meeting tomorrow night.  Here they are 20181016-agenda & materials

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE I POSTED TOWN CLERK POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER ~~~Ifttib~ 2fA ls ~~ENDED. q;:TiCF OF THE Board of Selectmen ~·:row~T CLERK Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Warrant Room, 1st floor, Executive Session Tuesday October 16, 2018 @6:00 PM Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 2°d floor Tuesday October 16, 2018 @ 7 :00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 6:00 PM Executive Session: Exemption #2: To conduct strategy session in preparation for negotiations with Nonunion personnel: discussion and possible vote on compensation and other terms and conditions of an employment agreement to be offered to new Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler Executive Session at close of meeting for discussion of pending litigation regarding LCB, both DEP and Land Court cases 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Appointments 7:05 PM Joint meeting of Board of Selectmen and School Committee to fill School Committee vacancy by special election pursuant to General Laws, Chapter 41, Section 11 Medfield Energy Committee Chairman Lee Alinsky Sign purchase and sale agreement and license with Eversource regarding LED streetlights Cyclocross Racing, resident Greg Bonnette Continued discussion regarding proposed December 8, 2018 event at state hospital site Citizen Comment Action Item Vote to authorize Town Administrator to sign Police Department Grant Application Vote to authorize Town Administrator Michael Sullivan to sign Monthly Contribution Rates for Medex 2 For time frame January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 Discuss Special Town Meeting Articles and Board of Selectmen positions on articles Pending Potential guidance to Parks and Recreation and Council on Aging Vote to authorize Chairman Marcucci to sign Town's Hazard Mitigation Plan Contract Licenses and Permits (Consent Agenda) First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church requests a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for a fundraising event to be held October 19 and 20, 2018 7:00PM to 9:00PM at the church; event is Emily, an opera about Emily Dickinson Kathy and Abe Schickel request permission to hold the 6th-A ~'R.U4'll LlJ20181016-agenda_Page_2

Eagle Scout, Ben Rothstein

Eagle Scout Court of Honor this afternoon for Ben Rothstein at the UCC.

Drinking Water Warning

Drinking Water Notification .pdf

Angel Run 2018 – Register Now


Greetings Angel Run Friends,

Join us for the 13th running (or walking) of the Angel Run on Sunday, December 2 at 12:30pm!

Registration for the MFi Angel Run is officially open. Registration is available online for $25.00 per person at and runs through October 28. Register by this date to receive the always popular commemorative Angel Run shirt. After October 28 you can still register online, however the price goes up to $30.00 per person and you will not receive a shirt.

Once again this year we will be offering bib tag timing to provide you the most accurate time possible and a special separate starting corral for competitive runners. You decide if you should belong to that group. Be sure to note this on your registration.

We’ve also got great news to share as well. With the completion of the Philips Street bridge, the Angel Run will be returning to our official 5K route. A map of the route is available when you register or on our website.

New this year – The Sleigh Division!

This year runners pushing strollers can register for the Sleigh Division. Just like Santa speeds through the night with his sleigh, we know that some of our runners speed through the streets of Medfield with their Sleighs (strollers)! Awards will be given for the top male and female runners pushing a sleigh and also for the best decorated sleigh.


Register Now!


We hope to see you there (with bells on!)


The MFi Angel Run Team

angel run runners

Food Cupboard annual meeting 11/8

Our bylaws require that we send out an announcement in advance alerting the Mediefld community to our annual meeting.

Susan Maritan


The Annual Meeting of the Medfield Food Cupboard is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th at 7:00 PM at Medfield’s Church of the Advent, 28 Pleasant St. All community members are welcome to attend.

Winter moths in check

Good ending story from WickedLocal Medfield –

UMass experts see major gains in war on winter moths

With the help of a parasitic fly, a group of Massachusetts scientists is declaring victory over the leaf-munching, tree-damaging winter moth caterpillar.

Winter moth larva, which feed on tree leaves, blueberry crops and orchards, have been responsible for the defoliation of tens of thousands of acres along the New England coast each year since the early 2000s.

But entomologists at UMass-Amherst now say the winter moth population is decreasing to non-pest levels thanks largely to the introduction of a parasitic fly native to Europe. The pest-reduction approach, known as “biological control,” is expected to save Massachusetts residents millions of dollars in future pesticide costs, according to researchers.

“After 14 years of effort, we have successfully converted winter moth, a major defoliation invading Eastern New England, into a non-pest, presumably on a permanent basis,” Joseph Elkinton, an entomologist at UMass-Amherst, said in a statement. “We have averted what was shaping up to be another major invasion calamity for the entire United States comparable to gypsy moth.”

Elkinton, along with entomologists George Boettner and Hannah Broadley, has been working toward this goal for years. In 2005, the group started collecting the flies, which prey specifically on the winter moth, and grew them in a controlled UMass lab.

The flies were released at 44 sites along the Massachusetts coast, and the researchers have verified the flies have successfully populated in at least 38 of the locations.

The pest-reduction effort mirrors a biological control approach that succeeded in Nova Scotia and British Columbia, Canada, where the winter moth was found prior to invading the United States. The species is originally from Europe.

Elkinton said the biological approach, which is common in fighting invasive pests around the world, is working especially well here.

″(It’s) quite rare, at least on forest trees,” he said. “In fact, I can’t think of any other example involving a major forest insect in North America.”

The flies do not prey on anything besides the winter moth, according to the researchers. And while the approach will not wipe out the winter moth entirely, it will greatly reduce the invasive species.

“The object of biological control is to reduce density of the invasive species to non-pest status,” Elkinton said. “That is what we believe we have achieved.”

Medfield Project Happiness

From Kerri Krah, seeking to add to their 700 worldwide followers –

#MedfieldProjectHappiness is spreading #happiness @ the Medfield Public Schools. Follow us on Twitter on our journey & join in our happiness challenges along the way 😀


Tag @HappyBlakers #MedfieldProjectHappiness #AugustAppreciationChallenge #medfieldps

daily happiness challenge july

daily happiness challenge august

Medfield hapiness project

We would really like to get folks in the community to participate. I’m looking for your ideas and also would love your participation. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thank you in advance for your support of social emotional learning in Medfield!



Kerrie Krah

Speech-Language Pathologist

Medfield Public Schools

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