Massachusetts Cultural District Initiative Site Visit – 12/12/12

Massachusetts Cultural District Initiative Site Visit  

TOWN OF Medfield

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Massachusetts Cultural Council Attendees:

Anita Walker, Executive Director

Meri Jenkins, Program Manager, MA Cultural District Initiative

Kylie Sullivan, Program Coordinator, MA Cultural District Initiative

Maren Brown, Site Advisor, MA Cultural District Initiative


9:30 – 10:30 am           Round table with municipal officials

Chenery Room, 2nd Floor, Town House, 459 Main Street, Medfield



  • Mike Sullivan, Town Manager
  • Ann Thompson, Chair, Board of Selectmen
  • Osler Peterson, Selectman
  • Brandie Morris, Downtown Study Committee


10:30am – 11:30pm     Tour of District


Participants: Deborah Kelsey, Library Director and Richard De Sorgher, Town Historian will join MCC for part of the tour.


Tour route:

  1. Medfield Town House/Town Hall/Chenery Hall
  2. James Ord Block
  3. David Fairbanks House
  4. Joshua Fisher House
  5. Cheney-Curtis House
  6. Clark Tavern
  7. Peak House
  8. Daniel Sanders House
  9. George Inness Studio
  10. First Baptist Church
  11. DeVasto/GAR Hall
  12. Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts
  13. Medfield Town Common and Gazebo
  14. Medfield Historical Society/Memorial Public Library Annex
  15. Memorial Public Library
  16. Baxter Park
  17. Plimpton-Hamant-Bartlett House
  18. Vine Like Cemetery
  19. Metcalf Homestead
  20. Plimpton-Woodard House
  21. Monks Block/Elijah Thayer Block
  22. Frost Block
  23. First Parish Parsonage
  24. First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
  25. Meeting House Pond/Baker’s Pond
  26. Dwight-Derby House
  27. Montrose School
  28. Site of the first school
  29. Unnamed park
  30. Memorial Public Library


11:30 – 12:30 pm         Round table with partners, participants, stakeholders


Dailey Room, Memorial Public Library:


  1. Deborah Kelsey, Memorial Public Library
  2. Bill Pope, Zullo Gallery Center for the Arts
  3. Brandie Morris, Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization
  4. David Temple, Medfield Historical Society
  5. Richard De Sorgher, Town Historian, Downtown Study Committee
  6. Cheryl O’Malley, Dwight-Derby House
  7. Bob Luttman, First Parish Church, Medfield Cable
  8. Rob Gregg, Vine Like Preservation Trust
  9. John Guthrie, Lowell Mason Foundation
  10. Patricia Weller, Woodland Theatre Company

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