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March town election ballot set – school committee opening contested by 3

Email from Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler this morning forwarding the email below.

To the extent that no one contesting my re-election is an expression of contentment with the job I have been doing, I thank you.


From: Marion Bonoldi
Date: Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 8:56 AM
Subject: Ballot for March 29, 2021 Election-signatures verified
To: Kristine Trierweiler

Only contested race is the School Committee.  There will be a drawing on Friday, February 12 at 9:00 to determine how the school committee names will appear on the ballot per Town Charter.  Candidates have been notified. 


Osler Peterson 

Town Clerk

Marion Bonoldi


Scott McDermott


Michael Rose   

School Committee

Leo Brehm

Robert Worth  

Lauren Liljegren 

Library Trustee – Vote for two

Jessica Razza 

Kiersten Cole   

Park Commissioner

Robert Tatro

Housing Authority

Lisa Donovan  

Planning Board – 5 year

Sarah Lemke   

Planning Board – 2 year

Seth Meehan 

Trust Fund Commissioner

Michael Pastore 

Hope this helps. 

Marion Bonoldi

Assistant Town Clerk – Medfield 

90.5% election turn out

Assistant Town Clerk, Marion Bonoldi, reports that Medfield has 9,369 registered voters, and that this election 90.5 percent of the voters cast a ballot.

Congratulations both to the 90.5% for voting and to the Town Clerk’s office for making our election work so well in such difficult circumstances.

Medfield election results

Town Clerk’s November 03, 2020

Presidential Election Unofficial Results

Unofficial results for the 2020 Presidential Election have been posted… Read on

Poll of 4th Congressional District

The following poll was shared with me by an email from candidate Dr. Natalia Linos, and since I had not seen any other poll results, I thought others might be interested as well. The source, Data for Progress, looked reputable from a quick scan of its website –

<img src="; alt="Between August 10 and August 14, 2020, Data for Progress conducted a survey of 515 likely Democratic primary voters in Massachusetts 4th Congressional District using text-to-web. The responses were weighted to be representative of likely voters by age, gender, education, and race. The survey was conducted in English. Margin of Error is +/- 4.9% with a 95% Confidence Interval. NB: subgroups with a n-size less than 50 (<50) are not shown on these cross-tabs. We choose not to display N

Time to VOTE!

August 19, 2020
Early Voting
Early Voting will begin at the Town House on Saturday, August 22, 2020 and run through Friday, August 28,m 2020.… Read on

Election Ballots Accepted Here

Ballots Accepted Here

This email this afternoon from Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler –

“We have received numerous inquiries today about dropping off absentee ballots and/or ballot applications at the Town Hall. Anyone who would like to drop it off with us directly may do so using the Green Drop- Box in the rear of Town Hall. The box underwent a makeover recently and is ready for a busy fall! “

Election results

Election banner

TOTAL MODERATOR (vote for one) Scott F. McDermott 534 Others 2 Blanks 70 SELECTMAN (vote for one) Gustave H. Murby 489 Others 3 Blanks 114 ASSESSORS (vote for one) Kenneth L. Manning 513 Others 0 Blanks 93 SCHOOL COMMITIEE (vote for not more than two) Anna Mae O'Shea Brooke 525 Jessica M. Reilly 507 Christine M. Mccue- Potts (write-in) 21 Others 3 Blanks 156 LIBRARY TRUSTEE (vote for not more than two) Lauren C. Feeney 510 Jennifer Shaw Cronin 504 Others 0 Blanks 198 PLANNING BOARD (vote for one) James A. Brand 497 Others 0 Blanks 109 PARK COMMISSIONER (vote for not more than two) Kirsten E. Young 510 Michael T. Parks 507 Others 0 Blanks 195 HOUSING AUTHORITY (vote for one) Robert Canavan 507 Others 0 Blanks 99 TRUST FUND COMMISSIONER (vote for one) Georgia K. Colivas (write-in) 8 Eric D. Lussier 5 Others 46 Blanks 547

Statistics May 4, 2020 Annual Town Election Town of Medfield Registered Voters 8859 Total Vote Cast 606 Percentage 6.8% The Town Clerk announced the results at 8:32 pm. At the Town Election, May 4, 2020, Medfield had the following number of Early and Absentee Ballots. Applications received 599 Ballots Cast 458 Ballots not returned 141 The Ballots were put through the Ballot Box and they were counted with the ballots cast on Election Day. For this election and this election only, all precincts were consolidated. =- Interim Town Clerk


Election banner

Town Election Today, to 8 PM

At The Center.  I seemed to be #184 at 8:30 AM, so good turnout so far.

SJC orders relief for 9/1 state primary participants


This afternoon the Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision giving relief to those seeking to qualify for the September 1 primary election:


Suffolk. April 16, 2020. – April 17, 2020.

. . .

In short, for all candidates seeking to appear on the State
primary ballot on September 1, we order three forms of relief.
First, we order that the number of required signatures be
reduced by fifty percent (50%). Second, we extend the deadlines
for candidates running for State district and county offices to
submit their nomination papers to local election officials for
certification and for the filing of certified nomination papers
with the Secretary to May 5, 2020, and June 2, 2020,
respectively, which are the current due dates for party
candidates running for Federal and Statewide offices. Third,
subject to the restrictions outlined later in this opinion, we order the Secretary to allow the submission and filing of
nomination papers with electronic rather than wet-ink original
signatures (“wet” signatures). We emphasize that the
declaration we make and the equitable relief we provide is
limited to the primary election in these extraordinary
circumstances, which is the sole subject of the case before us,
and does not affect the minimum signature requirements for the
general election this year or for the primary elections in any
other year.




State Representative Shawn Dooley was formerly the Town Clerk in the Town of Norfolk, but is not any longer, and has not been for some years.  Carol Greene is the current Town Clerk in Norfolk and Anthony Turi is the current Assistant Town Clerk.

Thank you Eileen DeSorgher for knowing and sharing what I did not.