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Town Election

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Town Clerk

Posted on: December 18, 2019


Papers are now available in the Town Clerk’s office for anyone wishing to run for a Town Office.  Last day to pick up papers is Feb 10, 2020, same day they are due back for certification.  It will be necessary to obtain fifty (50) valid (registered voters) signatures to place your name on the ballot.

National Voter Registration Day.


This reminder today from my American Association for Justice to register to vote –


Today is National Voter Registration Day. AAJ posted messages on social media reminding everyone to register to vote and to check their registrations. Click here to find your state’s registration information.
Although Election Day seems far away, it’s never too early to make sure that everyone in your network is registered to vote. As AAJ members, we fight every day for access to civil justice, but this starts with access to the ballot.


Please take AAJ’s initiative one step further and share, repost, and retweet this message on your personal social media accounts today! Through the power of social media, we can quickly amplify our message to protect the vote.

Thank you for all you do,


Jackie Olinger Rochelle and Julie Braman Kane

Voter Protection Action Committee (VPAC) Chairs



Julie Braman Kane

Colson Hicks Eidson

255 Alhambra Circle, Penthouse

Coral Gables, FL  33134

Vote today – to 8PM

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Election Monday

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3/25 ballot

Issued  today by Town Clerk, Carol Mayer –

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No contested town races

Town Clerk, Carol Mayer, today released the names that will appear on the ballot for the town election on March 25 (the town election is always the last Monday in March, per the town charter):

ANNUAL TOWN ELECTION MEDFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019 For MODERATOR (vote for one) (one year) Scott McDermott, 1 7 Knollwood Rd. Candidate for re-election For SELECTMEN (vote for one) (three years) Michael T. Marcucci, 3 Causeway St. Candidate for re-election For ASSESSORS (vote for one) (three years) Jeffrey J. Skerry, 13 Belknap Rd Candidate for re-election For SCHOOL COMMITTEE (vote for not more than two) (three years) Meghan K. Glenn, 12 Wheelwright Rd Timothy M. Knight, 34 Oriole Rd For LIBRARY TRUSTEE (vote for not more than two) (three years) Philip M. Tuths, 117 Spring St For PLANNING BOARD (vote for One) (five years) Paul D. McKechnie Jr, 5 Miller St. Candidate for re-election For PARK COMMISSIONERS (vote for not more than two) (three years) Melville Seibolt, 13 Snyder Rd Candidate for re-election Nicholas T. Brown, 9 Lee Rd. Candidate for re-election For TRUST FUND COMMISSIONER (vote for one) (three years) Gregory S. Reid, 8 Maple St Candidate for re-election20190205-names on ballot_Page_220190205-names on ballot_Page_3

Mayor corrects election post

Colleen Sullivan (Patch Mayor) corrected my election post (Thanks Colleen!) –

see below:



  1. Colleen Sullivan 

    Hi Pete,Unfortunately, what you posted here “If I am interpreting Carol’s red check marks correctly, it looks like the whole School Committee, the whole Medfield Park & Recreation Commission, and all the Library Trustees are up for election.” (regarding Carol’s red check marks) is not correct…. I called Carol and I will be posting the brief descriptions of the following positions (which are the only ones up for election on March 25th. – Town Moderator (1 seat) – Board of Selectmen (1 seat) – Assessors (1 seat) – School Committee (2 seats) – Library Trustee (2 seats) – Planning Board (1 seat) – Park Commissioner (2 seats) – Trust Fund Commissioner (1 seat) Sending this along in case you want to modify what you posted so there is no confusion….. Best,Colleen