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Rockland Trust again sponsors MFi’s VOTY

$ockland Trust Charitable Foundation

The Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation continues its sponsorship of the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year recognition process and event, that the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation first began last year.  Kathy Brennan, of the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year committee, announced that Jeanne Travers of the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation indicated that it wanted to both continue to be involved with the Medfield Foundation’s volunteer of the year events, and to increase its sponsorship.  Last year the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation became the first sponsor to underwrite the costs of the MFi’s volunteer of the year event and reception.  Ms Brennan noted that it is the support from Rockland Trust that allows the MFi to  properly recognize all the volunteers.

Cheryl O’Donnell, Branch Manager of the Medfield office of Rockland Trust, attended the reception last March and added her “personal thanks to all the volunteers” for the many things they had done to make Medfield a better place.

This year the extraordinary Medfield volunteers will be feted and celebrated at a reception at 4:00 PM on March 10, 2013 at The Center.

The Medfield Foundation started in 2008 recognizing extraordinary Medfield volunteers as its volunteer of the year.  The first year there was just the one category of volunteer of the year.  However, in the second year, so many Medfield High School students were suggested for recognition, that the Medfield Foundation added a second category for the youth volunteers of the year.  Last year the lifetime achievement award was added to recognize those whose volunteer work covered many years, and now this year there continue to be three categories of volunteers who can be nominated.  Nominations are made by means of a form at the Medfield Foundation’s website.