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Gatehouse Application for Tax Credits

I have just finished looking over Gatehouse's Application for tax credits that the town received this week. Let me know if anyone wants to look it over.

It is in a 5" notebook that I guess contains 1,000 pages. 

My major take away was how much money there is for Gatehouse via those tax credits.  For the first phase, which is the first half of the project, the Federal tax credits were about $8.5m. and the state tax credits were about $3.4m.  For that first phase, of half the project, the sources and uses summary shows costs of about $13m., most of which are paid for by those tax credits.  The permanent financing was put at only $750,000. 

The other thing that especially interested me was the chart showing that the rents will be subsidized by 30% for most and by 60% for the five most subsidized units.  A $1500 apartment actually will rent for either around $1000 or $500.

Norfolk Hunt at first stop

The hunt takes its first break at the Medfield State Hospital
  Horses snorting from the exercise.

Norfolk Hunt Club

Hunt is about to start.


Farm kids in Minnesota

You can never underestimate the innovativeness of American Farm Boys:

At a high school in Minnesota, a group of male students played a prank .
They let three goats loose inside the school.

But before turning them loose, they painted numbers on the sides of the
goats: 1, 2 and 4.

School Administrators spent most of the day looking for No. 3.

Cultural district to get site visit

Town of Medfield to get a 12/12/12 site visit from the state of our proposed Cultural District – mailing from state Cultural Council follows


Massachusetts Cultural Districts Initiative

Site Visit Guide
The Massachusetts Cultural Districts Initiative staff will review applications on a rolling basis. If an application is incomplete, or ineligible, staff will contact you with further instructions.
If your application is complete, clears all the eligibility criteria, and passes the MCC’s internal review process, MCC staff will contact you to set up a site visit. The site visit is an opportunity to demonstrate the district’s readiness to obtain state designation, and is central to the designation process.

Review Criteria
Applications with a strong management plan; well-defined strategic goals; a plan to fully utilize local cultural assets through creative programming and marketing; and inclusion of the community’s unique history and topographic features, are likely to be the most successful.
Applications will be assessed based on the following categories:
• Management & Budget
• Cultural Assets
• Public Infrastructure & Amenities
• Marketing
• Incentives & Evaluation

Site Visit Protocol
Each site visit is in three parts, and must include:
􀂃 A meeting with the town or cities municipal leaders and relevant department heads, which must include the management organization if there is a third party management agreement in place, then:
􀂃 A tour of the district by the MCC’s Cultural District site advisor and staff to meet with district stakeholders and business owners on a semi-formal basis. The applicant may decide who accompanies the tour from the community, but representatives of the municipality are expected to be present throughout the tour to answer questions and
make introductions, then:
􀂃 After the tour, a meeting must be arranged with partnering organizations or individuals, and district stakeholders  NOTE: If the partnership and stakeholder meeting is more than 25 people, then the meeting should be split into two parts. Each meeting will last no longer than 45 minutes. The applicant and the district partners should be prepared to respond to questions about the proposed district, the district goals and plan of action during the meeting. Stakeholders are expected to be fully apprised of the district’s plan of action.
Every site visit is unique; the agenda will be negotiated with the applicant, but must be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the site visit, and a list of attendees forwarded to the MCC.  The visit should total no more than four (4) hours. Site Visit Team Each site visit is conducted by a team comprised of MCC staff and the Cultural District Site Advisor. MCC executive staff and board members may also attend. If this is the case, advance notice will be given.

MCC Staff
MCC staff will make arrangements for the visit, serve as the meeting facilitator, and take notes to document the visit. Meri Jenkins, Cultural Districts Initiative Manager is available to answer any questions and work with you to help organize a successful site visit that provides value for all concerned.

Cultural District Site Advisor
The Cultural District Site Advisor is contracted by the MCC to assess the readiness of a district for designation. Site advisors are experts in community and economic development issues, particularly in regards to creative economy development and place making. The site advisor
allocated to your visit will have been cleared of any conflict of interest prior to the visit.

Preparation for Site Visit
The MCC and the Cultural Districts applicant each have responsibilities in preparing for the site visit.
The MCC will:
􀂃 Work with you to set a visit date that is convenient for as many of the partnering organizations as possible.
􀂃 Assemble the site visit team and notify the applicant of attendees and site advisor.
􀂃 Provide other information as requested in a timely manner.
􀂃 Coordinate with the applicant to finalize meeting arrangements
The Partner organization will:
􀂃 Invite participants for each component of the site visit
􀂃 Prepare name tags for all participants
􀂃 Provide meeting space and refreshments for the site visit
􀂃 Provide necessary tickets/access to performances/exhibitions
􀂃 Coordinate with the MCC on confirming the site visit agenda
After the site visit
The Cultural District Site Advisor will create a site visit report based on the information presented and his /her observations that will be reviewed by the board of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The report will be sent to the district representative. The MCC board will make all final decisions regarding the state designation of a district. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application following the board meeting.

Chinese jazz artist/composer speaking Monday AM

From the Medfield Music Assoc. –

Celebrated Chinese musician/composer visits Medfield High School

From 9:50 to 11:10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 19, in the high school auditorium, Music Director Doug Olsen will be hosting the prominent Chinese erhu player, jazz musician and composer Yang Ying who will be addressing Medfield’s high school music students, and talking about her varied musical career path and experimentation with different kinds of music (in some cases under an oppressive regime in China).

Later in the day, Ying will be working with the Medfield High School Jazz Band and participating in a “listening session” to help guide her task of creating a composition for the band in preparation for its music trip to China in the spring.

The morning presentation is free and open to the public.

The Medfield Music Association will have an information table on hand for optional donations.

To learn more about Ying:

Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year

Medfield Foundation opens
nominations for volunteer awards

Do you know someone in Medfield who dedicates countless time and energy to a worthy community cause or initiative?  If so, now is your chance to nominate him or her for a Medfield Foundation volunteer award.

This year’s nomination form, due January 25, seeks to capture information about the volunteer’s work in specific areas, including:

  • Action — What does the nominee actually do in his/her capacity as a volunteer?
  • Need — What community need(s) does the nominee address?
  • Impact — How is nominee’s volunteer work making a difference?
  • Inspiration — What makes the nominee unique or special?

Anyone interested in submitting a nomination for one of the 2013 Medfield Foundation volunteer awards can download the official form from Completed forms should be e-mailed as attachments to no later than January 25.

The  MFi’s 2013 volunteer recognition reception will be held from 4 – 6 PM on Sunday, March 10 at The Center, and all are invited.

In 2012, Bill Massaro received the Volunteer of the Year award, Jane Garafolo received the Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, and John Harney was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.   Massaro, Garafolo, and Harney, along with all those nominated were honored with official proclamations presented by MFi president, Stephen Phillips.  More than twenty Medfield residents received recognition for their volunteer efforts at last spring’s reception.

The Medfield Foundation, Inc.  is a volunteer-run private nonprofit, tax deductible 501(c)(3) corporation created in 2001 to raises private monies for public purposes in the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts.  The Medfield Foundation allows donors to designate their donations for particular purposes.  The Medfield Foundation also allows motivated groups to raise monies for Medfield purposes under the rubric of the Medfield Foundation.  To date, the Medfield Foundation has raised over $1,300,000.00 for the Town of Medfield.

BoS agenda for 11/20


7:00 PM Town Counsel to discuss application from Walid M. Makouk and Mohamad Halwani for taxicab license

7:15 PM Town Counsel to discuss request from Medfield High School Amnesty International Club to hold a vigil in front of Town Hall on December 1,2012 with regard to Malala Yousafzai


Beaver dams, consider the hiring of a trapper and payment of services


Norfolk Hunt Club requests permission to conduct the arumal drag hunt on town land on Thursday November 22,2012

Basil Restaurant requests a time extension on their liquor license for Wednesday November 21, 2012 Thanksgiving Eve


Richard DeSorgher running for selectman

Richard DeSorgher has announced that he is running for selectman in the municipal election that will be held on the last Monday in March.  Ann Thompson currently holds the seat for which Richard will run.  Ann has not yet announced whether she will run.  Richard served as a selectman many years ago.

MHS girls soccer plays for state championship Saturday

Per, Medfield High School girls soccer team in state finals –

Medfield will play in the Division 2 state championship against Belchertown at Worcester State Saturday at 3 p.m. for the championship.