Troop 89 Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Last Saturday Boy Scout Troop 89 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor at the UCC for

  • Fred Everett Lybrand
  • Michael Cole Iannone
  • Alexander James Munz
  • James Antliony Kemp

Senate adds about $20K to Medfield’s state budget $

Received today from Division of Local Services (DLS) at Massachusetts Department of Revenue. The Senate Ways and Means Committee added about $20K to the Governor and House budget version for Medfield (copy attached below) –

Select Board Wednesday, 5/10/23

NB – Tuesday’s Select Board meeting did not get posted with a working link to the agenda in time, so we are meeting on Wednesday instead.

  1. To join online, use this link: a.WebinarID:88530366678 b.Password:637025
  2. To join through a conference call,dial929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782 or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833 a.EntertheWebinarID:88530366678 b.Enterthepassword:637025


Posted in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 30A, §§18-25
This meeting will be held in a hybrid format. The Select Board will attend in person and
members of the public may attend in person. In addition, members of the public who wish to
participate via Zoom may do so by joining by one of the following options:
1. To join online, use this link:
a. Webinar ID: 885 3036 6678
b. Password: 637025
2. To join through a conference call, dial 929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782
or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833
a. Enter the Webinar ID: 885 3036 6678
b. Enter the password: 637025
The packet with meeting materials for this meeting is available at this link:
Select Board
Board or Committee
Chenery Hall, Medfield Town House
Remote participation available through Zoom Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 7:00 pm
Agenda (Subject to Change)
Call to Order
Disclosure of video recording
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving around the globe in defense of
our country
1. Jeremiah Potts to present an update on the Open Space and Recreation Plan
TOWNOFMEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE PostedinaccordancewiththeprovisionsofM.G.L.c.30A,§§18-25 Thismeetingwillbeheldinahybridformat.TheSelectBoardwillattendinpersonand membersofthepublicmayattendinperson.Inaddition,membersofthepublicwhowishto participateviaZoommaydosobyjoiningbyoneofthefollowingoptions: 1.Tojoinonline,usethislink: a.WebinarID:88530366678 b.Password:637025 2.Tojointhroughaconferencecall,dial929-436-2866or312-626-6799or253-215-8782 or301-715-8592or346-248-7799or669-900-6833 a.EntertheWebinarID:88530366678 b.Enterthepassword:637025 Thepacketwithmeetingmaterialsforthismeetingisavailableatthislink: SelectBoard BoardorCommittee PLACEOFMEETINGDAY,DATE,ANDTIME CheneryHall,MedfieldTownHouse RemoteparticipationavailablethroughZoomWednesday,May10,2023at7:00pm Agenda(SubjecttoChange) CalltoOrder Disclosureofvideorecording WewanttotakeamomentofappreciationforourTroopsservingaroundtheglobeindefenseof ourcountry Appointments 1.JeremiahPottstopresentanupdateontheOpenSpaceandRecreationPlan2.SarahRaposatorequestacceptanceoftheLocalActionUnitApplicationsubmissionfor theMedfieldStateHospitalRedevelopmentproject DiscussionItems(PotentialVotes) ActionItems 3.RequestprovisionalappointmentpendingfinalvettingofBarryMcGrathasDeputy PoliceChief 4.VoteonthefollowingrequestsfromMEMOrelatingtothe2023DiscoverMedfieldDay Saturday,September23 a.Permissiontoholdtheeventfrom10amto4pm; b.Permissiontousetown-ownedlandatMeetinghousePondareaandportionsof NorthandFrairyStreetsandUphamRoad; c.Permissionforsmallamountofassistanceinundertakingtheevents; d.ApprovalofaCommonVictualler’sLicenseandwaiverofthe$50applicationfee e.PermissiontohangthebannerannouncingDiscoverMedfieldDayacrossMain StreetatbaxterParkfromaroundAugust19ththroughDiscoverMedfieldDay CitizenComment ConsentAgenda 5.RequestfromtheCOAtomovetheirone-daybeer/winepermitfromMay17thtoMay 18th 6.RequestfromtheZulloGalleryforaone-daybeer/winepermitforaspecialstandup comedyeventatthegalleryonThursday,May11from5:30-11:00pm 7.RequestbytheNorfolkHuntClubforaone-daybeer/winepermitfortheBi-Annual GroundsforCelebrationFundraiseronThursday,May25from6-11pm 8.RequestfromtheFriendsoftheDwight-Derbyhouseforaonedaybeer/winepermitfor theSambaJazzProjectBandonSaturday,June3from6-10pmandrequesttoplacea sandwichboardoncornerofNorth/MainfromMay31-June3advertisingtheevent MeetingMinutes December6,2022 December20,2022 January10,2023 TownAdministratorUpdates NextMeetingDates May23,2023 SelectBoardMemberReports ActionsTakenonBillsandWarrantsforPaymentsInformational

Anti-racist vigil at UU 7PM, 5/24

From Becca Kornet of the Anti-Racist Team at First Parish UU church in Medfield.

EV car show tomorrow 1-3 at The Center

From Catherine White –

There will be about a dozen different vehicles including the Lucid Air (the man bringing it says you can take it for a spin), a Ford Lightning, Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Mach E Mustang, and others.  Afterwards you might want to walk or ride the Medfield Rail Trail, right behind the building. 

May 7th, 1 Ice House Rd. 1-3 PM.  

We hope you can make it!

MFi Legacy Fund fetes the 2023 Grant Recipients

This past Wednesday evening at 7th Wave Brewing the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund celebrated its 2023 grant recipients:

Medfield TV

Hinkley Helpers

Zullo Gallery

Grist Mill

Office hours tomorrow at The Center 9-10 AM

Selectman Office Hours this Friday

I holds regular monthly office hours at The Center on the first Friday of every month from 9:00 to 10:00 AM, so I will do so tomorrow.

Residents are welcome to stop by to talk in person about any town matters.

Residents can also have coffee and see the Council on Aging in action (a vibrant organization with lots going on).

Suicide Prevention Training this Evening

From Medfield Outreach –

Recognize the warning signs of suicide
Know how to offer hope to loved ones
Know how to get help and save lives
During this training Registration Required you will learn to:
scan here to sign-up
This training is brought to you by the Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention
(MCSP) with support from Medfield Outreach. MCSP is supported in part by the
Medfield Foundation.
QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer
Suicide Prevention Training
free & open to all 18+ Medfield residents
Join the Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention for a
May 3rd at 7:00pm
in-person @ The Center in Medfield
One Ice House Road
Did you know that as a Medfield resident, you are eligible for
services through the William James INTERFACE Referral Service?
INTERFACE maintains a mental health and wellness referral help line
Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm, at 888-244-6843 (toll free).
This is a free confidential referral service for individuals across the lifespan who are residents of
Medfield. Callers are matched from our extensive data base of licensed mental health providers.
Each referral meets the location, insurance, availability, and specialty needs of the caller.
Interface is funded by the Medfield Public Schools, Medfield Outreach and the Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

Student Mental Health & Substance Use – 5/8/23

From Medfield Outreach –

Medfield adolescent data & trends
Tips for talking with kids of all
Risk & protective factors
Ongoing local prevention efforts
Discussion time
Additional resources
This event will include:
May 8th
@ 6::30pm
Join the Medfield
Public Schools &
Medfield Outreach for
Child care will be provided (ages Pre-K+).
Registration required. Scan to sign up.
Memorial School
59 Adams St, Medfield
(doors open at 6:00pm)
*no pre-registration required to attend
these are important topics for caregivers of all ages

MPD activity for April

From Chief Guerette –