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State lawsuits in jeopardy


A bill characterized as “tort reform” will be on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for a vote this week. The House will vote Thursday on a bill that would enable defendants to force state cases into federal court by overturning the “fraudulent joinder doctrine.” This 100-year-old precedent helps to ensure that state claims are appropriately heard in state court.

The “Fraudulent Joinder Protection Act of 2015” [H.R 3624] is a bill that will enable corporate forum shopping—removing cases that properly belong in state court to federal court, including federal courts that are far away from your home state.

H.R. 3624 would affect every person’s ability to access justice when they have been injured by corporate wrongdoing.

Please help we attorneys who represent individuals against the corporation interests to fight back by telling Congress to oppose efforts to restrict your access to justice.

Please contact Congressman Joseph Kennedy’s Constituency Outreach Director, Stephanie Noguera – stephanie.noguera@mail, today to ask that the Congressman vote NO on H.R. 3624

1 selectman candidate


Barbara Gips told me last night that while she pulled nomination papers to run for selectman, that she does not plan on proceeding by turning them in.  She changed her mind when she learned that Mike Marcucci was running.

I want you

Pete, I did pull papers for Selectman as no one else was running. However, when I learned that Mike Marcucci also did, I called Carol to let her know that I would not be filing papers or running as Mike is a terrific candidate. So, it’s just Mike (and anyone else who wants to file) running for Richard’s seat. Not me.

Boys State & Girls State

20141030-legion-boys & girls state At the Legion last night twelve of the seventeen MHS seniors who spent a week last summer at the Legion run Boys State and Girls State, held at Stonehill College in Easton, recounted their experiences to the crowd of over a hundred in attendance at the Legion’s monthly dinner meeting. Each of the dozen students spoke about what the experience had meant to them, and each was remarkably eloquent, poignant, or in turn funny.  The experience had clearly made strong positive impressions on each student, and for some it had been life changing.  More than one student recounted the benefits to them from meeting others from backgrounds so disparate from what they have know in Medfield.

Boys State and Girls State are the Legion run opportunity for high school students to learn about the American political and governing processes by actually taking part in mock government elections and functions, as well as taking courses.  The students are divided amongst separate towns, elect their own leaders from amongst their own members, and deal with legislation.

20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-2Last summer the students also got to participate in the actual political process, as some researched and took a position against the then pending legislation in the Massachusetts legislature that would have allowed cell antennae to be located virtually anywhere regardless of local zoning.  The students submitted letters against the legislation to the legislature that Representative Shawn Dooley said last night helped to put a face on the opposition and to defeat that legislation.

Medfield’s Legion sends more students to Boys State and Girls State than any other city or town in the state.    Around 700 students in all participate.  Karl Schwartz, past Legion Commander, recounted that when he took the program on 17 years ago no students were being sent by the Legion to participate, and that the program has been gradually built up over the years.  Today the students compete for the slots, as the demand to participate exceeds the monies  available to send students. 20141039-Legion-Boys & Girls State-3

Shawn Dooley running for rep

Yesterday afternoon I met at the new Dunkin’ Donuts with Shawn Dooley, a Norfolk resident who is running as a Republican for Dan Winslow’s former seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  After telling Shawn about the Medfield State Hospital site’s future being the biggest issue currently pending in town, I then took him to the meeting of the State Hospital Advisory Committee yesterday evening.  SHAC was interviewing the consultant they have hired to run a visioning session for town residents to address the future of the MSH site.

Shawn is a former builder and current town clerk and school Committee member in Norfolk.  He was also  Dan Winslow’s campaign manager.  Shawn said he does have two opponents, one from Norfolk and one from Walpole.  His website is

BTW, from my now one visit each to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, I give the latter a slight edge on décor, although the small table and chairs right inside the Dunkin’ Donuts door were quite comfortable.  I was also pleased not to have trouble exiting the Dunkin’ Donuts onto Rte 27, but it was after 7 PM.  We were leaving to go to the Town House, and even at that hour I saw no way to get out onto Rte 109 given the traffic backed up from the light.

Winslow resigning

From John Nunnari –

WINSLOW RESIGNING HOUSE SEAT FOR PRIVATE SECTOR POST: Once considered to have a promising future in Bay State Republican politics, Rep. Daniel Winslow said Monday morning he plans to resign from the House later this month to pursue a private sector job in software services, an ironic twist after vocally opposing the new software design services tax with his GOP colleagues. Winslow announced that he has accepted a position as vice president and general counsel at Rimini Street, a Las-Vegas-based global provider of “enterprise software support services.” According to an aide, Winslow intends to keep his primary residence in Norfolk, but will do some work out of the San Francisco office. Winslow has submitted his resignation letter to the House clerk effective Sept. 29, necessitating yet another special election in the Legislature and dropping the ranks of the minority party to 29. “My excitement in joining Rimini Street is tempered by my sadness in leaving the House.  I have been thankful for every minute of my service in the Legislature, for the honor of representing the people of the 9th Norfolk towns, and for the opportunity to contribute to debate and solutions to improve our Commonwealth,” Winslow said in a statement. “I hope that my efforts have made a difference and that the ideas I have advanced can be considered in future sessions. I fully appreciate the sacrifice of public service, by our legislators and their families, and hope to remain engaged in civic life in the future.” Hours after Attorney General Martha Coakley announced Sunday that she would run for governor in 2014, Winslow Tweeted that he would have an announcement of his own about his future Monday morning. Many assumed the former judge and general counsel to Gov. Mitt Romney would run for Attorney General after talking with colleagues in recent weeks about the possibility of seeking the top prosecutor job if Coakley stepped aside. 11:14 A.M

US Senate candidate

Brett Rhyne, the former editor of the Medfield Press, is running for the US Senate, with a good sense of humor.

Our Rep. Winslow is running

From the Statehouse News Service –

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, FEB. 5, 2013….Daniel Winslow, a second-term state representative from Norfolk and former judge, said Monday he is “99 percent” sure he will run for the U.S. Senate this year but that he’s still testing the waters to see if there is room within the Republican Party for a social moderate and fiscal conservative with roots in western Massachusetts.

“I support me. My mom supports me. There’s two votes, and she can’t vote. So I need to make sure that there’s more people than just me who think this is a good idea,” Winslow told reporters on Monday afternoon, a few hours after he announced he would open an exploratory committee to pursue a run for the Senate seat vacated by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Republican Party has been in search of a credible candidate to run for Senate since Friday when Scott Brown announced he would not run for a third time. A number of high-profile Republicans have taken their names out of contention with party candidates facing a deadline to gather 10,000 nomination signatures by Feb. 27.

Winslow, who will be in Washington early next week to meet with party leaders, said he plans to take some time before entering the race to talk with activists and donors. He described himself as a pro-choice Republican, born and raised in the middle class of western Massachusetts, with a bipartisan voting record in the House.

“What I just don’t know is if there’s sufficient support in the Republican establishment for that kind of Republican,” said Winslow, who worked as legal counsel to former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Like Brown before him, Winslow appears to be promoting his record of bipartisanship against the two Democrats in the race, U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch of South Boston and U.S. Rep. Edward Markey of Malden. Brown’s approach worked in his special election against Attorney General Martha Coakley in 2010 but the tactic was part of a broader campaign strategy that failed last November against Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Winslow said the “R” after his name stands for “reform and results” and talked about occupying the “sensible center” on the political spectrum.

“I think the Senate has plenty of millionaires. But I think we need more senators who have mortgages to pay and have walked in the shoes of the working men and women of Massachusetts,” Winslow said.

Winslow also said he wasn’t concerned about being able to raise enough money to be competitive in a statewide contest. “I’ve got nothing by way of money, but I got a heck of lot of hard work and I know a lot of people who got a lot of money and they like me a lot,” he said.

Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh on Tuesday immediately tied the potential Republican Senate candidate to his former boss, Gov. Romney, whose popularity in Massachusetts has dwindled since his years as governor.

Walsh described Winslow’s record in the Legislature as “lackluster,” and criticized the Republican’s penchant for seeking out media coverage, such as the time he delivered jars of Fluff to the office of the governor’s budget chief.

“Republican Dan Winslow was a member of Mitt Romney’s inner circle who spent last year as one of the former governor’s apologists and political attack dogs. Winslow will work just as hard to stop President Obama’s agenda in the Senate as he did to deny him a second term and send Mitt Romney to the White House,” Walsh said in a statement. “During his time on Beacon Hill, Republican Winslow has shown that he is more interested in grabbing headlines than getting work done for the people of the Commonwealth.”

Winslow called Romney a friend and said he was proud of the work he did with the Romney administration from 2002 to 2004, but when asked if he was a Romney-Republican, Winslow said, “I wish I had his money. The fact is I am my own man. I have my own record in this building and in public service.”

While Winslow would not put a timeline on his exploration period, the lawmaker said he would rely on both volunteers and paid professionals to gather the signatures required to get on the ballot if he takes the leap. “I have no doubt about my ability to make the deadline,” Winslow said.

Doug Bennett, a little known Republican from Dorchester, has announced plans to run, but he told NECN on Tuesday he would not run if Winslow gets into the race. He refused to answer questions posed by the News Service.

Gabriel Gomez, a Cohasset resident and former Navy SEAL, is also giving serious consideration to entering the race as a Republican.

Raytheon safety engineer and political novice Joshua Miller, 34, has expressed interest in running, but indicated to the News Service Tuesday that signature gathering may be an impediment and that he may not run.

Winslow said he would welcome a competitive primary, saying, “I think primaries, if I run, are a great thing . . . We all win as citizens when we have good choices.”

On the Democratic side of the race, Markey and Lynch are both in the race to succeed Kerry in the Senate.

Though Winslow said there are good Democrats, Republicans and independents in Congress committed to finding solutions to the country’s challenges, he said Markey and Lynch were both “part of the problem” and it would matter little who won the nomination.

“It’s the same old same old. Nothing new, and not a clue about how we solve problems in Washington. We’ve got to get new faces, new blood, new ideas down in D.C.,” Winslow said.

On specific policy, Winslow said if he gets into the race he will be putting out statements and taking detailed positions on a variety of issues, including the federal deficit, immigration reform, gun control, and repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Asked about supporting an assault weapons ban, Winslow called for a “reasoned discussion about ways to reduce gun violence in America” rooted in facts and “solution oriented” but respectful of Second Amendment rights.

Winslow also said he was a “big fan” of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and had he been in the Senate would have been a strong vote in support of her confirmation.

He also said reforming the country’s immigration system would be key to the economic future of America, and said the solution must balance “fiscal realities with compassion.” He also called for a balanced approach to the deficit and said it would be important to rein in spending and still invest in areas such as education.


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Winslow to Senate???

Shared with me this afternoon (I do not know the source) –

NORFOLK REP. WINSLOW REFLECTING ON POSSIBLE SENATE RUN: Norfolk Republican Rep. Dan Winslow, a former top aide to Gov. Mitt Romney, may jump into the developing U.S. Senate race.  “In my public service as a State Representative, a Judge, and as Legal Counsel to a Governor during a time of fiscal crisis, I have worked with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, all united by the common goal that we can make Massachusetts a better place for ourselves and our families,” the second-term state representative said in a statement Friday afternoon.  “Massachusetts Republicans, especially middle class Republicans who call Amherst their hometown, seem offer a different perspective from the national GOP brand.  I am honored by so many calls and emails urging me to run for the United States Senate.  But I will reflect this weekend about my own family’s needs and whether there is room in the national Republican Party for a member who is both fiscally prudent and socially tolerant.”

Garlick reports to town 2/6

Representative Denise Garlick has indicated that she will “Report to The Community” at 7:00 PM on February 6, at the Medfield Town House.

Her listed topics are:

  • 2012 the year in review
  • 2013 the year in preview

Casino bill regs seem to point to RR proposed through town

This email came from Representative Daniel Winslow’s aide –

1/04/2012 10:41AM
Casino Bill – Access to Multi Modal Means of Transportation
“Muti, Joanne (HOU)”
Good Morning,

Please take a look at the following language included in the casino bill H3807:
Section 5. (a) The commission shall promulgate regulations for the implementation, administration and enforcement of this chapter including, without limitation, regulations that:
(1) prescribe the method and form of application which an applicant for licensure shall follow and complete before consideration by the commission;
(2) prescribe the information to be furnished by an applicant or licensee concerning an applicant or licensee’s antecedents, habits, character, associates, criminal record, business activities and financial affairs, past or present;
(3) prescribe the criteria for evaluation of the application for a gaming license including, with regard to the proposed gaming establishment, an evaluation of architectural design and concept excellence, integration of the establishment into its surroundings, potential access to multi-modal means of transportation, tourism appeal, level of capital investment committed, financial strength of the applicant and the applicant’s financial plan;

Joanne Muti
Legislative Aide
Office of Representative Dan Winslow
Phone: 617-722-2060
Fax:     617-722-2849

State House
Room 33
Boston, MA 02133