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Power back

TODAY – Email from Chief Carrico –


As of 0800 hrs this morning all services have been restored to Medfield.


We do have a tree on wires at Noon Hill Road and the road is shut down at the gun club.  1 Hour ETA for tree crew.

William C. Carrico II

Fire Chief/EMD

Medfield Fire

112 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052


YESTERDAY – text from Kristine Trierweiler 


Power back by this afternoon

Eversource emailed update shared by Mike Sullivan this AM –



Eversource Community Update – Tuesday, October 31, 2017 – 9:30 AM Southboro/Walpole/Waltham EOC – Level 3 ERP

Good Morning,


Eversource crews have made progress and power has been restored to more than 175,000 Massachusetts customers. There are currently less than 15,000 customers without power in Eastern Massachusetts.  We anticipate having power restored in the Metro West region of the state, served by our Walpole, Waltham and Southborough service centers, substantially complete by 6 p.m. today.


Restoration on Cape Cod and in the Plymouth and South Shore areas, served by Plymouth, New Bedford and Yarmouth, is expected to be substantially complete by midnight tonight.  It is important to note that crews will work continuously and will be restoring customers throughout the day.


Best regards.

Green Street poles & South Street gas main

green st-2

I was just checking on the poles on Green Street, and there are new substantially larger poles now installed, but the old poles located in the paved surface are still there and they still have wires on them.  This email update from Mike Sullivan this afternoon –

I went down Green Street this afternoon and there were two Verizon crews working there,One was down by Bullards and the other was beyond Lowell Mason Road. I also heard from Carl Aiello,  Columbia Gas of MA, and he old me that the gas main replacement on South Street near the High School was still scheduled for late spring or summer. At the request of the Police and School Departments, Columbia Gas agreed that the work should not be started until school is out. Mike

Green St. poles status

green st-2

These emails from Verizon and Mike this morning about when the utility poles on Green Street will get moved out of the street –

Thanks Stephanie, Ken Feeney did tell me that there were two Verizon trucks out there this week working on the transfer. Thanks for your quick response So far we been able  to handle the snow, It looks like we’re in for a couple of storms, but our crews are good at keeping the roads open. I’ll forward this to Ken and Bobby Kennedy and to the Selectmen, so they’ll be in the loop. Let me know when you’re finished so we can get Eversource in to remove the poles.  Mike Sullivan


On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 2:28 PM, Lee, Stephanie S wrote:

Hi Mike and Richard,

You probably are aware that Verizon crews are out on Green St. preparing to transfer lines to the new poles.  It is a complicated job that will take a couple weeks, but I wanted to let you know we will work diligently to complete our transfers.  Let’s cross our fingers for a couple more weeks of mild weather – and an early spring.

Stephanie Lee
State Government Affairs
125 High St. – Oliver Tower
Boston, MA 02110
O 617.743.5440 | M 978.808.6155

VerizonWireless – new antennae

I noticed a legal ad in the paper that Verizon is seeking permission to install a new antennae in town, on the existing tower on Rte. 27 was my understanding.  I keep hearing complaints about Verizon’s lack of coverage in town, so this should make things better.

I only wish Verizon had held off for a few months so as to go onto the new MSH water tower, which will be substantially higher and give better service – plus even better, the town would get the rental.

Gas company on safety

This to the MFD Chief from the gas company –

Safety Concerns from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts

Serious Snow and Ice Safety Risks for Natural Gas Meters

Westborough, MA – Columbia Gas of Massachusetts is concerned with recent incidents involving large icicles and snow accumulation falling from rooftops onto natural gas meters. This can cause a rupture in the gas line and result in a serious gas leak. Also, snow and ice covered natural gas meters, and snow removing equipment striking gas meters has caused the release of natural gas.


With significant snowfall and frigid temperatures in the forecast, it is extremely important to make sure that your natural gas meter, and the exhaust vents for your heating equipment and other appliances are free of snow and ice. Gas equipment requires adequate airflow for safe combustion and proper venting of appliances to prevent a dangerous carbon monoxide situation.


The build-up of ice and snow around or over a natural gas meter poses a serious safety risk. Ice and snow falling from the eaves and gutters above your gas meter can damage the meter or service connections, potentially resulting in a gas leak. Please use a broom instead of a shovel to clear ice and snow from your gas meter. Don’t kick or hit the gas meter to break away snow and ice. Don’t shovel snow up against your meter. Be careful when using a snow blower or snow plow near your meter. Where possible, have a clear path to your gas meter in the event a technician or emergency responder should require access.


If your meter is encased in ice which you cannot remove, contact Columbia Gas for assistance at 1-800-677-5052. If you think there’s a problem with the gas piping or equipment, or if you smell gas, call Columbia’s 24-hour emergency line at 1-800-525-8222.


“The safety and comfort of our customers and communities is our number one priority,” said Steve Bryant, President of Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. “We ask that you be diligent in removing snow and ice from above and around your natural gas meter, keep your appliance vents clear and your gas meter accessible. With record snowfall over the past month and continuing in the next couple days, this winter season continues to be a challenge for us all.”


For more safety tips and information visit


Subject: Urgent Safety Message to CMA Customers
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 13:19:25 -0600

Dear Chief,

Due to the continuing forecast of frigid temperatures and snow accumulation, we have sent out the attached press release to our local media asking that they communicate this important message cautioning customers about large icicles and snow accumulation falling from rooftops onto natural gas meters.  We are also urging customer to remove ice and snow from their natural gas meters and gas appliance vents.

We have also cautioned customers to not use shovels to clear ice and snow from the natural gas meters.  We have also asked that they keep a clear, accessible path to the gas meter in the event a technician or emergency responder should require access.

Wherever possible we ask that you share this communication.  If you have the capabilities of posting this to your website, social media, or reverse 911 communications we would be most appreciative in assisting us in reaching as many customers as possible.

We have also sent an email blast to over 127,360 customers to whom we have email addresses.

We thank you for your support in our efforts to alert our customers to the safety risks associated with the accumulation of snow and ice around natural gas meters and gas appliance vents.

Andrea M. Luppi                                                                Don DiNunno
Manager Communications & Community Relations                                Manager Communications & Community Relations
Columbia Gas of Massachusetts                                                Columbia Gas of Massachusetts
2025 Roosevelt Avenue                                                                995 Belmont Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104                                                                Brockton, MA 02301
Office:  413-784-2145                                                                Office:  508-580-0100 ext. 1311
Cell:  413-530-0907                                                                Cell:  508-864-7099
Fax: 413-731-7788

Tracy Stefanowicz
External Affairs Specialist
External Communications
(413)784-2130 – Work
(413)276-5822 – Cell



Dover cell tower hearing postponed

Below is an email from the Chair of the Dover ZBA this afternoon about the postponement of the continued ZBA hearing on the cell tower proposed in Dover with an entry off Evergreen Way in Medfield to June 30.

At the Dover Planning Board hearing a week or so ago on the cell tower, the Dover school officials appeared, as they had at the prior ZBA hearing, only this time they reportedly indicated that they really wanted the cell tower to be built on school property, as they had intimated at the ZBA hearing.  The ZBA had then leaned on the applicant to engage in discussions with the schools (at the ZBA hearing I attended), and the school personnel were then saying that evening that they wanted to explore locating the cell tower on school land.

The Medfield neighbors indicated to the Medfield Selectmen that their main issue was the traffic through their streets, so locating the cell tower on school lands should satisfy our Medfield neighbors.

The outstanding issue for Medfield is whether Medfield should continue to argue, as we did at the ZBA hearing, that the proposed new water tower at the former Medfield State Hospital site would be a better location, and one for which Medfield would get the revenue.






At the request of the Applicant, the Site Walk, which had been previously rescheduled from Monday May 19, 2014, at 6:00PM  to Wednesday, May 21,2014, at 6:00PM at the entrance to the property adjacent to 34* Evergreen Street in Medfield, and the adjourned Hearing which had been previously rescheduled from Monday May 19, 2014, at 6:00PM  to Wednesday, May 21,2014, at 7:00PM at the Dover Town House, ARE BEING RESCHEDULED AGAIN.


The  new Site Walk and Hearing dates, places and times are :


(a) Monday, June 30, 2014, at 6:00PM, at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24 Evergreen Street* in Medfield for the Site Walk; and


(b)Monday, June 30, 2014, at 7:00 PM, at the Dover Town House for adjourned the Hearing.



*Please also note the correction of the location for the start of the Site Walk from 34 Evergreen to 24 Evergreen.



Notice of the revised schedule will be posted at Dover Town House and on the Dover Town Webpage and at the entrance to the lower hearing room at the Dover Town House where the original hearing was opened.


Additionally, the applicant has advised that someone will be at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24* Evergreen Street in Medfield at 6:00PM on May 19,2014,  to advise interested parties of the rescheduling to Monday June 30 at 6:00PM.




Site Walk – Monday June 30, 2014, at 6:00PM, at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24 Evergreen Street in Medfield; and


Adjourned Hearing – Monday June 30, 2014, 2014, at 7:00 PM, at the Dover Town House.


Thank you all for your assistance in this situation.


Gary P. Lilienthal

eBills now available

Per the email e-newsletter today from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s Division of Local Services the town can now opt to offer residents e-bills for all their town bills, plus the town can now bundle multiple bills (e.g. – real estate tax bill plus the water and sewer bill) in one transmission –

City and Town Editorial Board

This month’s Ask DLS features frequently asked questions about e-billing. We hope the answers will provide timely and helpful information. Please let us know if you have other areas of interest or send a question to We’d like to hear from you!

Can cities and towns send property tax or other bills by email?

With the approval of the Municipal Relief Act on July 27, 2010 (c. 188 of the Acts of 2010), cities and towns are now authorized to issue property tax bills in electronic form. Section 54 of the Act amends M.G.L. C. 60 by adding new language to Section 3A that allows tax bills to be sent by email and other bills and nonpolitical information to be inserted with the mailing.

The local decision to allow issuance of the so-called “e-bills” rests with the board of selectmen in a town and the mayor in a city. There are two primary components to the authorization:

1.) Like hardcopy bills, electronic property tax bills must be in a form approved by the Commissioner of Revenue and must meet the “content” requirements imposed by c.60, s.3A, subsection (a), which are unchanged; and

2.) The program must be voluntary. Taxpayers cannot be forced to receive an electronic bill.

The legislation encourages a paperless system where the only tax bill received by property owners would be an email copy. Savings would be realized through the elimination of printed bills and postage for mailings two or four times a year. To receive an electronic bill or notice, taxpayers must explicitly enroll and provide their email address to the collector.

In addition, municipal collectors are permitted to include, with the electronic property tax bill, other charges for water or sewer use, solid waste disposal or collection, or electric, gas or other utility services. These can only include charges that are authorized by ordinance or by-law and that are assessed by the city or town. The inserted bills or notices of payments due must be separate and distinct from the property tax bills. In the case where a separate commission oversees the water or sewer operation, it rather than the selectmen or mayor would authorize utility e-bills.

The authority previously granted to municipalities to include nonpolitical informational material in an envelope with the tax bill is now expanded. The inclusion of additional information with an email tax bill is permitted, but requires the approval of the selectmen or mayor.

In developing an electronic tax bill program, the municipal collector should work with local assessors and a technology advisor. Among other topics, consideration might be given to the following:

Program Management: Consideration of the tax billing process, staffing, web access and software capability should help local officials determine the most practical option for managing the program. In most instances, we would expect this to be collector’s office, which has the legal responsibility to send proper notice of the tax due. The same analysis should be completed relative to any other bills allowed to be inserted with the electronic tax bill. Alternatively, companies are emerging that will contract with a city or town to manage its e-billing program.

Enrollment: Property owners should have the ability to enroll on-line at a dedicated town webpage. A verification mechanism must be built into the process. For instance, enrollment could be confirmed through a required return email acknowledgement by the property owner. The pertinent information could then be incorporated automatically into a data base. Over-the-counter enrollment or enrollment by mail is also an option and must include a written enrollment acknowledgement. Staff time would then have to data enter the information into the system or program.

Technology: For tax bills, whether in the assessors’ appraisal system or a collector’s billing system, software should allow property accounts to be flagged where owners have requested an electronic bill. The taxpayer’s billing account would remain in the commitment, but no hardcopy bill would be printed or mailed. A similar process should be developed for other types of bills that might be inserted with the electronic property tax bill. In each instance, the collector should have the ability to print a copy of the bill, if needed.

Legal: At the time of enrollment to receive an e-bill, property owners should be required to, at least, acknowledge that:

  • they understand by enrolling they will not receive a bill in the mail or in any other hardcopy form;
  • they are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided;
  • they are solely responsible for reporting any changes to the information on file;
  • they are not relieved of the legal obligation to make timely payment if they fail to receive a tax bill, or any other bill, because of incorrect information;
  • they attest to the truth and accuracy of the information provided.

NSTAR’s response

This email this AM from NSTAR’s new community representative to the Town of Medfield, in response to Richard DeSorgher’s recent list of “frustrations” sent to NSTAR  –  progress to be made –

8/12/2013 10:09AM
Re: fw: Frustration with NSTAR
Lopes, Jack
Selectman Osler L. Peterson
Mr. Peterson,

As a follow up to your email in regards to the 8 issues as stipulated in the email below, I met with our Walpole Service Center and below is the follow up from NSTAR:

1) A Walpole supervisor stopped by the Medfield Highway Garage and spoke  with a Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Kennedy stated that they were not ready for NSTAR, they first must do some site work in order for the NSTAR truck to have access to the site, this morning we received a call from Mr. Kennedy that the site is now ready for NSTAR and we have committed a truck to be on site this Wednesday.
2) NSTAR Walpole Service Center would like to have the pole number or street address for the location of the pole that was installed through a drainage pipe on Eastmont Rd.
3) NSTAR Walpole Service Center will be on site today to remove the double pole at the Robert McCarthy Blacksmith Shop Historical Monument.
4) I will work with the Walpole Service Center regarding the double poles once I receive the priority list from the Town of Medfield.
5) I will check with our Vegetation Management Group to see what can be done regarding the tree trimming on the NSTAR’s Transmission Right of Way on Route 27, and how we can better communicate with the town in regards to future tree trimming.
6) In regards to the pole on Fairview Rd, NSTAR will bring out some
gravel, either today or tomorrow and fill the hole at the base of the pole.
7) The coils of wire on Clark Rd. and Elm St. are either Verizon or
Comcast, they do not belong to NSTAR.

8) The plastic box at Phillip St. and Fairview Rd. is a termination box
that belongs to Verizon.

Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions.

Jack Lopes, CEM
Community Relations & Economic Development Specialist
Northeast Utilities
One NSTAR Way – Walpole
Westwood, MA 02090
Telephone: 508-660-5251
Fax: 508-660-5240

From:   “Osler L. Peterson”

To:     Jack Lopes/NUS@NU,
Cc:     Michael Sullivan, Kristine Trierweiler

Date:   08/08/2013 11:52 AM
Subject:        fw: Frustration with NSTAR

Mr. Lopes,

Thank you for meeting with the Medfield town administrators and your follow up email to their assistant.  I am one of the other Medfield selectmen, and look forward to meeting you.  However, I am writing because I wanted to assure you that it is not just one of the selectmen who has been frustrated with the issues Richard DeSorgher detailed so well, it is all of the selectmen.  So, thank you in advance for seeking to resolve these matters as soon as possible.

Also, despite our frustrations at times, please know that we are greatly appreciative of many things related to NSTAR, most especially the relationships with and past assistance from both Barry Salvucci and Penni Conner to the town.

Thank you for your courtesies and assistance with resolving these current matters.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Osler L. Peterson, Attorney at Law
580 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458
66 North St, PO Box 358, Medfield, MA 02052
T – 617.969.1500
T – 617.969.1501 (direct)
M – 508-359-9190
F – 617.663.6008
Medfield Information at: Facebook, &

—– Original Message —–

From: Jack Lopes

Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2013 9:49 AM

Subject: Frustration with NSTAR

Good morning Mr. DeSorgher:

First I would like to apologize for the frustration that with have been
getting from NSTAR, as of Monday, August 12th, I will be the new Community Relations Specialist for the Town of Medfield, I have started to looking into the items listed below, I met with Mike Sullivan and Kristine Trierweiler yesterday afternoon and our priority is to get item 1 resolved ASAP, I will be meeting with the Manager of our Walpole Service Center later today to get a time table for this, the other item regarding the 200+ double poles I have asked Kristine to get me a priority list so that we can address those first, the other items on the list will be patrolled by an NSTAR supervisor today and tomorrow and I should have a list by Monday.

again, I apologize for the frustration that NSTAR has caused you and the Town of Medfield and look forward to work with you and the town.

Thank you.

Jack Lopes, CEM
Account Executive
Northeast Utilities
One NSTAR Way – SUMSW340
Westwood, MA 02090-9230
Telephone: 781-441-8236
Fax: 781-441-3194
Frustration with NSTAR

At last nights Selectman’s meeting, I expressed frustration with the lack of cooperation Medfield has been receiving from NSTAR. It took place during a hearing we held concerning the request by NSTAR to place an additional electrical pole in the North Street sidewalk to service Statbucks. While the NSTAR representative at the meeting was not the culprit of my frustration, I felt I had to begin somewhere in trying to get through to NSTAR, as the normal means of communications have fallen on deaf ears to date. The following were my points of frustration:
1. NSTAR is holding up a $10 million dollar public works project, the new Medfield Highway Garage, with their refusal to remove one live electric pole—Two months have now gone by since the town ’s first request and constant requests via telephone calls and e-mails since then. The Town has already had to spend extra money by having an engineer redesign a new route for the water and sewer lines, as originally they were to go near the existing pole.  The drainage, however, can’t be moved and is currently being held up. All the drainage, manholes, etc on the north side of the complex can not be connected to the retention pond close to Route 27 because the pole is in the way. The highway department is afraid to run the drainage next to the live pole as it is in sandy soil and they fear the pole will collapse when they dig next to it. They asked, as a
compromise, since NSTAR won’t schedule the removal of the pole, will they at least send a truck for one hour to hold the pole upright so the DPW can dig the drainage past the pole to connect it to the retention pond. Still no action from NSTAR. We have been lucky to date that it has been dry.
Rain will cause flooding and disruption on the north site of the site as
the water will have no where to go—The existing gasoline/diesel tank on site that holds all the fuel for all our town vehicles needs to be moved.
It can’t become operational until the NSTAR pole is moved. This is costing the taxpayer of Medfield extra money as all our highway vehicles now have to go to Randy’s Irving Station and pay a higher gas and diesel price —I think Medfield deserves a rebate off our town electric bills for the extra costs NSTAR is causing us to spend.
2. There is an NSTAR pole on Eastmont Road that they put through the town drainage pipe, causing flooding and water in the street during heavy rains. The road and drainage is on a hill, resulting in rain water rushing down the drainage system and hitting the pole that is blocking the pipe.
For three years our highway department has been after NSTAR to remove the pole from of the drainage pipe— Said one town highway official “they just wear you down, you keep after them, they don’t respond, you get tired of getting after them, they wear you out and they win, as nothing gets done and the problem remains.”
3. The Robert McCarthy Blacksmith Shop Historical Monument on Janes Avenue was dedicated in 2011 on the site of Robert McCarthy’s old blacksmith shop. It commemorates not only Mr. McCarthy but memorializes the history of blacksmithing in Medfield. Smack in the middle of the site are ugly double telephone poles owned by NSTAR. NSTAR was asked to remove the unused pole that is strapped to the one in use. This request was put in well before the dedication.- Selectman Pete Peterson personally called NSTAR letting them know the importance of the memorial site. To date,
despite additional requests, nothing has been done. I asked the NSTAR official when that double pole will be removed from the memorial site?
4. I have now counted almost 200 double poles along Medfield streets—(and have not completed every street yet) My question to NSTAR was how do you justify breaking the law, as that is exactly what NSTAR is doing, breaking the law:  State law, Chapter 164, Section 34B requires double poles to be removed within 90 days because they are unsightly and pose a safety hazard. The law, however, applies no penalty, so NSTAR flaunts the law and the double poles add up in the communities. Bills to place a $1,000 fine
per pole have been defeated in the state legislature to date.  My question to NSTAR was when will you comply with the law and remove all the double poles from Medfield?
5. High tension wires run through Medfield and cross Rt. 27 just past the Gary Dive area of town. Without the common decency of notifying the town, large swaths of trees were cut down in and along an expanded area of the existing high tension lines. I fully understand the reasons why you don’t want high growing trees to get near high tension lines. My question was why was Medfield not notified about the cutting? Brush and low growing trees used to shield the view of the hi-tension lines from Rt. 27. That brush and tree growth that was along RT 27 was also cut down, leaving the now unsightly view of a barren wasteland.  The brush and trees were not that tall but at least they shielded the unsightly view. My question was when will the brush/tree growth that was cut down along RT 27 be replaced with planting new low growing brush/trees. It was interesting that the brush and trees were kept along Hartford Street in Dover. For some reason the brush shield was kept for Dover but cut it down in Medfield.
6. The pole on Fairview Road(pole #101-2) has a hole in the ground next to a double pole that now goes under the street. I fear it is about to cause a sink hole as rain water continues to travel into the now expanding hole. My question was when will that be fixed?
7. There are coils of wires hanging from NSTAR poles and laying on the sidewalks and ground. While not live wires, I still fear this is a danger to kids. I have numerous examples including poles on Clark Road and Elm Street. My question was when will they be removed or raised to a higher level on the pole?
8. There is a plastic transformer of some sort lying on the ground that has been there since Tropical Storm Sandy on Philip Street @ Fairview Road. I am not sure what that is, but it should not be lying on the ground for kids to get into. My question was when will that be removed or returned to its original location high up on the pole?
I believe our only recourse, as we are getting no respect or cooperation from NSTAR, is to ask the commissioners of public utilities to come to a selectmen’s meeting so we can voice Medfield’s concerns to the only agency that has control over the utilities. The Department of Public Utilities are made up of: Ann G. Berwick, chair, Jolette A, Westbrook and David W. Cash.

No NSTAR smart meters in town

Penni Connor is by day the Vice President for Customer Relations at NSTAR and by night a member of the Medfield Energy Committee (MEC) (thank you Penni), and she recently shared the following information with the MEC about smart meters

Here is some data on the NSTAR electric meters in Medfield, as well as information on the meters in our entire service territory.

Meters installed in Medfield are not smart meters. Instead, they are solid-state residential meters that only collect electric usage for billing purposes. No other advanced data is collected by this meter. These are one-way meters. Please know that these are not two way meters, which are they types of meters that have received attention recently in the media.

NSTAR started installing these solid-state one way meters in 2001. These meters are proven to operate safely in hundreds of thousands of homes in NSTAR’s service territory and in millions of homes across the country.

I know that there has been much written about smart meters lately but I want to assure you that these meters are not being installed at homes in NSTAR’s service territory. I hope this clears up any confusion. If not, I am more than happy to arrange for a metering expert to meet with the Medfield Energy Committee if you think it might be helpful.

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