Solarize Medfield needs volunteers


Marie Zack Nolan is the Solar Coach for the SolarizeMedfield program, and I asked her if she wanted publicity for their need for volunteers, and she said –

Yes, that would be great if you would post about the need for volunteers for the Solarize Medfield program – to help out at various Medfield tabling events including Medfield Day. Attached is a flyer that you can attach when asking people.



Also, at some point, if you want to address how the Solarize Medfield program is different than the company – SolarCity – who is going to do door to door canvasing, you can post this information on your blog:

The town recently approved a solicitation permit for SolarCity, but just a reminder that New England Clean Energy is the only installer for the Solarize Medfield program. Other installers may very well call you and try to sell you a system. They are not always clear about the fact that they are not the official installer. But Clean Energy is the only one approved by the town for the Solarize program, and the only one offering the special discounted pricing approved by the Energy Committee. Also, only systems from Clean Energy count toward the tiers that come with additional discounts. Note that New England Clean Energy will not call you unless you have requested that they do, by contacting them directly or filling out the form on the Solarize Medfield website.





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