LCB filing with MHC


LCB filed materials dated 8/25/2016 with the Massachusetts Historical Commission, which I understand to be part of LCB’s appeal to the DEP of the Medfield Conservation Commission’s decision that Vine Brook is a perennial stream.  I understand that the ConCom determination that Vine Brook is a perennial stream, combined with the 200′ setback mandated by the Rivers Act from perennial waterways, effectively prevents the construction of the LCB 78 unit assisted living facility on the proposed site behind the Clark Tavern.  To see the 8/25/2016 filing click here 20160825-LCB-filing with MHC.



2 responses to “LCB filing with MHC

  1. This is being filed with the state’s Historical Commission and the information is current to August 25. Two things seem not to make sense: First, LCB purchased the Clark Tavern property in mid-March, which allowed LCB to declare that its previous filings were no longer valid. Yet, in this current filing, the Clark Tavern property is not shown as being within the project perimeter, and it is referred to only as a “2 1/2 story wood structure” with no indication of its historical significance. It comes into play only as part of the landscaping diagram. Second, the filing ignores the Conservation Commission’s determination that Vine Brook is a perennial stream – only the setback from the ‘potential vernal pool’ are noted. LCB adheres only to the hydrology study it commissioned and ignores the town’s contradictory finding.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Neal, Don Coen, who shared it with me, intimated that a corrective filing with the MHC was going to be made by people who oppose the LCB project.