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5/8 BoS minutes

Lyme Disease Study Committee:  Medfield deer hunt costs town $1500 to cull 30 deer, or $50 per deer, versus state deer hunt at Blue Hill which cost nearly $300,000 in 2015 and 2016, translating to a cost of at least $2,200 per deer.  Medfield’s annual number of deer/vehicle crashes continues the decline that started with onset of the deer hunt eight years ago.  The committee’s primary goal is to reduce the incidence of ticks, with one secondary goal being to reduce the adverse effects on our forests from the over grazing by too many deer.

Minutes May 8, 2018 Chenery Meeting Room PRESENT: Selectmen Michael Marcucci, Gus Murby, Osler Peterson; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke Chairman Marcucci called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. 7:00 PM LYME DISEASE STUDY COMMITTEE; MEMBERS CHRIS KALDY AND FRANK PERRY Ms. Kaldy remarked that she is here to present the committee's annual update on our activities. The committee was formed eight years ago and in general we feel that we have been successful in our efforts of the deer management program and also educating the public to raise awareness that protection is vital to prevent illness from tick bites. She went on to report that first and third graders receive tick check cards, and this year as a new educational item, Tick Check Shower Cards were ordered from the University of Rhode Island that were distributed to third graders. The committee posts warning signs around Town about ticks, particularly at the playing fields. Frank Perry remarked that they encountered no issues the past year with deer culling. The average number per year has been approximately 30 deer. So we feel we have met our goal annually regarding deer management. He noted that he has been tracking deer hit by vehicles in Town and the number continually has gone down. Chris remarked that Barbara Gips and Nancy Schiemer will not continue as members of the committee; she will be looking to step out in a while. Frank and Barry Mandell will continue. Frank said that we have about 47 hunters involved with our program, 43 are very active. He offered that he will contact the hunters to see if anyone may be interested in joining our committee. Selectman Marcucci said that you are the first committee to respond to our new committee structure, thank you. The Board thanked the committee for their continuing good efforts. 7:15 PM MEDFIELD LIONS CLUB MEMBER RON GUSTAVSON Mr. Gustavson said that he is requesting the Selectmen's permission for the Lions to conduct their annual Toll Booth on Saturday May 19. Lions will be stationed at North and Main Streets, Pleasant Street, in front of Needham Bank, SWAP area at the Transfer Station and this year we added Starbucks and Blue Moon Bakery. Our goal is to collect $5-7,000 for eye research. He remarked that he has been in contact with Chief Meaney and he approves our date of May 19, and time 9 AM to Noon. Mr. Gustavson also announced that the Eye Mobile will be in the Shaw's parking lot this Saturday May 12 from 9-noon for eye screening. 'Vote: Selectman Murby made a motion to approve the Medfield Lions Club holding their annual Toll Booth on May 19 at the locations as mentioned by Ron Gustavson. Motion seconded by Selectman Peterson and the vote was unanimous May 8, 2018 Page two ACTION ITEMS MEDFIELD HISTORICAL COMMISSION Selectmen received a letter from Co-Chairmen David Temple and Dan Bibel letting them know that member William Hasapidis has resigned due to a job change. They recommend that the Selectmen vote to appoint Seth Meehan as his replacement. 'Vote: On a motion made by Selectman Murby, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was voted unanimously to appoint Seth Meehan as a member of the Historical Commission for a three year term ending June 2021 and as recommended by Co-Chairmen David Temple and Dan Bibel The Selectmen extended their appreciation to Bill Hasapidis for his service. LIP PROJECT, MEDFIELD GREEN, 41 DALE STREET 'Vote: Selectman Murby made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to authorize Chairman Marcucci execute both the application page and letter of support for the 36 Unit project. Additionally voted unanimously for the Board of Selectmen to sign the Memorandum of Understanding ENERGY GRANT CONTRACT Facilities Director Jerry McCarty requests the Selectmen vote to sign contract with Rise Engineering for exterior LED light upgrades at the middle school, high school, library, town hall, memorial elementary and wheelock elementary schools. Contract amount is $130,515. Grant monies will cover $128,286 and the remainder of $2,228 will be paid from the Town budget. 'Vote: On a motion made and seconded it was VOTED unanimously to sign the Energy Grant Contract with Rise Engineering, Cranston, Rhode Island for exterior LED light upgrades at several municipal buildings EAGLE SCOUT The Selectmen are invited to attend the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Samuel Weston Evans on Saturday June 16, 2018 at the United Church of Christ at 1:00 PM DISCUSSION ITEMS Mr. Marcucci said that at the Affordable Housing Trust meeting we discussed the Medfield State Hospital and what we could be doing to help move the project forward. The Committee May 8, 2018 Page three authorized funds provisionally for a site survey and subject to Board of Selectmen approval. We also talked about a subdivision plan but that could come later. Selectman Marcucci remarked that he had discussion with Steve Nolan about it who feels that a subdivision plan is premature. Selectman Peterson agreed that a site survey is needed for whatever we do up there. Holding off on a subdivision plan makes sense. Discussion continued highlighting that Judith Nitch did a survey for boundary lines a while back. That should be reviewed again. Bill Massaro said that he and John Thompson have walked the back area many times without finding any markings to indicate any back lines. Mr. Murby queried would this be a survey to document where those lines are. Yes, that is what we/ MSH Committee would want. Cost for this survey could be in the $38,000 range and $10-12,000 for a subdivision. Mr. Marcucci said that he thought it best to take this up now and come the fall when we need it we will have it. Mr. Murby agrees that anything we can do to get the preliminaries out of the way is prudent. Selectman Marcucci said that he will let Sarah know she can get the RFP going. June 11, 2018 ballot Town Counsel Mark Cerel advised the Board that he has written a document that only clarifies and ratifies the Selectmen's May 3, 2018 vote regarding the June 11, 2018 proposition 2 Yi ballot questions. He remarked that he feels this spells it out and hopefully if explanation should be needed in the future for overrides we have it in hand. Actually it is G.L. Ch. 59 Section 21C that mandates how a ballot question may be worded. As such, he advised that the document be part of the Selectmen's record. There are a few minor word changes that the Board agreed to. Selectmen are requested to vote to sign 'Vote: On a motion made by Selectman Murby that the Selectmen approve and sign the Document Clarifying and Ratifying the May 3, 2018 vote to basically define the nature of the five override questions on the June 11, 2018 ballot, seconded by Selectman Peterson, and the vote was unanimous LICENSES AND PERMITS (CONSENT AGENDA) Granted as noted by the Chair: Memorial Day Committee parade permit and discharge of firearms permit for May 28, 2018 MEMO permission to hold Summer Concert Series June 14 through August 16 and to hang a banner across Main Street announcing the event MEMO permission, a common victualler permit and to hang a banner across Main Street Promoting the 39th Annual Discover Medfield Day to be held September 15 High School Swim Team permission for May 19 car wash behind Town Hall Norfolk Hunt Club one-day wine and malt beverage permit for Sunday May 27, 2018 Notch Brewing, Salem, MA one-day wine and malt beverage permit for three dates, July 27, July 28 and July 29, 2018 for Traveling Biergarten event at Rocky Woods Reservation May 8, 2018 Page four MINUTES 'Vote: Move to approve the May 1, 2018 and May 3, 2018 meeting minutes as submitted SELECTMEN REPORT Selectman Peterson, no special report Selectman Murby remarked that as of this date the housing survey has had a strong response, 550 returns which is about 25% from approximately 2200 residents. Selectman Marcucci reported that the Affordable Housing Trust has learned of a proposed project on Adams Street and a prospective group home is being researched. Mr. Marcucci remarked that it was a great day for the baseball parade last Sunday. ADJOURNMENT Selectman Murby made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 PM, seconded by Selectman Peterson and the vote was unanimous.20180508_Page_220180508_Page_320180508_Page_4

Kim Agricola – MFi Lifetime Achievement Award

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Kim Agricola

MFi Lifetime Achievement Award

Kim Agricola was nominated for the MFi Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades of work for the Medfield Animal Shelter.  Interestingly, this year Kim also nominated another Animal Shelter volunteer as the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year.  This was Theresa Burns’ nomination:

Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: the Medfield Animal Shelter

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? At least 20.
Kim and her husband, Mike, after years of dedication to the Medfield Animal Shelter, decided to spearhead a group to raise funds to build a new, state-of-the-art facility. Optimistically, they need the initiative Shelter 2000. While it was not built by 2000, it was built. Mike made sure that each arterial used was cost effective, durable, easy to clean, and the optimal for the animals. Kim markets the facility, organizes the volunteers and rescues animals from other shelters to be adopted from Medfield.


The public is invited to the reception honoring all the MFi volunteer award nominees at 3PM on Sunday, April 8 at The Center.

The Medfield Foundation volunteer awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, as well as a contribution for Rockland Trust.


Office hours issues

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Issues that came up this AM at my selectman office hours:

First, a Castle Avenue resident told me that there is a telephone pole that was in the middle of the cul-de-sac that broke off and needs replacement, and he is hoping it can be replaced 15-16′ to the West, out of the asphalt. It is a pole that hosts a guy wire to another pole, now leaning. Also, he abuts the rear of 93-95 North Street and he said that property floods after heavy rains and it takes 3-4 days to dry out at times.

Second, I had discussions with a resident about the town buying their land, how a price might get determined, timing, and their capital gain tax issues.

Third a resident wants to create a dog park in town where dogs can run off leash. I encouraged her to get in touch with the Animal Control Study Committee, and I put her in touch with them. She also had concerns over trucks parked on North Street in front of Nosh N Grog to make deliveries.  She also suggested parking meters – I told her how happy I was that we had a parking problem, because it means things are going on, and I mentioned that a parking study is coming soon, so we will have data from which to make decisions.  I also recounted how Wellesley was always tight on parking when I would commute home at night, until Blue Ginger closed, and now they have plenty of parking.  We now have a similar restaurant effect at night downtown.

Lastly, I discussed senior housing with another resident who hopes for sale price point of $350-500K (with deeded owner profit limitations), preferences for Medfield residents, and town staff assistance in writing a warrant article for the annual town meeting.

Girl Scouts take on dog waste

Keep Medfield Free 01 Dog waste By Girl Scout Troop 85257 HI we are Troop 85257 we are working on a proiect to complete our Bronze Award. A Bronze Award is the third highest award a girl scout can earn latter silver and gold). For our proiect we are informing people about the imponance 01 picking up their dog's waste to help inlorm we are doing booth's at Wheelock and Hospital Hill we will have a game and better inform people about the the problem's dog waste can cause ii not picked up. we hope you can come and support us and dates are listed below. PLEA'S£ VISlT 6V.t Btl()nl t:JIJ 3lJNE Stl> - rAM Td llAM AT U6SPITAL. UIL.L. 3lJNE 'l'TU - rAM T6 llAM AT WUEEL.6t:.IC FIEL.l>S If this dog can do it so can you. May 18, 2017 Dear Board of Selectmen, Thank you so much for meeting with Troop #85257. Our troop is grateful you took the time to meet with us. We are looking forward to helping Medfield by informing people about picking up their dogs waste. We hope this project will be a success at Hospital Hill, Wheelock, and around town. Our hope is that more people will be informed about this problem and will pick up their dog's waste. Thank you again for helping us and the environment. Sincerely, Troop #85257 rKanna 0'LCA.Jjw;~. ~201705170GS-ltr from_Page_2

Angel Run – noon tomorrow


Don’t Miss the Angel Run!

There’s Joy to share,

An event to remember:

Get your bells and your bib

Wear your Wings, your Antlers or Holiday gear

It’s that Festive Time of Year!

There will be hot cocoa and Christmas Carols

Beautiful Bells and Jazz Ensembles.

You can walk or you can run

For 5K or ‘til you’re done.

Bring the kids, the dogs and Gran,

Call your friends and make a plan.

For Charity and for Fun –

This Sunday,

It’s the Angel Run!


Leanne LaBelle 2016


Join Us!  December 4, 2016 at 12:00pm

Animal Control Study Committee

The newly formed Medfield Animal Control Study Committee held its first meeting.  Good people staffing this committee looking at solving existing issues in a realistic manner.  But if it is about peoples’ dogs, people will have strong opinions.

Medfield Animal Control Study Committee Meeting #1 Draft Minutes prepared 11-21-16 for: October 13, 2016 11:00 AM Medfield Town Hall Addendees Members: John Thompson, Chair present Robert LaPlante, MACO present Jenny Cronin, MACO present Kevin Ryder, MP & R away Carol Mayer, Town Clerk present Ryan Thomas present Rosemary O’Brien present OLD: None – first meeting. NEW: 1. Introductions – Scope of our work. Discussed why the committee was formed and the need to formulate a problem statement: The costs for animal control management likely outweigh the revenue from licensing and ticketing. Enforcement of the existing town bylaw is difficult because the existing bylaw related to “control” is vague. Follow up with violations/ticketing is time consuming and not worthwhile due to low cost penalty amounts. Action-required incident statistics are not readily available, therefore quantifying cost vs. revenue and number and type of incidents over time is difficult. Pet waste management has become a concern in our recreational areas. 2. What information do we want to collect? List, Assign Discussion regarding collection of licensing and fee data from the town and surrounding communities Action: RL to report next meeting including program line item costs in adjacent communities vs Medfield. Collect information on whether similar population communities have leash law or not. . Discussion regarding incident and ticketing data and current process for ticketing from call to reporting to quarantine procedures. Action: RL and JC to report next meeting, 3 years of data sought. Further discussion regarding tagging program, cost of licensing and waste management and potential best management practices. Action: Table action to future meetings. Discussion regarding deficit spending/ cost of enforcement and effectiveness of enforcement. Action: RL, JC and CM to estimate cost of animal control management overall initial report next meeting. 3. Where what part of town should we consider? Discussion regarding recreational spaces of concern include: Wheelock School Area Noon Hill Medfield State Hospital & McCarthy Park Rocky Woods Swim Pond Area Action: Continue discussion or location related ideas at next meeting. 4. Next Meeting? November 28, 2016 at Town Hall at 11:00 AM20161113-acsc-minutes_page_2

Dog that bit 7/21 needs to be known

From the Medfield Police Department’s Animal Control Officer, Jennifer Shaw Cronin, is the notice below.  Please come forward if you are and/or know the owner –

On Thursday, July 21, around 2:30-3:00pm a young woman was jogging at the state hospital and was bitten in the leg by a medium sized, chocolate brown dog, maybe some sort of boxer mix. The owner of the dog was a middle-aged woman, with dark colored hair, and she was picking berries. The young woman did not realize she had a puncture wound until after her run and went back to find a dog but they were gone. Unfortunately since we do not have the rabies vaccination history on this dog, the young woman will have to undergo the series of rabies shots. If you own this dog, please call me at the Medfield police station, 508-359-2315 so I can verify your dog’s vaccination history. Thank you very much.