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Office hours issues

office hours sign

Issues that came up this AM at my selectman office hours:

First, a Castle Avenue resident told me that there is a telephone pole that was in the middle of the cul-de-sac that broke off and needs replacement, and he is hoping it can be replaced 15-16′ to the West, out of the asphalt. It is a pole that hosts a guy wire to another pole, now leaning. Also, he abuts the rear of 93-95 North Street and he said that property floods after heavy rains and it takes 3-4 days to dry out at times.

Second, I had discussions with a resident about the town buying their land, how a price might get determined, timing, and their capital gain tax issues.

Third a resident wants to create a dog park in town where dogs can run off leash. I encouraged her to get in touch with the Animal Control Study Committee, and I put her in touch with them. She also had concerns over trucks parked on North Street in front of Nosh N Grog to make deliveries.  She also suggested parking meters – I told her how happy I was that we had a parking problem, because it means things are going on, and I mentioned that a parking study is coming soon, so we will have data from which to make decisions.  I also recounted how Wellesley was always tight on parking when I would commute home at night, until Blue Ginger closed, and now they have plenty of parking.  We now have a similar restaurant effect at night downtown.

Lastly, I discussed senior housing with another resident who hopes for sale price point of $350-500K (with deeded owner profit limitations), preferences for Medfield residents, and town staff assistance in writing a warrant article for the annual town meeting.

Girl Scouts take on dog waste

Keep Medfield Free 01 Dog waste By Girl Scout Troop 85257 HI we are Troop 85257 we are working on a proiect to complete our Bronze Award. A Bronze Award is the third highest award a girl scout can earn latter silver and gold). For our proiect we are informing people about the imponance 01 picking up their dog's waste to help inlorm we are doing booth's at Wheelock and Hospital Hill we will have a game and better inform people about the the problem's dog waste can cause ii not picked up. we hope you can come and support us and dates are listed below. PLEA'S£ VISlT 6V.t Btl()nl t:JIJ 3lJNE Stl> - rAM Td llAM AT U6SPITAL. UIL.L. 3lJNE 'l'TU - rAM T6 llAM AT WUEEL.6t:.IC FIEL.l>S If this dog can do it so can you. May 18, 2017 Dear Board of Selectmen, Thank you so much for meeting with Troop #85257. Our troop is grateful you took the time to meet with us. We are looking forward to helping Medfield by informing people about picking up their dogs waste. We hope this project will be a success at Hospital Hill, Wheelock, and around town. Our hope is that more people will be informed about this problem and will pick up their dog's waste. Thank you again for helping us and the environment. Sincerely, Troop #85257 rKanna 0'LCA.Jjw;~. ~201705170GS-ltr from_Page_2

Angel Run – noon tomorrow


Don’t Miss the Angel Run!

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Bring the kids, the dogs and Gran,

Call your friends and make a plan.

For Charity and for Fun –

This Sunday,

It’s the Angel Run!


Leanne LaBelle 2016


Join Us!  December 4, 2016 at 12:00pm

Animal Control Study Committee

The newly formed Medfield Animal Control Study Committee held its first meeting.  Good people staffing this committee looking at solving existing issues in a realistic manner.  But if it is about peoples’ dogs, people will have strong opinions.

Medfield Animal Control Study Committee Meeting #1 Draft Minutes prepared 11-21-16 for: October 13, 2016 11:00 AM Medfield Town Hall Addendees Members: John Thompson, Chair present Robert LaPlante, MACO present Jenny Cronin, MACO present Kevin Ryder, MP & R away Carol Mayer, Town Clerk present Ryan Thomas present Rosemary O’Brien present OLD: None – first meeting. NEW: 1. Introductions – Scope of our work. Discussed why the committee was formed and the need to formulate a problem statement: The costs for animal control management likely outweigh the revenue from licensing and ticketing. Enforcement of the existing town bylaw is difficult because the existing bylaw related to “control” is vague. Follow up with violations/ticketing is time consuming and not worthwhile due to low cost penalty amounts. Action-required incident statistics are not readily available, therefore quantifying cost vs. revenue and number and type of incidents over time is difficult. Pet waste management has become a concern in our recreational areas. 2. What information do we want to collect? List, Assign Discussion regarding collection of licensing and fee data from the town and surrounding communities Action: RL to report next meeting including program line item costs in adjacent communities vs Medfield. Collect information on whether similar population communities have leash law or not. . Discussion regarding incident and ticketing data and current process for ticketing from call to reporting to quarantine procedures. Action: RL and JC to report next meeting, 3 years of data sought. Further discussion regarding tagging program, cost of licensing and waste management and potential best management practices. Action: Table action to future meetings. Discussion regarding deficit spending/ cost of enforcement and effectiveness of enforcement. Action: RL, JC and CM to estimate cost of animal control management overall initial report next meeting. 3. Where what part of town should we consider? Discussion regarding recreational spaces of concern include: Wheelock School Area Noon Hill Medfield State Hospital & McCarthy Park Rocky Woods Swim Pond Area Action: Continue discussion or location related ideas at next meeting. 4. Next Meeting? November 28, 2016 at Town Hall at 11:00 AM20161113-acsc-minutes_page_2

Dog that bit 7/21 needs to be known

From the Medfield Police Department’s Animal Control Officer, Jennifer Shaw Cronin, is the notice below.  Please come forward if you are and/or know the owner –

On Thursday, July 21, around 2:30-3:00pm a young woman was jogging at the state hospital and was bitten in the leg by a medium sized, chocolate brown dog, maybe some sort of boxer mix. The owner of the dog was a middle-aged woman, with dark colored hair, and she was picking berries. The young woman did not realize she had a puncture wound until after her run and went back to find a dog but they were gone. Unfortunately since we do not have the rabies vaccination history on this dog, the young woman will have to undergo the series of rabies shots. If you own this dog, please call me at the Medfield police station, 508-359-2315 so I can verify your dog’s vaccination history. Thank you very much.

Dog rules on town property???

TTOR  dog-cold-weather-med

At the Board of Selectmen meeting last night I brought up that I had received complaints from a resident who had been subjected to rude and offensive behavior by a professional dog walker while the resident was walking his dog at the Medfield State Hospital property.  So I was suggesting that the town might want to look at instituting some controls, to deal with the professional dog walkers, and the inconsiderate dog owners who do not pick up after their own dogs.

Diane Borrelli was kind enough to email me the links to the The Trustees of the Reservation materials on their Green Dog Program.  The great news is that the The Trustees of the Reservation have already figured out how to handle dog walking.  Their system looks simple – get a trustees membership, each person can have up to 2 dogs if they have 2 leashes, keep the dogs under control, and you pick up after your dog.

Trustees Green Dogs Program

I will suggest that the Medfield State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee and the Medfield Police Chief come up with a workable system for dogs at the Medfield State Hospital, Wheelock, and in the rest of the town, so that the inconsiderate few do not spoil things for others. The Chief tells the selectmen that he does not have a pooper scooper law that he can enforce.


Beaver update

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-3

Mike Francis, Superintendent for the Trustees of the Reservations’ Charles River Valley Management Unit reported via two emails,

  • first in a Monday email the TTOR’s willingness to insert additional beaver deceiver pipes, at the Fork Factory beaver dam, and
  • then Mike reported this afternoon in another email that the pipes were installed yesterday –

See my photo above from a week ago of one of the two beaver dams there with the then existing 6″ pipe.

Since we’re in agreement that the culvert should be larger, I contacted Michael Callahan with Beaver Solutions last week to schedule a site visit.  He has installed 100’s of these devices throughout the state (including several on Trustees properties) and I believe the town has worked with him before.  It would be great if you all can attend.  I’ll let you know when he can make it out.

In the meantime, Michael—can you tell me if I should file another application with the BOH for a beaver permit to increase the culvert?  If we have approval, we’ll work on the culvert today and/or tomorrow.



Quick update—As you may know, the two 10” culverts were installed yesterday afternoon.  As of 9:00am this morning, they were flowing at about half capacity and the pond level had not yet risen.  We’ll continue to monitor things.

Mike, thanks for connecting with the BOH and Con Com for the permit.



Mike Francis

Trustees | Charles River Valley Management Unit
37 Powisset Street | Dover, MA 02030

In this instance TTOR reacted quickly to a concern that the town raised.

Alec Stevens, the downstream owner of Jewell’s Pond, had expressed substantial concerns to TTOR about any sudden release  of water from the Fork Factory area adversely impacting his pond and dam.  Alec also questioned whether the two new 10″ pipes will be sufficient, given the water out flow he experiences in similar storm conditions at Jewell’s Pond, where he is letting much more water go than can possibly fit through those two 10″ pipes.

Beavers at TTOR’s Fork Factory

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-3

Selectmen had a long discussion Tuesday evening about the beaver dams at the Fork Factory off Rte. 109 with Michael Francis, Superintendent for the Trustees of the Reservations’ Charles River Valley Management Unit and Russ Hopping, the Trustee’s ecologist, Frank Perry of the Lyme Disease Study Committee, the Board of Health, and the owner of the downstream Jewell’s Pond, Alec Stevens.

After that meeting Alec Stevens yesterday wrote a lengthy email description of the issues and problems he experiences carefully monitoring and adjusting the water level in Jewell’s Pond to respond to water flow changes based on rainfall by means of his spillway boards and three valves that control deep culverts, the dangers to Jewell Pond from a sudden release from the upstream beaver ponds, and suggestions for improvements to beaver management.

Also after that meeting, last evening Alec, Frank and I toured both the beaver dams at the Fork Factory and Jewell’s Pond, during which I took the attached photos of those beaver dams.  The reality is that the beaver dams are not too much, but are strategically placed to block the outflow of the two stone raceways.  There is a 6″ beaver deceiver pipe installed to allow the flow trough the dam.  There was also a beaver swimming around who seemed unconcerned with our presence.

Also after Alec’s email, today Mike Francis emailed that the Trustees are willing to look at installing more measures to control and manage the beaver dams.  The TTOR actually distributed copies of its beaver policies from 2005 at the meeting, which are basically to leave the beavers alone unless they pose a nuisance.

I am hopeful that progress in on the horizon.  I am truly impressed are how much hands on pond and water flow management Alec is doing, including daily checks, multiple checks per day during rain events, and a webcam for remote monitoring.

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-4

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-2

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory

Beam signed

Last night before the selectmen met Chief Kingsbury brought a beam from the public safety building clock tower on a trailer by the Town House for the selectmen to sign. I had imagined signing with a white pen, but it turned out that the beam was white. Very cool.

Mark signed remotely.

Good thing Mark was not there last night as the meeting went to 9:45 – beavers at Fork Factory took most of the time. TTOR actually have a last revised in 2005 beaver policy, which is basically hands off unless beavers cause a nuisance. Killing trees is not a nuisance in their eyes, but erosion of Hartford Street would be. TTOR will follow up with DPW, and may add another beaver deceiver water bypass pipe into the beaver dam. Alec Stevens was concerned about sudden water releases at Fork Factory overwhelming his Jewels Pond, and that seemed to be heard by TTOR.

Good update by Board of Health – new sharps disposal container is located at DPW Garage, and they increase age to buy tobacco to age 21 effective January 1.

North & Green Sts. status

I queried Ken Feeney at the BoS meeting last night about what will happen when on North Street and Green Street, while he was in to discuss his budgets, and this is his expected time frame:

  • 2013 – water main will be replaced in Green Street, and North Street paving will be improved, similar to the gas line trench on the East side of North Street.
  • The final upgrades to both streets is uncertain, as it depends on when Mass Highway gives Medfield both its approval and its money.  Ken said that the project is 85% planned out, and that the DPW consultant, HNTB, is good at getting Mass Highway to move on projects, but I was left with a general impression that we both (1) just do not know the timing, but (2) that it is not likely to be soon, and we should not be holding our breath as to when that final reconstruction will happen.
  • Most beaver activity near the swim pond is farther up stream, but Mike said he will ask the town trapper to investigate the area, as there are reports of high water levels in the area of Green and Brook Streets.

I also asked Ken to give the BoS a primer after the annual town meeting (ATM) on “best road repair practices,” so that the town can make sure that we are getting the longest street longevity for the least money.  Ken is a designated “Roads Scholar” from his attendance at Mass Highway programs.