Kim Agricola – MFi Lifetime Achievement Award

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Kim Agricola

MFi Lifetime Achievement Award

Kim Agricola was nominated for the MFi Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades of work for the Medfield Animal Shelter.  Interestingly, this year Kim also nominated another Animal Shelter volunteer as the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year.  This was Theresa Burns’ nomination:

Primary organization or initiative where she/he volunteers: the Medfield Animal Shelter

How many years has the nominee be donating her/his time? At least 20.
Kim and her husband, Mike, after years of dedication to the Medfield Animal Shelter, decided to spearhead a group to raise funds to build a new, state-of-the-art facility. Optimistically, they need the initiative Shelter 2000. While it was not built by 2000, it was built. Mike made sure that each arterial used was cost effective, durable, easy to clean, and the optimal for the animals. Kim markets the facility, organizes the volunteers and rescues animals from other shelters to be adopted from Medfield.


The public is invited to the reception honoring all the MFi volunteer award nominees at 3PM on Sunday, April 8 at The Center.

The Medfield Foundation volunteer awards are made possible through the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, as well as a contribution for Rockland Trust.


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