Animal Control Study Committee

The newly formed Medfield Animal Control Study Committee held its first meeting.  Good people staffing this committee looking at solving existing issues in a realistic manner.  But if it is about peoples’ dogs, people will have strong opinions.

Medfield Animal Control Study Committee Meeting #1 Draft Minutes prepared 11-21-16 for: October 13, 2016 11:00 AM Medfield Town Hall Addendees Members: John Thompson, Chair present Robert LaPlante, MACO present Jenny Cronin, MACO present Kevin Ryder, MP & R away Carol Mayer, Town Clerk present Ryan Thomas present Rosemary O’Brien present OLD: None – first meeting. NEW: 1. Introductions – Scope of our work. Discussed why the committee was formed and the need to formulate a problem statement: The costs for animal control management likely outweigh the revenue from licensing and ticketing. Enforcement of the existing town bylaw is difficult because the existing bylaw related to “control” is vague. Follow up with violations/ticketing is time consuming and not worthwhile due to low cost penalty amounts. Action-required incident statistics are not readily available, therefore quantifying cost vs. revenue and number and type of incidents over time is difficult. Pet waste management has become a concern in our recreational areas. 2. What information do we want to collect? List, Assign Discussion regarding collection of licensing and fee data from the town and surrounding communities Action: RL to report next meeting including program line item costs in adjacent communities vs Medfield. Collect information on whether similar population communities have leash law or not. . Discussion regarding incident and ticketing data and current process for ticketing from call to reporting to quarantine procedures. Action: RL and JC to report next meeting, 3 years of data sought. Further discussion regarding tagging program, cost of licensing and waste management and potential best management practices. Action: Table action to future meetings. Discussion regarding deficit spending/ cost of enforcement and effectiveness of enforcement. Action: RL, JC and CM to estimate cost of animal control management overall initial report next meeting. 3. Where what part of town should we consider? Discussion regarding recreational spaces of concern include: Wheelock School Area Noon Hill Medfield State Hospital & McCarthy Park Rocky Woods Swim Pond Area Action: Continue discussion or location related ideas at next meeting. 4. Next Meeting? November 28, 2016 at Town Hall at 11:00 AM20161113-acsc-minutes_page_2

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