Dog that bit 7/21 needs to be known

From the Medfield Police Department’s Animal Control Officer, Jennifer Shaw Cronin, is the notice below.  Please come forward if you are and/or know the owner –

On Thursday, July 21, around 2:30-3:00pm a young woman was jogging at the state hospital and was bitten in the leg by a medium sized, chocolate brown dog, maybe some sort of boxer mix. The owner of the dog was a middle-aged woman, with dark colored hair, and she was picking berries. The young woman did not realize she had a puncture wound until after her run and went back to find a dog but they were gone. Unfortunately since we do not have the rabies vaccination history on this dog, the young woman will have to undergo the series of rabies shots. If you own this dog, please call me at the Medfield police station, 508-359-2315 so I can verify your dog’s vaccination history. Thank you very much.

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