Beaver update

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-3

Mike Francis, Superintendent for the Trustees of the Reservations’ Charles River Valley Management Unit reported via two emails,

  • first in a Monday email the TTOR’s willingness to insert additional beaver deceiver pipes, at the Fork Factory beaver dam, and
  • then Mike reported this afternoon in another email that the pipes were installed yesterday –

See my photo above from a week ago of one of the two beaver dams there with the then existing 6″ pipe.

Since we’re in agreement that the culvert should be larger, I contacted Michael Callahan with Beaver Solutions last week to schedule a site visit.  He has installed 100’s of these devices throughout the state (including several on Trustees properties) and I believe the town has worked with him before.  It would be great if you all can attend.  I’ll let you know when he can make it out.

In the meantime, Michael—can you tell me if I should file another application with the BOH for a beaver permit to increase the culvert?  If we have approval, we’ll work on the culvert today and/or tomorrow.



Quick update—As you may know, the two 10” culverts were installed yesterday afternoon.  As of 9:00am this morning, they were flowing at about half capacity and the pond level had not yet risen.  We’ll continue to monitor things.

Mike, thanks for connecting with the BOH and Con Com for the permit.



Mike Francis

Trustees | Charles River Valley Management Unit
37 Powisset Street | Dover, MA 02030

In this instance TTOR reacted quickly to a concern that the town raised.

Alec Stevens, the downstream owner of Jewell’s Pond, had expressed substantial concerns to TTOR about any sudden release  of water from the Fork Factory area adversely impacting his pond and dam.  Alec also questioned whether the two new 10″ pipes will be sufficient, given the water out flow he experiences in similar storm conditions at Jewell’s Pond, where he is letting much more water go than can possibly fit through those two 10″ pipes.

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