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Norfolk Hunt Club at the former Medfield State Hospital this morning – one of our Thanksgiving traditions

Past memories include seeing Chris Hajjar out ahead all by herself as the “fox” laying the scent (while she said her turkey cooked at home), Steve Browne swiftly cantering or galloping by on a really large black horse on the access road to the McCarthy Park ball fields, and seeing lots of riders on many sized steads all having lots of fun.

Select Board 3/30/2021

Meeting Materials

The meeting materials are now available here –


I took this photo of the beaver dam that is to be breached per the emergency order requested by the MASS DOT from the Town of Medfield’s Conservation Commission. That application and emergency order are in the packet of meeting materials. The dam was built by the beavers where a culvert goes under the North South Framingham to Walpole RR line, between the tracks and McCarthy Park, ponding water where none had before and putting the railbed at risk per MASS DOT. I accompanied Conservation Commissioner Deborah Bero on her site walk before the emergency order issued.

The beavers had previously dammed the other side of the RR tracks, between the RR tracks and Rte. 27, causing large numbers of trees along Rte. 27 to die, and great blue heron to start nesting in the dead trees this past year. However, that former beaver pond activity area between the RR tracks and Rte. 27 is now no longer flooded by the beavers, so the beavers appear to have moved to the other side of the tracks.

Posted in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 30A, §§18-25
Due to the COVID-19 emergency, this meeting will take place remotely. Members of the public who wish to view or listen to the meeting may do so by joining via the web, or a conference call.
1. To join online, use this link:
b. Enter Password: 060672
2. To join through a conference call, dial 929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782 or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833
a. Enter the Webinar ID: 815 7734 2022
b. Enter the password: 060672
The packet with meeting materials for this meeting will be uploaded at this link:
Board of Selectmen
Board or Committee
Remote Meeting held on Zoom
Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Agenda (Subject to Change)
Call to Order
Disclosure of video recording
Chair to identify Board members who are participating remotely
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving around the globe in defense of our country
Annual Board Reorganization
Appointments / Potential Votes
First Posted:
1. Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler requests Board of Selectmen appoint Mark Bryson as the Veterans Service Officer for the Town of Medfield
2. Keegan Van Sicklen requests Class II Motor Vehicle Sales License at 27 Brook Street
3. Roberta Lynch, Council on Aging to discuss reopening the CENTER to the public
4. Board of Health to discuss Public Health Nurse Position and provide COVID-19 update
5. Geoffrey Pedder requests one day beer permit for May 14 and June 11 to serve beer at the Pollard’s Texas Que temporary site at the MSH
6. Kim Price and Janie Boylan request permission to decorate Straw Hat Park for the Rolling Rally
Discussion (potential votes)
7. COVID-19 Status Update and CARES Funding Update
8. Fiscal Year 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets and Financial Policies
9. 2021 Annual Town Meeting and Warrant Articles
Action Items
10. Maurice Goulet requests the Board of Selectmen vote to award annual contract with Stumpy’s Tree Service for Town-wide tree services
11. Maurice Goulet requests the Board of Selectmen vote to award contract with Weston & Sampson for Chief Operator services at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
12. Maurice Goulet requests the Board of Selectmen vote to award Contract with Truax Corporation for catch basin cleaning
13. Gazebo Players requests permission to use MSH on July 24 and July 25 to provide free Shakespeare performances
14. Board of Selectmen to vote to direct the SBC to pursue a Net Zero building and pursue all options for savings to maximize the return on the town's investment.
Consent Agenda
Town Administrator Updates
Next Meeting Dates
• April 1, 2021 Annual Warrant Hearing
• April 6, 2021
• April 20, 2021
Selectmen Reports

Chicken found at MSH

This friendly and happy chicken was found by Deb and Kristen near the Overlook at Medfield State Hospital yesterday afternoon.  Call me at 508-359-9190 or email me at if it is yours.


Happy news! – Honey Dew home!


(just like all the time on TV)

Happy Ending

honey dew

The dog missing for a week from the animal adoption facility on Adams Street was trapped in Deb’s and my trap this morning, according to the phone message from Dr. Joanne Wilkinson, who runs the animal adoption facility.

Yesterday afternoon, just moments after I mentioned to Deb, in response to the many signs around the area, that I feared the coyotes had gotten the dog, we saw the pup  along the side of West Mill Street.  I was out walking into the woods trying to catch it (before Deb read the fine print on the sign and called me off) when moments later Joanne appeared in response to a call from someone else.

We went home and returned to give Joanne two raccoon sized animal traps to use and a can of cat food (all we had).  This morning Joanne reported that while the dog was not there when they first checked the trap today, that the dog was trapped later this morning.  We told Joanne to keep the two traps for their next lost dog – sorry Jenny Cronin, but you had said you did not really need them.

MFD rescues dog in Charles

30+ years ago, my Newton dog walker friend went in to the pond by the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln after her golden retriever that had fallen through the ice, and my friend drown.

25+ years ago my golden retriever, Charlotte, went into the Charles on our weekend run one March morning, off the really beautiful trail that goes along the river behind the police firing range, just at the point where the river turns, such that the full current hits the bank where Charlotte went in.  Because all the flow hitting at that point, the current was so strong that Charlotte had trouble  getting back to the opening, despite paddling as fast as she could.  For a few moments as I watched her struggle, I contemplated going in to help her out.  Why not, after all, I had gone in the water to “teach her” to swim as a puppy – but that had been summer.  Fortunately, Charlotte put on one sustained strong effort and got back to the opening and climbed out, and only one of us went home icy wet, while the other was left with strong memories of what almost happened.

Charlotte always went in the water on our winter runs, unless things were frozen solid.

The whole article is here –

Medfield firefighters rescue dog that had fallen through ice

MEDFIELD – Local emergency personnel rescued a dog that fell through the ice midday Tuesday.

Run in the 2018 Angel Run, apprentice for the 2019 Angel Run, run the 2020 Angel Run


Rose Colleran and Susan Weisenfeld (above) have co-chaired the Medfield Foundation Angel Run for many years, and today announced that they will do so for two more spectacular, family fun filled Angel Runs, this December 2 and in 2019.

Therefore, the Medfield Foundation is looking for someone interested in learning how to operate the Angel Run over the next fifteen months by apprenticing to these two pros, to learn the ropes, and to then take over running the Angel run to be held in early December 2020.  The Angel Run is Medfield premier family fun event, and raises monies for Medfield families in need.


  • Run in the 2018 Angel Run

  • Apprentice in the 2019 Angel Run

  • Run the 2020 Angel Run


Angel Run

Open farm day – 10/28

Borgstein Alpaca Farm Open Farm Day 10/28


I saw the Borgstein Alpaca Farm booth at Medfield Day, loved it, and said I would post about their open house.

I really like that we have an operating farm in town.  Plus pictures of alpacas on the Internet makes for a nice change from pictures of cats.  The Borgensteins have 17 of their goal of a 20 alpaca herd, per the count up screen.

Juvenile mink, not rabid fisher cat



Further research lead the four observers to conclude that we saw a mink, not a fisher cat on Saturday in our neighborhood.  Deb and I concluded that its head was that of a fisher cat.

I have never seen either a mink or a fisher, and had no idea that a mink could be that large and stand with it rump that far off the ground.

The animal control officer (probably Robert LaPlante) said to Deb that someone called in about the animal eating berries right next to him in the area, and that the ACO opined that it was probably just a juvenile forced by its parents to find new territory and not rabid.  That sounds more likely to me too, versus the odd behavior being a sign of it being rabid, as it was not acting and/or looking sick – just not afraid of people.

So in sum, probably a juvenile mink, not a rabid fisher cat.

Fisher cat acting oddly


Odd behavior by Fisher Cat on Copperwood Road

This morning Deb and I had an encounter with a fisher cat that did not seem fearful of us at all – it came within about ten feet of me.  My neighbor later told me that it had squabbled with her dog and then peered in their screen door at them.

I alerted Jenny Cronin, the Town of Medfield Animal Control Officer, as the odd behavior made me wonder whether the fisher cat might be rabid.  Jenny said that if you see the fisher cat and know where it is at that moment, call the Medfield Police Department at 508-359-2315, and they can dispatch Jenny to see if she can capture it.

Deer vs dog at MSH

FYI:  This email from Chief Meaney about a deer being aggressive behind the Medfield State Hospital came this afternoon –


In case it comes up tonight, a deer went after a dog in the Dover section of the hospital property this afternoon around 2 PM. The dog and owner were beyond the fields behind the hospital on a path that leads to the Dover-Sherborn soccer fields and eventually to the school.


Jenny checked and learned that this is typical behavior this time of year. There are many baby deer around. Most likely the doe had a baby bedded down in the vicinity and felt threatened by the dog.


The dog was taken to the vet clinic Jenny will come up with some wording for a sign which we will post on that particular gate and also by the boat launch.


While this is typical behavior, Jenny has not had this occur before.