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Adjust your standards

At the meeting for select board members yesterday I learned that the MBTA recently made the buses run on time by adjusting its schedule. The MBTA simply changed the data so that arrival times were later, to match what had already been the times in practice. Hence the buses then ran on time even though they were still driving at the same times.

Hence too for the 2020 election, people just need to adjust their expectations. Hence the bumper sticker seen at Shaw’s today.

MSA ideas for regionalization

Two breakout sessions, one on building concensus and one on regionalization, then words from the State Senate Chair of its Education Committee. They are rewriting the education fundings formula, but we should not expect much more money. Millionaires tax would only kick in come 2022.

Best or easiest things to regionalize:

Building Department
Animal Control
Electronic Data Management
Board of Health
Veterans services

Best reason to regionalize = The state is currently paying $$$ grants to regionalize. I saw a photo of the Cohasset, Hull, Norwell, and Hingham ACO’s $70K vehicle paid for by the state.

Worthwhile time spent at the conference today. Many more take aways.

Held at the Station Community Center, a really handsome, large, facility sized building, which is sited on the shore of a good sized lake. The building houses their P&R, COA, and clearly more.

MSA Leadership Confererce

Issues so far:

1. Legislative update – ed funding, zoning changes, $1 b. FY19 surplus
2. Select Board vs. Selectmen
3. 3 vs. 5 member boards
4. Engaging residents

Most of program still to come. Well worth the time.

2019 road repair schedule

At my office hours this morning, Tony Centore asked when Longmeadow was going to be repaved, and I recounted to Tony about Moe Goulet having recently presented his plan for this year (copy attached below), but that I did not recall what streets were on it.

Tony, Longmeadow is not!

Moe also has a five year plan, but said he did not release it because there are likely to be so many changes.  We told him better to release it, with the caveat that it is only a plan and that people cannot count on the actual dates.

Medfield, Massachusetts 'Proposed Roadway Capita/Improvement Plan - 2019 • costs Serve For Estimating Purposes Only. Not to be used for Bidding/Construction. Repair Type Width Square Yards Repair Police Contingency Supplemental Total Chapter 90 + Local CROSS STREET 0.43 Miles CROSSST-01 PHILIP ST KNOLL WOOD RD Crack Seal 22 1,580.49 $790.24 $39.51 $79.02 $0.00 $908.78 CROSSST-02 KNOLLWOOD RD GRACE DR Crack Seal 22 2,084.01 $1,042.01 $52.10 $104.20 $0.00 $1,198.31 CROSS ST-03 GRACE DR ELM ST Crack Seal 22 1,914.12 $957.06 $47.85 $95.71 $0.00 $1,100.62 Project Totals: 5,578.62 $2,789.31 $139.47 $278.93 $0.00 $3,207.71 DALE STREET 0.71 Miles DALE ST-01 NORTH ST ADAMSST Crack Seal 29 1,885.97 $942.98 $47.15 $94.30 $0.00 $1,084.43 DALE ST-02 ADAMSST TURTLE BROOK WAY Crack Seal 29 1,096.08 $548.04 $27.40 $54.80 $0.00 $630.24 DALE ST-03 TURTLE BOOK WAY THOMAS CLEWES RD Crack Seal 29 1,093.50 $546.75 $27.34 $54.68 $0.00 $628.76 DALE ST-04 THOMAS CLEWES RD NORTH MEADOWS RD Crack Seal 29 1,511.78 $755.89 $37.79 $75.59 $0.00 $869.27 DALE ST-05 NORTH MEADOWS RD GROVE ST Crack Seal 29 2,159.39 $1,079.70 $53.98 $107.97 $0.00 $1,241.65 DALE ST-06 GROVEST CHARLESDALE RD Crack Seal 29 860.39 $430.20 $21.51 $43.02 $0.00 $494.73 DALE ST-07 CHARLESDALE RD BRIDGE ST Crack Seal 27 3,219.40 $1,609.70 $80.48 $160.97 $0.00 $1,851.15 Project Totals: 11,826.51 $5,913.25 $295.66 $591.33 $0.00 $6,800.24 ELM STREET 0.27 Miles ELM ST-01 SOUTH ST CROSS ST Crack Seal 34 3,488.93 $1,744.47 $87.22 $174.45 $0.00 $2,006.14 ELM ST-02 CROSS ST STEVEN LN Crack Seal 34 1,864.94 $932.47 $46.62 $93.25 $0.00 $1,072.34 Project Totals: 5,353.87 $2,676.94 $133.85 $267.69 $0.00 $3,078.48 FOUNDRY STREET 0.19 Miles FOUNDRY ST-01 PHILIP ST NEBOST Crack Seal 22 2,492.90 $1,246.45 $62.32 $124.65 $0.00 $1,433.42 Project Totals: 2,492.90 $1,246.45 $62.32 $124.65 $0.00 $1,433.42 HARTFORD STREET 1.14 Miles HARTFORD ST-01 MAINST ROCKY WOODS RES. RD Crack Seal 23 8,507.04 $4, 253.52 $212.68 $425.35 $0.00 $4,891.55 HARTFORD ST-02 ROCKY WOODS RES.RD DOVERTL Crack Seal 23 6,826.05 $3,413.03 $170.65 $341.30 $0.00 $3,924.98 Project Totals: 15,333.09 $7,666.54 $383.33 $766.65 $0.00 $8,816.53 KNOLLWOOD ROAD 0.37 Miles KNOLLWOOD RD ELMST CROSS ST Crack Seal 28 6,156.01 $3,078.01 $153.90 $307.80 $0.00 $3,539.71 Project Totals: 6,156.01 $3,078.01 $153.90 $307.80 $0.00 $3,539.71 LEE ROAD 0.53 Miles LEE RD-01 STAGECOACH RD SNYDER RD Crack Seal 26 833.84 $416.92 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $416.92 LEE RD-02 SNYDER RD RIDGE RD Crack Seal 26 2,682.85 $1,341.43 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1,341.43 ManageMyRoads by BETA 5/14/2019 This Report Is Intended For General Planning and Informational Purposes Only Page 1 of 320190514-DPW-proposed roadway work 2019_Page_220190514-DPW-proposed roadway work 2019_Page_3

To Select Board conference Saturday

This Saturday I am attending the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association (part of the Massachusetts Municipal Association) Leadership Conference.  I always learn something at Massachusetts Municipal Association events.



Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association Leadership Conference on Saturday, June 8 at the Sharon Community Center

This year’s program will feature a luncheon keynote presentation from Senator Jason Lewis. Senator Lewis serves at the Chairperson of the Joint Committee on Education and the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development. His presentation will focus on the state of education in the Commonwealth and the importance of local leadership.

The conference includes a light breakfast and lunch and will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Members will hear from MMA Executive Director and CEO Geoff Beckwith with a brief welcome to the organization and a robust legislative update. From there, the event turns to two tracks of programming, one for veteran selectmen and one for newly elected selectmen.


Topics will include:

  • Introduction to the Open Meeting and Public Records Law with KP Law Managing Partner Lauren Goldberg and Sherborn Selectman Paul DeRensis (recommended for newly elected)
  • Municipal Finance 101 with Arlington Deputy Director Sandy Pooler and ATFC President and Sharon Finance Committee Member Ira Miller (recommended for newly elected)
  • Shared Services: Your Guide to Cooperation Across Town Lines with the Division of Local Services Analyst Tara Lynch and Cohasett Town Manager Chris Senior (recommended for veteran selectmen)
  • You’re Only 1 Vote: Building Consensus on Your Board and Beyond with experts on communication and management including current Buckland Select Board Member and former town manager Barry Del Castilho (recommended for veteran selectmen)
  • Closing session speaker on education and leadership by Senator Jason Lewis

SC has competing office hours tomorrow 9-10


School Committee Office Hours Friday 9-10 at Dale Street

School Committee has office hours tomorrow, Friday, June 7 from 9-10 am at Dale Street School. Last of the 2018-2019 school year!


Not only does the School Committee schedule its office hours at the same time as my office hours, but then Anna Mae asks me to tell you about theirs!  Special points for those who get to both.

“Pete’s” at Lasell Village


Select Board chair Gus Murby commented at our meeting this week about learning from Medfield resident Basil McCulloch about Pete’s, the store at Lasell Village.  I was fortunate, both, to have been the chair of the Lasell Village board for about ten years while Lasell College conceived and built Lasell Village, plus to have Lasell Village name its store “Pete’s,” and finally to have the incomparable Lasell Village favorite, Basil, run Pete’s.

The caricature above hangs in my office and at Lasell Village. The plaque below is just at Lasell Village.

Pete's plaque

Also, Basil and I are two of the people to ever wear a Pete’s shirt!

I felt 20 years older after they named the store named for me.


Office hours tomorrow, & 6/21

office hours sign

Select Board Office Hours this Friday

I hold regular monthly office hours at The Center on the first Friday of every month from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.

Tomorrow I was scheduled to be enpaneling a jury in a wrongful death trial, so I arranged to have office hours on June 21 instead.  That case just settled, and I have decided to go ahead with office hours tomorrow.  I had already committed to being there on June 21, so now I will just do office hours on both days – I will hold office hours from 9-10 AM at The Center on both June 7 and June 21.

Residents are welcome to stop by to talk in person about any town matters.

Residents can also have coffee and see the Council on Aging in action (a vibrant organization with lots going on). I can be reached via 508-359-9190 or this blog about Medfield matters <>/, where any schedule changes will be posted

Law Day

Massachusetts Bar Association says “thanks, but no thanks” – i.e. no high school wanted me to volunteer with them on Law Day –

law day 2019

Dear Osler Peterson:


On behalf of the Massachusetts Bar Association, I would like to thank you for offering to volunteer for the MBA’s 2019 Law Day Education Program.


We had an overwhelming response to our call for Law Day volunteers this year and couldn’t be prouder of our membership for stepping up to the plate for this important initiative. We ended up having more volunteers than schools requesting presentations and, although we tried to match up multiple volunteers with schools where we could, we unfortunately could not place everyone.


Regrettably, we were not able to match you with a school this year, but we expect to run this program again in 2020 and hope you will be available to participate then. Thank you for stepping up to volunteer, as our programs cannot succeed without people like you.


If you are interested in additional volunteer opportunities, please click here for information regarding other MBA programs, or you may email the MBA directly at




Grace V.B. Garcia

MBA Secretary and Civics Task Force Chair

LED streetlights are in

LED streetlight

It is done! The town now has new LED streetlights and also owns those new LED streetlights, that Facilities Director, Amy Colleran, just had installed.  Payback from the energy savings was less than three years, from memory, given that the town used a state grant to make it even more economical to do.

The notice from Amy below received just now –


As of yesterday, all the new streetlight have been installed. The project is complete.

Amy Colleran

Director of Facilities

Town of Medfield