MSA ideas for regionalization

Two breakout sessions, one on building concensus and one on regionalization, then words from the State Senate Chair of its Education Committee. They are rewriting the education fundings formula, but we should not expect much more money. Millionaires tax would only kick in come 2022.

Best or easiest things to regionalize:

Building Department
Animal Control
Electronic Data Management
Board of Health
Veterans services

Best reason to regionalize = The state is currently paying $$$ grants to regionalize. I saw a photo of the Cohasset, Hull, Norwell, and Hingham ACO’s $70K vehicle paid for by the state.

Worthwhile time spent at the conference today. Many more take aways.

Held at the Station Community Center, a really handsome, large, facility sized building, which is sited on the shore of a good sized lake. The building houses their P&R, COA, and clearly more.

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