“Pete’s” at Lasell Village


Select Board chair Gus Murby commented at our meeting this week about learning from Medfield resident Basil McCulloch about Pete’s, the store at Lasell Village.  I was fortunate, both, to have been the chair of the Lasell Village board for about ten years while Lasell College conceived and built Lasell Village, plus to have Lasell Village name its store “Pete’s,” and finally to have the incomparable Lasell Village favorite, Basil, run Pete’s.

The caricature above hangs in my office and at Lasell Village. The plaque below is just at Lasell Village.

Pete's plaque

Also, Basil and I are two of the people to ever wear a Pete’s shirt!

I felt 20 years older after they named the store named for me.


3 responses to ““Pete’s” at Lasell Village

  1. Laurel Scotti

    I think this should now be mandatory Selectmen attire for all BofS meetings.


    • Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

      I will have to see where it is! I have actually never worn mine.


  2. I love this!