LED streetlights are in

LED streetlight

It is done! The town now has new LED streetlights and also owns those new LED streetlights, that Facilities Director, Amy Colleran, just had installed.  Payback from the energy savings was less than three years, from memory, given that the town used a state grant to make it even more economical to do.

The notice from Amy below received just now –


As of yesterday, all the new streetlight have been installed. The project is complete.

Amy Colleran

Director of Facilities

Town of Medfield

3 responses to “LED streetlights are in

  1. Is this every single streetlight in town or if not where are they located?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      It is ALL the streetlights in town on public ways. Also, the schools already had their parking lot lights upgraded to LED’s within the past year or two, so it should be every last streetlight.


      • Doug Jones

        That is great news. I have noticed what a huge difference in visibility LEDs make in other towns and I’m glad that we now have them as well.


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