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Smoke testing coming

Public Works Department
I/I Field Investigations Town of Medfield Public Works Department
Smoke Testing Notification 1 of 1 November 2020
WHAT: Non-toxic and non-staining smoke will be introduced into the sanitary
sewer system to detect connections to the storm water drainage system. Work will
follow the State and Local COVID-19 Guidelines.
WHERE: Smoke testing will be conducted on your street and surrounding area.
No entry into your residence will be required.
WHEN: Field crews will be on your street within the next week to perform this
test. The hours for testing are between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, beginning Tuesday,
November 10 through Friday, November 20. Note: Tests will only occur in dry
weather and could be delayed for 24 to 72 hours due to rain.
WHY: This project is part of the Town’s long-term efforts to identify connections
between the sanitary sewer system and storm water drainage. These connections
can add unnecessary flow to the sanitary sewer system resulting in additional
treatment costs and water pollution.
WHO: EST Associates, Inc. (Contractor) and Woodard & Curran (W&C)
(Engineer) will be walking around your area with company vehicles and yellow
safety vests. A Medfield Police detail will be on site as well.
Impact on Area: There is no anticipation of disruption to your sewer service
during these tests. Smoke may billow out of area drains, catch basins, roof leaders,
and house plumbing stacks. Residents are encouraged to fill any unused plumbing
traps (for example, a basement toilet/sink not used frequently) with water.
In case of emergency or an actual fire, please contact 911.
Contacts: If you have any special needs, deliveries, concerns, or questions, contact:
EST Associates at 781-455-0003
Kellie Messer of Woodard & Curran at 978-494-6807
Check the Department of Public Works website or the Town of Medfield Facebook page for additional

Watering lawns now prohibited

An alert from the Town of Medfield DPW –

Water Restriction Update – No Outdoor Water Use

** Updated October 14, 2020 **

All nonessential outdoor water use prohibited

Following the state’s declaration of a Level 3 drought for the Charles River watershed, the Town of Medfield is now subject to a mandatory prohibition on all nonessential water use. This restriction goes into effect immediately and remains in effect until further notice. This state-mandated restriction prohibits all nonessential outdoor water use. The state’s announcement of the new restrictions can be found at this link. 

In addition, since Monday, September 28, 2020, the Town has been working on a long-planned maintenance project on the Mt. Nebo Water Tower that will take approximately two months to complete. The Mt. Nebo Water Tower has been drained and taken temporarily offline. The Town’s contractor is making repairs to and painting the outside of the water tower as well as making repairs to the interior of the tank. This project will extend the life of the water tower. The Town currently has only one water tower in operation (the Medfield State Hospital Water Tower). 

The Medfield Board of Water and Sewage and the Medfield Water Department will continue to monitor the weather, water demand, and the Town’s infrastructure throughout the Mt. Nebo project.

Thank you to all residents for your continued diligence in helping to conserve our water resources. 

A Tier 5 water restriction prohibits nonessential outdoor water use. 

Examples of nonessential outdoor water use that are now prohibited include:

  • Irrigation of lawns, gardens, flowers, and ornamental plants via handheld hoses.
  • Uses that are not required for health or safety reasons
  • Irrigation of lawns via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems
  • Washing of vehicles other than by means of a commercial car wash, except as necessary for operator safety
  • Washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, except as necessary to apply paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement or cement

This water restriction was put into place due to the state’s Level 3 drought declaration for the Charles River watershed.  

The Town’s Water Rules and Regulations include additional information on water restrictions and can be found at this link. MassDEP maintains a list of all communities with water restrictions in place. 

Water uses not subject to mandatory restrictions are those required:

  • For health or safety reasons
  • By regulation
  • For the production of food and fiber
  • For the maintenance of livestock
  • To meet the core functions of a business (for example, irrigation by plant nurseries as necessary to maintain stock).

Thank you for adhering to this new water restriction and working together to reduce our water consumption.

Questions about the water restriction can be directed to Director of Public Works Maurice Goulet at 508-906-3004 or

Weekend work on Mt Nebo water tower

Public Works

Posted on: October 2, 2020

Mt. Nebo Work Saturday, 10/3, and Sunday, 10/4

The Town’s contractor, Inspec Coatings, will be working on the Mt. Nebo Water Tower on Saturday, October 3, 2020 and Sunday, October 4, 2020. Since the Mt. Nebo Water Tower will be offline for the duration of the project, the Town has accepted Inspec Coatings request to work on Saturday and Sunday. The sooner the project is complete, the sooner the Mt. Nebo Water Tower can be returned to service.


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Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials
Clean Harbors will accept for transportation and disposal the majority of
hazardous waste typically produced by households, It is stressed for the safety of
everyone involved that all materials are known and properly labeled. Wastes that
are not in their original containers will be accepted as "known" wastes provided
they are labeled. Unknown wastes, if acceptable, will be field tested and
packaged for incineration. Below is a listing of typical household hazardous
wastes collected:
Aerosol Cans Engine degreaser Oil filters
Ammonia Epoxy resin Oven cleaners
Antifreeze Fiberglass Paint thinner
Arts and crafts supplies Floor cleaners Pesticides
Batteries Furnace Cement Photo chemicals
Bleach Furniture Polish Pool chemicals
Brake fluid Gasoline/Kerosene Radiator cl~aners
Car wax Herbicides Resins
Carburetor cleaner Insect Sprays Rodent killers
Caulking Lighter fluid Roof Cement
Cesspool cleaners Mercury products Rust preventatives
Chemistry sets Metal polish Sealants
Creosote Moth balls Solvents
Drain cleaners Motor oil Spot removers
Driveway Sealant Muriatic acid Transmission fluid
Dry cleaning fluids No-pest strips Weed Killers
Engine and radiator :fl us hes Oil based paint Wood preservatives
Wood Stripper
Clean Harbors reserves the right to refuse any waste deemed unsafe to handle or
unsuitable for the collection. Such wastes include:
• Large quantities of unlmown materials
• Radioactive waste, including smoke detectors
• Explosives, gun powder, :flares, ammunition
• Unstable wastes
• Pressurized fire extinguishers
• Unknown gas cylinders
• · Substances regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency
• No Medical waste
If the above listed unacceptable wastes are unintentionally received, Clean
Harbors will work wi1h the Town to provide safe disposal of the materials.
NO Latex Paint - Latex is non hazardous and can be disposed in regular trash once it is
Completely dried out.

Street work scheduled

DPW sign

Public Works

Posted on: June 17, 2020

Pavement Maintenance Operations

The Town will be conducting pavement maintenance operations on Hearthstone Drive, Hillcrest Road, Ledgetree Road, Belknap Road, Wildwood Drive, Rollong Lane, Bow Street, Cranmore Road, Fieldstone Drive, Fairview Road, and Eastmount Road beginning Thursday, June 18, 2020. The contractor for this activity will be All States Asphalt, from Sutton, Massachusetts. There may be delays in the schedule if there is inclement weather or mechanical breakdowns.

The maintenance activity will be accomplished during the day. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause you. Please refrain from parking on these roadways and ensure that any sprinkler system is turned off while work is in progress.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Medfield Department of Public Works at (508) 906-3003 during normal working hours. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we try to improve our roadway network in the Town of Medfield.

Click here for a letter from the Town here

DPW & the Rolling Rally

DPW sign

Kudos to the DPW

Last Sunday morning I biked the Rolling Rally route to see what the families would later see, and I bumped into Bobby Kennedy. Jr. leading two other DPW workers as they mowed and weed whacked the grass and weeds along the Rolling Rally route, all to make the event better for the MHS class of 2020 and their families.

It is the sort of thoughtful thing our DPW often does without fanfare, or request, around town, but about which the town should know – so we can truly and fully appreciate the value of our DPW.

Only when I ran Medfield Day did I learn that it was our DPW that swoops in en mass at the end of Medfield Day to clean up the mess that we residents left behind, such that by nightfall there is no sign of a street fair having happened.

Transfer Station closed on Easter

Transfer Station sign - Copy

Public Works

Posted on: April 6, 2020

Medfield Transfer Station will be CLOSED SUNDAY April 12, 2020



Thanks to the DPW workers

for adding Sunday openings of the Transfer Station to their work week.  One can only assume that the extra work time must make for a long week and be tiring for them.

An appreciation of our town employees

town seal

An appreciation for a job well done

I have been thinking this morning about the Town of Medfield employees who provide we residents with the services that allow our lives to continue with as much semblance of normalcy as possible at all times, but most especially in these truly unsettling circumstances we are currently experiencing. Our water goes on, public safety continues to serve us, the Transfer Station even added Sunday openings, and all the town government systems continue to function, if behind a digital curtain, all so that we residents can continue our lives.

The town employees are providing essential services, so while they likely share the same unease that envelopes us all, they continue to work their jobs.  I wanted to publicly share with the Town of Medfield employees my sincere appreciation for their efforts  and to thank them.

I am extremely appreciative of what all the town employees are doing now, working under difficult circumstances – I want to let them all know just how much this one resident, one who tries hard to observe closely the functioning of the town government so as to understand it as well as possible, truly appreciates what our team of town employees are accomplishing for we residents.

Hazardous waste day – cancelled

DPW sign

March 03, 2020

Household Hazardous Waste Day April 4, 2020 9AM – 1PM HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Town of Medfield will be having their Household Hazardous Waste Day on April 4, 2020 9AM – 1PM at the Town Garage HAS BEEN CANCELLED. WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN…… Read on

Household Hazardous Waste Day 4/4

DPW sign


Household Hazardous Waste Day April 4, 2020 9AM – 1PM

click below for more information

Household Hazardous Waste Day

HHW Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials

If you are unable to attend, please contact DPW at 508-906-3003 for other towns information





MTS Sticker Required

If you need additional information, please
contact the DPW at 508-906-3003

Please note that LATEX PAINT is NOT
hazardous waste. Dried up cans can be
given to the operators at the Transfer Station