Fish Kill on Charles River

Email from Mike Sullivan –

6/27/2013 4:16PM
Fish Kill on Charles River

We’ve just been notified of a fish kill on the Charles River. There are a large number of dead fish and a blue oily sheen on the Charles River. The worst area appears to be around Route 109. Medfield (Fire Dept) and Sherborn are putting out booms to try to contain it as much as possible Dep is on the way to investigate. given the extent and the location it would not appear that it has anything to do with the State Hospital clean-up.
Kris spoke to DCAM and there is nothing going on at the hospital involving the clean-up. We were notified by our police dept and by DEP and we are notifying Leslee Willits (conservation), Bob MacDonald (treatment plant).
If we hear anything more on this we will keep you advised. We are here until 7:30 tonight anyway so we’ll be around. Mike

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