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Volunteers sought this Saturday

Cycle the WAVE is looking for volunteers along the route in Medfield.

Do you think you could help me recruit a few people.

We are looking for volunteers to help during the hours of:

7:30am and 1:30pm

Volunteers will be stationed at LEFT turns and at certain intersections to help the riders navigate the course.

Thank you.  Cathy

Cathy Freedberg

Cycle the WAVE, Massachusetts (

Director of Volunteers

781-254-1339 (cell) 

781-444-4801 (home)


Stop River bridge


Stop River bridge

Causeway Street close to being over flowed

The Stop River and Charles River are flooded within inches of covering Causeway Street.

Vietnam War Veterans Memorial dedication

The new memorial for Medfield’s veterans of the Vietnam War was unveiled at a ceremony this morning presided over by our Veterans Service Office er, Ron Griffin, at the podium.  Behind the plaque stand ten veterans, whose names appear on the plaque. 

The patio was created as an eagle scout project by Sam Marble, who also spoke and was acknowledged and recognized for his successful creation.

Roche Bros to Lord’s site

Roche Bros. has rented the former Lord’s space and will be opening the first of its new smaller concept food stores.  The Board of Selectmen were provided two alternate plans, but both contain a Lord’s Café, a bakery, sections for prepared foods, produce, seafood, dairy, frozen, and general merchandise.  I cannot think of a better tenant for Medfield to have in its downtown, or one that will be as big a draw for business.  The downtown businesses should benefit from the additional traffic this will generate.

MSH mediation – most important item

This was the slide from the MSH mediation report with the most important items, to my mind (see all the slides)

Additional Components

• Building Demolition:

Odyssey House
Carriage House
Laundry Building

• Legislative Support:

Water tower land and well field

• Police/Fire River Access: Rail Road Trestle

• Ongoing Collaboration

• Public input

Dunkin’ Donuts

The Dunkin’ Donuts being sited at the Friendly’s site is apparently actively moving forward, after what has seemed like a long hiatus.  Permitting activity has been going forward with the town, so good to see progress.

On being a selectman

Busy time as a selectman –

  • MSH Clean Up Mediation Committee and DCAMM joint meeting to report to the town a week ago yesterday.  Excellent report on excellent results, crafted and achieved by the hard work by our committee and DCAMM both.  I am expecting the written report to arrive soon, so we can be prepared to discuss it at the Board of Selectmen meeting next Tuesday.  See their report here.
  • my first Friday of the month selectman office hours at The Center (9-10AM) a week ago, with lots of customers
  • Lyme Disease Study Committee Monday night – well run deer management program, that is looking to add more private lands
  • yesterday was a marathon day of selectman work, starting with Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) meeting in the morning, Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony in the evening, followed by the first meeting of the  Committee for the Collaborative Reuse of the MSH, to prepare for our first meeting with DCAMM next Monday about the town purchase of the MSH site – I spent five hours on selectman tasks that day, and ate dinner at 9:45PM.

BoS agenda for 6/18

Tuesday June18, 2013 @ 7:00 PM


7:00 PM DCAM Commissioner Cornelison and Medfield State Hospital Mediation Committee

Presentation and recommendation
7:30 PM Rachel Brown, Personnel Board member

Updates regarding personnel matters

Zoning Board of Appeals recommends appointing Jack McNicholas and Neal O’Connor as Associate members
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation requests permission to conduct annual Cycle for Life Bicycle Tour through a part of Medfield on Saturday October 5, 2013

Garden Club’s request regarding the island at Hospital Road and Route 27

Update regarding fence at post office