More on river issue

More emails about the river problem –

From: “William Kingsbury”

Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 8:04 AM
Subject: RE: Report of fish kill on Charles River

I spoke to Dino from DEP last night @ 10 and he said they had taken samples from Norfolk and were sending them to the Lab & hoped to have results in the morning of what it might be………he asked if I would go back at first light to see it the problem still existed……..

Went back this morning at 5:15 and it was still noticeable from the bridge on RT27 and I did observe a few dead fish….I called DEP and spoke to Mike Leblanc and reported my observation, he stated they hoped to get the lab reports back but they will be regrouping this morning @ 8 to discuss their next plan of action…….I checked our other bridge locations and the problem was still there but not as noticeable (my opinion)

Before I left yesterday the DEP personnel that were looking at the fish felt they had been dead for 3-4 days


From: Mike Sullivan

Subject: Report of fish kill on Charles River
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 21:44:05 -0400

I just got back from Norfolk. Chiefs Kingsbury and Meaney were there also, along with Norfolk, Norfolk prison, state and federal environmental specialists. They expect to spend most of their time in Norfolk and wil contact Chief Kingsbury if they plan to come back to Medfield. Before going to Norfolk, I went down to the Stop River at the Causeway. There was a sheen on that river and an odor, which could have been sewerage or could have been decaying vegetation. A few dead fish were observed in the vicinity of the Sherborn town line. As a precaution the water dept shut down well # 6 this evening and will evaluate the situation in the morning if and when more information is available. They may also add chlorine to the water from well # 6 if they decide to turn it back on. At this point, their is no evidence that whatever is causing the problem on the river has affected the water supply. We draw from about 85′ below ground We will be monitoring the situation and testing the water. We also draw water from the Neponset Watershed and so we do have a backup supply. Since I started writing this Chief Meaney and Kris have arrived and he is responding to a request for information from Theresa Knapp and Kris is talking to Willis and he will notify the other board members.  At this point what is happening is speculation and we will have to wait for testing results from state and federal officials, but it appears that the problem is probably occurring upstream from Medfield (given the testing sites chosen). Precautions have been taken to protect our water supply. If we hear anything more we will let you know right away. Mike

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