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MFD update

Chief Carrico updated the Select Board at its 8/2/2022 meeting on the Medfield Fire Department –

Chief Carrico’s quarterly update on Fire department operations 

FY2022 Operational Update for the past 12 months:

  • 1,363 incidents (586 ALS transports generated $438K; 207 BLS transports generated $105K)
  • Received mutual aid 70 times; gave mutual aid 82 times
  • Had 238 box alarms (used to handle second medicals, fires, larger events) which cannot be handled with on-duty members
  • Averaged 6.2 members per box alarm including the 3 men on duty shift
  • Average response rate of full-time firefighters is 2% on recalls
  • Overall average response rate for the Call firefighters is 28%
  • Five Call members had a 57% recall rate
  • Five Call members had a 21% recall rate
  • Five Call members had a 6% recall rate
  • Trouble getting Call people engaged and getting them to return.  People have other daytime jobs.
  • Ambulance 2 dispatched 84 times (60 second medicals, 4 third medicals, 30 mutual aid ALS transports) equalingequalling $66,000 in lost revenue because we couldn’t support second ambulance calls.
  • One full-time firefighter/medic left during his probationary period
  • We have a firefighter who replaced him that graduated from the State Fire Academy on Friday.
  • One outstanding AFG grant for portable radios
  • Equipment grant – waiting for 7 sets of fire gear 
  • Capital purchases – have a capital item for radios (waiting for award of 2021 AFG grant recipients)
  • AED’s on the capital list have been ordered


  • Continue to maintain an active Call force
  • Continue staffing a fourth member to provide a second ALS ambulance
  • Staffing option is applying for the SAFER grant (Staffing for Adequate Fire Emergency Response)
    • Provides funding for 4 full-time firefighter/medics at 3 years at no cost to the Town.
    • It covers salaries and benefits; it does not cover equipment and overtime.  
  • In December/January, Chief Carrico will make request to the BOS to apply for this grant.
  • Benefit to having another medic on each group:
    • Adds a third medic to each shift
    • Staffs a second ALS ambulance
    • Keeps ALS in town
    • Provide two trucks out the door without calling a mutual aid Town
    • We meet compliance with two in and two out when in IDLH atmosphere (two firefighters outside to rescue the two firefighters inside if there is a problem)

Fire Alarm Monitoring Issue 

  • The Fire Dept is operating a central station monitoring point for 66 locations.
    • Support for the software ends in January 2024  
    • New system cost is $70,000; we cannot find a vendor; not worth continuing
    • Consider getting rid of the service.  Tell citizens they will have to find their own monitoring especially if we ever go to a regional dispatch center.

Selectmen Peterson inquired about the intern program for young people interested in firefighting.

  • Chief Carrico said one young person attended the first and second class and is now a very active Call firefighter who will be attending EMT training.

The Chief said he needs the second paramedic to run the second ALS service.

He discussed revenue generation with Selectmen.  He said “it is never going to be self-sufficient, but the end result is providing a service to the community and taking care of our own which is where we want to be.  When we get deep with medicals, we have to call our mutual aid partners.”

Selectmen Peterson asked for confirmation that the SAFER grant would add a fourth firefighter/paramedic.  

  • Chief Carrico said yes, this would get the department four men on every group.  

Mr. Peterson asked for the breakdown between EMTs and paramedics in the department.

  • The Chief said he has 8 paramedics and 4 EMTs.

Chief Carrico discussed the expiration of software for the central station monitoring point and how this effects citizens.  He did look at a product by Norel which was not user friendly.

He discussed the regional system in which he would like the Town to engage.  

Selectmen Peterson inquired about fiber optic cables the Fire Dept. laid around Town many years ago.  Chief Carrico said the technology is outdated.  The systems currently in use are radio boxes.

Mr. Murby asked Chief Carrico to clarify how the boxes work and how citizens using the direct home monitoring will need to hire their own monitoring company which then notifies the Fire Department.

  • Chair Carrico said the fire alarm system is now connected to a radio box.  The radio box sends a signal to the Fire Department receiver, and it ends up on a computer screen.  Presently, the Fire Department charges each homeowner $180 annually to provide the service.
  • Chief Carrico said citizens could see a 30-45 second delay in the call.

Mr. Murby asked for confirmation that when they first looked at ALS with the Study Committee, they were projecting revenues to be around $150,000.  We are at almost three times that net revenue.  We’re thinking about bringing in a fourth one now so we can run a second ALS ambulance.

Medfield cooling centers

From Chief Carrico, also the Director of Medfield Emergency Management –

From: William Carrico
Date: Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 10:14 AM
Subject: Medfield Emergency Management – Cooling Centers
To: Kristine Trierweiler

During the heatwave that will last thru the weekend, the following locations will be made available as cooling centers.  Residents using these centers will be responsible for bringing their own food, water, and electronic devices/chargers.  No transportation will be provided.

 Town of Medfield Cooling Centers

Mass 211 will provide information on available cooling center locations for residents.

Medfield COA – The Center

1 Ice House Rd

Medfield, MA

Open: Monday thru Thursday 10AM-4PM, Friday 10AM-1PM, Saturday 10AM-3PM, and Sunday Closed

Medfield Library

468 Main St


Open: Monday thru Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM, and Sunday Closed

Public Safety Building – Training Room

112 North St

Medfield, MA

Training Room: Sunday 10 to 6 pm

William C. Carrico II

Fire Chief/EMD

Medfield Fire

112 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052

(O) 508-359-2323 Ext 3186

(C) 508-498-3570

(F) 508-359-2212

New ambulance

Tweet below from the Medfield Fire Department re its new ambulance (photos show newest to oldest from top to bottom) –

Medfield Fire-Rescue


New Ambulance 1 (A1) is now in service. Our existing A1 (2017 model) has been relabeled as A2 and will be used as a backup. The 2009 ambulance previously serving as A2 has been retired. Thank you to the residents of @TownofMedfield for your support.

Public Safety personnel honored with Life Saving Medals

L-R: Sgt. Conor Ashe, Off. Wayne Sallale, Off. William Bento, FF/EMTP Matthew Reinemann, FF/EMTP William DeKing, Susan Harman, Chief William Carrico

At the Select Board meeting last night Police Chief Michelle Guerette respectfully requested and the Select Board bestowed the distinguished Life Saving Medal to the following named Fire and Police personnel for their superior performance at a Motor Vehicle Collision on May 18, 2021:

Fire Captain Michael Harman (presented posthumously to his widow Susan)

FF/EMTP Matthew Reinemann

FF/EMTP William DeKing

Sergeant Conor Ashe

Officer Wayne Sallale

Officer William Bento

Chief William Carrico

A motorcyclist in a collision with a vehicle on South Street is alive today only because of the emergency medical treatment provided by these stellar Medfield Fire Department and Medfield Police Department employees, whose training, professionalism, and character operated to allow them to save a life in the most dire of circumstances.

Chief Michelle Guerette


Email today from Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler, also sharing the Eversource storm update –


Chief Carrico is closely monitoring the storm as Emergency Management Director. We have staffed additional public safety personnel including the DPW through Monday. 

8/22 8:30am Eversource Hurricane Henri Update

Good morning,

As of 8:30 a.m., the company does not have storm-related outages on its Massachusetts system. Eversource has crews staged throughout its service area Sunday morning in preparation for any damage caused by the high winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Henri.

The storm has changed track several times in its approach to New England and is now tracking further to the east, which could increase wind impacts in Eastern Massachusetts. Eversource is prepared to shift resources as necessary to respond to hardest-hit areas. Rainfall of 2 to 5 inches is predicted for Western Massachusetts, with up to 1½ inches forecasted for eastern areas. Peak wind gusts could reach 70 mph on the South Shore, Cape Cod and Islands; 55 mph in Boston and other areas of Eastern Massachusetts; and 45 mph in Western Massachusetts. Winds are expected to peak Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in eastern areas, and between 3 p.m. and midnight in western areas.

MFD announces death of its Captain Michael Harman

From the Medfield Fire Department’s Twitter yesterday –

Medfield Fire-Rescue@medfieldfd

With deep sadness we announce the sudden passing of Captain Michael Harman. Further details on services will be provided when available. Please respect the privacy of Capt. Harman’s family at this time and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Firefighter Matt Reinemann

From: William Carrico <>
Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 11:12 AM
Subject: FF Matt Reinemann

On Friday Dec 4th, Matt completed the 10 week Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Recruit  Class #BW06 which was held in Bridgewater.  He was also awarded the Richard N. Bangs Award for outstanding student.

Congradulations Matt!

William C. Carrico II

Fire Chief/EMD

Medfield Fire

112 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052

Car versus Frairy Street house

Photos this morning from the Medfield Fire Department –

MFD status update

Email from Chief Carrico –


On Monday May 18th the department returned to normal staffing levels per the contract.  The number of routine calls has dropped over the last two months, as many do not want to go to the hospital in fear of potential exposures.  Since March 22, we have had 12 exposure forms completed due to flu like symptoms calls.  Two members were tested and both were negative and we have had no lost time due to the virus.  Surprisingly, we have had an increase in oven fires which is due to the increase in homeowners being at home due to the virus.


On March 1st, we began a special study at the request of the Fire Marshal.  The special study looks at the impact of COVID-19 and all emergency responses.  The data is based on entries into the department’s National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) software. The breakdown is as follows:


Study                                #Studies    Percentage

COVID-19 Suspected          15             4.64%

COVID-19 Confirmed            2              0.62%

COVID-19 Not a factor       239           73.74%

Unknown                                67             20.74%


On Thursday May 21, our inspectional program resumed on a limited basis.  Inspections will not be conducted in any residence with occupants experiencing flu like symptoms.


We have been providing birthday drive-bys with Engine 2 over the last several weeks.  Several members of the department have volunteered and we have not used on-duty staff.


The Fire Cadet Program started the end of January and was cut short due to the pandemic.  High School seniors Liam Frazier and Jocelyn O’Toole participated in the program which lasted 6 weeks.  Unfortunately, it was cut short before it could be completed.


William C. Carrico II

Fire Chief/EMD

Medfield Fire

112 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052

(O) 508-359-2323 Ext 3186

(C) 508-498-3570

(F) 508-359-2212


An appreciation of our town employees

town seal

An appreciation for a job well done

I have been thinking this morning about the Town of Medfield employees who provide we residents with the services that allow our lives to continue with as much semblance of normalcy as possible at all times, but most especially in these truly unsettling circumstances we are currently experiencing. Our water goes on, public safety continues to serve us, the Transfer Station even added Sunday openings, and all the town government systems continue to function, if behind a digital curtain, all so that we residents can continue our lives.

The town employees are providing essential services, so while they likely share the same unease that envelopes us all, they continue to work their jobs.  I wanted to publicly share with the Town of Medfield employees my sincere appreciation for their efforts  and to thank them.

I am extremely appreciative of what all the town employees are doing now, working under difficult circumstances – I want to let them all know just how much this one resident, one who tries hard to observe closely the functioning of the town government so as to understand it as well as possible, truly appreciates what our team of town employees are accomplishing for we residents.