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Mosquito spraying ends


Norfolk County Mosquito Control ending spraying –

Email yesterday from Norfolk County Mosquito Control –


Good Morning,


This week will be our last week of spraying.  We will continue to monitor both the mosquito populations and virus activity throughout the District and may do supplemental spraying if conditions warrant.


Elizabeth Donnell

Norfolk County Mosquito Control District

144 Production Road, Suite C

Walpole, MA  02081


Email today from the Board of Health –



the state has upgraded the ENTIRE state to the “moderate” level due to increase in activity re: WNV exposure.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Officer, MRPC Duty <>
Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Situational Awareness: Statewide West Nile Virus Risk Level Change

To: MRPC Stakeholders


Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Time: 12pm


Subject: Statewide West Nile Virus Risk Level Change


Description:  MDPH has elevated the West Nile virus risk level to moderate statewide. This wide-scale increase was driven by expanding and intensifying positive mosquito findings. A press release will be issued shortly. The majority of WNV human cases occur during August and September. Please take this opportunity to urge your residents/patients to take personal protective activities to avoid mosquito bites.  Please visit results: for updated risk maps and positive findings. If you have questions please call Matt Osborne at (617) 983-4366.


Regional Impact: Multiple communities across Region 4AB have a moderate risk for West Nile Virus exposure according to, the Massachusetts Arbovirus daily update provided by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services


MRPC Activation Level: Steady-State Monitoring, non-activated.


Follow up: The MRPC will continue to monitor the State’s West Nile Virus severity in the region and will provide updates from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as they become available.


Attachments: None.


MRPC Duty Officer

Pager: (857)-239-0662

Email: (not monitored 24/7)

Riverside helps teens with depression

From our local mental health agency, Riverside Community Care’s monthly newsletter –

Riverside parents


Watch the true story of Maia, a teen who had depression and was suicidal, as told by her parents. Riverside Life Skills Centers in Needham and Milford help teens who have significant mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. At Life Skills, the teens learn more about their mental health, gain understanding of their behavior, and acquire healthy coping skills. It’s truly a life changing program.


Watch the video


West Nile in Dover


The Board of Health received an alert that West Nile Virus tested positive in a mosquito in Dover.

Alert Message: The following cities and towns had WNV positive mosquito samples: Braintree, Dover, Mansfield, Quincy, and Stoughton. Please click on this link to access details on today’s positive results: If you have difficulty accessing this information please call Sarah Scotland at (617) 983-6742.

Medfield Project Happiness

From Kerri Krah, seeking to add to their 700 worldwide followers –

#MedfieldProjectHappiness is spreading #happiness @ the Medfield Public Schools. Follow us on Twitter on our journey & join in our happiness challenges along the way 😀


Tag @HappyBlakers #MedfieldProjectHappiness #AugustAppreciationChallenge #medfieldps

daily happiness challenge july

daily happiness challenge august

Medfield hapiness project

We would really like to get folks in the community to participate. I’m looking for your ideas and also would love your participation. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thank you in advance for your support of social emotional learning in Medfield!



Kerrie Krah

Speech-Language Pathologist

Medfield Public Schools

communications for all

Food recalls


More from the American Association for Justice daily newsletter –

FDA warns more secondary product recalls likely over potentially contaminated whey.

CBS News (7/25, Gibson, 6.78M) reports on its website, “Consumers can expect additional recalls of products possibly contaminated with salmonella in coming days” as “believe a common whey ingredient supplied by Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI) may have been contaminated with salmonella.” FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said in a statement on Tuesday, “As there are likely other food products made by other manufacturers that also use this common ingredient, there may be other recalls initiated in the coming days,” citing certain food products under the Hungry Man label.

TIME (7/25, Ducharme, 19.27M) reports that Associated Milk Producers “reiterated in a statement that the whey powder recall is precautionary, and that all samples have so far tested negative for salmonella.”

The Food Poisoning Bulletin (7/25, Larsen) also reports.

Kraft Heinz recalls Taco Bell brand cheese dip over botulism concerns.

The Miami Herald (7/25, Neal, 1.07M) reports that Kraft Heinz “recalled about 7,000 cases of Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso dip on Tuesday night as a precautionary measure” against potential botulism contamination. No illnesses have been reported. According to the recall notice, “Consumers are warned not to use the product even if it does not look or smell spoiled.” .

CDC issues warning about salmonella outbreak from live chickens, ducks.

USA Today (7/25, May, 11.4M) reports that “at least 212 cases of salmonella infections have been linked to contact with backyard chickens, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns.” The CDC says as of Monday, about 25 percent of the reported cases are children younger than five years old, and at least 34 people have been hospitalized. The article says the outbreak has been reported in 44 states and includes several strains of salmonella.

Fox News (7/26, Lieu, 16.38M), the AP (7/25), the Bangor (ME) Daily News (7/25, Curtis, 168K), and the Connecticut Post (7/25, Cuda, 318K) report.

Gallup poll: 38% of Americans think vaping is “very harmful.”

Politico Pulse also highlights a new Gallup (7/25, 35K) poll, which found that 38% of Americans viewed vaping as “very harmful,” while 82% thought the same of cigarettes and 27% saw marijuana this way. A “majority” thought all of these substances, plus chewing tobacco cigars, and pipes, are “at least ‘somewhat harmful.’”

U.S. News & World Report (7/25, Lardieri, 1.97M) reports 96% of Americans consider cigarettes to be “at least somewhat harmful” to smokers. The coverage states, “Researchers even suggest that, as cigarettes become even more tightly regulated and laws governing marijuana use continue to loosen, a day could come in which more people report smoking pot than tobacco.”

Mass AG investigates vaping company

From my American Association for Justice daily e-newsletter –


Massachusetts AG investigating whether Juul Labs took adequate steps to prevent sales to minors.

Reuters (7/24, Raymond) reports Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said at a press briefing that her office has opened an investigation into Juul Labs Inc. and online retailers Direct Eliquid LLC and Eonsmoke LLC to determine if they broke state law by “failing to prevent minors from buying their products.” The investigation intends to evaluate the effectiveness of Juul underage sales prevention efforts and what it does, “if anything” to stop its products from being sold by online retailers without age verification. The office said it was sending cease-and-desist letters to the online retailers to stop sales of Juul and e-cigarettes to Massachusetts residents “without adequate age verification systems.”

CNBC (7/24, LaVito, 4.81M) reports Healey said, “I want to be clear with the public. This isn’t about getting adults to stop smoking cigarettes. This is about getting kids to start vaping. That’s what these companies are up to. They’re engaged in an effort to get kids addicted, get them hooked so they will have customers for the rest of their lives.” Healey’s office will investigate whether the Massachusetts consumer protection statute or state e-cigarette regulations were violated.

The Hill (7/24, Wheeler, 2.71M) reports Healey “said Tuesday morning her office has sent Juul Labs subpoenas for information.” The Verge (7/24, Becker, 1.55M) reports the investigation is part of “a statewide push to end youth vaping and nicotine addiction.”

Also reporting are the Associated Press (7/24), Boston Globe (7/24, Campbell, 945K), and the Springfield (MA) Republican (7/24, 412K).