Town mask campaign

Look for the new signs, and think about upgrading your mask –

Really helpful article in the Globe today about masks –


Q: Cloth masks are relatively inexpensive. How much do some of these upgrades cost?

Srikrishna: The Envo mask, which I personally have been using quite a bit and fits like a sleep apnea mask, is $79. It’s reusable for three to four months and has replacement filters for $2, and is now sold with a valve cover. 3M’s Elastomeric mask costs about $30 and has filters for $7 or $8, and these may last up to a year. The Fire Department of New York is using them. SoftSeal masks have a gel seal but are still disposable, and they cost between $7 and $16. And Fix The Mask is a flexible brace or harness that you put over a regular surgical mask and it forms a tight seal and provides a really good fit throughout the face. They cost about $15 each.

3 responses to “Town mask campaign

  1. Colleen Sullivan

    Pete,Who is the contact person running this Wear a Mask Campaign?Thanks,Colleen


  2. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    I am afraid that I do not know. Those signs were given to me by Kris and Evelyn. The box of signs is outside their offices. I am sure they can help you.


  3. Thanks Pete for this information on masks. Your messages end up on junk so it took me a little time to find it. Also like you sign in front of your office. Eve

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