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MSH Due Diligence Information

Update from the Town of Medfield, Board of Selectmen View this email in your browser

The Chapel

Trinity Financial Due Diligence Information

Trinity Financial has provided the Town with several technical reports obtained as part of ongoing due diligence on the Medfield State Hospital site.  The following due diligence reports and information has been posted to the Town’s website.  The Development Committee is reviewing this information and has arranged for “peer review” by technical consultants the Town has retained.  The peer reviews are expected next week and will also be posted to the Town’s website.

Due Diligence Trinity

Fiscal Impact Analysis* Fougere FIS 05-16-22

Traffic Report* VHB Transportation Impact and Access Study 05-19-22

Utilities & Infrastructure* VHB Preliminary Utilities and Infrastructure Memo

Environmental Assessment* McPhail Environmental Site Assessment Report

Market Study Kenilworth Market Analysis April 2022

* Note: Town Peer Review Forthcoming

Submit Questions and Comments
Please use the form at this link to submit questions and comments  to the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee regarding Trinity Financial’s proposed redevelopment of the Medfield State Hospital.

Upcoming events

June 9 at 7 pm: Trinity Financial presentation; Public Safety Building & Zoom

June 18 at 9 am: Trinity Financial open office hours at the Medfield Town House – all are welcome

June 21 at 6 pm: Special Town Meeting (all voters are encouraged to participate)

Nicholas Milano, Assistant Town  781-856-5287

Trinity holding 6/9 public forum on its proposed development of MSH site

Trinity’s flyer in today’s Hometown Weekly appears below. The special town meeting (STM) to vote on the proposed deal with Trinity has been scheduled for June 21. The Land Disposition Agreement setting forth the details of the proposed deal should be made public soon – Select Board meeting in executive session at 4PM this afternoon about that LDA.

MSH development FAQ – read up for STM

Trinity Financial’s due diligence investigation is ongoing, as are the negotiations over the details of the terms. The plan is to have a special town meeting (STM) in June at which residents will decide whether they want the deal with Trinity and the development Trinity proposes. The Trinity proposal closely tracts the building reuse and housing numbers that our town study committee recommended.

From the Town of Medfield –

Lee Chapel at MSH


What is the status of the Medfield State Hospital redevelopment effort?   
In November of 2021, the Board of Selectmen designated Trinity Financial’s proposal as the most advantageous response to the Request for Proposals issued in April, 2021.  In March of this year, the Selectmen executed a Provisional Designation Agreement with Trinity Financial which outlines a potential sale of a portion of the property for purposes of redevelopment and initiated a formal “due diligence” period for Trinity to commission various technical studies and to further engage with Town representatives to refine their proposal for the property. 
How can I find out more about the Medfield State Hospital and the proposed redevelopment?  
There are many resources available to learn more about the Medfield State Hospital and the proposed redevelopment: Town of Medfield webpage on the Medfield State Hospital. The Request for Proposals for the Medfield State Hospital released in April 2021. Copies of the two proposals received and links to the interviews conducted with Trinity Financial and Pulte Homes. Meeting minutes of the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee –Sept, 2018 – present Video of the April 6 Listening Session Video of the May 18 Trinity Financial presentation at the Council of Aging Upcoming events, including: June 9 at 7 pm: Trinity Financial presentation; location TBD June 18 at 9 am: Trinity Financial open office hours at the Medfield Town House – all are welcome Additional sessions and/or committee meetings TBD  

Will Medfield residents take a vote on whether to approve the sale?   
Yes, any sale of Town-owned land at Medfield State Hospital is subject to state requirements governing disposition of municipal property.  These requirements include a Town Meeting vote to approve any proposed sale of any portion of the property.

When is the Special Town Meeting?  
The date for the Special Town Meeting has not been finalized but is anticipated to be scheduled for the week of June 20 at the Medfield High School. 

What will we be voting on at Town Meeting?  
The Town Meeting will be asked to authorize the Board of Selectmen to sell portions of the Medfield State Hospital property in accordance with the Land Disposition Agreement negotiated by the Board of Selectmen with Trinity Financial. The proposed sale area of 45 acres is about 35% of the Medfield State Hospital land acquired by the Town in 2014.  The Town would retain 65% of the property it acquired in 2014, including extensive open space and recreation areas north of Hospital Road and all of the 40 acres the Town bought south of Hospital Road.

What is the threshold needed to approve the proposed sale at the Town Meeting?  
2/3 of Medfield voters in attendance at the Special Town Meeting need to vote to approve the sale of the property subject to the terms of the Land Disposition Agreement.
Will the proposed Land Disposition Agreement that the Town will sign with Trinity be available for review before the Special Town Meeting?  
Yes, the Board of Selectmen will release the Land Disposition Agreement prior to the Special Town Meeting.
What is the Trinity Financial’s proposal?  What type of housing is proposed?  
Trinity Financial proposes to use federal and state historic tax credits and other resources to historically rehabilitate virtually all of the brick buildings on the site to create new rental apartments.  The Land Disposition Agreement will cap the number of potential housing units at 334 units.  For at least five years following construction, the property must remain rental apartments in accordance with requirements of the historic tax credit program.  It is possible after that point that some or all of the units could be converted to homeownership, at the developer’s option. 
The proposal includes a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments.  During the formal due diligence period, Trinity is securing architectural and other reports regarding building conditions and capacity, and also meeting with Town boards and committees to refine the proposed unit mix. The final proposed unit mix will be established prior to Special Town Meeting.
What happened to the concept of including commercial space, stores and restaurants?  
After the Town bought Medfield State Hospital lands from the Commonwealth in 2014, it initiated a strategic planning effort that culminated in the publication of the Medfield State Hospital Strategic Reuse Master Plan.  Various scenarios were described in the Master Plan, and the Plan’s “preferred scenario” envisioned housing along with other uses such as limited commercial space and an assisted living facility. In 2019, the new zoning approved for the Medfield State Hospital (the “Medfield State Hospital District),” allowed for these uses by right.
The Master Plan was a conceptual document to identify potential uses of the site.  When the Town released the Request for Proposals, it referenced the Strategic Reuse Master Plan but did not require respondents to adhere to the Master Plan or its “preferred scenario”.  This was intended to ensure that any proposals received by the Town would reflect projects that developers saw as economically viable to construct and operate over the long term.  Ultimately, none of the proposals submitted to the Town included any uses other than residential.
Are there any affordable housing units in the project?  
25% of the units will be affordable and restricted to those earning less than 80% of the Area Median income in order to comply with the Town of Medfield’s Inclusionary Zoning bylaw. In addition, these units will count towards the Town’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) for compliance with the state law known as “Chapter 40B.”
40B requires that all communities have 10% of their housing be affordable and recorded on the SHI. If not, then developers are able to construct housing projects without needing to adhere to local zoning bylaws. With the approval of this project at 334 units, it is estimated that Medfield will move well over 10% on the SHI, thereby ensuring compliance with 40B for the foreseeable future and protecting the Town from hostile development proposals.   
For more information on the Town’s housing objective, please see the updated Housing Production Plan, which was approved by the Planning Board on February 7, 2022 and by the Board of Selectmen on February 15, 2022. The document was sent to DHCD for final approval on February 22, 2022. View the plan HERE and DHCD approved Medfield’s Housing Production Plan valid through February 22, 2027.
What costs has the Town incurred since purchasing the Medfield State Hospital from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Has the Town generated revenue from leasing out the property?  
Since the Town purchased 127 acres at Medfield State Hospital for $3.1 million in 2014, the Town has spent over one million dollars on costs associated with maintaining the structures, security, and performing landscaping activities. In addition, the Town has spent another million dollars on legal services, environmental consultants, planning, and other expenses related to the environmental remediation of the hospital and planning for the hospital’s future.
Beginning in Fiscal Year 2018, the Town began putting revenue from renting out the hospital in a revolving fund so they could be used for Medfield State Hospital maintenance expenses. Since FY2018, the Town has generated revenue from various activities at the hospital, including renting it out to production companies and to the Coolidge Corner Theater for drive-ins, which offsets certain maintenance expenses.
What are the projected revenues and expenses (fiscal impact) to the Town if the property is developed in accordance with Trinity’s proposal?  
Trinity included an initial fiscal impact analysis in their proposal which is available on the Town website. The fiscal impact analysis estimated net revenues to the Town of $716,000 based on anticipated tax revenue and project related expenses, including the incremental cost of additional students generated by the development.
During due diligence, the Town and Trinity are further reviewing the fiscal impact to the Town in light of additional studies and refinement of Trinity’s proposal.  Updated information and more in depth analysis could result in revised fiscal impact projections which will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen, the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee, and several Town boards and committees, including the Warrant Committee, the School Committee, the Department of Public Works, and others.
What is the Trinity Financial’s proposed purchase price?  
The proposed purchase price to the Town is $2 million.  When the Town purchased the hospital from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2014, it agreed to share proceeds of a sale in accordance with a formula in the Land Disposition Agreement. The Town anticipates that it will receive approximately $1.6 million from the sale, excluding future benefits such as net real estate tax revenues received each year after the project is completed.
In addition to the $2 million purchase price, Trinity has made a $25,000 payment to the Town for costs incurred during the RFP development and evaluation process. Trinity is reimbursing the Town for its expenses (up to $525,000) associated with the development and construction of the project, for services such as legal counsel, construction oversight, and consulting costs.  
Separate from the purchase price to the Town, Trinity is donating $1 million toward construction of the proposed Cultural Arts Center and additional $250,000 in programming funds for the Center.
What kind of public access will there be if the sale is approved?  
Presently, the entire campus is open to the public as Town property. While Trinity will take ownership of approximately 45 acres to develop the brick buildings into apartment units (if Special Town Meeting approves), the Town will retain key parts of the campus which will ensure public access in and through the property and continued public enjoyment of open space and recreational areas.
The Town will still own the following areas totalling approximately 82 acres: The Green (the open green space leading up to the core campus) The Arboretum (the cottage area, near the Stonegate entrance) The North Field “unbuildable” area (the open space to the north of the core campus The Water Tower Parcel All of the former hospital land south of Hospital Road  
The map below shows the parts of the Medfield State Hospital that Trinity would purchase with the yellow overlay.
Trinity is not constructing a gated community.  The roads will remain public roads, like any other public way in Medfield.  During due diligence and as part of the Land Disposition Agreement, the Town and Trinity will develop an easement plan to formalize how the public will be able to access amenities and parking on areas of the campus acquired by Trinity.
Will the North Field and trails remain open and be accessible to the public for both humans and canines?  
The “unbuildable” section of the North Field (the 15 acres of land behind existing Building 13) will continue to be owned by the Town of Medfield and open to the public.
Most of the walking trails are on Commonwealth of Massachusetts property and are unaffected by the sale of the hospital campus; they will remain open to the public.
How will people park and access the Overlook and trails?  
The Overlook and trails are on Commonwealth of Massachusetts property and have their own designated parking spots which are not included in the sale of the campus; they will remain open to the public.
How will this development affect the Town’ water and sewer systems? Do we have enough capacity to support this development?  
When the Town was developing the State Hospital Master Reuse Plan and drafting new zoning for the hospital area, the Town retained Pare Corporation to develop a conceptual water and sewer infrastructure plan and to estimate water and sewer demand for a proposal envisioned by the master plan. Pare Corporation’s report and materials are available on the Town website.
After Pare Corporation completed their conceptual study, the Town’s consulting engineer Environmental Partners provided a peer review of the water and sewer infrastructure. Environmental Partners also analyzed the water and sewer usage information generated by Pare to determine whether the Town had sufficient capacity to absorb the potential new water and sewer demand. Environmental Partners’ report is available on the Town website.
Environmental Partners’ findings were that: MSH development’s estimated peak day water demands of 0.114 MGD could be accommodated under current authorized limits provided that the Town continues to be proactive with its water conservation programs. MSH development’s daily sewer flow of 96,910 GPD could be accommodated by the existing 8‐inch PVC sewer system from Hospital Road to West Mill Street based on the assumptions stated in the report.  
Trinity Financial is not relying on these reports but rather commissioned its own studies as part of its due diligence.  These studies will be shared with the Town and peer-reviewed by independent consultants retained by the Town.  The findings will be discussed in meetings with the Board of Water and Sewerage that are open to the public. 
FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Nicholas Milano, Assistant Town Administrator   781-856-5287

Chipolte permitting begins at Shaw’s Plaza

From Town Planner, Sarah Raposa –

Departmental Review
(ZBA Special Permit & PB Site Plan Approval)
FYI to Boards, Commissions, Committees

Comments Due By: 05/09/22 (noon)            
ZBA Hearing Date: 05/11/22 (7 pm)
PB Hearing Date: 05/16/22 (7 pm)
– R K Medfield, LLC (owner/applicant) seeks the following relief from the PB: RK Medfield, LLC (owner/applicant) seeks Site Plan Approval for the project known as “Chipotle.” The proposed project is includes the construction of a new 2,325 +/- sf building on the northwestern corner of the site, as well as associated sidewalks, landscaped areas, stormwater management components, utilities, and an outdoor seating patio. Minor parking modifications to include ADA parking are also proposed. The property is located at 230 Main Street (at the Shaws Plaza which is the subject of Site Plan Approvals from January 29, 1979 and November 23, 1987.
– R K Medfield, LLC (owner/applicant) seeks the following relief from the ZBA:
1)    A Special Permit under the Medfield Zoning Bylaw (the “Bylaw”) – 300 Attachment 1 :3 Sec. 4.2 to allow the construction of a building for use as a restaurant in the northwest corner of locus on an area that is currently a grass slope.
2)    A Special Permit under Bylaw Sec. 300-8.2.G that the proposed parking to be provided for the new restaurant building will be adequate.
3)    As an alternative to item #2 above, a Variance from the parking requirements of Article 8 to allow the proposed parking to be provided for the new restaurant building will be adequate.
4)    A Special Permit under Bylaw Sec. 300-9.1.C.(3) to allow the expansion of the existing nonconforming property where the existing maximum lot coverage already exceeds the 40% limit set forth in Bylaw Sec. 300-16.8.A.(2)(a) so that the maximum impervious lot coverage will change from the current 64.5% to a proposed 65.5%.
The property is the subject of ZBA Decision Nos. 309 (1979) and 874 (2001).
The property is located at 230 Main Street (at the Shaws Plaza) in the B Zoning District with Partial Secondary Aquifer Overlay and is shown on Assessors’ map 51 as lot 058. 
o      No comment                 o      Comments below (or attached):
See links for Applications, site plans, arch plans, sign plans, stormwater report, traffic report

Sarah Raposa, AICP
Town Planner
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA  02052
Office Phone: (508) 906-3027
Work Cell: (339) 206-1773

MBTA Communities Law requires multifamily zoning in town or we lose state grants

From the Charles River Chamber Regional Chamber enewsletter today –

At issue is that new zoning reform law — the MBTA Communities Law – that’s designed to chip away at two urgent problems: Our housing crisis and our climate crisis.

As I wrote yesterday, the new law doesn’t mandate new housing. It changes zoning codes to allow property owners to build small multi-unit homes if they choose — a process that could take years, or decades, if ever.

We’re not talking about massive apartment towers. The law is designed to encourage more townhouses, triple-deckers and carriage houses near T-stops — instead of McMansions.

Failure to rezone would make a community ineligible for certain state grants, according to draft regulations.

MBTA Communities – Cohort Designations and Capacity Calculations (Excel)


See also the white paper done by the Boston Foundation on this legislation.

MSH press release from Select Board


Office of the




(508) 906-3011 (phone)

(508) 359-6182 (fax)


Thursday, January 6, 2022


Trinity Financial Proposal Designated as Most Advantageous

MEDFIELD, MA –The proposed redevelopment of the Medfield State Hospital has achieved a critical milestone, with the Board of Selectmen voting unanimously to designate the proposal submitted by Trinity Financial of Boston, MA as the most advantageous received in response to its Request for Proposals issued on April 5, 2021. The Board of Selectmen further authorized the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee to negotiate a provisional development agreement with Trinity Financial for its review.  

The agreement, expected to be executed by the Board of Selectmen later this month, would grant Trinity Financial an exclusive period to conduct additional due diligence activities on the site, further advance its financing assumptions, and more fully engage with Town officials to address remaining questions or potential concerns regarding the proposal. 

Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler said, “We look forward to working with Trinity, the Development Committee, and other relevant Town boards and committees to drill down further on Trinity’s proposal, continue to evaluate impacts to the Town, conduct additional technical reviews, and seek adjustments to the proposed redevelopment, if necessary.”  

Although the Trinity designation is an important step, there are still several more steps in the process.   

“After the due diligence process is complete and the Town has drafted a Land Disposition Agreement with Trinity that incorporates any negotiated changes to their proposal, the proposed sale of the property will need to go before Town Meeting for approval,” said Trierweiler.  

Throughout this process, the Town has sought public input and looks forward to continuing to engage with residents about this potential redevelopment. If approved by the voters at Town Meeting, Trinity still must complete required design and permitting reviews for the site, with construction activity likely beginning no sooner than 2023.      

Trinity Financial’s proposal calls for the development of up to 334 apartments on the site through the renovation of existing buildings using federal and state historic tax credits. The proposal would maintain the campus’ extensive open space areas and provide for continued public access to the property, while also complementing the Cultural Arts Center proposed by the Cultural Alliance of Medfield.  The planned development will incorporate sustainability measures to reduce environmental impact subject to historical rehabilitation standards.   In accordance with Town Zoning bylaws, 25% of the apartments would be designated as affordable housing, with a potential partial set-aside for artist housing, and the remaining 75% of the project will be market-rate. The proposal as submitted is generally consistent with major elements of the Town’s Strategic Reuse Master Plan for the Medfield State Hospital campus that was developed with extensive community input between 2014-2018.  

In addition to the Trinity proposal, the Town received a proposal with three different development scenarios from Pulte Homes of New England.  All three Pulte Homes scenarios included demolition of existing buildings, with the two variations applicable to the historic “core campus” calling for between approximately 600-700 newly constructed for-sale or rental housing units. In exchange for denser development, Pulte Homes proposed a higher purchase price to the Town. Proceeds from the sale of the property are required to be split with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with the Land Disposition Agreement between the Town and Commonwealth.       

“The Trinity Financial proposal received higher ratings from Development Committee members across all evaluation categories identified in the Request for Proposals and comments from all stakeholder groups and the general public were significantly more favorable,” said Todd Trehubenko, Chair of the Development Committee.  

The Development Committee, which unanimously recommended that the Board of Selectmen designate Trinity, noted that the proposal is intended to fund all of the project’s infrastructure costs as part of the construction and according to Trinity’s projections will generate over $700,000 per year in net tax revenues to the Town.  

“Trinity’s proposal represents a less intensive use of the site than competing proposals, and at the same time was the only proposal received that would put Medfield well-above its town-wide 10% affordable housing goal for the foreseeable future,” said Trehubenko.  

The Town’s Request for Proposals was issued in April 2021 after several rounds of public comment. Responses were due by August 2, 2021 and were posted to the Town’s website.  Proposals were then reviewed over the next 90 days through a process led by the Development Committee.  

This process included an evaluation against criteria published in the Request for Proposals, several rounds of developer Q&A, developer interviews (available on YouTube), input from the general public, and advisory reviews from stakeholder organizations including the Medfield Historic District Commission, the Medfield Historical Commission, the Medfield Energy Committee, the Cultural Alliance of Medfield, and the Massachusetts Historical Commission.  

The potential sale of the Medfield State Hospital is subject to state laws governing the disposition of public property, M.G.L. c. 30B §16. Technical assistance was provided to the Development Committee by Peregrine Group (Rumford, RI) through funds made available by MassDevelopment, the Commonwealth’s development finance agency.  


The Medfield State Hospital is a historic former psychiatric hospital campus in Medfield, MA, established in 1892 as the state’s first facility built specifically for chronically ill mental patients. The campus was designed by William Pitt Wentworth and developed between 1896 and 1914.  At its peak the complex included 58 buildings and had a capacity of 2,200 patients. The property and buildings were closed in April 2003, after decades of declining population. The grounds have since been reopened to the public for passive recreation from dawn to dusk, while the buildings remain closed.  Some of the buildings have been demolished. For more information, please go to .


MassDevelopment, the state’s finance and development agency, works with businesses, nonprofits, banks, and communities to stimulate economic growth. Through these collaborations MassDevelopment helps create jobs, increase the number of housing units, revitalize urban environments, and address factors limiting economic growth including transportation, energy, and infrastructure deficiencies. Under its Real Estate Technical Assistance program, MassDevelopment works with municipal officials, planners, local stakeholders, and others to address site-specific and districtwide economic development challenges. For more information, please go to .


Nicholas Milano, Assistant Town Administrator  



Trinity Financial interview now on-line

Trinity Financial was interviewed by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee last night with respect to Trinity’s proposal to develop the former Medfield State Hospital site. My sense was that Trinity is willing to be exceedingly flexible, and to listen to and consider proposals for changes to what the town wants, if the town wants to further tailor the result to precisely what the town desires. So far Trinity proposes 334 rental units in the existing buildings, 25% affordable, meaning that all 344 should get added to the town’s SHI list of affordable housing units.

Trinity clearly thought that the site could allow for more development than the 334 units, should the town residents want to achieve more tax revenue so as to lower existing real estate taxes (any greater density would target getting more real estate taxes without adding more municipal costs, and hence would lower existing taxes).


Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Trinity interview
To: Kristine Trierweiler <>

Last night’s interview with Trinity has been posted onto YouTube:

Nicholas J. MilanoAssistant Town Administrator

Town received two proposals for MSH site

The town received two responses to its RFP’s to redevelop the former Medfield State Hospital site. The links to the proposals are below.

Trinity Financial proposes 334 rental units that would be in all the existing rehabilitated building (less the maintenance building and dining hall, which Trinity would demolish). Trinity would pay the town $2m.

Pulte submitted three options:

  1. $7.6 m. for the Arboretum alone for 73 for sale units
  2. $21.2 m. if the town allows 602 units
  3. $44.1 m. if the town allow 702 units

Option A Price Proposal /Total Consideration : $7,696,000 The first development option will only utilize the Arboretum Parcel and will consist of 73 non-age restricted forsale residential townhomes. There will be 54 market-rate residences and 19 affordable-rate residences. The affordable-rate residences will make up 25% of the total amount of residences which is in conformance with the affordability requirements in the Medfield State Hospital District. The proposed purchase price for Option A is $ 7,696,000. The proposed purchase price may increase or decrease based on the number of market-rate residences approved by the Town of Medfield on the Arboretum Parcel.

Option B Price Proposal/Total Consideration: $29,158,000 The second development option will utilize the entire disposition property (West Slope, Core Campus, and Arboretum Parcel). This development option will consist of 602 non-age restricted for sale residences in a mix of garden-style residences and townhome residences. There will be 451 market-rate units and 151 affordable-rate units. There will be 450 garden-style residences and 152 townhome residences. The affordable-rate residences will make up 25% of the total amount of residences which is in conformance with the affordability requirements in the Medfield State Hospital District. The proposed purchase price for Option B is $ 29,158,000. The proposed purchase price may increase or decrease based on the number of market-rate residences approved by the Town of Medfield on the disposition site.

Option C Price Proposal/Total Consideration: $44,108,000 The third development option utilizes the entire disposition parcel, which includes the West Slope Parcel, Core Campus Parcel, and Arboretum Parcel. Development on the property will be a mixed-use residential community consisting of 402 for-sale non-age restricted garden-style residences and townhome residences, 100 agerestricted for-sale garden-style residences, and 200 apartment rental residences, for a grand total of 702 residences.


This is what the existing Pulte built development at the former Walpole Woodworking site looks like with the same sort of buildings:

This is from the Town of Medfield website –

Medfield State Hospital Redevelopment Opportunity

The Town of Medfield released a Request for Proposals for the Medfield State Hospital on Monday, April 5, 2021. Proposals were due on Monday, August 2, 2021 at 11 am. The Request for Proposals was developed by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee prior to submission to the Medfield Board of Selectmen. Proposals will be evaluated by the Medfield State Hospital Development Committee. 

On Monday, August 2, 2021, the Town received two proposals, which can be accessed here:

The Town released a press release announcing it received two proposals which can be found here.

The Request for Proposals and the posted addenda that were released by the Town can be accessed at this link:

Please contact Assistant Town Administrator Nicholas Milano with any questions at or 781-856-5287.

Additional information about the Medfield State Hospital can be found here:

Clark Tavern 5 condo proposal

Clark Tavern Proposal

The application to turn the Clark Tavern into a five unit condominium development (two in the renovated/expanded existing structure and three all new behind) has been filed and the plans are now available on-line at the town website.


Posted on: June 1, 2020

Clark Tavern – Historic Property Reuse

rendering crop 353-355 MAIN ST. UNIT 1 and 2 copy

The project requires the following approvals under the Medfield Zoning Bylaw:

Section 5.6 (ZBA Special permit for historic properties, adaptive reuse) 14.10 (ZBA special permit criteria), and 14.12 (PB site plan approval). The Medfield Board of Health will also review the stormwater component of the application per their more stringent rules and regulations.

ZBA Application HERE

Planning Board Application HERE

Preliminary schedule via Zoom:

  • July 8 – Joint Planning Board and ZBA meeting scheduled to kick-off the application (open PB & ZBA public hearings, present concepts, identify issues, continue as needed)
  • August – Board continuances as needed

More information will be posted as it is received.

Aura approved by ZBA


Mayrock’s 56 Unit 40B Project Called “Aura” Approved Today by ZBA for the Former Legion Site

Today the Zoning Board of Appeals issued its decision approving the 56 unit 40B rental complex called the Aura, to be constructed at the site of the former Legion.  The development both hopefully creates an endowment for the Legion from the purchase price and reportedly allows the Legion the use of the Aura’s common room facility for the Legion’s meetings.

Per the decision, “The Project shall consist of thirty-one (31) one-bedroom units, nineteen (19) two-bedroom units, and six (6) three-bedroom units”

The full decision can be read via the following link – Decision 1386 – Mayrock – Legion-50 Peter Kristof