Juvenile mink, not rabid fisher cat



Further research lead the four observers to conclude that we saw a mink, not a fisher cat on Saturday in our neighborhood.  Deb and I concluded that its head was that of a fisher cat.

I have never seen either a mink or a fisher, and had no idea that a mink could be that large and stand with it rump that far off the ground.

The animal control officer (probably Robert LaPlante) said to Deb that someone called in about the animal eating berries right next to him in the area, and that the ACO opined that it was probably just a juvenile forced by its parents to find new territory and not rabid.  That sounds more likely to me too, versus the odd behavior being a sign of it being rabid, as it was not acting and/or looking sick – just not afraid of people.

So in sum, probably a juvenile mink, not a rabid fisher cat.

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